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Monday, February 8, 2016

Life at the Rescue Ranch

During the day, I don't get much time to do more than care-taking, feeding, cleaning, on and on.  But during the nights, when I have quiet in the house, even if someone is watching TV in the bedroom, I can concentrate on reading, research...all while listening to talk shows on the radio overnight. 


Last night, the man who write, Conversations with God, was on.  He is up to nine books in the series so far--with a fascinating story of how they came to be! One of the many pearls of wisdom that he shared, was that it is the intention behind what you do that really makes all of the difference.  I realized that a long time ago, but hearing someone like Neal Donald Walsh reinforce it was reassuring.  


We can try to do everything right--with the right intentions--but things may not turn out how we want them to.  It doesn't matter. What matters is your original intention.


Life at the Ranch has been an adventure as usual.  Last night though, in addition to Mama Mia in congestive heart failure and Kasey approaching 16 with low blood sugar, Pasha--one of the wheelchair girls--had trouble breathing.  I learned how to do "coupage" as a first aid technique but it sure was a lot harder with a dog who cannot stand up on her rear legs!  It came on so suddenly and repeatedly through the night that I was afraid that God was about to call her name (she is nearly 10 and has been one of the bravest dogs that I've known.)




 Pasha always gets so excited when she gets to take her bone out side and enjoy it in the sunshine!  Sunday was Super Bowl Day so every dog got a size-appropriate marrow bone to keep them stimulated while we took a few hours off to watch the game. (My team choice lost but I was so happy for the Denver QB.)


One of the homeopathic remedies I have kept on hand for over twenty years is Oscillo by Bioron. It comes in little tubes of about 80 tiny "sugar" pellets that you just dump onto your tongue or your dog's tongue.  (For teeny dogs, under ten pounds, I would half the amount.)  It causes the immune system to activate.  I seem to need them for someone nearly every day!


I cannot tell you how many time is has made a two week flu last just a few days or how it saves dogs, over and over and over again.  (It is on sale right now with the link above on Amazon--I think every home should have it in stock.  You need at least 12 doses to just be prepared but I would suggest getting the 30 dose box which comes in sets of six.)


I hope you get some special time with your animals and people in your lives. You just never know when life will take an unexpected turn.  Please keep up with the updates on "someone" by clicking on the RED box above or click on this link:  I hope more people find the time to help spread the word/link and to pray and to help. I can't handle this "storm" by myself--and there is no one else...


I'll have more to write later in the week.  Right now, I have to get everyone into bed--that includes ear drops, eye meds, heart meds, antibiotics, supplements, syringe-watering, hand-feeding, changing pee pads, finishing the 15th load of laundry (or at least getting it into the dryer),  and on and on and on it goes.  Just know that I do this with love and honor in my heart, happily and gently helping each of these brave animals and man. Losing the support of our primary benefactor due to illness, is a burden that I can't solve and ust have to leave it all in God's hands and on our angel's wings.


Love and Hugs from the Herd!


Things to Know

Drug could possibly add five years to your dog's life/Link:


Still Needed

VIP VIP Dingo Ringos (unlimited number needed--stock depleted. Eek!):


$200 still needed in e-credits.  ($100 already arrived. Thank you!) Link:  (Please use the email: to email any e-card. Doggie food order still pending.)


Note: Yippee! The two waterproof crate pads on the VIP list were just delivered!!!---and just in time.  Thank you!!


Mon, February 8, 2016 | link 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Feathers where?

 Please see update at

 I will update this page Saturday afternoon.  Just ran out of steam.

 Love and Hugs--

 Thought You Should Know...   

Feather Meal in pet food! Link:

Sat, February 6, 2016 | link 

Friday, January 29, 2016

A Heart-Pounding Week

Well, finally, I have a minute to sit down and write.  Whew. What a week.


First, Mike is "sick sick" (not common for him but nothing serious, I hope, and needs a 'nurse' to help him with his meds.  I'll update his status at least a few times a week at:   Please check the link later on Sunday or Monday if you have already read the updates posted or sign-up for email updates.)


I hope more angels, seen and unseen, known and unknown, come forward to help--both to share/tweet/post the link (just copy it and paste on your friends' fb pages--the description and photo will automatically post--it is just that easy)--and to contribute.  I carefully calculated what is needed and right now, we don't have enough for scans and meds before even the yearly deductible is covered! Did I say, H-E-L-P yet? Please.


The good news is that I had already paid the dogs' meds for about six weeks (was $562 but was given a $100 discount to use for the dogs' medical supplies--and did!) with last months' funds and got enough kibble and canned food that will last through this next week.  I have a pending order on amazon but have like $6 and some odd cents on the account for a $400 order.  Amazon credits/gift cards sent to can be sent for any amount, any time and I just apply them until the order is paid and then they ship it for free.



Kasey, still a little wobbly, was enjoying the warm sunshine today after his bath and a dry

--before grooming though!


Two Dog Emergencies this Week

Today, I was about to get in the shower when Kasey meandered over to the tub.  Usually, that means the dog wants a bath (a few want a shower) so I got out the baby tub that I put in the center of the human tub and ran a nice warm bubble bath for him.  I always take their collars off and soak and scrub them, too.  They usually need a few days to dry though...


