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Name Your Gift: Email Amazon Gift Card to the Rescue Ranch to!

Name Your Gift: Email Amazon Gift Card to the Rescue Ranch to!

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Never-ending Fun!

I don't know if you have read "Mike's page" yet, but you really should.  I think the episode took years off my life.  Nothing scary, nothing tearful.  Just how dementia works and how now, I have to supervise even phone calls and phone access or we'll have all kinds of things going on that I am not prepared for!


I know this is a blog about the Rescue Ranch--the sanctuary for special needs dogs--but some of what is going on with Mike sliding into dementia is about the Rescue Ranch really. It is all about our lives, the good, the rough and I'm holding the bad for another time.  I really don't think I can relive some things so soon and I don't want him to feel terribly embarrassed if he reads this blog.  


Many have asked how to help the dogs--and us.  The dogs are in need of long-term chews.  Please pick them up on sale, follow the links to Pet Mountain, spend your money on things that take an hour or four to chew rather than cookies and treats, no matter how they love them!  Any gift card, e-card, paypal or amazon credit helps--you can see a list of links at the bottom of our Sponsor the Herd page.  There is a new chew/knot bone link at the bottom of this page that you can get for a very reasonable price at Walmart stores or online which would be a perfect, affordable chew!


As you know Kasey, our rescued "Vacation Surprise" Cocker Spaniel, was called by God back in April. I promised him and his original family/soldier that I would send his medal, cross and photos back to Wisconsin for them to cherish.  I found out afterward, that he passed away after they had a new puppy for three days. He had been with us since Feb., 2007.   A little while before he passed, he and his soldier had an hour long conversation--I held the phone to Kasey's ear then mouth and they "talked" to each other. To say it was amazing and heart-wrenching at the same time is an understatement.  When I'm ready, I will tell you the whole story.  I just can't shed any more tears, even wonderful ones, right now.



Kasey's first day at the Rescue Ranch!  Big beautiful Mebs, my beloved Poppy, and brave Kasey Kase could barely stay still for just one photo!  He was immediately accepted by the others and I think, tried to stay with us as long as God would allow.  He was nearly 16 when his name was called... 


Sending so many kisses to heaven, I can't count anymore and I look so forward to our joyous reunion!



Listening to a radio show last week about animals and the afterlife, I learned that many times they wait until their family has a new animal in their lives before they will pass.  You are always connected by a heart cord--a two-inch wide clear, silver-glittery cord that runs from your heart to each love one in heaven--which I am telling you from seeing them personally during the passing of animals and friends.  I have held many as they pass and instead of being afraid, I feel especially blessed to be pressed near to them, holding them, giving them reassurance and strength and comfort when the time comes.  Sometimes there is an angel that comes first.  Sometimes, the entire family in heaven--people and animals--come down from heaven and just wait, sometimes for a day or two, while their loved one gets ready to be escorted home with them.


I don't often talk about my experiences with the dying but as more people need to know these things, to not be afraid, to know that they will see each other again, I feel that I must.  I have seen heaven open and the "light" that you hear about--and loved ones come down and take the spirit/soul right out of the body of the loved one that I am cradling.  I don't fear that they will mistakenly take me, too--if they do, I would be lucky, knowing all that I do.  It amazes me every single time.  Some owners can't handle the emotional strain of letting their loved ones have natural deaths and will ask me to have "the talk" with their animals--even over the phone--or to stay with them while this is happening. I do so willingly although I am tired afterward, I feel so honored to help not only the soul/spirit cross over but to comfort the family as well.


That heart-string, that glitters even in the dark, runs each prayer, each word, each tear, each, each, each right up, in the blink of a thought, to your loved one.  They feel your love, pain, happiness, happy thoughts, memories, requests for help, for protection, for visits and, as they gain energy on the other side, they will do as you ask.  Just wait at least six weeks to three months, some say a year, to ask them to visit in dreams or to make their presence known to you.  It takes them a tremendous amount of energy and practice but as time goes on, they get stronger and can do more and more often.


