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Thank you!!


Friday, February 9, 2018  6:00 PM CST

I'm here!  Writing....give me a few hours.  

Love you all!





Saturday, Feb.10, 2018  7:00 PM


We took care of little Kasey--or KC, Junior--the Cocker Spaniel, from 2007-2016 when God called.  For Christmas, 2016, we had just lost Baby Baby and Chula Bula and I wasn't feeling much like reaching out for Christmas.  In fact, all of your cards are addressed and sitting in the same bag.  I was just so sad.  


Around Christmas, 2017, it was heavy on my heart to send Kasey's collar cross to his soldier.  They had "talked" over the years and Mark Harrod always checked in and despite being an elite paratrooper of the 82nd Airborne in Iraq, would take the time (and expense) to ask that I put the phone on speaker and put the phone next to his dog.  Every once and again, Kasey would even howl or bark back.  It was absolutely amazing.


Months before Kasey passed away, Mark slept with his army blanket next to his skin and then sent it to Kasey.  Kasey never once parted from it other than going out to potty or go for a little ride in the car.  His days of chasing flocks of birds way up high were coming to an end but everyone in Mark's life and ours, knows how Kasey tried to reach to the sky to bark after the birds!


On April 9, 2016, God called Kasey's name.  He as in our arms for several days and I sang every song I could possibly remember to him.  He didn't want to leave.  When he finally got to fly with the birds and the angels, after an honorable ceremony and blessing, Kasey was buried in his soldier's blanket.


When I tried to confirm Mark Harrod's address to send Kasey's cross to him, I found out that he was in jail, accusing of some very serious abuse allegations in the middle of a divorce.  It took effort, but I tracked him down and found out what the case is about.  The man was an upstanding soldier who loved his country, his family and his little dog.  And so, in Kasey's name, I have started a mail campaign.  Mark asked for letters to keep his soul alive while someone figures out how to help him.  He was abandoned and alone for almost two months when I found him.


The address and background is on my facebook page  I have been trying to build a base of combat vets and soliders that can relate to what he must have gone through during three hard-core tours of duty.  He was also being treated at the VA for PTSD and other side effects of combat and more (he even guarded the Iraqi embassy as a private contractor for 3-4 years after his service which I know was a high-stress job).  


I am not picking sides.  I am not the jury, judge nor God.  I just want to see a man that I knew as Kasey's soldier have some companionship and proper legal help so that at 32, he is not put away for life--for something he may not have done or done with an impairment.


I know more than I can write about but the Public Defender asked me to keep the evidence and my theories private.  This is not the man I know--and sat for many hours over the years, talking to and listening to the heart-gripping conversations between Kasey and Mark.  


So, I will update you more about the Rescue Ranch in my next post.  In the meantime, at least you know why I am so distracted.  In the few hours a day that I have, since Mark has a very serious hearing on Feb. 21, I am not only trying to get people to write to him but also contacting vet groups to see if someone will fund his defense or get him out--we have found an attorney who will take the case and who has met with Mark but I need to find a group for funding. (Personally, I think there could be grounds for a Motion to Dismiss, given all that I know.)  If you have any ideas or suggestions, please email me:  Thank you.


Our Constitution says that there is a presumption of innocence.  I have believed in that my entire life.  I also took care of a little dog for nine years and got to know his soldier, who was single and then got married and had two children--and so in Kasey's name, we will stand with Mark.  While his family stands behind him, they don't have computers or know how to help him.  He asked me to find them and see what could be done.  


Thank you for your patience and understanding.  If you want to join the facebook page, or follow it for updates, just click on the options once you get there (you can see more pics of Mark and of Mark and Kasey).  The page is public now but will be going private soon.


PlEASE help the Rescue Ranch if you can--we need wet food (amazon credits needed to place the order) and funds for medicine--on paypal or you can you the Gofundme above--just click on Bunny's face--to read more.  I can't leave to go to work with Mike and the special needs of the dogs, and I have no time free during regular working hours, but I can try to help make the world a better place with my life and sleep time.  A difference to one, is a difference to all...I think it how the quote goes!


Love always and Hugs from the Herd!



 Send a blank email to to get back my auto-reply with his address and more background.



Dingo Ringos have arrived!!  And our Crayola Angel boxes--big boxes!  I will try to get some pics for the next post.  

Trying to learn soldier/military lingo, legal issues in this case, talk to many people has just overloaded me. 

Please be patient. Grateful!


Thursday, February 8, 2018


We are here!! We are OK. I just got very involved and distracted trying to help save a decorated soldier--who was left in jail for two months and no one knew who could help him. He was Kasey's (the Cocker Spaniel) original daddy and to me, a RR Angel is like a family member! That means all of you...I will explain it all today. Check back on Friday. Never stopped thinking about you or loving you. Promise.  


Gratefully, Hugs from the Herd (and their people--me and Someone!) 

 Tuesday, January 30, 2017   Working on Blog Update...
Working on a special volunteer project and having several dogs develop everything from diabetes to tumors, my spare time has been so limited.  Three nights last week, I wrote my blog, posted pics, activated links and then my computer needed to be rebooted.  I forgot to save the blog and so when I rebooted, it was erased. Ugh.  I have to start over again so in the next couple of days I will do so.  In the meantime, your prayers for Penny are working.  After eight days of syringe-feeding her baby food as she began insulin shots, she has finally stopped throwing up and has started eating half of her meals on her own!  Another few weeks and hopefully, she'll be back to normal again--just needing insulin every twelve hours.  
Right now, prayers are needed for Maya and Pasha.  I will go into more details in my update but both developed tumors with different side effects.  
Thank you to our angels who have been helping with Dingo Ringos (we had at least a month without any--eek!) and help with the medicine bill.  We've been able to pay half of it so far but still have about $350 due.  If you could please gift on Bunny's pic above (gofundme) or paypal or send an amazon e-credit, it would all help so much.  We are also out of small cans and tubs of dog food which makes life harder for me.  When I am tired and stressed, it is so much easier to hand out a tub (or two) to each big dog and a little can to the little dogs, instead of having to dish everything out and wash the dishes, etc. 
Just see the Amazon Wish List link above to see what type of food is needed.
Sending lots of love and always, 
Hugs from the Herd (and their people)

January 17, 2017  Yes, We ARE here!


With everything going on, including several dogs getting new maladies (which has just deeply saddened me), Someone getting worse and hurting my leg on a metal gate on a slip and fall, we are fine.  I just needed to take some quiet time to regroup and reflect but will promise to update this blog by Friday afternoon. 


I would greatly appreciate it if you would click on Bunny's face above and read the needs that are pending at the Rescue Ranch.  There has been $300 raised toward the medicine on Bunny's page (but it still is not enough to pay the bill) and there have been no Ringo Dingos, for instance, for weeks, which is critical to special needs dogs who can't run and play--their stimulation comes from doing things with their mouths and being played with.  It is impossible to do all of this alone and so I ask that you continue to help the Rescue Ranch as you can.  Monthly gifts would be greatly appreciated whether on gofundme, paypal or amazon e-cards (all links above).


I didn't realize that I was simply running on empty when Hurricane Harvey hit last fall.  Helping people and animals was so urgent and necessary that I had to respond but it just took whatever reserve I had left in me to do so. I remember that I cried and sobbed so hard about one case in particular, that Someone had to grab me by the waist to keep me from collapsing.  That has never happened to me before in my life.  When all was said and done, I was completely depleted and my heart left raw.  Since then, I have been quiet and withdrawn, trying to let my "tank" refill some but I think it is going to take a great deal longer to recover.


With a scant smattering of snow on the ground, it is too dangerous to drive because of the black ice.  We've enjoyed the down-time and cuddling, but in the back of my mind, knowing that despite our prayers, God is going to call some names this year that I was not prepared for.  This makes this time all the more precious for we have some time to be able to say, "I love you" before then.  Give your pets and people a hug and always tell them how much they mean to you--for when God calls, you want to have no regrets and nothing left unsaid.


Sending lots of love and always, Hugs from the Herd 




Please say a prayer for Coco Penny with her beautiful golden eyes...


If you can, please add one for Maya, Pasha, Girl.  more Friday.


 December, 2017:  Houston, we have (had) snow--and Happy Holidays!!
It's been years since I've heard those words and have seen beautiful white snow flakes
gently, quietly, floating down from above!  It was a surprise that we will never forget. 
When I figured out the last time we had snow here (2009 and early 2010),
I realized that many of the dogs at the Rescue Ranch had never ever seen snow,
didn't even know what it was and may never get another chance to experience it. 
So, up all night, I let all of the dogs have a chance to run, taste, try to get away from it,
roll in it, race around or run back inside! 
Here are just a few of the pics that I managed to take between all of the commotion--
--all while I was also trying to enjoy the quiet and peacefulness that seems to
come along with a middle-of-the-night snowfall. An unexpected holiday blessing for sure.
Like a little kid, Someone couldn't go to sleep until he, too, had a chance to go out and play! 
Millie (in front) and Brindy almost knocked him down wanting to play and run!
(Our Hummingbird feeder is still out!)
Penny, Charlee (he ran back in) and Jed, or Doodle the Poodle, really loved the snow!
 Many of the dogs were running so fast I couldn't even catch a pic of them--especially in the dark.
Big, beautiful Maya and her BFF went running out together. Here is Maya and...
...there went James!
In the morning, Bitty got up, and while he is losing his sight, he could still see the snow...
 Bits and I went out to see how much snow was left after everyone ran around in it.
He didn't want to come in and I didn't have a coat on all night.
I couldn't bear another minute in the cold, so I woke Someone else up to go get Bitty!
Unauthorized photo!?
A sleeping Someone with his C-PAP mask still on, got up and brought Bitty in for me--and didn't
even bother to put on a bathrobe! The c-c-c-cold was a welcome change, he said, to the humidity and rain!
I was so cold though for hours after being up all night outside, but I was so happy and thankful
that each dog got some time in the snow, I couldn't stop smiling!
 Holiday Booster/Help Needed
Click on Bunny's pic above OR on the link below:
**Goal is $1750 by the New Year. 
Lots of "things needed" are listed, too, with links to them on the page.
The RR amazon Wish List has been updated as well.**
Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
May all of your holidays be much blessed!!

 Some beautiful Peonies for you--I saw these in a store and my breath was taken away!
After the Poppy (my forever love/dog of the same name), this flower is now a favorite.
"This is my old dear friend Joe the Doxie, with his bestie, big ugly cute Rambler and Ram's sister, Delilah.
See how protective Ram is watching Joe..." 
(A rescue angel's special doggies all the way from Tennessee...they are ALL so sweet!)
We should all appreciate and love each others'/all animals as if they were our own.
 (Thank you for sharing your Loves with us!)
Girl, the Texas Pearl, tried to tippy-toe over the pavers so she wouldn't get cold feet.
As I was looking at our snow photos, I couldn't help but wonder if some of those dots of light
were really all of our beloveds, whose names God already called,
laughing and happy, enjoying the snow with us, too.
(I'll be back after the New Year...see you then!)




Thanksgiving, 2017


Dear Angels, know and yet-to-be-known, seen and unseen,



During the next week and going into Thanksgiving, please remember and acknowledge what it is that you are truly thankful for.  With all of the media and commercial pressure, we have a tendency to get caught up in the meal planning and all of the pre-sale this or that, but all of it is really a distraction.  This is the time of year that you should be counting your blessings, remembering those you have loved and do love, remembering fond times in your life that you are truly thankful for and forgiving/forgetting those that are less than memorable...



I've been really sick the past week to ten days, and on one particular day, I really didn't know if I was going to be here to see the next.  That really got me thinking of all of the things I meant to do--and none of it involved shopping!  It got me thinking of the animals and people that I needed to let know, really know, that I loved them.  I need to do that over the next weeks.  When I could get up, I took each RR dogs' face in my hands and made sure we made 100 percent eye contact and I told them that I love them one at a time.  Each and every one of them.  I also did the same with the person I see every day. Although we always say, "I love you," every night, I needed to make sure that it was KNOWN not just said.



And so, I will take this moment to tell YOU that, "I love YOU," and that "We love YOU!" I stand before you for all of us, human and fur-covered to let you know that we truly count you among our blessings at Thanksgiving-time and every day really.  There isn't a day that I am not grateful for a bed, a blanket or sausage treat or prayer card or musical card or e-card or a can of dog food or or or...and I bless the person that sent it when received, then again as we use it and send up a prayer for you and for ALL of you, daily and continually you are prayed for.



The Rescue Ranch has been a miracle--and so many miracles have happened through it and continue to do so.  Just before I got sick, I had to call our distemper genius, Doc Sears, for help.  Bunny, a natural survivor of neurologic distemper, was having terrible, what I thought was seizures.  She was scratching up in the air furiously and with great power.  The vet thought she was having break-through seizures from latent distemper virus, though not contagious anymore, it always stays in the dog's brain CSF (cerebral-spinal fluid) and that we could control them only so long with medication...



One call to Doc and I found out that giving the dog Vitamin A (and I added in Pycnogenol and Huperzine-A for the brain health and to kill the virus if possible) would 80-90 percent of the time, solve the problem!  All of those supplements and some Nu-Stock cream (amazing stuff for everything "skin"!) every other day and the "seizures" have stopped!  Turns out, after all of these years dealing with Project Hope and allllll of the distemper cases I have discussed with him, Doc never had a case to mention that the survivors skin sometimes causes problems and a Vitamin A deficiency can be easily fixed!  I thought she was facing the end of her life, but with the continued help of her loyal sponsor and Doc's kind, always wise words, Bunny is still her funny-bunny self, loving to dance with me (as long as I hold her if she is out of her wheelchair or doggie cart!).  This was truly a happy Thanksgiving moment.



Bunny loves her pizza--so does the rest of the RR Herd!



Not being able to write much at all lately, made me think.  I am going to give a fellow rescuer the information for this blog so that if something happens to me or if I need some help keeping up, she will introduce herself and keep you updated on the RR and also can tell you rescue stories and teach you things to look for and how tor remedy them in your animals.  I had planned on writing at least a few times a week and now find that once a week is all I am managing with everything that happened in the past two years.  (To protect Someone's privacy, I can't go into too much detail but know that it will be two years in early Dec. since we got the news that something major was wrong.  The latest report found that while some things are stabilized with meds, a few things are worse, but the overall news is that there will be a year three it looks like, God willing.  Another Thanksgiving moment!)



And so our Angels, know that while I think of writing to each of you and every time I try, some furry something needs water, needs medication, needs a back rub, needs to go out, needs to come in, on and on or someone not so furry, needs dinner, can't find this or that, needs help doing that or needs to go there and on and on. My cards are sitting faithfully since last Christmas waiting to be written and sent and just maybe they will get out this year.  The few hours of peace that I get, I try to at least rest my head, back and eyes.  The rest of me just kind of falls into place!  I don't tell you this as a complaint--for I would do this all over again knowing the lives we have saved, continue to save and that we've made a difference in--I just am asking for your forgiveness in not being as well-mannered as my mother taught me to be, sending out proper "Thank You's."



