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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas From The Rescue Ranch/Story

Merry Christmas!!! to all of my readers and our Rescue Ranch Angels!

I just posted a story with LOTS OF PHOTOS of the Rescue Ranch animals at Christmas. 

Story Link on my Houston Chronicle blog: 


You can go directly to my blog at (there are lots of other stories, too!)

We love you all! Thank you for all of your kind words, prayers, support, encouragement and...treats!!

Jane, Mike and the RR Herd




Our beloved Mebs is the mascot of my blog...

We love you, Mebs--and miss you every day.




Sat, December 24, 2011 | link 

Merry Christmas to All and God's Blessings

A little blurry, since the lighting was low, but this was the Nativity carving at the chapel where we went to to pray for Andrew the night before he died...

I'm hoping that you get a chance to stop by sometime over the holiday to get this message. Mike and I want to wish y'all a Merry Christmas--Happy Holidays--and all of the blessings that God has to offer.

This Christmas, I am making my first real pumpkin pie--I've never made one from canned pumpkin either! I'm a little apprehensive but Mike will eat just about (or everything) I've ever cooked. I will write a story about it--I've already chopped up and cooked a whole pumpkin! The dogs loved it last night but I am a little concerned that I gave them too much and won't have enough to make Mike's pie!

We've been invited to a few dinners (thank you!) but the concussion, from getting hit in the head with a 100lb pipe a few weeks ago at the home box store, is acting up. I am having some trouble holding onto things and standing without stumbling, especially when I get tired, so I may not be going anywhere but to the under-the-fluffy-white-quilt. (I forgot the surrounded-under-and-over-it by as many of the dogs as I can handle--some days, more than others!)

We certainly have a full work load here--there never is a holiday or vacation but we have a teeny tiny tree on the counter with mini color lites. The nativity set is up on the mantel and we'll have KSBJ (89.3 FM Houston or online) on the radio--since the stereo broke a few weeks ago (I cannot believe this year!). Even my favorite radio broke--now we are down to a clock radio! : ))

I want to email everyone and wish you a Merry Christmas and to say thank you for your help, your prayers, your emails and for just stopping by here but my head says otherwise--so please listen to my heart. I love you all for just being here.

On a sad note, Sgt. Andrew Hampton, who I met when he came to MD Anderson in Houston for stomach cancer, sadly passed away yesterday. He went into a coma the night before and by yesterday morning, he was losing blood pressure and his breathing was shallow. His disabled father and brother were able to get to his house and spend forty minutes with him before he left this world. That was Andrew's last wish--that he was alive to say good-bye to them. It was a miracle that this happened.

I am working on a story about Andrew, hopefully, I'll have finished in the next few days--as soon as his funeral details are finalized. I will never forget his smile or the fact that he called everyone, "Sweetheart." He even named his dog this, too!

Remember there is a reason for this season--it is about so much more than the presents and ribbons although I appreciate the time and effort that goes into making beautiful presents, the older I get. They make the gift inside even more special. But, too, I also know that time and energy is very precious and doesn't allow this always--shopping bags work just as well!

We believe that this is a holy time, the time of Christ's birth and spend at least a few minutes at midnight, remembering Christ's birth, the Nativity and all that it meant historically and spiritually. (If we can't get to church, we'll be sure to watch it on TV--in fact, the whole herd will!).

Sending much love and hugs from the RR Herd!

Jane, Mike and all of the RR dogs

Sat, December 24, 2011 | link 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Forgot to Get A Gift/Don't Know What To Give?

Please go to our new e-Gifts page: 

Stop by later to see additional choices--we will be adding to it this morning. Six percent of all sales is a gift to the Rescue Ranch animals--and your loved one/co-worker/friend gets a gift they can participate in--and will love!

Thank You for caring--and for copying--and sharing--this new link to the Rescue Ranch site.

PS Our Wish List/2011 Holiday Collection will be running through to the end of the year. South of Houston, Something Unique in Pearland has kindly offered to be a drop-off spot; in any other part of the area, we will arrange for a volunteer to meet you; out of the area, our animals LOVE getting boxes in the mail/Mailing Address...or you can Give online from anywhere! Thank you so very much. We cannot continue without your help.