I hope just this little bit of sharing will comfort someone today.  Celebrate the lives of your loved ones, don't mourn them.  Yes, you can be sad for awhile just because you miss them but they are happy, alive, and about 2-3 years old as animals and about 25-35 as people.  They are no longer sick, injured, depressed, hurt, etc.  IF they lived good lives and tried to never intentionally hurt others and to do good whenever possible, they are living the "life" that we all want to strive for.  Another time, if you are interested, I'll tell you what happens if you don't do that or what happens upon arrival at what I'll call the Pearly Gates, just because it is an easy way for you to know what I am referring to...


Please use the "Recommend this Site" button on this or any page or pass on this URL: and todays blog entry date if you want someone else to read this or post it on your social media pages. Please do not copy and paste--that is against my wishes and I can tell you there are consequences for doing things that you know you shouldn't.


On the new Rescue Ranch site (when I get it up--does anyone have web site creation skills using a template?? I need your help!!), I will write articles for you that you can forward instead forwarding this running blog.  


From when I was very young, I had a gift with animals and then with people but it wasn't until I nearly died--getting hit in the head with 100 lbs of steel pipes, the day after Thanksgiving 2011 (I think that was the year), that things gradually changed.  The veil began to open and gradually, I can see, hear and more, with loved ones on the other side as well as have an intuition and gift of knowing that I can only say is God-given.  I don't usually talk about all of this but I feel as if this will reach someone who needs to know right now that there is great hope, always Hope--and especially in the afterlife.  


Go outside and look up--and smile big as my mother used to tell me growing up.  There is a brilliant, magnificent life ahead after this worldly one, where there is no pain and only love and joy and happiness and everything good. We just have to get through our time on earth and learn our lessons--for we can only take our knowledge gained and love shared/given with us so make the best and the most of your time here, no matter how hard or trying it is. It is but for the blink of an eye in time.


From the Rescue Ranch, we send lots of love, sending out lots of pleas for help--(where are our angels??)--and of course,


Hugs from the Herd!!



New bones link:


Note: I found that although the limit is six packs, if you want to order more, just go back, in the same order/cart and order six more! Even one or two packages--they all add up until we have enough for each RR doggie to get their own and we need them every day right now but there are days that they are just not available and it makes me sad.  


We need five packages for everyone to have one at the same time (of the new bones above)...and no, don't worry about sending variety.  Between these bones, Ringo Dingos at Pet Mountain (link above this blog), the sweet potato rings (Pet Mountain), etc. we alternate bones that come in.  Little, medium and big, all dogs get one of something! 


PLEASE HELP by blessing the dogs however you can.  HEB, Krogers, Walmart, Target, Tractor Supply, Petco, Amazon, Paypal, Generic Visa or other cards, any and all of it adds up to make it month by month (most links here.) at the bottom of the page.


You probably don't know and hopefully never will know, what it is like to go run through the neighborhood to track someone down, getting the mail, in only their underpants...or wake up and be told that extensive surgery has been scheduled for that day--or or or or or or. It is mind-bending and then normal. Mind-bending then normal.  That will continue until the end as the physical strength, hearing, eyesight, other functions all slowly decline and finally, swallowing saliva is no longer an automatic all day long and pneumonia, from your own saliva slipping down the wrong tube, takes your life. 


Lewy Body Dementia is an awful terminal illness of the brain and then the body.  It is at that time, and you will know, that I will need you to hold me up and remind me of what I KNOW, is to come--and that it is a joyous passing and not a devastating time--as we all should know as we go through our own life experiences--together.  


I am always here if you need me:



We LOVE our Angels. Grateful. 

Fri, September 23, 2016 | link 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Life, oh, precious Life

As they say, the best laid plans of men...well, they get changed alot these days.  When I put my laptop on the charger, an unexpected doctor's visit--for me--became necessary and we didn't get back until close to ten at night!  The stress of trying to figure out this situation is tearing up my stomach, small intestine and the pain is about a 1200 on a scale of 1-10.  I sleep with ice packs on my stomach, meditating to breathe in healing, exhale pain, just so I don't cry too much and that is even with pain meds and other meds!