Wishing everyone a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving!  It doesn't matter if you are alone or surrounded by family, have a turkey, or like me/us, will be eating potatoes, vegetables and applesauce--it matters what is in your heart.  Find something to be thankful for, to have a grateful heart for--and you'll find that every day, more blessings will come into your life. 



Sending much Love and ALWAYS, Hugs from the Herd!




Remembering Big Mandy, who became one of our angels in heaven, three years ago this week. Junie still misses her. So do we.

We give thanks for all of the animals that we have had the honor to care for, do care for and for your animals, too.  

I think animals, in any form, are truly just LOVE sent down from above, packaged up in many shapes and sizes make sure we remember that Good/God exists in this world.



August, 2014 (Photographer unknown...)



September, 2016  (...but beloved Creator, known!)





Busy Week--Back by Monday (I hope)   Friday, Nov. 3, 2017 


Hi Angels--


This has been a "doctor week" and when that happens, I get exhausted both emotionally and physically. We had some good news and some not so good news.  I am overwhelmed some times and have to take some quiet time to process it all.  I get very introspective during times like this...



Plus, I had promised Someone that if the Astros went to the play-offs, that I would sit and watch the series with him.  I just loved having some of the old Someone back.  Even though he isn't much into sports, watching the play-offs of any sport has always been a tradition with us.  We each pick a team if our local team isn't in it--and then get all excited about the outcome.  This time, we both were rooting for the 'stros!  I just knew that having the winning game on Nov. 1--All Saint's Day--that they would win.  Texas is such a God-oriented, faith-based place that it was impossible to not win! Congrats to the team!



Maya (with the tumor--see entry below) is on a special diet now to help her.  For each week, I am cooking a batch meat, veggies (carrots, broccoli and cauliflower), and potatoes  Someone's choice this week is tator tots--hmmm, how 'bout sweet potatoes! (next week)--since he snacks on her food (yes, it looks yummy even to a non-meat eater!)--before I add the supplements in.  This will eliminate any toxins or stuff in processed food that could be causing a fatty tumor to form.  I have to add in five supplements and a good swirl of olive oil and wait to see if the tumor resolves itself (or starts to shrink) through the end of the month.)  If not, she has to have a needle aspirate to determine the tumor type and then if something bad, and then surgery to remove it.  Let's hope for the best--prayer power!!



Bunny Bun Buns is having a few problems but that will require a full blog to explain the how's and what's and why's!  She is the only neuorologic distemper survivor that is older than eight years old that suddenly began to have issues that Dr. Sears--THE distemper expert--has heard of (she will be 10 in March).  I didn't know that they could have other problems later in life, even with their skin, and so, after a call with Doc today, we will start treating them with supplements and get her to a vet for more.



Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully by Monday, I will be able to write more of an update for you.


Sending love and always, Hugs from the Herd!



 Little Bitty Bitty Bits is a TIGER when it comes to his treats!  

Thank you to Dingo for sending two boxes of these during Hurricane Harvey!


IF you want to/can help, please do--

We need two types of treats and two types of food immediately:


FYI Note: DreamBones are vegetable-based with chicken strips and tiny chicken bits in the middle, no rawhide. 
We need as many of the below as can be gifted--on an ongoing basis please.


DreamBone Kabobz

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DreamBone Rattle Ball Chews has them on 20% off sale

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Rachel Ray Nutrish individual servings (all flavors)

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Beneful Individual servings (all flavors)

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Four to six cases of Merrick tiny can dog food:

(Always any flavor--expensive food but with dogs that are special needs, sick, recovering, etc. this food makes them WANT to eat!)

 Click Here for amazon link (price on the other sites/google?)




amazon credits or a paypal gift (you can use any credit card or pp account) order them ourselves! 

The email to use for any e-gift card or paypal is:

Grateful!! So Grateful!

...."heart" YOU, too!!,,,, are all great places to order these items--and I always compare prices!


Let your doggie babies try some, too!  These DreamBone chews are like Doggie Catnip--and give the special needs dogs (all of them really) something yummy and rawhide-free to look forward to!




 Shipping address is: Rescue Ranch, 3555 Rayford Road, Suite 45-106, Spring, TX   77386



(from Papyrus greeting cards:


A Tumor. Now, benign or not?  October 26, 2017 8:30 AM



Maya, a sweet, gentle giant of a dog.



Pretty Miss Maya was acting a little odd lately--she kept laying on one side and always facing away from me.  I have too much dog experience to know when something isn't normal.  Dogs will lay this, that and the other way depending on the day so to see her consistently doing that, I had to do a full body check.  The first week, I wondered if I was imagining it but after the second week I knew I was right to be suspect.


Maya is shy so it while she loves to be petted and to play with her BFF, James,  she doesn't want anyone to be examining her.  It took an hour to get her to just stop playing with me to run my hands all over her body to see if I could feel anything.  I know that she has arthritis and thought that maybe one hip was hurting her--the hip she wasn't laying on.  (She takes about four to five supplements daily to help her--glucosamine chondrotrin, MSM, gelatin, turmeric, hyaluronic acid, olive oil, meds and more! Imagine how long it takes--every day--to mix up each dog's meds and supplements!)



I had my camera with me in case I found something, I could take a photo of it.  I find that looking at an injury or cut or anything irregular in a photo can be better than trying to evaluate it on a moving animal--or person--plus, you can email it to your vet (hopefully they have email that they will share) to see if it is something to worry about, time for an exam, or nothing much.  The mass was hidden behind her front leg and it was not at all what I was expecting (see photo).  Before I noticed the way she had been laying, I have been making her special higher calorie meals because she seemed to be losing weight. We are now at the waiting stage to see if what I found is serious or just a by-product of aging...I am leaning toward the former which has my stomach in a knot.



I had to uncover the mass from her fur and hold up her leg to take a photo. 

The mass is about the size of my thumb but a little wider.



I will update you about Miss Maya as soon as I have some news.  In the meantime, prayers are greatly appreciated.  She had a very difficult first six years or so.  She was rescued, very ill, and was rehabilitated by a vet.  We were asked to give her sanctuary because of her continued need for medication and need for "medical watch"--and so she was not adoptable.  Not because she isn't the sweetest, most gentle giant (she is very tall!) but because most people don't want to invest the time or the money it would take to keep her comfortable when they take on a "pet."  (Lots of people abandon their animals when they get sick, even with a minor illnesses.  Either they don't have the funds to help them or the time or both.  Sometimes, they just don't want to bother, which breaks my heart.)



We look at things differently at the Rescue Ranch--we do whatever possible to save a life--and to make sure we provide a happy environment so that the animals know love, have treats and have the best "life" experience that we can provide, as long as we can, until God calls.  We choose hospicing "at home" vs. euthanasia which is hard on us in many ways but I think it gives the animals time to say good-bye to each other, to us and to life. (Yes--animals are very aware of each other's condition and yes, they also mourn especially if they were playmates or part of a bonded pair or group.)  Maya is still full of life though so we are not preparing for anything soon, I hope.



 Maya and Bunny mostly just hang out together.  When Maya walks away, Bunny follows though.





At least three times his size, Maya and James are the best of friends!




Please help the Rescue Ranch. 

We are doing our best, taking care of animals that have no one else to help them

--but we cannot do it alone.

I pray that God moves your heart to join us on our journey.  

Calling all angels--seen and unseen, known and yet-to-be known.



Links to give/help are above this blog.

This week, funds are especially needed for doggie medicines.




PS  I wrote a little bit about what made me so upset last week (in addition to finding this mass on Maya) on my other blog, On My Mind.  I will write more as soon as I can.




I'm Here!  October 25, 2017  8:50 AM


I have to take care of the RR dogs right now and of course, Someone needs help--today is change the sheets, wash the blankets, a must bathe kinda day--for him and some animals alike.  So, if you will come back later today or tomorrow, I will tell you all about what happened last week.  I also wanted to tell you that I feel great--things still may not be perfect but something "changed."  I think it was your prayers--and encouragement--that have changed the feeling in my heart!!  I found Hope again. 


Sending lots of love, thanks and always, Hugs from the Herd!




Archives: Baby Hope, of Project Hope: The Distemper Project was pure love and joy--and so brave. 

 She was on oxygen after contracting bacterial pneumonia which comes along with distemper.

Life at the Rescue Ranch isn't easy--

--but we try to make a difference in the world by helping animals who have no where to turn.

By becoming a RR Angel--helping in any way--you, too, share in the blessings of our journey.




Hope snuggling her mama, Cherry.


An introspective bleep in time...      October 23, 2017 4:00 AM


I have had to wrestle with quite a few things emotionally this past week.  Thankfully no one has passed on, but I have never flat-out sobbed, so much, so often, for as long as I can remember--when it didn't involve injury or dying.  Please be patient and know that the Rescue Ranch is fine (just needing angels to help--especially with PayPal and amazon credits (links for both above this blog) OR click on the angel pic cuddling a dog to read more and to gift the RR if you can.


I just wanted y'all to know that I am so grateful for your cards--musical, prayer, mass, e-cards and pretty greeting cards. They have held me up through a very difficult week.  I will write more for this Wednesday. There are important things that we ALL need to know. I just had to go through it, I guess, to share what I've learned.


Please know that when you don't hear from me, it is when your help and prayers are needed the most...


Sending love and always Hugs from the Herd!!



I'm stickin' with the animals!!

They will be with us forever, I am sure of it.



Angels, special prayers have been asked for Hildy, who is going through cancer treatment
...for a RR angel's friend, diagnosed with the same, but already Stage 4, who lost his beloved sister this summer. We are here but for the blink of an eye--to learn certain lessons--and then what the future holds is wonderous, so please have no fear.  All of our love and prayers are with you and your families.
  (PS I'd be looking into Host Defense Turkey Tail Mushroom supplement ASAP!)
I will back hopefully on Wednesday.
Thank you for your prayers and for caring.


Rescue Ranch featured NOW (for a week or more) on Walkin' Pets Site!  Pasha and Bitty "stars" are born!!   October 12, 2017 1:41 AM


Please read the new story that was posted on the Walkin' Pets site--with new photos!!  Click Here to see Bitty with his toy Turtle and read/see more pics! (If you find this blog entry late, just scroll down the Walkin' Pets blog until you see little Bittle tucked in with his green turtle!)


You will LOVE seeing two of our special, special needs animals and to read some of their story.  In the future, I will have a chance to write more about other animals on this site (I hope).


New Visitors to the Rescue Ranch, we bid you a hardy Texas "Howdy" or Welcome--and hope that you stop back and visit when you can!


While this last few months has been tough during Hurricane Harvey and the ongoing recovery, things will begin to normalize within the next week (at least I hope!).


In the meantime, if you want to learn more about our organization, please click on any of the right hand margin page links and/or click on the Angel pic holding the dog which will take you to a summary of what has and what is going on right now.


We need angels--praying angels, helper angels, spread-the-word angels--and more--both seen and unseen, known and unknown.  Everything Dog is welcome--as long as it comes from the manufacturer.  You can also help by giving us amazon credits or giving on Paypal (links to do so are on this page ABOVE this blog) or click on the white pic of the ANGEL holding the dog and after you read our story, you can decide to help there.  It all adds up to allow us to continue to help the Herd of many who have entrusted us with their lives even if they can't walk (or talk) or even help themselves without the aid of human intervention.  We are committed to seeing them through to the end, and to making the middle the best we possibly can!


God has brought us this far and I have complete confidence that He will carry us until our mission is complete.


Sending love and lots of Hugs from the Herd!!!!




Sometimes Bitty and Pasha even sleep together!

Humbly grateful for all help.



I need a hug...a big one!  October 11, 2017  Too late


Back by Friday, this week, I hope. "Someone" has had a very bad week, couldn't walk for a few days and had to have lots of tests---and is beginning to be less and less "well" more and more consistently.  Now, he has a dental fistula and his face is all swollen.  There is no dental insurance.  Little by little, Lewy Body is breaking down his body and his mind, too.  I long for my "normal" life back again but that will never happen.  Learn from this please.  Since I am the faithful type, I will fulfill my commitment to make sure all is well, as well as I can make it--until the very end.


(Lesson learned in disaster volunteering.  A big one--which has left me speechless and heartbroken. More in a few days...)


Please help the RR dogs (all links above this blog).  (I am so tired of trying to carry all of these burdens by myself.)  Thank you Chewy's autoshippers--we are up to two so far--and to our four sponsors who have not forgotten their precious animals they are sponsoring or generally helping the herd.  (IF you want to be a auto-shipper, just send me an email and I will tell you what we need on a regular basis:  Forgive me for not email you to say thank you right now.  I pray my thank you's by name and will write to you soon.


Otherwise, the RR bank accounts are depleted after I paid off last month's dog medications (new bills are already adding up), amazon credits have been gratefully used to order food and supplements to stop seizures and relieve doggie arthritis pain.  We are praying that there are angels out there who hear our prayers--seen or unseen, known or unknown.  Just kind, sweet, caring, loving angels.  Only truly, kind people are allowed to be at the Rescue Ranch. 


Our beloved Mama Mia is at peace.  Her soul shot up out of her body and went straight to heaven--literally, on her last breath, she went from laying down to standing on her back two feet, her body leaping toward the heavens as I held her up in the air with all of my might and then, she was gone!  She was being called, going toward something, saw an opening...I don't know what it was but it was amazing.  It was also amazing to have gone through three hard days with her, of ending her stay on earth, and then to be a part of her final journey.  Yes, I believe there really is life after death. I do not have a single doubt in my heart or soul.  Never ever fear dying--especially if you have lived your life with love and compassion.  You can rest in peace now.


Sending Love and lots of Hugs from the Herd!




 Through many trials, it is still OK to smile--smile big!





Back on Friday!  October 4, 2017


Hi Angels--


Two things--my eye needs a few more days of resting it before I can write lots.  It strains the other eye to try to write while one eye is covered.  Secondly, I have to go help an elderly evacuee reunite with her two little dogs--and some supplies that were donated to help them.  It will be a joyous moment I expect.  I will try to get a photo to share with you as well.



In the meantime, please don't forget that our Rescue Ranch dogs need help.  It is so hard for me to ask you to help them in light of all of the catastrophes around the world but here, at least you know that your gifts go directly to help the animals 100 percent!  (I have my opinion about giving to those big funds but I will keep it to myself.  Someone once told me too much about how the big charities work...)