The smartest thing, I've found, is to soap up the neck of the dog first.  That prevents any critters, who may or may not be there, from immediately scurrying to the animal's head.  After I soaped up his body and facecloth-washed his face and ears, I put him in the dry tub for a second while I changed the baby tub water. 


Suddenly, he wasn't able to stand and literally just tipped over--but I caught him.  He is going to be 16 this summer and is getting a little feeble.  I had to hand-rinse him quickly, get some peanut butter in him for energy and get him dried and wrapped in blankets fast.  I think my heart stopped beating for a second but all is well tonight and in fact, later in the day, he walked around the yard a little and even ate dinner! Thank God.



 Mama Mia and Poppy are seniors here, too.  They didn't want to be too photogenic tonight,

although, Pops is smiling for you! They just wanted me to "pop" the baby gate so they could follow me around!


Mama Mia has congestive heart failure that we've been battling for a few years.  Up and down, up and down but she is still my night warmer and bed guard!  This week, however, she literally fell off the bed--I always have blankets on the floor just in case. (I had a baby bed-guard on the bed--highly suggested--but someone tore it accidentally so I have to make a new cover.  I tried but can't replace the one from the manufacturer.) I noticed that dogs start to lose their sense of stability, especially while sleeping, when time is running out...


This morning in fact, she had a fit of heart-pounding (mine) proportion at 6:30 AM.  I had to get her heart medication, the oxygen tank and rub her throat to open her breathing spaces.  I was prayin' hard and when she finally calmed down enough and regained her self, I made up a nasal spray with colloidal silver and other ingredients that I just learned about two days ago, that will reach their lungs faster and start clearing up some of the liquid.  Here's to hoping/praying.  I need to get the professional mixture and applicator then I'll explain it all to you--I just made up my own similar one since it was such an emergency!


(I was so glad I had everything on hand at that hour!  I study every night 6-8 hours, natural healing for pets and people, and keep some of whatever I can on hand, natural or not.  Never hesitate sending things that you are no longer needing or using.  I will keep them until someone needs them!)


(Poppy and Girl have both had notable progress this week with the Castor oil stuff that you've been so kind to send but I'll save that story for another time so I can teach you, too, how to use them.)



 This bed has become Kasey's BUT it is a constant source of "bed-stealing" by the Bitties and Mama Mia.  Everybody wants to be in this bed!  I wish I could remember where it came from.  I know an angel sent it.  Anyone remember it??


...and so another week at the Rescue Ranch. I am sure the prayers of all of our angels--seen and unseen--helped us make it through!  There were several points where I had to say, "God! Help..." and He did.


I made a promise to the dogs that they would never be homeless or alone again and as God is my witness, I intend to make sure that Mike, me AND the dogs all make it through this storm.  No one else really wants to take the time and expense to take care for special needs dogs--and frankly, I don't have the vast amount of time needed to try to get them rehomed. 


With your help, we can make it through.  Mike's disability company has until the end of June and if they don't do the right thing, there are laws that will deal with that.


Sending love and Hugs from the Herd!!


PS The two crate pads and Dingo Ringos from the Jan. 21 post/link are STILL very much needed. (just scroll down below.) Grateful!


Please help and/or catch up/read updates on what is happening with Mike at:


Wanna know about the Zika virus and your dogs?  Link:

Fri, January 29, 2016 | link 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

...and so the Lewy Body Journey continues.

This post may not be about the Rescue Ranch dogs, per se, but it will give you an insight into our lives.  Although it was written by someone else (link follows), you can get an idea of what this year will be like for us--and what the past year has been like. Angels are needed--known and unknown, seen and unseen.
The journey corrected

"Hang out on a support group page and you’ll hear the word “Journey” used repeatedly by caregivers as a way of describing their experiences while dealing with LBD. Considering most people think of a journey as a pleasant experience, why would caregivers use that term for something difficult and often torturous? I thought about that for some time before finally landing on a possible explanation. The experience of dealing with a disease like Lewy can be envisioned as a journey through the highs and lows of a sometimes hostile terrain. For most, the journey goes something like this…


The Valley at the foot of the mountain
Mt. Lewy looms in the distance. We know it’s there, but our lives are still normal. We’ve heard stories of the journey, but are convinced our loved one’s path will be smoother than the others. Our loved one walks beside us, helping carry the supplies, occasionally offering advice. There are only glimpses of the difficulties ahead. As we approach the mountain, our loved one begins to have trouble walking. His legs stiffen, his arms don’t swing. He no longer appreciates the scent of the alpine flowers at our feet. His advice changes to criticism of our decisions, sometimes with anger or sarcasm.

Climbing the mountain
As we start up the side of the mountain, our loved one sees monsters, lurking in the shadows. He questions our loyalty despite the fact we are now carrying his load. We work to provide food and see to his needs, but he doesn’t see our labors. He accuses us of trying to control his life or even masquerading as the one he truly loves.