You can't plan past the present moment in time taking care of someone with Lewy Body Dementia.  That is the most difficult thing--it is like living in a stew-pot of constant worry and stress 24/7 most days--you can't count on an appointment, something you want to do, how you want to do it, etc.  I'll write more on Mike's page a little later today.  Sign up on that page to get the email updates in your Inbox.


The Rescue Ranch is in great need of sponsors.  Mike's disability is only enough to cover:

Mortgage and escrowed taxes

Car, house insurances

Electric, water, gas

Health insurance, canceled as of Oct. 30 unless we can pay--if sponsors help with the dogs--we could cover this. This is really not OK with someone with a terminal illness.  IF he can get into the state's high risk pool insurance, it will be very expensive but at least he'd have insurance.


That's it.


Dog food, people food, treats, medications, test deductibles, dog medications, supplies.  We don't need anything else but the very basics to survive this period in time.  Yesterday, the kibble bill for the month was $400 and now I need to order canned food.  There is an outstanding medicine bill of over $400 due by the end of the month and the dogs need chews--like on PET MOUNTAIN--link above this blog.  Even if you can't sponsor a dog, if you could regularly send something from Pet Mountain, that would be a great blessing. 


The Humane Society, the ASPCA, more, all rely on people to help them--and are not shy about making you feel guilty putting on million dollars of commercials on TV that tear your heart out.  We do the same, but don't euthanize animals with issues, but instead rehabilitate them and keep them until God calls their name.  Some day, if we are ever blessed to be graced with land or a bequest to build a bigger ranch, we'll have a birthing room, a recovery and rehab center, an adoption area, a hospice space and more.  I hope that some of our angels will consider leaving the Rescue Ranch in their wills and estate planning.  100% goes to help the dogs. Where else can that happen!


We believe that every living thing--even spiders--has a little soul or spirit inside and since we've lived with this many animals for ten years straight, have begun to see the animals more as our guardian angels and less like "pets."  They are smarter than we are, speak at least two languages (animal and human), communicate with telepathy, know in advance that the weather is changing, that someone is coming, that something is right or wrong.  We have long since respected animals beyond giving them a pat on the head and a bowl of kibble.  They are truly gifts from God and we need to start seeing them and treating them like this.


Sponsor update: Bitty now has a $10 a month partial sponsor--so he needs a sponsor for the $90 balance or partial sponsors are just fine.


The rest of the dogs are still waiting for YOU to pick them, love them, pray for them, spoil them.   Each month, you will receive photos of your virtual fur baby and will have your own page on the new website where you can post photos of your other pets, your business link or email and tell everyone a little about yourselves if you want!  You will know where your help is going and it is not going into executive salaries, fancy buildings and euthanasia...even PETA euthanizes animals.  Go figure.


The dogs are keeping Mike from falling into being a TV zombie as many of these patients do.  Although I have to supervise, he loves playing with them, making their special dinners for those who need them, taking care of them.  It keeps him busy and active which clears the brain of some of the sludge that accumulates.  I've become more of a health advocate, legal and disability advocate, safety supervisor and have taken over the double full-time roll of everything.  For me to make it, for all of us to make it, I need to ask for angels to come out of the clouds and sign up to support the animals--just through January regularly, while I figure everything out--like living, hospitals or not, how to support us, more.  


Last night, I stopped at the store on the way home to get some sherbet for my stomach.  The flower arranger was there late and I asked if she had three white carnations since I didn't want to spend the money to buy an arrangement but I did want to go visit the three plots that our RR angels are buried in while Mike still can walk and still understands what we are doing.


He grieved them, too, and cares about them even though they are not seen, they are never far away. Out of her pile, the women pulled out three white carnations and wrapped them up for me and wished me well honoring our fur babies, who God has already called.  I will bless each carnation with Holy Water and then go place them on each site.  They may not last long but it is meant to be symbolic.  We love/d them on earth and still do in heaven.   