Paypal (we need at least $400 right now for doggie medicine); food and treats (if you want to set up a Chewy's auto-ship like a few angels have done monthly or every six weeks, email me and I will send you a few things that the dogs need all the time:   Amazon gift cards/credits would help a lot then I can order what they need (link above the blog); you can even order from the amazon wish list OR use it to see what the dogs need (just sort by priority in the upper right corner). ALL LINKS ON THE TOP OF THIS PAGE.



We are all praying (hands joined by paws--for all hearts pray the same, out of love) for all of the victims and evacuees all over the place--Lord have mercy.  Just always remember that God is greater than anything we can do ourselves so if you ever find yourself in a situation that is life-challenging, just call out His name--whatever name it is that you use for the Almighty (He doesn't care about names!), He just cares that you remember that He is there is help.  All you have to do is ask.



Love and Hugs to all!

(My eye needs to rest...)

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Our precious baby, Mama Mia, transitioned today into the Great Beyond, we call Heaven.  We would be grateful for any prayers you could send up for her to make her tranisition easier.  She did not want to leave her family, which just about broke my heart, but God called her name and the experience was amazing when she finally was called.  I will, however, because of the tears it will bring all, save the story for a weekend.



In the process, despite medication for "just in case" seizures, she had a couple of very big ones--and surprised me and even survived another day and a half!  I was thrilled to have more time with her.  That said, during one seizure, I was holding her and a rock stiff paw and four nails got into my left eye and scratched the cornea.  I am now typing with one eye full of medicated ointment and a heavy heart so please forgive any mistakes.  I hope to be back on Wednesday.



Mama was with us for eight years and three months.  We guesstimate that she was 14 when she "headed out" as Someone likes to say--to not upset anyone else (the other dogs).  She was the best bed guard dog ever (a simple rumble deep in her throat let me know if anyone was approaching) and she loved to nuzzle--even in her last days, that we all thankfully spent 100% together.  On the last night, I realized I didn't know how many times she nuzzled my neck before getting comfortable--and finally counted, after all those years. Five. The answer is five.  This brought a new awareness to me--these things we take for granted every day, we should know and we should live each moment consciously and with a heart and mind filled only of love--Love--for that is truly all we can "head out" with--the love we gave and the love we received.





Photo Archives: 2016.


I kept singing to Mama and over the days, as I held her, but I was running out of songs to sing

so I started adding in the "Happy Brithday" song!

Turns out, that though he passed so many years ago, it would have been my father's birthday

when I added it in.  I realized this just a little bit ago.  Coincidence?  Hmmm.  





And so, to my sweet baby girl, Mama Mia, and to all the animals that we have all sent to heaven--and pray to be reunited with in the future--

we all send kisses to many kisses.  Know that you all were--and still--are LOVED!!!!! 

(ALL animals are loved!!!!!)









Peace and Prayers Please.  Wednesday, September  27, 2017 8:11 PM

Over the next day or two, I will be taking time to attend to, hold, love on, talk to, pray with and transition my beloved dog, rescued over eight years ago --pregnant with a head injury and a broken leg after being hit by a car--twenty pound Min Pin, Mama Mia. She has finally reached the end of her journey and these last hours and minutes are precious, so precious to all of us before God calls her name, her beautiful name which represents such a beautiful soul.
Please grant us this time together which Someone and I are sharing so I can finish the last lose ends of getting the displaced--animals and people--out of shelters and hospitals and vets. The next phase will be helping them with FEMA and homeowners' claims which has already begun.  It is very difficult work and time-consuming so I will take this break to honor Mama and say goodbye before next week starts, when disaster volunteering begins all over again.
We love you very much.
Hugs always... 


What is really happening?  Tuesday, September 19, 2017  12:29 AM



Earthquakes.  Hurricanes (or in old Texan-speak, "Hurricans").  Neurotoxins being sprayed over the Harvey and Irma areas for "mosquito control."  Water out or rationed.  Gas out or rationed.  Animals lethargic, people all tired.  Food not being fully restocked.  Possible war on the horizon.  A Comet is about to fly by.  Hmmm. Will all of this chaos be extended up the east coast and the west coast? Hurricanes are coming their way, too, it looks like on the weather reports. Sept. 23 through Oct. 5, or even into the week after, was supposed to be the worst of it all.  



Yesterday, we were warned that after 10 PM everyone should stay in overnight for the next two weeks while the spraying of Dibrom, a very bad chemical, is being sprayed. (Why this chemical, I have to wonder...)  Tonight, I took the night off from volunteering at the hospital because both Mike and I are exhausted--in fact, he stayed in bed since yesterday, getting up to eat and go back to sleep.  I just happened to be outside when a military C-130 plane just went over head at about 200 feet--(supposed to be at 300 feet)--and two hours early!  I am not a plane expert but it sure looked like that, going back and forth and back and forth--and we were not in the destruction zone!!  The plane engines have a distinct sound--I heard them last night, too, but was inside in time--and now the smell has began to come inside.  I am so thankful we were at the RR to shut the a/c off to stop the air intake but it still seems so strong still that I want to vomit.  Is there a safe dilution of a neurotoxin--and if I can taste, smell and want to vomit from it, is it even diluted properly?  This is not DEET like everyone thinks of when they think of professional mosquito control. That is no "picnic" either.


This is important.  People in Florida are trying to file federal lawsuits to stop this chemical, Dibrom, from being used anymore.  Europe has banned it already.  Texas is just catching on.  Dibrom is an organophosphate--a class that is very dangerous to invertebrates, from pets to people, to dragon flies to precious bees, etc.  It not only can cause neuro (brain) toxic effects--imagine "Someone" with Lewy Body Disease--being exposed to it just outside playing with the dogs!!--but it's by-product, or product that it breaks down is ALSO a dangerous organophosphate, to is called Dichlorvos, (see which has been shown to increase fighting in lab animals, decrease ability to learn, causes brains defects in pregnant people and microcephaly  In lab animals, it "causes a severe deterioration in their memory and learning functions" according to



Here is a key, I think, you NEED to know.  After doing a bunch of research, the reason they spray from dusk 'til dawn, more or less, is well, yes, they majority of animals and bees, etc. are sleeping--and won't be directly sprayed with this deadly chemical--BUT I think the key is that one the molecules of the Dibrom are exposed to SUNLIGHT they lose their toxicity.  Sooooooo, stay indoors, keep the a/c off as long as you can stand it (yes, we are getting hot but it is bearable compared to the alternative), do not expose your car to the spray, it eats metal--and your handles, etc. will all be contaminated if you touch them; your clothes, hair, skin, etc. will be exposed if you are out at night and so you MUST take everything off before you enter the house, wash it immediately and take a 20 minute rinse shower--you must detox if you are caught out at night.  The most common methods of absorbing this stuff is through your mouth and eyes BUT the most dangerous is through your lungs.  Hold your breath and RUN inside!! Keep your animals in from dusk to sunlight, until the sun has had a chance to dissolve the Dibrom droplets--it also depends on the size of the droplets to determine how long this will take...



The docs at the hospital told me they have never seen so many people being "shipped in" to be treated--lots of the people belong in shelters or temporary housing but to reduce the costs, they are being sent to the hospitals--for everything from a toe that had a can dropped on it at a store to major psych issues, especially depression from people losing everything.  People are just broken.  Only 15 percent of the flooded people in Texas had flood insurance.  I wonder if anyone in Florida did?  I spoke with someone with family in Jacksonville and they are all under water as well--why isn't that on the news?  Yesterday, the major shelter in Houston, holding thousands and thousands of people, was closed without warning.  The people were evicted, given a list of possible places to go to that may honor Fem-ha vouchers--and THE EVACUEES were responsible for figuring out their next meal/bed/anything.  Their cars were underwater so they have no way to get anywhere, no money, cell phones were collected at the doors of the shelters, they had plastic bags of donated clothes dragging behind them... Despite the huge amount of money donated to them, the Red X didn't renew the lease on the center/s--the city didn't donate the space--and so a new class of homeless has been created.  



Be kind but be careful if you decide to help the newly homeless.  Desperate people do desperate things.  If you want to give them ten or twenty dollars, or buy them dinner or rent them a hotel room for the night (pay cash--do not leave your credit card info), ask them to stand back ten feet--be in full light like at a gas station or go in the lobby of the restaurant with lots of people around and lock your car, get the money out, lock the car when you get out with your gift, and wish them God's speed.  Be careful of hugging--not only is lice easily transferred but so is mold on their clothes and other diseases after weeks of no baths or showers--and I've heard that some clever (bad) people have devices that scan your wallet and pockets while they are hugging you!! 



They are all so sad about being separated from their animals.  The major centers holding the evacuees' animals shipped out the last of the animals last weekend.  Now, they have to find them--I have helped find some, other volunteers are working on this as well but it is very difficult unless the animals had a collar and tag (or a microchip that I so dislike because of its cancer risk which is not really a risk but a reality) and the people had photos of the animals--with them and their people in the photos--which are being used to authenticate ownership.  Keep them in your wallet, tucked in your undies, in a ziplock bag if you ever have a catastrophic emergency.  I remember many, many years back, vets were tattooing the pets rabies' tag number inside their ears so they could be traced back to the vet--and the vet could reunite the animals with their families.  I don't have any tattoos, but when I got so sick from a stuck gallstone this past summer and found myself writing my name, SSN, and religion with a permanent marker on my arm, thinking life was just about over (that's how much pain I was in and how sick I was--I didn't even think I'd make it to the hospital less than ten minutes away), I wondered if that would be a good idea to have all that info on the bottom of a foot--just in case! Forget about an implanted "chip"--that can get just a little too invasive for me. The latest thing coming out, I just heard today, are ID bracelets which have "chips" in them--there are all sorts of reasons to not get one of these as well...



In a few days, we have it set up that people can go to certain windows at the hospital and we will bring their animals we've located to see them--one family at a time!  It gives the people something to look forward to--to continue to have HOPE--which is powerful.  Some animals we are "borrowing" from other rescues or foster homes, a few we had to agree to take in if we "check" them out--and we will honor that for the people.   We've been having the fosters/rescues that we can find, email photos of the animals in their new homes and have been printing the pics, delivering them to their owners.  The people sleep with their animals pics under their pillows, up next to their faces, pray for them, pine for them.  And these are the lucky ones--the ones that WILL be reunited once the people have somewhere to live--that allows animals! 



I think some organizations give them six months, others a year--the rare few, an unlimited time to be reunited, to claim their animals.  IF that time runs out, the organizations have the right to adopt the animals out. I hope they don't because it will be a task to find a place to live at all, never mind one that will allow animals, until their insurance checks come in--Fema-Ha Flood Insurance will take 3-6 months or longer (up to a year)--or not if they have to rent and start over from scratch.  The majority of people have no clue what happened to their animals when they turned them over to, "the nice person at the shelter who said they'd be reunited when they checked out." The animals were sent all over the country--yes, that saved their lives so I am grateful for that, but to try to stop the despair, I've dealt with many states and am still looking for some animals that should have been in X place and have been moved.  Some animals will have been euthanized--due to age, poor health, special needs, etc. and the owners will never know.  If this happens to you, and after trying with all your heart to find your fur babies, please adopt another animal and save a life in memory of your beloved.  Make lemonade out of lemons--even if your heart is breaking--and it will be broken for a long time, but I can tell you that broken hearts heal eventually and they will never be the same--just different.  Also, please never separate animals that are bonded--bonded pairs, family pets.  They need each other to make it through a disaster, or being surrendered or evacuated,  just like we need our loved ones to lean on.  Adopt them both/all.



At the Rescue Ranch, we need continued angel help so we can continue.  This was is our amazon balance:







(E-gift cards can be sent to through an amazon link anywhere on this page, or through the amazon gift card link above. paypal and our Angel fundraiser are other ways to help as well.  Credits go right to our RR account and can be used to order online or in a store--whatever the animals need.  Things right now are "fluid"--no pun intended!)


We can't do this alone--especially given the situation (click on the angel above or below to read more)! Calling all angels--known and unknown (yet), seen and unseen. Our God is an awesome God so He will move the hearts that can help us and bless those that do hear Him call...(usually it is just a whisper--and a tug at your heart that you just cannot ignore).


Sending lots of love and Hugs from the Herd--always!




Chuckles, the Cockatoo, was an evacuee--with his friend below...





...JJ is right next to Chuckles in a "bird room"--and after just a day or two to adjust, they are singing and chirping up a storm!



Please say a prayer for their foster mom--she is not well right now. 


I can't help but wonder what all the mold and dirty water is doing to everyone who entered the disaster area.

I knew that I couldn't go in although my instinct was to do just that--especially needing to have "Someone" always in tow--

--that's why I am helping now after the people have been evacuated.

 At least the risk of exposure to all of the mold and "mosquitoes" is reduced, I hope.






*PS  Lots of HEB Doggie Sausages and Hamburger treats in the blue bags are needed.  They are so helpful behaviorally,

--which is really important during a disaster--and the dogs LOVE them!  

They are in the pet isle or perhaps could be ordered online.  Get them for your fur babies, too!


*PPS  Dreamballs--in our Amazon Wish List (link toward the top of this page) are needed--as many as you can send, we need! 


 Grateful. Always.


Remember, please use the "Recommend This Site" button all over this page to pass on this info.  We need more angels and just copying and pasting

into your social media is not helping the animals--or people--but it is copyright protected as well!  

Thank you for respecting this.


This is what bone-tired looks like...September 16, 2017 12:06 PM


z. zzzzz.zzzzzzzzz.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...aaaaaaaaaaaa....bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb


By the time I get to my phone to type or to my laptop, I am literally falling asleep between words!  I wake up, realize I was typing, having to erase all the letters that repetitively typed by a sleeping finger and try to get yet another word in.  Sometimes, I can get a few words in at a time, but a simple response to an email, which would take less than ten minutes, takes me hours!!  So, please forgive me for not responding immediately to email, comments or thank you's.  I will catch up next week.  



So many people are in the hospital, either physically sick from the water, bad food, disorientated, depressed after losing everything and without anyone to even get them a drink!  They have lost their homes and belongings and are so traumatized and just want a hug or someone to hold them--one adult even asked me to rock her and sing to her and so I did. "Someone" has to go with me and so I wait until he has had his rest time and he is very good encouraging people to drink, to laugh, to find a little levity in a tragic situation.  Many are worried about their animals and if I can find them, I am having photos emailed to me and printing them out for them. It seems to bring such comfort, just holding a photo of an animal you pray to be reunited with. Some animals have been sent across the country so it is going to take a little more research to find them--to even get a photo!



I will write more by Monday or on Monday.  I need to take Sunday off to get some rest myself even though some have been asking if I could just "come by for a little while..."  That means hours to me once you walk through a hospital door!  The RR animals have been so patient.  They know something is different and have been very patient.  Tomorrow and next week, we'll be able to have more fun with them.  In the meantime, they love their treats and foods that you have sent, but we don't have enough of most things.  We need more angels to help,  please.  I will say thank you to everyone now--but will answer you individually next week.  Please understand.  I cannot do anymore.  We are in the middle of a horrific situation, albeit we are safe, but unless you live through this, you can't wrap your mind around what the consequences are of a catastrophic flood like this.  Just helping people navigate their insurance and flood coverage and take photos and and an enormous task.  Many are not willing to even venture outside never mind help another, sadly.