Happy Holidays--and Hugs from the Herd--to Everyone--and to your Furry Babies, too!

Thu, December 22, 2011 | link 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Give Yourself The Gift of Unconditional Love

Holidays are deadly times for homeless animals and at best, they are difficult times for rescuers...

Mass executions are going on at shelters all over--from "distemper outbreaks" (not in the Houston area)--which, after all of our work on Project Hope last year, along with another vet in Korea--is now a curable disease, based on using Dr. Alson Sears' protocols, but the information has not spread far and wide enough...OR did no one care enough to search Google for a "treatment for canine distemper"or is this shelter-speak for mass euthanasia due to "over-crowding?"

A puppy died from Parvo this afternoon--easily curable, but again, the rescue/their vet didn't have the formula needed to save it. As soon as I heard, I gave it to them but the puppy passed away within the hour--before they could do anything to save her. Animals left at shelter are exposed to these diseases and do not get any care, nevermind the right care...

A rescuer herself was sadly killed (domestic violence)--Animal Rescuer Murdered; Animals in Immediate Danger at County Facility and all of the rescues that she was taking care of, quite a few feral cats and non-feral dogs, are being euthanized by the county--starting with the cats today, the dogs tomorrow--because, quite frankly, when a rescuer goes down, there just is no place for their rescues to go.

(A Saint Bernard Rescuer died a few years ago, in her sleep, in her early 50's. Her husband, true to her heart to the very end, instead of abandoning the dogs, hired someone to care for them while he was at work. I was so proud of him--still am. I wish rescuers helped each other like they help the animals.)

(Last year, we had a rescue abandon over a dozen dogs at the Rescue Ranch. Imagine if our physical address was published! That was in addition to our "normal" anticipated herd of special needs dogs. See why I am always asking for help?!)

The holidays are never jolly for homeless animals. The shelters are shut down to the public, the workers take time off--and mass euthanasia takes place, very quietly, behind locked doors. It is considered a "good time" for cleaning house, so to speak. No one is watching, no one cares about the dump truck backing up to the shelter--being filled with dead bodies--since everyone is focused on bright lights and beautiful gifts, a lot of nasty stuff can go unchallenged during the holidays.

PLEASE, if you have some extra room--even if it is only temporary--just enough for a blanket and an extra couple of bowls and maybe a crate (much advised), please go and rescue an animal as soon as possible--and save its crate mate or kennel mate, too, before the shelters close for the "holiday." You will be giving them--and yourself--the best gift ever--the gift of unconditional love. It is priceless.

(Just remember, sometimes it takes a good five days to learn to adjust to each other when you bring in a new animal--so just be patient!)

Thanks for stopping by, for listening and for caring. Especially for caring.


PS If you want to join the facebook page mentioned above, Rescue Volunteer, please go to the page and ask to be a "friend." The page is full but as I have requests, I am switching those who are not so active in rescue, over to the new Rescue Volunteer from Rescue Volunteer page which anyone can read--and which is more upbeat than the other page (the new one that is on the Facebook/Twitter page on this site.)

Wed, December 21, 2011 | link 

54 Cents Left Yesterday...

Wasn't I surprised yesterday when I went to use my Rescue Ranch debit card at Walgreen's and it was rejected! I told the cashier it had to be a mistake--had to be--and to try it again. She did. Nope. I went home and pulled up the balance on our statement--EEK!  We've had three or four things that the dogs needed this week and for some reason, I didn't realize how they all have added up.


I think everyone thinks that everyone else is helping us so they don't need to, but the truth is that only a few people help--and I have thousands of readers. Sometimes that really makes me sad, really sad. Other times, I am strong enough to turn it over to God--for I figue if I am doing my part and helping all of these animals plus my readers and lots of rescues all over the world, eventually help will come...and/or people's hearts will be moved to give and not just receive.