Please live your lives with honor and leave no regrets and nothing put off 'til tomorrow.  There may not be a tomorrow.  Mike had going to a concert on his bucket list.  He worked so much he didn't get to do those things growing up.  A friend's son, took him to one a few weeks ago.  They had burgers afterward.  It took him two weeks to recover from just going out for four hours--even though everything was set up to make it as easy as possible for him to go.  He is getting weaker obviously and I am trying to be strong, as I wait for the inevitable that is not predictable.  


Remember that we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you and that it is in blessing others that we are truly blessed.  As limited as things are right now, I still can help in other ways, giving of myself, so that God doesn't forget our names!  


Sending Hugs from the Herd and their people!!




Prayer Angels...

A special and fairly new angel who is not feeling so great, just had her husband diagnosed with stage four cancer that has spread.  She wants to remain anonymous, but God knows our names, so if you just say a prayer or prayers for them, God will know where they go!  Please take a minute of your time to send them some love and energy.  Grateful. 


Thu, September 15, 2016 | link 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I'm Here!

Working on an update now...done, hopefully, by 4 CST today.  Have to recharge my computer first before I can post.

Love to all! 

Wed, September 14, 2016 | link 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

In Memory and Honor

I know I am a few days behind updating this blog.  My apologies. More of the same medical crisis kinda stuff came my way (see last post)...I will post a RR update tomorrow.


Today, I'd like to just leave the space to honor and remember that fateful day fifteen years ago in New York City.  The people and families affected need our prayers and thoughts.  We should also reflect on how our way of life has changed and how it is yet to change again with whatever outcome is the elections...


The people who were called by God on that day, some with no notice, others with time to leave a last, so precious message or to make a last call.  Children left without their parent/s, others born after the fact.  Some miraculously lived and were found in the rubble--and some had a flat tire, a dentist appointment, had to take a child to school which saved their lives just by making them late for work.


I used to take the train that ran into the basement of those buildings.  It was so far below the ground that we had to take multiple escalators to get to the street level. They were so dark and steep. There was never a day that you couldn't wait to see the sunlight, on the verge of an anxiety attack.  I used to run over and have lunch at one of the building's street level mall spots.  I used to use the post office there and meet clients in the attached hotel lobby.  My friends all survived but they lost friends--and on and on.


Mike had been offered a new job and even though I loved my friends and my job, he wanted to take it so I said, "OK," to a new adventure. After months of looking, we bought our new house just the day before.  


That day, it was early and I was still in bed, safely surrounded by some furry friends and lots and lots of unpacked boxes.  Mike was getting ready for his new job, listening to the radio in the bathroom, when he ran in and told me to turn on the TV. "Something is happening!..." We didn't know what was going on, whether it was a radio prank, an accident. Something...that would change life forever.


He did go to work although he would find out that everything was closed until we all knew what was going on. I was glued to the TV with high anxiety for all those that I knew and for those that I didn't.  


My friends who were working in the area that day told me stories that I will never forget.  Some day, I'll write more about it. It is the kind of stuff you stuff way down deep because it is too graphic and too horrid to "take out" and remember. For today, just prayers and blessings should follow all those who had any connection to this day in history.  Many people were called by God and many of them suffered. Many more were left behind with huge holes in their lives, hearts and souls. Many good Samaritans perished and continue to.


We are thankful to be here and safe and still surrounded by lots (more) furry friends and many angels, seen and unseen, known and yet to be known.  If it weren't for Mike's new job, life may have been very different for both of us--one of us may have been called and one of us would have been left behind.  If I wasn't at work, I would have been helping but I was too far away when it happened.  The lesson that life is so precious has never left me.  I try to remember that often and I count my blessings. God had other plans for me, I guess.


With love and blessings--and of course, Hugs from the Herd 

PS We count YOU among our blessings!





Sun, September 11, 2016 | link 

Friday, September 9, 2016

New Update by Tonight

Mike was disease-active the better part of this past week.  I needed last night and this morning to try to rest and will update you later this afternoon.  It totally drains the primary caretaker (me) in all ways possible.