And, in the meantime, if you could please help the RR, through the links above--amazon, paypal, click on our Angel fundraiser--gift cards, items from our Amazon wish list above--all would be of such help!!  Any credits, gifts go right to the separate Rescue Ranch account and then I can order online anything that is needed.  We have mail pick-up/delivery once or twice a week if you use our mailing address.   


Thank you so very, very much for understanding, for your patience, prayers and help.  This burden is great but with His and our angels' help, it can be made light!  


Love and always, Hugs from the Herd!!








Not Over by Far!   September 12, 2017 11: 09 PM


Dear Angels--Hurricane Harvey has left such a mark on Texas that I cannot begin to explain it.  From 4-5 AM until we literally drop, we are working to help people who are stranded, need evacuation, food, water, legal help, more.  Tonight, I called a rescuer who wound up in the hospital today with Toxic Mold Poisoning from being in a flooded house for so many days and the hospital was connecting me to every senior they could to offer help, solace, someone to just unload to...they gave me their troubles, names, addresses, injury report, house update, on and on and on and I don't even know them.  They are just in such trouble that a living, breathing--walking body--is a human who can help even with a listening ear and kind word.   It is just devastating.



During the past week, an amazing number of rescuers and rescues have working together to get animals to safety.  Vets have even taken in animals for treatment, grooming, etc.  It has been simply a Miracle of God, and there is no other way to explain all that has/is happening.



People from all over the country, and locals, who don’t know each other, who just love animals, have taken off from work—pay or no pay—to save both the animals and the rescuers.  They have driven hundreds and thousands of miles on their own to help, bought food for the animals, food for the rescuers, sent water, drinks, so many things like paper towels, TP, baby wipes, contractor bags for clean-up, bleach—and my favorite, is the rescuer, who stopped at many stores to buy Yoplait Vanilla Bean Yogurt for a rescuer who had such a hankering for it and was so hungry that she ate at least six of them this morning before lunch!!



A special thanks to Best Friends in Utah who has been instrumental in all of this—not the Red X or Fema-Ha or the Humane Society, etc. so if you want to send a thank you, that’s where it should be going in my humble opinion.  Small Paw Rescue, in honor of Karla has been literally a Godsend and all of their friends, fosters, rescuers, more.  I can't forget Emma from LaPorte, the bird rescuer, has been amazing beyond the call of duty—and her husband as well. So many willing people, it is like watching the miraculous before your eyes.



There is a great need still at the Montgomery County Fair Grounds—in Conroe, Texas.  They need volunteers to do laundry at the Washeteria (that’s what we call the Laundromat in Texas-speak).  They need food, money for medicines, FOSTERS to hold onto people’s animals who have lost their homes and ADOPTERS for those animals who are now considered abandoned.  Their number is 936-442-7738.  Volunteers to just Kitty-Kuddle and Dog Walkers! An hour one time or every day or whatever you can manage.



The city of Beaumont just got their water back on but it is like a war zone.  The doctors told me that people are coming to the hospitals on "barges" there are so many in need now. No one has had showers for weeks. They have lost 20-30 lbs a piece in just weeks from stress and lack of nutrition and the exposure to toxic mold.  Fema-Ha is only offering shelters now to people instead of hotel vouchers or apartments, etc. or a bus ride…to a camp somewhere, to be seen or not--sometime in the future.  No one knows where family members are going to—they are being separated all over the country. Their pets, promised to be reunited with them, are being adopted out, in other states.  They have lost literally everything if they didn't have flood insurance (about $450/yr)



I thank anyone who has helped and continues to help the RR in anyway—for we cannot continue to help so many others without having the resources to help the dogs here.  Angels are needed—and amazon, paypal or on our angel fundraiser gifts are greatly needed.  They are immediately credited to the RR account so I can order whatever the dogs needed.  I have one with a cyst over his leg now; another with mastitis; one in congestive heart failure; six with bronchitis from this damp, nasty weather, on and on.  They all need to be vetted and wormed and treated after a flood like this and at $35-$70 per animal, it is expensive!!  Calling all angels!



When I am not helping someone in crisis even as I write, I need to write another story about everything you need to know about flooding, FEMA claims and how to handle it all.  IF you have been flooded, IMMEDIATELY get online or have a friend do it and find a PUBLIC ADJUSTER company and hire them.  You will be put on a huge waiting list.  Ask for them to FAX you the contract so you can review it--and get it in.  You will be skipped to the head of the line!!  Take photos of every single inch, inside and outside of your dwelling--even opening drawers, cabinets, closets.  It is all covered past three days with toxic mold exposure.  They do not charge up front but get 10% of the recovery of your home and contents but they get much more from Fema-Ha than you could ever get on your own.  I saw it happen yesterday and I am a believer now!  From what I could do for someone to what I saw that they could do when I called them on the spot for help, was to get four times the advance!!  So heed this advice please.



IF you do not have flood insurance, buy it now.  There is a thirty day waiting period but get it EVEN if you are not in a flood zone.  So many Houstonians, yet 85 percent did not have it.  They have lost everything.  So, unless you are rich, having $250,000 for your home and $100,000 for contents is the difference between living under a bridge or with the in-laws!  The deductibles vary, depending on area it seems.  Yesterday, it was only $1250 deductible on the rescuer's home and the same on her contents which is better than the much higher numbers I have heard.  RUN don’t walk to get that insurance—please--even if you live high on a hill!  The water in some homes, came up through the ground--through the drains and showers and toilets--regardless of how how the hill was!



Again, the RR needs our angels.  With the complications of the whole situation, online credits are the best way to help right now.  Note: (Crayola angel—we need doggie sausages and hamburgers whenever you are making a collection again.) Gift cards for everywhere and e-cards are very much welcome as well. Taco Bell and McDonalds, especially right now, for the dogs who are sick and will only eat McNuggets or chicken taco rolls (and their people). 



May God move your soul to help an animal or someone, someway--every chance you get.

You will be blessed for doing so.



Pasha and Bunny--two of our four wheelchair (or cart) dogs!


To Help the Rescue Ranch/also see links above this blog, too:

E-cards go to:

Mailing Address: Rescue Ranch, 3555 Rayford Road, Ste. 45-106, Spring, TX   77386




For those who have asked, Yes, the Conroe Dam did let out a huge amount of water that was extremely damaging.  It went around the RR and headed south and wiped out quite a bit of the affluent town of Kingwood—which is next to Lake Houston.  I will NEVER live near water again—within hundreds of miles at least and will never live in a single story anything again.  You must have a second story to at least store things in and/or take shelter and an attic exit in case you wind up on the roof!  At the very least, put a hatchet and a bright color sheet or banner (to catch the attention of helicopters) in the attic now in case you find yourself trying to break out so you can breathe! Emergencies don't come with much of a warning at all.


HERO Mama Dog!!!!  God Bless Her.  I can't imagine what she went through....(see below)

(She has a forever home now with her rescuer!)


PS Whoever left the new mother dog with her three newborn puppies locked in the garage, you need to know that she moved them higher and higher as the water rose, until there was no more room in the garage and all of her babies died.  She doggie-paddled for days, breathing the air near the roof.  Saving yourself while your animals perish is NOT morally correct or acceptable.  I would die before I would let an animal die—even one I didn’t know.  (I will need to leave my personal commentary out from here on about the situation--but it sure is at the tip of my tongue!)


Prayer Corner...




*Prayers needed for a RR angel who is going in for dental surgery this week and is in need of prayer support.  Her situation is beyond my imagination or tolerance for anything dental—nevermind a cavity!


*Prayers needed for a rescue angel who was just taken to the hospital, wanting to give up on life after having her animal evacuated and her house flooded (yes, she has insurance but no where to live for close to 6 months or so--they were trying to get her to live in a shelter at nearly 80! I offered the RR but we live too far from where she lives---BUT if anyone in the Beaumont area, or driving distance to, has a room to rent, a cottage, anything, please email me. The situation is urgent and immediate.


*Prayers needed for a RR angel who has lost her hearing in one hear after dental work and has been suffering for months. 


*Prayers needed for a RR Angel and family whose spouse was let go of his job with Stage 4 cancer.  His wife is suffering with various illnesses as well.



I have seen the Hand of God at work, and I KNOW that HE can and will perform miracles if we just ask. 

It is just that simple. Just even start with, "Hey, God..."  He will hear you. Promise.

 Just remember to say, "Thank you"--in advance--having Faith and HOPE of things yet to come, just not yet seen!






IRMA: September 6, 2017  2:10 AM


While it it personally traumatizing to even watch the new storm blasting its way through innocent islands on its way to Florida, instead of giving in to my instinct to pull my quilt over my head, I need some tips to reach people in the path of the new storm:




It is now $99 (yep) for a $20 flat of water in some places. It is truly priceless so stock up, storm or not. Rotate it. The gallon jugs degrade and split open so you are better off with flats of bottles. You should be drinking half your body weight in only water each day. Weigh 200 lbs? Line up 100 ozs in the AM and slug it down by supper so you are not up all night! Soda, coffee, etc. does not count into that number.






There is more to "no" air conditioning and fans than meets the eye.  Disease spreads easier.  The hot, humid conditions are dehumanizing and physically   weakening. Waking up with wet clothes, wet bed, thirsty, getting pneumonia from the humid, stagnant, infected air--the smell is unbelievable and pervasive--and then there are the bugs! It is all NO fun.


IF you are able, get battery-operated fans or individual room air conditioners with individual solar chargers and move everything into that room. If you can't do that like us, freeze wet facecloths flat and in the shape of a C--to wrap around the back of your neck. Freeze water bottles (four will make five, 3/4 fulls, so the water has expansion room to freeze). Freeze all deli containers, plastic butter containers, etc. Now, with 3/4 full of water. It takes a few days for them to fully freeze--put them in your animal/s' water dishes, in front of fans, under your pillow. Plan now. Stay prepared!



Cash vs. Credit:


No cash was accepted for the first week for supplies, then restaurants. Credit or debit only.  It is not possible to rob, I guess, but people are starving.  If you do not have a card, buy a generic Visa card now at the grocery store--it never expires--and tuck it away. 





...speaking of which, no matter how sick of cheese sandwiches or PBJ you are, wait a week or two after the power comes back to eat out or drive-through. So many people now have food poisoning or are sick to their stomachs, coming and going--the restaurant owners (most) did not discard what was in the fridges before the storm, and despite electricity going on and off and aging, they are trying to make up for lost revenue. Ugh.


Safe Room:


You need to have a room with no mirrors, big glass windows or any glass, outside walls...put your supplies in it along with mattresses,quilts, pillows, crates for pets, etc. WATER.




This was unexpected.  Yes, have some stored away. Every month, if you are on regular meds, take out ten pills or ten percent and put them away!  Why?? First, storms close stores and--pharmacies. Next, things are back-ordered when they reopen.  I had a prescription for medicine that was critical but the day before Harvey, I was told it was three days too early to refill. Two weeks later, I finally was able to get it.  Imagine what could have happened if I wasn't prepared. Some docs are insisting that flood-ravaged people come in to get refills when they could easily call in refills.  People cannot drive, leave their homes unattended due to looting and are suffering and will probably die from this. The docs need the $200 office visit fees (in Someone's case they are more like $650 a visit!) they bill your insurance to pay their mortgages!  Pharmacies will even deliver or people are even using Uber and walking into the deep water to meet them as far as the cars can drive!



FEM-HA and the Red X:


Freedom or camp cities? A night or two of a donated cot then a bus ride to...or out on the street. No warm meals being served, no water trucks, no supplies. Delusional or illusion--million dollar commercials for more and more money. Why?  Do not allow anyone to separate you from your animals. Make a fuss.  To avoid crowd unrest, they will leave you alone. Why? Now, on the news, we are being told that it is too difficult to reunite owners and pets so they are being sent all over the country to be adopted out.  Once adopted, unless the people give you back your animal voluntarily, you have little recourse legally to recover your animals.





Stay away, far away, from nuc power plants, chemical factories, glass, etc.  You may have to walk through it, have the storm destroy it overhead, inhale it. Go inland or go high--or both.




While the roof is still, Thank God, on the RR, the storm and its aftermath is far from over. There are three more on the way and a comet due to swing by Sept. 23-Oct. 4 or so which can cause all types of disasters around the country just by its magnetic pull/upset alone. The Yellowstone Caldera is having thousands of quakes a day, putting us all at risk. Fires are polluting the air...more.



I will try to write more soon.  Difficult is an understatement right now. Please help the Rescue Ranch through our angel fundraiser or other links. We stand together with all of our angels to help YOU when and if the time comes. If not the RR, show mercy when you can, as often as you can.



God bless y'all.  Please take my words seriously. ALL of them.



P.S. Sorry for all errors. Phone misbehaving terribly.   Grateful for ALL Help.  Please find the Angel pic fundraiser and give whatever you can...





Archives: Preciee, aka Precious, just loves her Twinkies----

Thanks to our Twinkie Angel!

Precious on her first day at the RR--before two eye-loss surgeries.  

Her other eye was "popped" with a stick by some cruel kids and

then she was left behind by a rescue, who took her three friends.

I was appalled. 

(The gloves were to keep her open-to-the-skull eyeball hole as sterile as possible.)



 Preciee is still a little feral--which make her unadoptable but she does such a cute dancey-prance when she wants to go out!





Fake News: All is NOT Sunny and Bright in the Southeast!!!!! Please do not let them tell you that!!!   Sept. 2, 2017 8:17 AM




As you know, the catastrophe in southeast Houston, then all of southeast Texas, started with Hurricane Harvey warnings.  Landfall was hundreds of miles away a little northeast of a city of 300,000, Corpus Christi.  Little towns of 10,000 or less were hit hard, taking out many/most of their buildings, private and public, and the undeniable sigh of relief (and terrible sadness) was heard in Houston.  Then the rain bands started and wouldn't leave.  Houston would be flooded beyond recognition--a main energy pipelines from Houston to New Jersey has been taken down, energy company headquarters are shuttered and twenty refineries--on the coastline--all shut off.  The impact around the country will be felt for a long-time.



