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 Welcome to the Rescue Ranch

A Place of Hope...

...where dogs who have experienced the worst abuse, neglect, cruelty or all of it--

come to heal: whether it be surgery and rehab; general medical care--or to hospice.

In their last years/days--they have a safe, loving place to recover and/or to rest.

At the Rescue Ranch, we rescue not only their bodies but their souls, too.

We work hard to repair the emotional and physical damage...

--done to these animals mostly by other humans.


 Why do we do give up everything to help this animals?

Because it is the morally right thing to do--even though sometimes it may take years.

The dogs stay until they are adopted, if they are able...

or until God calls their name, they know that they have a home.


We cannot do this alone. 

Please help however you can. 

(Shares and Prayers count, too!)




Please click on our prayer to go to paypal.  Gifts should be made to email:
100% of your gifts go directly to help the Rescue Ranch dogs!
Situation status: Need is immediate and overwhelming.

We have extreme--and many unexpected--expenses to sustain the Rescue Ranch monthly--in addition to special restorative or emergency surgeries and treatments. A few cannot continue such a mission.

We need lots of angels--seen and unseen, known and not yet known, to help/fill a wish/share/pray...

 The founding members of the Rescue Ranch...Pops and Mebs.

Please Click on Pet Mountain LOGO above to view the RR Wish List!

Did you know...that just by shopping for literally anything--in any category--through the links/banners/boxes on this site, that amazon will give back a small percentage of each sale to help the Rescue Ranch animals? Please make it your place to go! They will process your order privately and just issue a small credit each month to the RR. 

The more people, the more often you use these links--and it won't cost you another penny--the more we can help the animals.  To read more, go to our "Shop Amazon" page. Thank you for caring. Really caring.

Click Here to Shop Online for ANYTHING: Amazon will Help Animals with each sale!


Note: Since Help is needed urgently, our goal right now is to finish the GoFundMe fundraiser (click on purple link above or anywhere on this site to read more or to give). 

PLEASE HELP/Share/Retweet/Pray...


Become a RR Angel! Click on any secure link "Give Now" button on the site--including the one below--and give whatever help that you can. Please.


OR GIVE through paypal to: Thank you!




One of nine breeding poodles dumped on the highway--three were saved.
Jed the Poodle-Doodle (our name for his breed), loves Charlee and Chula!

Jed, Charlee and Chula play hide and seek with a Min Pin, Penny (under the quilt).
Charlee was already in the euthanasia room when we got a call to come save him.
Chula had burns from neck to tail that weren't healing. We were asked to take her and save her life. 
They are all happy, healthy and emotionally recovering with their friends!

Penny, with gorgeous golden eyes, was surrendered because she was grossly obese. 
Her elderly owner was leaving plates of treats around the house and
yard, thinking all of her dogs would share and pace themselves
throughout the day. Penny just ate everything as soon as it was
set out!  She is now the perfect weight and loves hanging out with
Bunny, just having some nature time and helping me plant some flowers!

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Effective Nov, 2015, the official mailing address for the Rescue Ranch is:

Rescue Ranch
395 Sawdust Road
Unit 2041
The Woodlands, TX  77380
All packages, letters, etc. mailed to the old address will still be picked up or forwarded through the end of the year.  Please make this change in your contacts and elsewhere.  You can also drop off things for the Rescue Ranch at this address as long as they are in sealed boxes and labeled as above. No postage would then be needed. Thank you for understanding---and for caring.  Especially for caring.

Become a Rescue Ranch Angel... GIVE NOW Please!

Help the RR Animals!

Be proud to call yourself

a Rescue Ranch Angel!

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We are at 100,000 viewers plus the number on the counter below.

But lots of angels haven't heard our pleas for help yet...
Please help the Rescue Ranch--either Give Now, Shop Amazon or visit our Wish List.

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