Just know that we love you and think about you often.  We still need at least 15 monthly sponsors.  In about two days, the money from his disability check for the month will be completely gone and not only do we still need $700 in kibble and canned dog food, $520 in doggie medicines/bill due now, lots of chews and medical supplements and supplies, but even people food, medicine, deductibles for medical appointments and tests, equipment, more are all not covered.  The stress is so bad trying to figure out how to manage all of this, that I wore a hole through my stomach lining and for six weeks have not been able to keep solid food down and can barely keep liquids down! With meds (and hopefully not surgery), and a special diet, hopefully it will eventually heal.


Please have mercy on the Rescue Ranch if you can.  I need six months to stabilize the situation and only angels can do this!  It is difficult to solve problems, trying in the thick of the crisis especially.


More later--


Love and of course, Hugs from ther Herd!! 

Fri, September 9, 2016 | link 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Co-Sponsor needed for Rocky

Calling ALL Angels--seen and unseen, known and yet-to-be-known--


We had a co-sponsor ($50) sponsor a month come forward to help ROCKY but need another co-sponsor to finish.  Co-sponsors and sponsors of pairs or groups will be given the opportunity to be e-introduced so this may be a great opportunity to meet a new friend and certainly fun to work together to help your dog.   So many more are needed...Go to this new page to read more!


This is about so much more than the funds that are needed.  It costs probably a few hundred dollars a month over the course of a year to help each dog.  Some of it, we are still going to absorb but I can't worry about what we can't do when I am dealing with life and death issues.  I cannot leave Mike alone anymore, I can't go out to work, I can't think or have more than ten minutes at a time to myself most of the time.  


Figuring out wheelchairs and lift harnesses for what's to come and changing medications and their sometimes terrible side effects and a team of doctors is enough.  I need sponsors to pray for, love from afar, spoil, sponsor their virtual dogs during this time. It means a lot to them and to me.  I give each dog as much attention as I can but right now, I really need some angels to help in other ways.


...and for those angels who love to send surprise boxes AND/OR are planning a Holiday Collection at their office or business right now since we (so sad) had Something Unique close their doors, please focus on bones, chews, long-term things that are more than a second to eat kinda stuff for little and big dogs.  Yes, the dogs love variety and all treats, but I need them to have an hour or two or three of chewing bliss so I can do other things right now.  


I am working on the new website but I am technically-challenged so I've asked for a tutor (free).  I am going to have several sessions with the company to get the new website published--at least the bare bones of it so you can see how it is developing.  The dogs who are sponsored first, then next, etc. will be the sponsor pages done first and in progressing order.   


We love you and thank you for your continued caring and help.  I cannot stress enough that life is fleeting and fragile.  Please enjoy today, this hour and appreciate everything in it, especially your animals and people. They could be here today and gone tomorrow or here today and dying tomorrow...Don't have any regrets that you can avoid but you have to be conscious in the present moment to be able to do this.  Avoid woulda, coulda, shoulda's.  


More over the weekend.  


Stay dry for those of you in the hurricane's path.  Have ice blocks frozen in butter containers in case you need to put them in your animals' water bowls to keep them cool if you lose electricity. Use a cool towel and tie it loosely around your neck and have a bottle to spray a cool mist on your face.  Keep the animals off the ground, if possible, crate them and put them on beds, counters, etc. if there is any danger of flooding and never just leave them in crates and head for shelter yourself.  INSIST that your animals go, too.  Have food, blankets, treats, all packed up in a backpack for them and have their name and your cell number, address on the backpack AND on their collar.  


You may not have cell service for a few days but when you do, someone will call you and tell you what shelter your animal is in.  They don't necessarily stay in the place you dropped them off at! Have another backpack prepared with your meds, snacks, a change of clothes, extra socks, a blanket and travel pillow and some cash (ATM's won't work without electricity.)  Everyone, in this storm's path or another, should have backpacks-to-go at the ready and should have a plastic crate for each animal--even if you never use them.  You can even get them used online at places like Freecycle or Craig's list, etc.


Sending lots of Hugs from the Herd--and Happy Labor Day!!