The flood waters overwhelmed the bayous (kind of a biggish pond/lake with a meandering river that leads to a larger body of water that dumps into the Gulf of Mexico), the lakes, the rivers, then the dams...DESPITE what the news is telling you, we are under a flood threat until at least September 20!!  Do you know how that kind of stress can wear you out!?  At the jump of a hat (some other area dam/flood evacuees had FIVE minutes to evacuate), we have to be ready for anything.  That, you maybe could guess, wouldn't be so easy at the Rescue Ranch.  We would not be able to leave some of the animals behind so we would stay, whatever stay would mean.  BUT, I've made a decision that we need to work toward finding an animal transport trailer that we can park inside and that would hold all the big dog crates in case of any emergency.  The little and tiny dogs crates would fit in the cars.  (FYI, every animal needs to be crated--even birds, turtles, etc., just in case you have to check in at a shelter, camp ground or someone's backyard--that goes for private pets as well.  Always have a crate for every animals or groups of animals who, say, may sleep together.)



In Houston, from the north, the threat of Lake Conroe and Lake Livingston dams breaking is no joke.  The controlled-release program is taking the pressure off of the dam--they don't want everyone 20 feet (give or take) under water or crushed by the power of the water if the dam broke BUT this release has consciously and deliberately compromised whole neighborhoods!!  Really nice homes, with beach access, boats, slips to park them at, all drowned on purpose.  It is the same with the Addicks and Barkers dams--sitting in the middle of this mess.  The land should have NEVER been sold to builders to build gigantic neighborhoods when the cities knew that the danger was great.  In addition the water working its way down from 150 or so miles upstream down to the Gulf of Mexico is causing evacuation RIGHT NOW as I write--of neighborhoods downstream--the great volume of water is beginning to swell out of the river banks and into those neighborhoods! 



There is NO WATER east of the city, in the Beaumont area.  The main pump went out a few days ago and they didn't have a back up or back up parts!  Now, the town has to bring in a pump on one of those oversize trailers over highways that are underwater or about to be underwater.  People who filled their tubs and washing machines at least have water to wash their hair and flush their toilets--and if they were smart, have bottled water for themselves and their pets (you can't drink water under an alert unless it has been boiled and left to cool) The problem is that many people do not even have electricity and the Red Cross is no where to be seen...and so they are drinking the puddles from the street!  (You can use water from puddles, but it needs to be strained, treated or boiled--they are drinking it raw.)



Local people are so afraid of the gas running out for their vehicles and for their generators (we don't have one of those either), that they are actually taking large garbage cans and other containers to the pumps and filling them!  It is causing huge problems like anger and frustration of the "just cars needing gas" drivers.  People are so tired and on edge, that some event could happen...Plus, gas keeps better IN a car than in a container so if you can, fill up your cars and don't drive around, even if you can!



Animals are being evacuated out of the area--despite what they learned from the heart-break of Katrina, people still evacuated and left their pets behind!  Some left them inside their homes, others set them free on the hope that they would find high ground (this is what you do during an emergency with horses or cows if you can't move them all).  So, there are lots of lots of animals running lose all over the place.  We are feeding those we can't catch--"the roamers"--and shelters from all over the country (I hope) are volunteering to take animals--but they need local people to their state to ADOPT or FOSTER the flood animals--so they can take in more animals!  One of the shelters in the Beaumont area burned down before this storm due to a faulty laundry dryer left on after it was locked up and not only did the animals perish (we are all heart-broken about it) but there is no shelter for the animals in that area to go to to even be rescued.  I've heard rumors that people are just shooting the dogs who will begin in run in packs (many harmless) and those hungry dogs, if not fed, even by neighbors leaving out food, will eat cats, take down larger animals just because they are hungry or are being found starved to death or drown on the side of the streets.  (I cried for hours yesterday morning over all of this.)



IF you gave to the Red Cross and/or FEMA, please start making calls to ask exactly what they are doing, have done, are planning on doing.  While executives' salaries are paid for another year, people in need of simple apartment vouchers, food stamps ($50 is the max not per week but for this emergency--are you kidding?? when their are no jobs, no cars, no way to get around...$600 for living. Ugh!). So many need beds (they are sleeping on the damp concrete floors--and all of those millions of dollars that you gave, should be used and now.  They are literally taking applications using volunteers and turning now homeless people away, telling them that they will have to wait to be screened...and in the mean time, people are living in parks, in the back of pick-ups--their animals with them on leashes due to full shelters and/or not wanting to be separated from their animals.  IF you live within driving distance, pick a place, load up a car or truck with water, pet food, and non-perishable foods, pillows and blankets--oh, yes, black, contractor-grade plastic bags--because these people don't have suitcases to carry their stuff, they are walking from place to place with their few possessions in a plastic bag! People who before this had homes, cars, good jobs, private schools.  The banks are closed and only VISA can go so far, especially when the stores are near-bare. And sadly, all "aliens” who are great people, lost everything, don't qualify for aid. FEMA and the Red Cross only see "legal" while churches, private groups, hopefully JJWatts, will see "living" and help everyone.  (I will bite my tongue here.)



There is another storm coming across Mexico that may/probably bring rain starting Sunday or Monday.  Inches matter, so the weather TV people are actually telling us "let's just skip talking about that storm for now..." and are focusing everyone instead on Hurricane Irma that may hit Miami or the east coast.  IF they exist, we are going to get some more sandbags because we should have sandbagged the big outside a/c condenser (who knew!) and the doors that we couldn't do before because we ran out of the sandbags that we had and the stores were all closed right after that.  There was no option to go back for more.  I think that is what is affecting everyone--IF you can buy something, they are getting MORE because you just don't know when you can get any. 



Our TV is intermittent as is the electric and my cell phone has a mind of its own IF and when it works but my radio, my trusty radio--night in and night out--tells the truth, show after show after show.  The situation in the south is really, really bad.  The smell is awful, the water level high--even the water table in the ground is up to squishes-deep-into-water-when-you-step-saturated, supplies are scarce and if people from out of town don't help us we can't make it, and none is counted on through the Red Cross and FEMA, but people are going directly through local organizations, churches, animal shelters, more, we won't make it.  (The Rescue Ranch mail address is now able to accept packages and we can get deliveries from it so if you can, please GIVE on our angel fundraiser or through paypal or amazon links so I can order what we need the most.  If you want to order yourselves, long-term non-rawhide bones and Dream balls for the little dogs (see them on our amazon wish list above) are needed in addition to food.  We have to keep the animals busy, in addition to their disabilities, now they can't go out much either.  Wheelchairs and strollers don't work in MUD!)  Zip codes in 77713, 77714, 77715 all need water--search for a church that is open or I can give you an address to mail it to volunteers who will distribute it.)  Order from manufactures, please, or large distributors since private packages, dinners, products are being returned.) 



The sky is grey-yellow--impending storm?  I am coming out the other side of pneumonia but can't shake it yet.  Someone else is getting it now.  The air is so full of water that when we can turn on the dehumidifiers, we get gallons of water out of the air in an hour--it is absolutely amazing.  Everything is sticky wet--inside--and four feet off the floor.  If you are NOT in the flooded areas, especially if you are not in Houston, please HELP someone, somehow.  I am sure if this ever happened to you, Houston would more than return the favor!!



Oh, this is important to locals but to everyone who has FEMA Flood insurance!  Filing a FEMA claim--and actually getting paid, is complicated.  Helping a rescuer file one, I have learned enough to write a book.  Even just getting the claim filed, in the system, was a half day chore.  Once a claim comes up, FEMA sends claim adjusters out and you need to have zillions of photos of every square inch of what you are claiming as flooded.  Serial numbers and models of all appliances, from the coffee maker to the oven.  Everything is a "line item" and if you cannot document it, they will deny it.  Sheet rock should be cut four feet up from the floor or eight--or they will actually deny the delta (difference) if you say, cut out five feet from the floor and the sheetrockers have to do extra labor to install the stuff! They tell you to video your possessions ahead of time to prove your claim but video isn't worth more than a hill of beans!  Take PHOTOS of each and every item, the inside condition of your property before a catastrophe!  Put them away, email them to someone across the country, store them in the "cloud."



Here is the tip of all tips if you need to file a FEMA Flood Insurance Claim or Major Insurance Claim: No one tells you that there are "Public Adjusters" you can hire--for ten percent of the total when recovered--and who will get your claim ready for the FEMA adjusters (which is no small project!) and fight for your rights, for your reimbursements, for the max benefit you are entitled to!  They will usually get you more than that ten percent you need to give them when the check comes in--and when I heard this is what the wealthy people do, I began to look into it--and my fellow rescuer is going to hire one, too!  (Max FEMA benefit is $250,000 for the house/footprint of the building and $100,000 for contents (you can take the soaking wet things out but keep them on the property for the inspectors to review.)  FEMA Deductible is $5,000 not $50,000 like we thought before and there is about 30 percent depreciation of anything, sheetrock included!  IF you can provide receipts for expensive items, you have a better chance of getting paid for the higher value, minus depreciation. There is no winning in filing a FEMA claim, it is just a stop-gap from keeping you from destitution but if you can get it, no matter where you live, flood pain or not, get it.



For about $450 dollars a years, Flood Insurance is the difference between hope and walking around holding a black, plastic bag. Make sure you have the wind and hurricane rider on your homeowners.  Get renter's insurance.  Make sure you have replacement value insurance on your homes AND cars or change insurance companies. Do it now.  I do not say that without heart--because this situation is a heart-breaker. WHY were all of these builders allowed to build those neighborhoods on flood land; why is FEMA and the Red Cross allowed to "fundraise" so many millions when they may have already pulled out of this area--and people are drinking brown puddles of mud and thousands upon thousands are homeless!?  It makes me mad to see a lot of this happening, so protect yourselves and your animals as best you can--now--for any reason, for any time.  



Praying for all--all hands and paws joined in faith and hope--thanking God that we are all OK at the Rescue Ranch, as OK as one can be under these circumstances.  We are alive.  We are together.  We are able, with the Grace of God, to handle whatever comes up at this point.  We just need help going forward.  It is going to be a long recovery, no literal "life boats" in sight unless YOU help.  Add to it all, taking care of a progressing, terminally ill person, whose brain is deteriorating is a feat of my will. I hope someone has a mountain top I can recover on for a few years because, after this is all over, I am going to need it.  Thanking God that I am alive enough to need it...



Sending lots of love and always,  Hugs from the Herd


(PS I will get to email later today or tomorrow when we have consistent service. First, I have to prepare again for this new storm while I can...)




Little Jade, the only dog I've ever met with jade-green eyes, was surrendered to us when her parents rented a home that had a "no dog" policy. 

While they had five dogs, Miss Jade-D-Jade, all eight pounds of her--has THE loudest, sharpest bark ever and they were afraid that they would be evicted!




While Chippie-Chips (aka Panda or Bellie originally), the potato chip fanatic--who has an even louder voice that Jade!--can't walk at all anymore, got ready to go sit on a pad on the porch to get a little fresh air.  She and her sister, Sissy, brave brave Sissy, were left out in a field with front legs broken in three places--screaming in pain--until someone cutting through the field to get to work at a vet's office (thank God), came across them!  I still hurt for what happened to them. 




 After three operations, Sissy can limp-walk but Chips' top half of one leg is pointing backward now, almost 100 percent parallel to her body.  The inhumanness of "man" cuts my heart to shreds sometimes--then, it is bolstered once again by unexpected acts of kindness.




Miss Penny, with incredible golden eyes, is Someone's constant companion.  She was surrendered by the family of an elderly woman because she was obese.  The woman had dementia (now I understand...) and was placing plates of treats all over the house and yard, thinking that her pets would pace themselves all day and instead, Penny raced to eat them all!!  Less than six months of giving her two thirds dinner plus one third vegetables (like pumpkin, green beens--and not starving the animals by just reducing their food quantity), she was down to her normal weight in months and even though she naps with me, she sleeps glued next to "Someone"!




 Penny sure knows how to attack a birthday cake! She loves cake as much as her daddy does!

They are two peas in a pod!



Just a PS: Going through the photo logs to to share some with you, I see pics of a lot of dogs that we either got well and adopted out or those who were ill with say, advanced cancer when surrendered (which is heart-breaking alone), and I spent nearly every waking hour taking care of them.  Each passed in my arms or in bed laying on my chest or on their beds with me laying next to them.  As many tears as each of these "photo sharings" bring, I realize that all of the animals live in my heart, in our hearts, and I just know that there really will be a joyous, oh-so-joyous reunion when God calls my own name.  Everyone will be well, happy and young again--and I will be oh-so-VERY-happy to see them again. Amen.



Pic.Butyouletthecatdoit.jpg least New Orleans has water pumps! Houston is flat and has nothing to get this water moving!

 Over 2400 water rescues in last 24 hrs.  Things are NOT OK here.

Houston's main water pumps for fresh water failing today.   People being asked not to flush toilets now!

  The Red Cross is MIA--on a nice paid vacation perhaps?

Did you know only 15% of people in the Houston area had FEMA flood insurance!? 


This situation will cost many their homes--and lives.  

 Only if the outside world helps us, can we make it.   

This is a year-long recovery. Please help us get on our feet again. 


We thought Hurricane Harvey was over.  We had one quiet day: Aug. 31, 2017 5:48 AM


One day of peace then...I re-hurt my knee yesterday when Someone tripped over it. I had it up in the air, resting, to relieve the pressure.  He thought he could step over it. Eek!! I've been up all night icing it. I've also been monitoring the news and trying to keep my intermittent fever and stress-nausea under control...



Dawn evacuations have been issued for the areas/neighborhoods at Addicks and Barker Dams, Reservoirs but there is much confusion. IF you leave, you cannot return, even to check your property so many want to know why they are being evacuated almost prematurely. Ironically, right before Someone was found to have a terminal illness, he wanted to move the RR over that way exactly.  His company's headquarters and his office are/were directly on the Addicks Dam! 



The water is full of snakes, so are the street and the gutters. We've been told to clean them out, we've also been told they may have 'gators living in them!  The 'gator zoo was also flooded (90 miles from us) and the animals were about to float out, probably have by now! 


Fire ants, which sting, twirling in a circle repeatedly stinging, are not killed by water per se. In fact, they join together to make a "raft."



Three times in my time at the RR, I have been attacked. They attack like a beehive under attack. Water from a hose won't kill them, but the pressure will blast them off--then run! If one is mad, fifty are mad. There is no easy way out.


*The stuff to treat the stings (they sting five or six times each--and each sting forms a white pustule) contains 99% ammonia!  I pour some in a small dish and use a Q-tip and dot and soak each sting repeatedly every few hours. Do not itch or open those pustules. Use ice in a sock or facecloth to keep the pain down.  I take Benadryl, too, if you can take it. If severely stung, go get immediate medical care.


* If you see one of those floating "rafts" of fire ants, Do Not Touch!! That said, get out the blue Dawn dish soap (everyone should have some and ammonia--there are so many uses for both), and squirt the Dawn around the "raft" in a close circle.  It will disrupt the water tension and they will sink!