Two people have given gifts today. Thank you!! I have a $330 bottle of doggie medicine that has been pending for a couple of months and must be ordered this week before we run out, never mind four more meds pending at the pharmacy and nearly $200 holding at the vet for Interceptor for the dogs with Demodex. It will take a small army--or bunch of Rescue Ranch angels--to pull this all together!

Christmas here won't be a tree and wrapped presents under it--it will prayers of gratitude and thanksgiving said hopefully over bottles/boxes of doggie medicines filled on the counter. Please help if you can...Even with out all of the trauma we've had here lately, no normal family could sustain a special needs rescue of this size alone.

Thank you for caring. Especially....I pray every day for you.


Our Christmas "decoration" is a ceramic Nativity set up on the mantle. There are lots of animals surrounding baby Jesus. I know that the true meaning of Christmas involves unconditional love--and by helping the animals, and their always giving back unconditional love to everyone, is all a part of this glorious season and the blessings that come that cannot be seen--and don't need to be boxed up with pretty paper!

Click Here to Give Now:

Our Holiday Wish List: Click Here

Wed, December 21, 2011 | link 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

God Really Does Provide

I was starting to write this blog last night--the last of my posts for the night. I had finished my Houston Chron blog, " Announces Most Popular/Unusual Names of 2011," and my facebook posts, when a big storm hit. The rain poured fiercely outside and the lightening lit up the house like a flashlight turning on and off. Eventually, I had to use that light to "see" by--since we lost our utilities for awhile.

In the middle of the storm, I cut my finger. Nothin' to worry about, but I knew I needed to put a Band-Aid on it and some Neosporin ointment. Mike was out in the garage trying to figure out if there was anything he could do to restore the power. I reached into the medicine cabinet and I could see the blue/dark Band-Aid box. I took it out but it was empty. The tube of Mupirocin was just staring back at me (prescription Neo) sans Band-Aids. 

My finger was throbbing and I knew it would feel so much better with a Band-Aid on it--both physically, from the pressure but also psychologically--like a little kid needing my boo-boo covered. "Ah well," I thought to myself. "I've dealt with much worse..."

Just as I said that, Mike came in from the garage and walked into my bathroom. He put a full, new box of Band-Aids on the counter before me. It was 2 AM and I knew he hadn't gone to the store. "How...?" I asked, very perplexed. He didn't even know that I had cut my finger.

"You bought them a few months ago and they had fallen out of the bag, I guess. They were sitting in the corner of the car trunk. I saw them when I was searching for my flashlight." 

Wow. For something so small, I got such a big message and knew that I needed to share it with you. 

I think that God is always with us, in us, watching out for us. Even though we personally need so much fixed right now--from health to finances--we've had to endure just incredible set-backs (or are they redirections?)--and yet we are still alive and all together. The animals are happy and with your help, they are getting what they need.

The Band-Aids showing up, with completely perfect timing, really made me stop and think. God really does know what we need, when we need it--and He really will provide, we just have to have the faith to look beyond our immediate circumstances. It was a significant lesson for me, no matter what time of the morning it was.

I wrapped up my finger and it felt better immediately. Mike very tenderly kissed my Band-Aid--a tradition his mother started with him as a little boy. No matter what his boo boo was, she used to "kiss it better" after she bandaged it up. Mike, continuing to do this with me, is one of the sweetest, most heart-moving things I have ever seen a grown man do. Every injury seems to feel better after that.

I went right to bed, since I could not write this blog until we had power again. As I was getting under my quilt, I smiled up at God and winked. "Thanks, God." Prayer doesn't have to be complicated or complex or even take forever. Sometimes, just acknowledging the Almighty is enough. He knows your heart and certainly knows your circumstance. Just by the provision of the Band-Aids, I knew that everything else swirling around the Rescue Ranch will be OK. After all, God is in charge--and I even have a Band-Aid on my finger...and a kiss.

Thanks for stopping by, for listening and for caring.  Especially for caring.



You can always leave me a message by signing my PRIVATE guestbook on the home page of this site or by email:

To Shop on Amazon through our affiliates' like, Click Here. We get a credit from Amazon of 6% of sales toward purchasing items on Amazon that we needs for the animals. (We don't see your personal information or have anything to do with the process/other than getting a credit for sales made through our link. Amazon processes the orders and ship them out.)