 The twins still need sponsors--Sissy and Chippie.  Monroe (far left) is an angel we know in heaven.

We pray that his love, Marilyn, is by his side for eternity.


Marilyn and Monroe.  

This was their last photo from their original home before they were surrendered after their family lost their home.  Their mother taught me something that day!  She had packed her entire trunk of the car with everything they would need for a comfortable transition--and had spent the entire day washing everything.  Clothes, blankets, crate, food in bins, treats, toothbrushes and doggie toothpaste, brushes, harnesses and leashes, more.  As she sobbed and handed me her precious babies, I was so proud of her--for fighting to save their lives despite the circumstances and for sending them "off" in such a beautiful way.  If you ever face similar circumstances, please try to do the same. 

I will never forget that moment in time--nor these two precious angels.

Sending kisses to heaven.

Be an Angel. Sponsor A Herd Member!

Please SPONSOR a RR DOG--just a SIX Month Commitment or Sponsor the RR! 

Fri, September 2, 2016 | link 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Angel Question Answered...Sponsors Needed

One of our new Sponsor the Herd angels asked me today if I could put in priority the gifts that were needed to help the dogs.  After thinking about it, here is my top five, not in any special order but the top three are the most versitile.


1.  Amazon e-credit or gift card


2.  Visa or other generic gift card, even if it comes in the mail


3.  PayPal  


4.  Tractor Supply (great dog food--not for tractors!) 


5.  Wal-Mart




5.  Any other listed on the Sponsor the Herd page/Active Links included there to all.  


**E-card/credits should go to:


**Mailing address for gift cards, etc.: Rescue Ranch, 3555 Rayford Road, Ste. 45-106, Spring, TX   77386


Note: Please enclose a mailing address if you are going to be a regular sponsor--there will be some surprises coming! and an email address as well.


Note: Please use the "Recommend this Site" button on this page to email this to a friend or two or ten--or post the Sponsor a RR Herd Dog page on your fb, twitter, social media pages.  


ONLY sponsors will begin receiving weekly emails with tips and stories as well as monthly photos of their virtually adopted dogs...and yes, of course, you can send special gifts and surprises to your dog! and I will take a photo and post it to YOUR page when it arrives!


Thank you so very much.  For now, I am asking for a six month commitment from dog sponsors. (I won't survive under this level stress if I don't know that the dogs are taken care of.)  Other angels can sign up to be general sponsors or help the Rescue Ranch whenever they can or feel inspired to help.  I will be listing from time to time special items that are needed.  It is very expensive to take care of these animals--I had no idea until I began to design the sponsorship program.  Little three pound Bitty Bits (who still needs a sponsor BTW), is one of the more expensive dogs to care for when I figured out his diet, medications and supplements.  That was a big surprise to me.


God put the Rescue Ranch in all of our lives for a reason.  For years, I personally questioned, "Why?" I gave up a very good job, worked hard and had an easy, peaceful, uncomplicated life...


The past ten years has been a very hard journey--but we did get the cure for Canine Distemper out to the world, which alone, for all of us, was a life's accomplishment--then, still no sleep, no surplus funds, no other time to do anything but doggie care and some writing; illness and injuries; emotionally draining and at times, devastating.  But, I learned through experience about life and death--and that death is not the end and life is to be cherished.


Now, however, I am beginning to understand more.  Unless we had lived this journey, we would not have the compassion for the dogs and all living beings that we do; our hearts would not have grown big enough and been broken so many times to change us completely so we would not care about material things any more--but only about preserving love and life itself which are the most precious of all.  We learned that when you pass on from this life, you can only take the love you GAVE and the Good you DID--you leave, as the animals have so many times, with only souls that have healed, and the memories, happiness and love that they unconditionally GAVE to all and that we gave to them. We humans need to follow their example.


The Rescue Ranch has changed my life and if you stay with me, it will or has already, changed yours.  