Sink holes, bridges collapsing, water pumps failing, dams and levys cracking or on the verge of spilling over uncontrolled, shelters more than twice their capacity...most stores can't restock, roads down or blocked. Our own people, if they can, are going to the shelter to house families who have lost everything--just like we all did for Katrina and Rita! (Stories for another time!)



On the "bright" side, in addition to the 1200 National Guard members we have, 10,000 are expected to arrive today or soon.  Flat-bottom boat owners from all over the south are coming in.  Now, there are even air boats, canoes, fishing boats, so many types are rescuing people now, who had enough food and clean water to last a week, are now starving and/or are out of fresh water and dogs, cats, birds and their people are heading to shelters. We are fine since we prepared for three weeks or longer if need be-- the freezer is half full of water and half full with food plus we have four boxes left of marshmallow treats and Velveeta and processed cheese slices but we will have depleted our dog food "bank" if this keeps extending so Please Give, especially today, the designated Day of Giving nationally for Houston.  Amazon is delivering, even by drone! Credits on paypal and our angel fundraiser will allow me to order what we are running out of!


I heard "Hurrahs!!" on the emergency radio--police officers from around the country are arriving enmass (lots) to relieve our exhausted hereos. Volunteers are cooking/serving 24/7 at the police, fire and coast guard stations--some of whom are sleeping in their high water tanks, poor guys, just in case, I guess. Local restaurants are supplying warm food. One amazing person from Chicago called Subway and ordered 300 sandwiches to be delivered to a police station, I think! (Writing that, maybe Subway should be donating, too, like all the rest. Hmmm.)


"Mattress Mac," Jim McInvale, a local furniture store owner and esteemed local hero for many years, opened both of his stores to evacuees.  They can rest on $8,000 mattresses, watch the TV screen that must be a half mile long, installed high up on a large wall, sitting in a new recliner--plus he is providing food, good food, for all, inviting restaurants in, too, who want to--and can serve.  Every year on his birthday, Mac has an all day BBQ--with birthday cake, free to all. "Someone" always made it a must-do. I went along to visit the parrots at the gigantic store since I don't eat meat.


Now, if you have relatives on the east coast, something just happened to a major pipeline of gas that supplies tthat part of the country--plus the refineries are shut off.  Tell them to fill their gas tanks and you, too,  do so immediately, just in case. The estimate is three weeks to fix it--or more!!


More rain is predicted to start Sunday or Monday.  I pray that enough water dries up or drains down before that so it doesn't put people in more danger. 



For those needing to file a FEMA flood insurance claim, or need FEMA help, please get registered today.  Take lots of photos, make a list of damages, (and n eeds i f you needed temporary housing, for instance) suspected damages and register online AND report FEMA property insurance claims to your homeowner's  insurance agent. That agent will arrange for  a FEMA inspector to come out.  ( seems to be a site that has been on the news a lot.) As of Sept. 1, the FEMA rules change--not in our favor--that is why filing today is so important.  Just get registered if you are going to need help or will be filing a claim.



Oh, stores and evacuated homes are being looted but something not expected, is that the few places that are open in flood zones, people are telling me No Cash is being accepted!! Credit or Debit only--it can't be stolen, I guess! Hopefully, that will change after the crisis.


Please keep up your prayer blanket for the RR and for the area.  It is extremely difficult right now, even though the dogs deserve gold medals for good behavior!! While they can thankfully go outside for a few days, they want to drink from our new pond--courtesy of Harvey--and puddles, which is a huge health problem. Never mind, having to manage Someone with increasing dementia from Lewy Body Disease.  His medicine keeps him sleeping almost all day but he is up most of the night--TV keeps him passively occupied thank goodness.  For a few hours a night though, "argumentative" is the kind word I would use to describe his current disease stage--constant and sometimes, relentless. His sleeping time is a relief of s sorts and then time for me to start the day over again, depleted emotionally almost more than physically.


Please Share our site, insight and need for more angels!!


(If you are an angel in need of anything, we will do everything possible to help you! Email: Note: It is the same email to use for e-cards, gift cards, paypal, etc.)


Never forget--we are ALL "Texas Strong!!"


Sending Love and always, Hugs from the Herd!!





Hurricane Harvey: August 29, 2017 11:45 AM



Our heroes!  We are so grateful to all of the paid professionals and unpaid volunteers sacrificing their time and risking their lives to help all of us.  This pic was on the news this morning and just captures the exhaustion we all are feeling.




A TV screen-shot of a major Houston highway--filled mostly with flat-bottom boats.  People who have to go out are driving on the wrong side of the freeway, right along with right-side traffic coming directly at them! It is terrifying to watch, not only because of the depth of the water and waves but also because of the traffic violations/dangers.


On the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (ironically), the storm that leveled New Orleans, people are trying very hard to save their animals--whether they are staying with them, bringing them to the shelters, taking them along in the rescue by boat or even carrying them to keep their head's above water--and away from the snakes and alligators that are in the water!





This morning's weather update.  We've had 49.2 inches of rain so far with another 12 inches expected today and tomorrow.  The danger will then be all of the water winding its way past all of us to the Gulf of Mexico.  The controlled levy releases are expected to continue through Sept. 20!!--but already this morning, a breach of a dam happened, giving people just minutes to leave and another is leaking out the north, rear side into a neighborhood. So very many people will or have already lost their homes.

We are, say, twenty miles south of the Lake Conroe controlled dam release and now, if you look at the map above, a gigantic (Lake) Livingston started a controlled release--unannounced--overnight, all meant to flow into the San Jacinto river, too, which has no room for more water before it floods...


We are still walking with the Hand of God over us. We have a new, deep pond on the property that will need to be filled in next week with a bulldozer and fill dirt and a fallen 8 ft tree that fell over just because the ground is too sodden to support its' root system. Both, so far, are far enough away from the foundation to not be a threat.  

I had to dig an emergency trench a few nights ago and had no time for rain boots or a plastic-bag "coat."  I ran out in socks and pj's. When I was done, leaning on one crutch (due to last week's knee injury) and trenching with a shovel in the other arm, I was so tired and well, I made a stupid decision and I lay down still wet to just rest my knee--and fell asleep for a bit.  Now, I am getting a deep chest cold. Thankfully, I know what dog medicine I can take for the interim but I may not have anything strong enough to get rid of it.

Girl, our Texas Pearl, suddenly has developed mastitis (very bad if not treated soon--I do have some doggie mastitis cream that I am using and anitbiotics) and a few others have a cough. A vet visit is in order as soon as we can get out. This massive humidity and amount of water is not good for any of us.

(Ugh. They just announced that the San Jacinto river is going to crest later today--before the next 12 inches of rain even. It will be weeks yet before we all know if we are "safe.")

The city of Houston is under at least ten feet of water before the water from the releases and dam breaks and leaks get there. Thankfully, there are some high spots where people are safe or can head to.  Lots of major businesses are going to need to relocate or convert to a work-from-home work force for months. Bayous, creeks, rivers, lakes, rain... the situation is so "fluid" (pardon the pun) and unpredictable. Ugh.


This storm is heading tonight and tomorrow to Beaumont, on the Louisiana border almost and a major refinery center.  Already, sections of town are impassable and one Rescuer called me late this morning hysterical because her home and rescue are flooding inside. She has all 50-70 animals inside because of the impending storm. Bags of litter and sacks of food now become indoor sand bags.  I also called a neighbor across the street from her to see if he and his wife can go help her.  She is nearly 80 years old and panic-stricken! Her volunteers tried to get there but the roads are flooded even to big trucks! Boats only now...

What I need you to take-away from all of this is that you need to always be prepared for emergencies.   Stock first aid supplies, medicines, rotate foods and pet food, batteries, flashlights, and especially water.  When this is over, I will make a list of items in each category that are must-haves to work on accumulating now.  When an event comes, it is too late. Everything will be sold out and/or your roads will be closed, rain or shine, depending on the situation.







The breakfast of RR champions (above)! (Yes, I do have bread.  I just need the sugar for extra energy since I don't drink coffee and I am bleary-eyed--and these are really delicious like home-made!)
Please keep up your prayers as we will do the same for you. I just keep reminding myself that when we are weak, He is strong.  I can't do any more than maintain everyone/thing so this is a time when you just have to "rest in the Lord."  "Someone" is sleeping through most of this which is best. The situation causes great anxiety and stress for him.

Sending love and always, Hugs from the (very grateful) Herd!!






Still trying to keep a sense of humor!  We may need a real Ark before this is over!!

Writing about "Arks" brought back memories...






Carole and her Ginger, a Project Hope blood donor dog.  Before Carole unexpectedly passed away last year from a minor procedure, she called her growing family of rescue dogs, "The Ark."  They were all so happy together.



Carole's Ark! She had just added a sweet grey puppy to her Ark, who is not in this photo.  She was a pharmacist and her research--and unconditional love, help and caring--were irreplaceable and so precious to the RR.  Carole is another angel who we now know in heaven.




Carole is a "Forever Rescue Ranch Angel"

--and will never be forgotten--nor will her dogs!



P.S.  I have had an incredibly difficult time getting this story formatted today.  I hope you can read it.  Sorry it is not set up how I would have liked to have done it!




Hurricane Harvey: August 27, 2017 7:30 PM

The rain is flooding everyone, everywhere. Over 300 rivers, lakes and bayous in the greater Houston area are out of their banks (overflowing) and the extra "controlled water release program" is flooding neighborhoods beyond repair starting at 2 AM tonight or really Monday early morning. This is so there isn't a sudden dam break that could kill a lot of people not just flood their homes. Just now they announced on the radio that more neighborhoods WILL be flooded tonight naturally AND on purpose--for at least two months the homes could be flooded to indefinitely--especially on the back side, behind the lakes, etc. where they release the controlled water flooding.  Some of those people don't even have flood insurance and even if they do, the deductible is like $50,000 or some very high number!  Then insurance companies will argue if the flooding is a FEMA flood insurance issue or homeowner's insurance--which doesn't cover water coming in from the outside or if you don't have the wind/storm rider, they will opt out of providing coverage totally!  While the news people are telling those people to pack their cars now, get some sleep and then leave at dawn, saying good-bye to their homes perhaps forever, who the heck could sleep knowing that--and they can't stay or they will be drowned.  This situation is awful.

What is interesting and we all need to learn from this is, that the water is so high both in the city (Houston) and north of us, it is coming in the SECOND floor windows! But what's worse is that people think they are secure and go to sleep but their houses are getting flooded by the immense volume of water coming UP through the shower and bath drains and toilets!!!  Guess there is a good reason I read an article from Canada which instructed how to sandbag or seal those drains besides just keeping the tubs full of clean water in case you run out of bottled! Since it is very dirty waste water coming up through the drain system, people are trying to get to shelters--but authorities are telling them to stay home UNLESS the water rises to life-threatening levels inside! Instead of waiting, people are emptying their refrigerators (they float) or blowing up pool floats and boats and putting their belongings (a change of clothes, blanket and pillow mostly), their kids and/or pets in them and walking through snake-infested, chemical and waste infected water up to their armpits!

While the officials are telling people that pets are accepted at shelters, it is not like Fluffy, Brutis and Bradley are sleeping next to you.  After they inspect everything you bring in to a designated shelter, taking away anything they don't approve of, they take record of all documents required to get in like licenses, passport, etc. and then they TAKE away the pets, some to be housed in a crated pet section with hay bedding, while others go to other locations--like distemper-exposed shelters.  Animals running around lose are captured and gulp, because there are no public adoptions going on or any way for their owners to find them, most of their lives are cut short...or people are staying in their homes, again, risking life and death, to be with their animals.

All schools, stores, gas stations and more are closed probably through this week, possibly through the second week!! Cheese sandwiches will sustain us and the dog food that you sent before this and that we bought before the eclipse will hold us over. (For those needing to raid the pantry or garden to feed your dogs and cats, please see my other blog on this site, On My Mind, for the link to my research regarding People Foods your pets can and cannot eat).  


We will be completely resource depleted when this is over so if you are not in the flood area, please GIVE on our fundraiser/see the angel holding the dog fundraiser pic (look for her above or below this blog) and click on the link under her). PLEASE, if you live out of the Texas flood zone. Then I can order more food and Dingo Ringos--and chicken Dream rattle balls for the little dogs (they are on our Amazon wish list/link above if you want to see what they are for your sweet babies) to be delivered this time so I don't blow out another knee trying to carry it myself!

Right now, the Hand of God is still thankfully over the Rescue Ranch and we are walking by faith and not by sight.  Keep praying please as we are doing for all of you. It is working.  Of course, He expects us to be good stewards as well. After sandbagging at 1:30 AM, clearing gutters out and digging trenches that lead water to the storm drains are just a few odd jobs that replaced another night of sleep. Cleaning out the street storm drains will most likely be Monday's project!

(Thank you to our angel who read that I was craving a banana split and sent a Dairy Queen e-card.  Not only did that make me "smile big" as my mother used to say, but it also gives me something to look forward to!! Boy, do I need that. The new quilts that arrived before the storm and our blanket stock are keeping every dog warm and cozy.  Thank you all in fact.)

The very sore throat I've developed is minor, compared to what is happening just twenty miles south or north of us.  It is a tragic situation in Texas generally. My heart is just breaking for everyone.  One of the saddest things, is that is undocumented/illegal people, who do much of the critically needed farm work and restaurant labor, need to leave their homes to get to safe places, but there are checkpoints on the highways leaving the area set up to check for "papers."  Usually, these are all closed during an emergency of this proportion just so lives can be saved.  Now, these people are staying home, risking life and death, to avoid immigration deporting them during this catastrophe.  Can't an exception be made at this point? The situation is getting worse not better.

If possible and if anything changes, I will update you tomorrow.  I am worried about our angels especially south, west, and in the city and in San Antonio--all of you!  Angels, please check in if you can. If you need anything, if we can help, we will.

Sending courage, strength, love and hugs. Remember, when we are weak, He is strong.  Turn your burdens over to God and rest easy--knowing that He will work it all out, regardless of what happens.  Grateful always, love you all and please be safe. Very safe.






An angel's beloved dog, Cookie, passed on.  She was the center of her

mama's world and heart.  More kisses being sent to heaven...




My love-bug, Junie, who just wants to just breathe in the same the space I'm in she loves me so much, and I, her...




 Junie (our female version of Junior), and her Mama Mia--are almost identical twins! 



Hurricane Harvey Update: Aug. 27, 2017 1:45 AM


Hearing that Lake Conroe (north of the RR) just reached the top of its banks and water is being released and more than 6 feet and rising of water is in homes south of the city--plus in the city, water rescues are taking place from people's attics, I decided it was time to sandbag the entrances. I took Someone outside with me.  We used half of the 1200 pounds for each of two doors. That was it.  The third door stands "open" but it is a step higher than the others.  The garage and storage unit are on a slight hill so here's to hoping!