To Give a Gift now, please click on the "Chip In" box at the top of this page OR go to our GIVE NOW page.  Every opportunity to give, is really an opportunity for our lives to be blessed. Christmas time is so much more than buying TV's and new shoes...You can also use to transfer funds. Our paypal email is:

To Mail a package to the Rescue Ranch, Click Here for our mailing address--and Click Here for our Wish List.

Thank you so much for caring.

Our needs are great but our faith is greater.

Merry Christmas!


Please use the "Recommend This Site" envelop symbol on this page to send the Rescue Ranch URL to someone else and/or post the URL to this blog on your facebook pages/send out to contacts, etc. The more people we can reach, the more animals we can help. Thank you kindly!




Tue, December 20, 2011 | link 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

One Week 'Til Christmas: Don't Forget Your Fur Babies

I'm still "under the weather" so in the meantime, please check out the photos of some of the RR animals--with their favorites...Dingo's!! on my Houston Chronicle blog:

Here is the link to the story:

Here is the link to my blog if you want to catch up on other stories:

One week 'til Christmas...Holy cow! Don't forget your fur babies, too. I'd be so grateful if you would remember ours, too.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts--



Sun, December 18, 2011 | link 

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Don't forget them...Squirrels need food and water, too! 


Everything for the Dogs Needed! 

Surprise Boxes, In Memorandum Gifts and Cards, Gift Cards, etc. can all be sent to:

Rescue Ranch, 3555 Rayford Road, Ste. 45-106, Spring, TX  77386



It's the beloved Hummingbird season--be sure to leave CLEAR sugar water out for them NOT the RED one.  The dye causesmany health problems.  You can get the power pre-made or simply boil it on the stove and let it cool.  (The syrup recipe is at the bottom of this page, just under the blog post calendar.) 

Directions for making safe hummingbird food:
  1. Mix 1 part sugar with 4 parts water and bring to a boil to kill any bacteria or mold present.
  2. Cool and fill feeder.
  3. Extra sugar water may be stored in a refrigerator, preferrably in a glass jar.
  4. Red dye should not be added and do not buy pre-made solution with the red dye.

Five Best Flowers to Plant to Attract Humming Birds (Hummers)

1.  Rose of Sharon—variety of colors; needs good drainage, don’t over water; can prune into a tree shape.
2.  Trumpet Honeysuckle—“Hummingbird vine” grows in clusters and climbs up fences or houses, or a trellis.  Can spread quickly so think where you want it to really “bloom.”
3.  Fireweed—pink or purple and prefers loose soil.  
4.  Bee Balm—spunky, spiky flower, low maintenance, looks like a daisy but pointer. Variety of colors.
5.  Larkspur—known also as delphinium; tall plants (up to five feet) with long flowers with lots of nectar inside; three colors.


*Plant large patches of each plant so the hummers can see them better.  Hummers see in UV light, so this will help them.  
*Make sure the flower beds are near some type of taller foliage like tall shrubs or trees, which they will build their nests in and will have quick cover if a predator approaches.
 *Be patient.  It takes a little time but they will find “you.”  Making sugar syrup (recipe above) without the typical red (a poison to them) food coloring and use a container with RED on it to attract them faster!  If possible, make a hood or shield the    nectar you make from the heat of the sun and wash the container out with soap and water every week and let it dry before refilling.


"For it is in giving that we receive."
St. Francis of Assisi

**Helping others is the way to bring blessings into your own life.**

We rely on the kind generosity of the public to make the Rescue Ranch possible. If you love animals, please give a gift today.  To help now, just Click on the SECURE "Give Now" button below OR give via paypal to "" (100% goes to the animals):


Grateful. Always. For Everything.
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a shelter door overnight, her insides coming out (prolapsing)
--and with a very bad case of hip dysplasia is causing her to limp terribly now.
Nov., 2016: Maggie, a gorgeous, sweet German Shepherd, needs a brace for her hips--is there a sponsor out there!?

Don't waste your exercise time walking around the block!
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