The next phase of the journey involves getting the dogs stabilized and loved/prayed for virtually, while I have to deal with end of life issues for, ironically, the RR's largest benefactor for nearly ten years. He gave up everything and worked until very late every night to be able to support the Rescue Ranch and I pray that God blesses Mike in a special way when He calls his name. Mid-life, his being diagnosed with a fast-progressing terminal illness, in fact the same one they found that Robin Williams had upon autopsy, is devastating and changes the course of everything we had planned--presently and in the future. I never thought I'd be preparing a Bucket List of little things that I remember Mike mentioned along the way.  He can't make his own any more. Make yours--and don't wait to start checking things off!


I will share my insights and education during this next phase so you can help yourself, your family and your animals (yes, animals can get dementia) and over seven million people in the US alone already have Lewy Body Dementia--a cruel, unstable, fast-progressing brain illness--it just takes years to present itself and by then, it is advanced.  Others have Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Vascular Dementia, more and don't know it yet.  I hope what I can share will lessen YOU AND YOUR FAMILY'S odds of getting these or of having them progress to be symptomatic.


PLEASE Click Here to go to the Sponsor a RR Herd Dog page. Once you pick out a sweetie pie, and there are more!! that have yet to be posted--please send me an email to: with your 1, 2 3 picks.  First come, first won--but emails may cross on the 'net.  If you can't decide, just let me match a dog for you to sponsor!  


I have also posted a NEW link above this blog for the PET MOUNTAIN RR WISH LIST and updated the Amazon RR Wish List as well.   Pet Mountain has the best prices for Dingo Ringos (an infinite number is needed).


Walmart is the place to order the Good 'n' Fun Tri Flavor Kabobs (12 oz).  Online, you can only order six packages of these at a time but that still qualifies for free shipping--for the little and medium dogs (also an infinite number is needed of these).  


During this period, I need the dogs to have something to do while I deal with medical issues, disability and life's legal issues, placement planning (only if needed) for Mike, etc. so helping me to have a steady supply of these two items monthly would be a Godsend.  My shoulders are only so broad but my faith is strong and I have hope--always Hope.


Thank you for your compassion, love and kindness.  We need every drop of it right now.  As I can/if you need me I will do whatever I can to help our angels, and after all is said and done, I will more than return what your kindnesses.


Grateful, oh so grateful.







Tue, August 30, 2016 | link 

Monday, August 29, 2016

3 Adopt a RR Herd Dog Sponsors--More Needed ASAP! New concept--be a part!

Sponsors beginning to pick their Sponsor the Herd dogs!! 

See the angels' first names under the dogs' photos.  Please sign up and get an email with instructions after you tell me dog choices 1, 2, 3.  This is going to be FUN!!!

So far Bunny, Pasha and Maya have a sponsor...won't you "virtually" adopt a dog, too?  Just email me: to get started.

If you can't decide, you can just let me pick since I know the dogs and who you'll have fun with each month!  

Please let me know how you want to sponsor them or the RR--general e-credit, gift card, etc.   Please start Sept 1 or thereabouts--the new website will allow each sponsor to have their own page with their RR Herd dog, their own info, links, photos, decorations/clip art, etc.

Thank you all.  I will write more tomorrow.  My keyboard is fighting a battle with ghost ants--they are teeny tiny clear ants that are harmless BUT Mr. Mike left a piece of coconut on my writing desk and when I opened my laptop to write, they were spilling out.  I don't want to get them in my sleeves or truly live ants-in-the-pants-making-me-dance!!

A little DE (harmless powder that will deter them) spread around the desk and they are retreating...

PLEASE SPONSOR A HERD MEMBER THIS WEEK--you pick or I will match you with your new virtual dog!

All sponsors are providing GIFTS for the benefit of the dogs solely. 

Love and Grateful always.




A RR Angel Needs Your Prayers...

This week, one of our angels had a heart attack.  He is OK after a procedure, Thank God, but I know the power of prayers, even just a simple one or a word of encouragement (you can email the RR or mail a card to the RR and I will forward it), could make all the difference in his recovery.  Please ask God to help Robert, to strengthen him, to watch over him, to cheer him up.  God knows exactly who he is--no more details than his name are needed.  HE will hear your voice--the prayers of caring, compassionate, loving angels on earth.