This is what 600 pounds of masonry sand bags looks like.  It took ten/60 pound bags to do this to each of two doors and we could have easily used another 1200 pounds!


Here are some other ways to sandbag--if you are desperate, use Ziplock freezer bags, filled with a mix of rocks and dirt. Just make sure the end of one is covered by the next and stack in a brick/alternating rows pattern not just stacks of bags.


Going to put my knee on ice and lay down, on alert for toradoes and flooding.  Do the best you can and ask for heavenly hope with the rest. 



Happy National (wet) Dog Day!
Sometimes we just have to laugh!
For those of you not in southeast Texas, there are some great sales today to celebrate this "holiday." For those who live down here, I feel your pain!
We just had a twenty minute break between the "trains" or bands of rain, thunder and some lightning.  Enough though to get the big dogs out thankfully.  The little dogs have a choice between running out, getting soaked and towel-dried or using the wee-wee pad area we set up inside a doggie playpen.  We even have another to set up if need be!
We are north of Houston, between Lake Conroe and the west fork of the San Jacinto river, both of which have earthen dams and walls and are reaching their banks or tops so they began earlier slowly releasing water to let some pressure off.  While the streets and underpasses are deep swimming pools, and some very nice neighborhoods are at great risk of being flooded out by this water release program, so far we are soaked but OK as long as the dams hold out.

We are going to run out of Dingo Ringos which is a VIP emergency with special needs dogs.  If they can't get out in their wheelchairs or doggie stroller, they need chews like that for activity.  I realized this week that they also use their mouths to play--with my fingers!  I have been doing it for so long it was just second nature to me.
IF you want to help replenish this critical RR item, there is a link and Wish List on this page (or you can just order on their site)--they have the best prices for Dingo Ringos!--or if you make a paypal gift to (link above), I can order them from my phone now for delivery toward the end of the week.  We need as many as possible so just figure out your budget.
This storm is eventually expected to go back offshore and come back as a Hurricane--with Houston as its initial landing zone.  Depending on the amount of water falling, we may need an Ark to get out of the area!  I sure hope not!  (My friend, Carole, who passed away last year after a very minor procedure, used to call her bunch of rescue dogs an "Ark" after I started calling ours a Herd, the larger it got, it had to be called a Herd!!)

Saving my phone so I can check in hopefully tonight. (Sorry in advance for format issues or text sizes.  I don't know how to fix these issues on my phone.)
Love and RR hugs to all!
The news report just said we are going to get 12-18 inches in the next train--or twelve hours. This will devastate many--and there is lots more to come.  The problem is that the ground is saturated and can't absorb the rain this fast PLUS the very wet ground is going to cause many trees to just fall over, causes untold damage--No wind needed!
Please everyone be careful and stay safe.  Love you.


Hurricane Harvey: Update #2    9:00 AM Saturday, August 26, 2017


No sleep all night.  Occasional thunder and lightning right now, the kind that makes you leap off the bed.


First two sandbags used just now. It is raining so hard that it is coming right out of the gutters making an unwelcome pond next to the side of the back porch. 


TV is out. Still have electricity. Don't know for how much longer. Radio with lots of batteries keeping me up to speed.


You know it's a serious storm when every fifteen minutes or so, the news people tell you to make sure that your Social Security number should be written in permanent marker inside your ARM--on your skin. Think about that for a minute.


Faith or fear? Walk in faith always regardless of the outcome. Worry does nothing but make you tired and stressed and doesn't change a thing.


To everyone in Texas, stay calm. Beside the tremendous damage where Harvey came aground, there has already been a tornado that affected fifty homes.  Warnings for many more are setting off the alerts on my phone. Please go out and clean out your own storm drains occasionally. This will help keep the water draining as best it can and slow down or stop your home from flooding.  Some bayous are overflowing their banks already--rivers and lakes are expected to follow suit--and a "massive" flooding warning has been issued which affects over 4 million of us through at least Wednesday.


Be sure to write down or print the alternative/people foods dogs and cats can eat--the link is on my 'On My Mind' blog page on this site.   I tried to put together something you can use if we are stuck in this situation longer than you/I planned. (The link to the blog is on your left in the navigation bar.)


I will try to check in later today or sooner if something major happens.  Help each other and we will all be OK in the long run.


God be with you, Texas, and blessings to everyone. Always remember that we love you.



This pic was taken just two days ago--by yesterday afternoon, nary any item was left. We forgot to get TP--oops! That said, when I bought the Sam's Club package of baby wipes last week, everyone laughed at me.  Nobody is laughing now!! Trust your instincts--always. 


Tornado two touch-down just announced.  About thirty miles from here. Houses where people were, or opted to evacuate, are being vandalized now!  Keep praying and walking by faith not by sight!



Pasha and Girl, the Texas Pearl.  Love them! 
Wait 'til you see the new pics of Pasha in her drag bag and Bittie in his suspenders and diapers!
(I just have to download the camera!  Sorry I'm so slow doing "extra" things these days.)

Hurricane Harvey: Update 7:00 PM Friday  


Please learn from our experience.  This is about being prepared for any emergency not just this particular Hurricane...


Harvey just reached Category 4 status, already catastrophic.  I hope to God it does not go to a 5.  It won't reach us until over night.  It is going to circle back on the Houston area after it passes over--they predict about a five day deluge.


There is a increasing danger of trees falling down--before it was from the wind.  Now, they expect the ground to be so saturated that the trees will just fall over from the ground saturation.  The trees are 30-40 feet tall.  Last hurricane, one of our neighbor's trees fell over and crashed through one side of the RR fencing.  Thankfully, their insurance replaced it.  We just had to leash-walk everyone for about a week which was no picnic!


The water coming out of the facets and tubs is already grey water--first it was dark brown then it turned dark grey.  IF anyone reads this and winds up running out of water, either catch the rain or get fresh ponding water, strain it through t-shirts or cheesecloth--using a new spot each time until the water is clear--and then add about five drops of UNSCENTED bleach per gallon and let it sit for a few hours.  We have baby pools for the dogs to play in that we are washing out and going to set out to siphon if need be.  I hope not but at least it can be used for cleaning if not for drinking.


Sandbags: 1200 pounds of sand made 19 large sandbags (two or three times the size of the white disposable ones you see on TV which hold about 30 lbs of sand) plus 20 tiny ones to cover the weep holes between the brick on the outside of the building (how they build in the humid South, to allow air to flow between the frame and insulation and the brick exterior).   Thankfully, under these circumstances, sand was extremely, extremely inexpensive--just hard to find!  Most sand sold out by yesterday morning and sandbags but after working on this for hours on the phone, I found a little place off the beaten path who still had sand piles.  I want to humbly thank the young man who filled the big sand bags shovel by shovel and who loaded them in two loads in my car.  They were too heavy to take at one time in the car.  He helped me out of the kindness of his heart when he saw me on crutches and with a big knee brace and "Someone" stood there watching (who is getting weaker by the month).  I explained that Someone had a disability and so the young man did ten with a real shovel and said come back in an hour for the other ten--one of which I had to make into little ones using zip lock freezer bags, some rocks for more weight, a garden bulb shovel (can't think of the name right now so tired).  I only had $8 left to give him but I would have given him so much more for this kindness. (PS You need to use masonry sand we learned.  It is heavier.  There are six other types that people have been using but could get washed away. Rushing water is powerful.)  My plan was to get the sand back to the RR, put a baby pool in the middle of the main floor, sit down and start filling bags with my garden trowel (is that the name").  I would still be filling sandbags all night if not for the kindness of a stranger.  I am still so tired...and there is so much more to do.


The stores are bare--a bag of straws here, a can of Pringles there.  The bread isle is completely bare--and was since yesterday afternoon.   We are A-OK with bread, processed cheese sandwiches and some sprouts or there is always Someone's dented can collect that may come in handy.  Velveeta, crackers, already popped corned, marshmallow treats for dessert (they are just like we used to make!).  I didn't remember at the store but fruit cocktail cups or cans would have been a good find.  You could eat the fruit and drink the liquid! The fresh foods like fruits, salads, etc. were all heavily discounted so for a day, we will eat well, take showers and then "camp out" inside for a week or so.  Please do not panic if I haven't update this blog page.  If we lose cell phones, I will not be able to post until they are restored.


Electricity going out already where the storm is first going to come ashore.  Last hurricane, we had to go nine days without it.  I have lots of rope and clothes pins to hang outside once the rain stops.  Tubs make wonderful washing bins--roll up your pants and start "grape stomping."  I imagined that I'm either Lucy or Ethel (remember that episode from "I Love Lucy"?  This time, with my knee between surgery or not, Someone is going to have to take over the job--and with supervision and directions, should be able to (here's to hoping.)  The gas pumps are out--or shut down.


Two tornado warnings so far. Many more to come I'm guessing.  Flood warning already.  We have been warned to expect 35-40 inches of water--up from 30 this morning.  Already started sprinkling.  2 - 4  inches have fallen already south of Houston.


Please be safe all TX angels.  It looks like it is heading to New Orleans after this.  I heard that they are desperately clearing drains, digging trenches and making sure pumps are all working at full capacity if need be.


All prayers are appreciated for everyone in the path of this storm.  Truly.  Oh, I received an email that our TX angel who was in the ER overnight was released!!  He needs follow-up care and broke a toe through it all but lived to see more years.  His famiy is grateful for all prayer support.  God does hear them.  Really.


Time to keep going.  The radio, flashlights and seven little tiny fans need new batteries (which would have been impossible to get days ago unless you had previously stocked some!) Ice was made last week in clean deli and butter containers.  I added 3/4 filled water bottles yesterday in case the people (us) need something cold to drink as they melt or to hold on a hot forehead plus they more ice you have, you can move some into the refrigerator to keep things cold and then when it melts, it is the best, refreshing cold water to give to the animals or to drink yourself!  The roll of 6 mil thick plastic is out again along with rolls of duct tape to cover over any broken windows (hope it won't be needed again--God hear our prayers...).


Love to all.  Please be safe.  Saving life is far more important than saving say, a couch, so do whatever is needed to do so.  One man being interviewed on TV said, "We can always buy a new couch--or live without it--but we can't buy a new life."  This experience will be rough but other than having the funds to buy a  generator, we are as prepared as the last of my Visa cards could handle.  I pray that those who are not in the path of this giant, will help the RR now (using any link above this post) so when it is over, we will have the funds to restock food, buy medicine, supplies, etc.  We will be depleted of everything when this is over--except love and faith--and always Hope.  Always.



We rest in His hands.  Remember, you have a choice between fear and faith.
Faith is not only less stressful but it is powerful.  Very powerful.
We love you always.  Never forget.

Hurricane Harvey about to Hit...Friday, August 25, 2017

Having a little trouble with my blog, I thought I would just update you so you can all rest a little easier... 

This is what we are seeing on the freeway...



There is nothing that can quite prepare you for a situation like this.  I thanked God today that I followed my advice on my On My Mind blog on this site for preparing ahead of time for virtually any emergency!  After going to my knee doctor, we went to get prescriptions filled, a touch more water, more non-perishable foods. Oh, yes, two trips to make sure the cars are filled in case we have to evacuate. I don't know how we could do it but with God, I have learned that all things are possible!


The lines to get anything or anywhere were outrageous.  People were driving like maniacs even though the roads were packed. No one could find water and they were panicking, going from big store to big store.  The stores even had security out front announcing that the water was gone so people could just turn around and walk away.  When we went to the second Wal-Mart to get Bitty some dried goat's milk that we rehydrate for him every day, we could only find infant formulas and we read their ingredients lists until we found a 0-3 month old formula that would make do. He needed one with no added iron, no high fructose corn syrup and non-GMO, hard things to find in the middle of a mass panic before a Category 3 or 4 hurricane!!


That store still had water in a dispenser in the far back if you brought your own container.  My doctor's husband had tried to find water while I was at their office but all he came back with was a can of corn--so I called to let them know where the water was and although the line was deep, at least they could get it.  The manager said they are trucking in giant truckloads of water from hundreds of miles away but in less than an hour and a half, they are out again.  All trucking comes to a halt mid- day today.


The gas lines were outrageous in more than one way.  First, the sheer number of people was amazing but then, many had extra gas cans that they kept filling and filling, taking so much time. Plus, there was no orderly waiting in line all facing the same direction. Ha! People cut the lines, backed in, went forward, whatever it took. Civility lost today and we live in a nice area--and the storm--or desperation after the storm hasn't even begun!


What surprised me was that there WAS dog kibble and cat food on the shelves! That was my biggest fear last week but I could see in people's eyes, animals were not first on their mind.  The ranchers and farmers around us of course were prepared, but it is the single, younger pet owners that I worry about.  


The sand bags come in at dawn so I calculated enough for two or three doorways and if I can get enough, the garage and storage door entrances.  I think it is going to be a fill 'em yourself project so putting the crutches down, I may find myself sitting in sand, filling bags. Someone isn't capable of doing that unfortunately. Association between doing a task and standing there watching is the disconnect, even if I am struggling.   I am already exhausted from my pinkie toes to my puffy eyes but I need to push through another half day--then the silence starts before the massive storm.


We are 90 miles or so inland so while the storm surge won't get here, the rivers and lakes and earthen dams are all a concern.  The city of Houston concreted nearly all land and so the drainage is almost nill.  I would expect much loss there. The last hurricane was not as big and over 20,000 homes were lost.  After the sandbags, I just need to get my supplies together in case windows break and calming tabs out for the dogs.


I will try to update you as I can, if I can.  We expect the electricity to go out nevermind the TV and the internet. All will depend on what my cellphone can do and how long it holds up. 


Please don't worry. In life, we have to make a huge choice--to walk in faith or to walk in fear.  You know that I always choose faith and always have Hope. Please just stand with all of us in the path of this storm in faith and in prayer. 


Apologies in advance for format or other errors. I am doing the best I can with the tools I will hopefully have.


Sending much love and always, Hugs from the Herd!!!


PS One of our TX angels has been sent to the ER tonight with possible cardiac issues. Please say a prayer for him. God will know who you meant it for. Thank you! 

Grateful always. Never forget to help an animal or person in need if God has them cross your path.  It is an opportunity in disguise for YOU to be blessed really.

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas From The Rescue Ranch/Story

Merry Christmas!!! to all of my readers and our Rescue Ranch Angels!

I just posted a story with LOTS OF PHOTOS of the Rescue Ranch animals at Christmas. 

Story Link on my Houston Chronicle blog: 


You can go directly to my blog at (there are lots of other stories, too!)

We love you all! Thank you for all of your kind words, prayers, support, encouragement and...treats!!

Jane, Mike and the RR Herd




Our beloved Mebs is the mascot of my blog...

We love you, Mebs--and miss you every day.




Sat, December 24, 2011 | link 

Merry Christmas to All and God's Blessings

A little blurry, since the lighting was low, but this was the Nativity carving at the chapel where we went to to pray for Andrew the night before he died...

I'm hoping that you get a chance to stop by sometime over the holiday to get this message. Mike and I want to wish y'all a Merry Christmas--Happy Holidays--and all of the blessings that God has to offer.

This Christmas, I am making my first real pumpkin pie--I've never made one from canned pumpkin either! I'm a little apprehensive but Mike will eat just about (or everything) I've ever cooked. I will write a story about it--I've already chopped up and cooked a whole pumpkin! The dogs loved it last night but I am a little concerned that I gave them too much and won't have enough to make Mike's pie!

We've been invited to a few dinners (thank you!) but the concussion, from getting hit in the head with a 100lb pipe a few weeks ago at the home box store, is acting up. I am having some trouble holding onto things and standing without stumbling, especially when I get tired, so I may not be going anywhere but to the under-the-fluffy-white-quilt. (I forgot the surrounded-under-and-over-it by as many of the dogs as I can handle--some days, more than others!)

We certainly have a full work load here--there never is a holiday or vacation but we have a teeny tiny tree on the counter with mini color lites. The nativity set is up on the mantel and we'll have KSBJ (89.3 FM Houston or online) on the radio--since the stereo broke a few weeks ago (I cannot believe this year!). Even my favorite radio broke--now we are down to a clock radio! : ))

I want to email everyone and wish you a Merry Christmas and to say thank you for your help, your prayers, your emails and for just stopping by here but my head says otherwise--so please listen to my heart. I love you all for just being here.

On a sad note, Sgt. Andrew Hampton, who I met when he came to MD Anderson in Houston for stomach cancer, sadly passed away yesterday. He went into a coma the night before and by yesterday morning, he was losing blood pressure and his breathing was shallow. His disabled father and brother were able to get to his house and spend forty minutes with him before he left this world. That was Andrew's last wish--that he was alive to say good-bye to them. It was a miracle that this happened.

I am working on a story about Andrew, hopefully, I'll have finished in the next few days--as soon as his funeral details are finalized. I will never forget his smile or the fact that he called everyone, "Sweetheart." He even named his dog this, too!

Remember there is a reason for this season--it is about so much more than the presents and ribbons although I appreciate the time and effort that goes into making beautiful presents, the older I get. They make the gift inside even more special. But, too, I also know that time and energy is very precious and doesn't allow this always--shopping bags work just as well!

We believe that this is a holy time, the time of Christ's birth and spend at least a few minutes at midnight, remembering Christ's birth, the Nativity and all that it meant historically and spiritually. (If we can't get to church, we'll be sure to watch it on TV--in fact, the whole herd will!).

Sending much love and hugs from the RR Herd!

Jane, Mike and all of the RR dogs

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Forgot to Get A Gift/Don't Know What To Give?

Please go to our new e-Gifts page: 

Stop by later to see additional choices--we will be adding to it this morning. Six percent of all sales is a gift to the Rescue Ranch animals--and your loved one/co-worker/friend gets a gift they can participate in--and will love!

Thank You for caring--and for copying--and sharing--this new link to the Rescue Ranch site.

PS Our Wish List/2011 Holiday Collection will be running through to the end of the year. South of Houston, Something Unique in Pearland has kindly offered to be a drop-off spot; in any other part of the area, we will arrange for a volunteer to meet you; out of the area, our animals LOVE getting boxes in the mail/Mailing Address...or you can Give online from anywhere! Thank you so very much. We cannot continue without your help.

Happy Holidays--and Hugs from the Herd--to Everyone--and to your Furry Babies, too!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Give Yourself The Gift of Unconditional Love

Holidays are deadly times for homeless animals and at best, they are difficult times for rescuers...

Mass executions are going on at shelters all over--from "distemper outbreaks" (not in the Houston area)--which, after all of our work on Project Hope last year, along with another vet in Korea--is now a curable disease, based on using Dr. Alson Sears' protocols, but the information has not spread far and wide enough...OR did no one care enough to search Google for a "treatment for canine distemper"or is this shelter-speak for mass euthanasia due to "over-crowding?"

A puppy died from Parvo this afternoon--easily curable, but again, the rescue/their vet didn't have the formula needed to save it. As soon as I heard, I gave it to them but the puppy passed away within the hour--before they could do anything to save her. Animals left at shelter are exposed to these diseases and do not get any care, nevermind the right care...

A rescuer herself was sadly killed (domestic violence)--Animal Rescuer Murdered; Animals in Immediate Danger at County Facility and all of the rescues that she was taking care of, quite a few feral cats and non-feral dogs, are being euthanized by the county--starting with the cats today, the dogs tomorrow--because, quite frankly, when a rescuer goes down, there just is no place for their rescues to go.

(A Saint Bernard Rescuer died a few years ago, in her sleep, in her early 50's. Her husband, true to her heart to the very end, instead of abandoning the dogs, hired someone to care for them while he was at work. I was so proud of him--still am. I wish rescuers helped each other like they help the animals.)

(Last year, we had a rescue abandon over a dozen dogs at the Rescue Ranch. Imagine if our physical address was published! That was in addition to our "normal" anticipated herd of special needs dogs. See why I am always asking for help?!)

The holidays are never jolly for homeless animals. The shelters are shut down to the public, the workers take time off--and mass euthanasia takes place, very quietly, behind locked doors. It is considered a "good time" for cleaning house, so to speak. No one is watching, no one cares about the dump truck backing up to the shelter--being filled with dead bodies--since everyone is focused on bright lights and beautiful gifts, a lot of nasty stuff can go unchallenged during the holidays.

PLEASE, if you have some extra room--even if it is only temporary--just enough for a blanket and an extra couple of bowls and maybe a crate (much advised), please go and rescue an animal as soon as possible--and save its crate mate or kennel mate, too, before the shelters close for the "holiday." You will be giving them--and yourself--the best gift ever--the gift of unconditional love. It is priceless.

(Just remember, sometimes it takes a good five days to learn to adjust to each other when you bring in a new animal--so just be patient!)

Thanks for stopping by, for listening and for caring. Especially for caring.


PS If you want to join the facebook page mentioned above, Rescue Volunteer, please go to the page and ask to be a "friend." The page is full but as I have requests, I am switching those who are not so active in rescue, over to the new Rescue Volunteer from Rescue Volunteer page which anyone can read--and which is more upbeat than the other page (the new one that is on the Facebook/Twitter page on this site.)

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54 Cents Left Yesterday...

Wasn't I surprised yesterday when I went to use my Rescue Ranch debit card at Walgreen's and it was rejected! I told the cashier it had to be a mistake--had to be--and to try it again. She did. Nope. I went home and pulled up the balance on our statement--EEK!  We've had three or four things that the dogs needed this week and for some reason, I didn't realize how they all have added up.


I think everyone thinks that everyone else is helping us so they don't need to, but the truth is that only a few people help--and I have thousands of readers. Sometimes that really makes me sad, really sad. Other times, I am strong enough to turn it over to God--for I figue if I am doing my part and helping all of these animals plus my readers and lots of rescues all over the world, eventually help will come...and/or people's hearts will be moved to give and not just receive.

Two people have given gifts today. Thank you!! I have a $330 bottle of doggie medicine that has been pending for a couple of months and must be ordered this week before we run out, never mind four more meds pending at the pharmacy and nearly $200 holding at the vet for Interceptor for the dogs with Demodex. It will take a small army--or bunch of Rescue Ranch angels--to pull this all together!

Christmas here won't be a tree and wrapped presents under it--it will prayers of gratitude and thanksgiving said hopefully over bottles/boxes of doggie medicines filled on the counter. Please help if you can...Even with out all of the trauma we've had here lately, no normal family could sustain a special needs rescue of this size alone.

Thank you for caring. Especially....I pray every day for you.


Our Christmas "decoration" is a ceramic Nativity set up on the mantle. There are lots of animals surrounding baby Jesus. I know that the true meaning of Christmas involves unconditional love--and by helping the animals, and their always giving back unconditional love to everyone, is all a part of this glorious season and the blessings that come that cannot be seen--and don't need to be boxed up with pretty paper!

Click Here to Give Now:

Our Holiday Wish List: Click Here

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

God Really Does Provide

I was starting to write this blog last night--the last of my posts for the night. I had finished my Houston Chron blog, " Announces Most Popular/Unusual Names of 2011," and my facebook posts, when a big storm hit. The rain poured fiercely outside and the lightening lit up the house like a flashlight turning on and off. Eventually, I had to use that light to "see" by--since we lost our utilities for awhile.

In the middle of the storm, I cut my finger. Nothin' to worry about, but I knew I needed to put a Band-Aid on it and some Neosporin ointment. Mike was out in the garage trying to figure out if there was anything he could do to restore the power. I reached into the medicine cabinet and I could see the blue/dark Band-Aid box. I took it out but it was empty. The tube of Mupirocin was just staring back at me (prescription Neo) sans Band-Aids. 

My finger was throbbing and I knew it would feel so much better with a Band-Aid on it--both physically, from the pressure but also psychologically--like a little kid needing my boo-boo covered. "Ah well," I thought to myself. "I've dealt with much worse..."

Just as I said that, Mike came in from the garage and walked into my bathroom. He put a full, new box of Band-Aids on the counter before me. It was 2 AM and I knew he hadn't gone to the store. "How...?" I asked, very perplexed. He didn't even know that I had cut my finger.

"You bought them a few months ago and they had fallen out of the bag, I guess. They were sitting in the corner of the car trunk. I saw them when I was searching for my flashlight." 

Wow. For something so small, I got such a big message and knew that I needed to share it with you. 

I think that God is always with us, in us, watching out for us. Even though we personally need so much fixed right now--from health to finances--we've had to endure just incredible set-backs (or are they redirections?)--and yet we are still alive and all together. The animals are happy and with your help, they are getting what they need.

The Band-Aids showing up, with completely perfect timing, really made me stop and think. God really does know what we need, when we need it--and He really will provide, we just have to have the faith to look beyond our immediate circumstances. It was a significant lesson for me, no matter what time of the morning it was.

I wrapped up my finger and it felt better immediately. Mike very tenderly kissed my Band-Aid--a tradition his mother started with him as a little boy. No matter what his boo boo was, she used to "kiss it better" after she bandaged it up. Mike, continuing to do this with me, is one of the sweetest, most heart-moving things I have ever seen a grown man do. Every injury seems to feel better after that.

I went right to bed, since I could not write this blog until we had power again. As I was getting under my quilt, I smiled up at God and winked. "Thanks, God." Prayer doesn't have to be complicated or complex or even take forever. Sometimes, just acknowledging the Almighty is enough. He knows your heart and certainly knows your circumstance. Just by the provision of the Band-Aids, I knew that everything else swirling around the Rescue Ranch will be OK. After all, God is in charge--and I even have a Band-Aid on my finger...and a kiss.

Thanks for stopping by, for listening and for caring.  Especially for caring.



You can always leave me a message by signing my PRIVATE guestbook on the home page of this site or by email:

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To Give a Gift now, please click on the "Chip In" box at the top of this page OR go to our GIVE NOW page.  Every opportunity to give, is really an opportunity for our lives to be blessed. Christmas time is so much more than buying TV's and new shoes...You can also use to transfer funds. Our paypal email is:

To Mail a package to the Rescue Ranch, Click Here for our mailing address--and Click Here for our Wish List.

Thank you so much for caring.

Our needs are great but our faith is greater.

Merry Christmas!


Please use the "Recommend This Site" envelop symbol on this page to send the Rescue Ranch URL to someone else and/or post the URL to this blog on your facebook pages/send out to contacts, etc. The more people we can reach, the more animals we can help. Thank you kindly!




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Sunday, December 18, 2011

One Week 'Til Christmas: Don't Forget Your Fur Babies

I'm still "under the weather" so in the meantime, please check out the photos of some of the RR animals--with their favorites...Dingo's!! on my Houston Chronicle blog:

Here is the link to the story:

Here is the link to my blog if you want to catch up on other stories:

One week 'til Christmas...Holy cow! Don't forget your fur babies, too. I'd be so grateful if you would remember ours, too.

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts--



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Don't forget them...Squirrels need food and water, too! 


Everything for the Dogs Needed! 

Surprise Boxes, In Memorandum Gifts and Cards, Gift Cards, etc. can all be sent to:

Rescue Ranch, 3555 Rayford Road, Ste. 45-106, Spring, TX  77386



It's the beloved Hummingbird season--be sure to leave CLEAR sugar water out for them NOT the RED one.  The dye causesmany health problems.  You can get the power pre-made or simply boil it on the stove and let it cool.  (The syrup recipe is at the bottom of this page, just under the blog post calendar.) 

Directions for making safe hummingbird food:
  1. Mix 1 part sugar with 4 parts water and bring to a boil to kill any bacteria or mold present.
  2. Cool and fill feeder.
  3. Extra sugar water may be stored in a refrigerator, preferrably in a glass jar.
  4. Red dye should not be added and do not buy pre-made solution with the red dye.

Five Best Flowers to Plant to Attract Humming Birds (Hummers)

1.  Rose of Sharon—variety of colors; needs good drainage, don’t over water; can prune into a tree shape.
2.  Trumpet Honeysuckle—“Hummingbird vine” grows in clusters and climbs up fences or houses, or a trellis.  Can spread quickly so think where you want it to really “bloom.”
3.  Fireweed—pink or purple and prefers loose soil.  
4.  Bee Balm—spunky, spiky flower, low maintenance, looks like a daisy but pointer. Variety of colors.
5.  Larkspur—known also as delphinium; tall plants (up to five feet) with long flowers with lots of nectar inside; three colors.


*Plant large patches of each plant so the hummers can see them better.  Hummers see in UV light, so this will help them.  
*Make sure the flower beds are near some type of taller foliage like tall shrubs or trees, which they will build their nests in and will have quick cover if a predator approaches.
 *Be patient.  It takes a little time but they will find “you.”  Making sugar syrup (recipe above) without the typical red (a poison to them) food coloring and use a container with RED on it to attract them faster!  If possible, make a hood or shield the    nectar you make from the heat of the sun and wash the container out with soap and water every week and let it dry before refilling.


"For it is in giving that we receive."
St. Francis of Assisi

**Helping others is the way to bring blessings into your own life.**

We rely on the kind generosity of the public to make the Rescue Ranch possible. If you love animals, please give a gift today.  To help now, just Click on the SECURE "Give Now" button below OR give via paypal to "" (100% goes to the animals):


Grateful. Always. For Everything.
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 Life at the Rescue Ranch...
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a shelter door overnight, her insides coming out (prolapsing)
--and with a very bad case of hip dysplasia is causing her to limp terribly now.
Nov., 2016: Maggie, a gorgeous, sweet German Shepherd, needs a brace for her hips--is there a sponsor out there!?

Don't waste your exercise time walking around the block!
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