Mon, August 29, 2016 | link 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New Sponsor a Herd Program Page!

I have roughed out a beginning page of the sponsor a member of the herd program--

The new pages will be on the new website which I am working on.  I think you will all smile when you see it but given the amount of time each day I can work on it, it will be next week BUT please don't let that stop you from choosing a dog or a general sponsorship.  I need to having a working budget of gifts to sustain the animals or this is not going to be possible anymore.


Please visit the first draft of  Be an Angel. Sponsor a Member of the Herd


I should have at least their photos up soon, possibly a brief profiles and more fun and photos on the new site. In the meantime, if you love one or the other, please email me and let me know who you want to sponsor.  I would be grateful if your sponsorship could come regularly so I can count on it when I am placing orders, need to get medications, etc. E-gifts are the most needs for planning and regularity.  Surprise boxes are great just for fun, for special needs or to spoil your herd member!


So, here we go...after ten years at the Rescue Ranch, we are about to go into a new dimension!!

Love and of course, Hugs from the Herd!


Wed, August 24, 2016 | link 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

New address, Drop-offs OK and Update

This is the text of our last update on the gofundme page.  I will continue to write on this blog, post photos, and help you, animals and your animals however I can.  Please continue with me on this journey.  It is getting more difficult and without our angels help and support, I would just fall apart right now. (It is a daily struggle for me emotionally.) Grateful. Oh, so grateful.


from gofundme...


Last update...please take note of our new mailing address.  All help for the dogs is needed...especially amazon credits, gift cards or e-cards to Walgreen's, Tractor Supply, Petco, Walmart, HEB...any and all gift cards can be used for the benefit of the Rescue Ranch dogs.  If you feel inspired to send something special for Mike, please just make a note of what it is to be used for.  I am trying to make this as normal a year as possible.

E-cards, e-credits can be made to:

Mailing address as of August 17, 2016:

Rescue Ranch
3555 Rayford Road
Ste 45-106
Spring, TX   77386

This address WILL accept drop-offs--which was a big problem with our north of Houston previous address.

Please email us at if you need the phone number and/or location.  It is approximately where Riley Fuzzel and Rayford Road meets the new Grand Parkway. (I haven't been there so I'm guesstimating...)  Look for the new Walmart.

From here on in, we are going to live by a wing and a prayer, hoping that there are enough angels to keep the Rescue Ranch going.  Mike's disability is not enough to even continue health insurance, never mind lots of mouths to feed, so while we are extremely grateful that we have some time to figure out what to do without being homeless, it is not a long-term solution.

Moving may be the financial issue, although we have a mortgage on the RR, but the doctors say that Mike's life will be greatly shortened.  Disorientation and being uprooted severely disrupts the stability of someone with dementia, never mind Lewy Body Dementia, so I'd like to stay as stable as possible until God calls his name...

Kindness. Mercy. Love. Caring. Faith. I hope we can share all of these things with you as well as Hope, always Hope.  We really use the gifts for the dogs to help the dogs instead of paying incredibly ridiculous salaries and expenses that the major rescue organizations have that actually euthanize hundreds of thousands--actually 3-4 million--animals each year.

Again, thank you all for your kindnesses and caring.  Please keep this information or refer to our website at:


The Rescue Ranch is an amazing place.  It has been and still is a safe haven for animals who were terribly abused, deformed, left for dead with horrible injuries, and yet, they all dance and laugh and sing (yep).  They have friends, welcome others, and most important of all, teach us how to help other animals around the world.  Living at the Rescue Ranch for ten years has been like being in class 24/7.  It hasn't been easy but it sure has been life-changing. 

Thank you, Angels.  We thank God for your help and prayers and love and kindness.  I hope you continue to keep in contact as our life changes a bit and we learn about life on an even deeper level.

Namaste. May God bless you. He certainly has blessed us with knowing you.

Jane, Mike and of course, Hugs from the Herd



Thu, August 18, 2016 | link 

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