Each step we take is uphill, one step for ourselves, and six for our loved one. The path is getting treacherous now. We slip on unseen obstacles, sometimes falling, sometimes losing the desire to continue. There are times when we feel as though no one else is on the mountain with us. We‘re carrying our loved one on our shoulders, dragging our supplies behind us because our hands are full.

Our bodies ache and our minds are numb, the exhaustion of the journey strikes at our core. The summit is still ahead, and we don’t know what’s at the peak. We don’t know if the monsters our loved one sees are real and waiting on us once we reach the top. And there are moments when we don’t know if we can finish the journey at all.

If we’re lucky, other climbers will find us and help us carry the burden, but they cannot carry it all. They can lighten our physical load, but they can’t touch the grief that weighs on us more with each step we take. Tears flow easily now. Our loved one doesn’t care, or maybe he just doesn’t notice.

The summit
We’re at the peak. Thick clouds block our view from the path down the other side of the mountain. We know we will take that path, but we don’t know when we will leave or when we will arrive at our destination. The medications that helped our journey to the peak are no longer as effective as they once were, but our loved one’s symptoms have leveled off. The monsters rarely appear now. Our loved one travels more in his mind than in the world we know. Moments of clarity are few and far between and much of the day is spent sleeping.

We’re bloodied and weakened, our minds drift between fears the journey will end, and fears the journey will not end. We have moments when we wonder if we are succumbing to the same fate as our loved one. We can’t remember things we should. We can’t focus on important things that should command our attention. Are we afflicted too? Are our minds falling apart like those of our loved ones?

The descent from Mt. Lewy
We stay at the summit for months, sometimes years, until our loved one starts for the valley below. We follow, no longer having control over the direction or speed of our descent. More than once, our LO falls into a crevice, and we wait at the edge, peering into the chasm, convinced he will not return, only to watch as he claws back to the surface once more. We are both relieved and saddened. Relieved we don’t have to say goodbye, but saddened the journey isn’t over just yet.

The trip down the mountain continues, the valley below still shrouded in the clouds of the unknown. We no longer remember life before Mt. Lewy, those days before we started our journey. We dare to glance toward the new valley, then feel guilty for longing for the relief that waits there. We don’t know what to wish for because we know the end of the journey can’t come until our loved one is no longer by our side.

Then, on the final day at the bottom of the mountain, our loved one lies down for the last time. If we’re lucky, we’re there to hold him and tell him we love him. If we’re really lucky, he realizes what we’ve said and somehow, lets us know he feels the same.

The valley beyond
We leave our loved one at the foot of Mt. Lewy, but we don’t leave him alone. He is surrounded by the tens of thousands who’ve traveled before him and will be joined by the tens of thousands who follow behind. Our heart is heavy, our body exhausted, as we stumble into the new valley as an uneasy traveler entering a foreign land.

Battle weary, and lost, we continue forward until the new valley is no longer strange, and we build a different identity, not defined by the role we played as we traveled Mt. Lewy. Our scars are deep, but the pain is subsiding and finally we can smile with the beautiful memories of life before the mountain landed in our path. We can remember our loved one from the time before the monsters came and the body left. And eventually we realize, no matter how many times we fell into a puddle of tears or lost our temper, no matter how many times we wanted to quit, we continued placing one foot in front of the other until the journey was complete.

Someday, when we’re strong enough, we’ll dare a glance back at the unforgiving mountain that tried to take us down, but failed. And on that day, we will allow ourselves to take pride in knowing we gave 100% of what we had."*




Click Here to READ follow OUR Journey--and a big one it is. 



With the help of our angels and several volunteers, we were able to have a Project Hope, Canine Distemer booth at the Houston Pet Expo.  Of course, "someone" was a volunteer!  



Sun, January 24, 2016 | link 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

What a Week...and a little DOG needs a special home

Mike had some medication complications this week so I've been very worried and very distracted.  I'll update his godundme page a little bit later today with the details so sign up for the email notifications or HELP if you can and you will automatically get my updates in your Inbox. 


My fingers are healed except for the really purple one (see post Jan. 12 below for pic).  There is a piece of bone that detached and is sitting inside the skin.  The only way to fix it is surgery but I'm not a surgery fan.  I'm waiting to see if the pain and sensitivity subsides and if leaving it alone to heal will be OK or if it will compromise my finger if I do that. At least it is sitting on the side and not quite on the bottom surface  but typing is still challenging so please bear with me!


Please take a look at the little dog below.  If you can't read the summary that the owner wrote, just email me and I'll forward the original email to you.  We can't handle any more right now but I don't want to see this precious puppy abandoned after trying so hard to live.


Everyone in the snow zone right now, please be safe.  Keep your animals inside.  They do have fur but it is not enough to keep their feet from freezing or their bodies warm enough in weather that is expected to be this extreme.


Again, I am exhausted and in great need of volunteers to post the fundraiser link far and wide.  If you just copy it and paste it on friends' or animal lovers facebook pages, the photo and description will automatically post as well and the link.  Just copy this into a message box and add a comment if you can: I would be ever SO grateful.  The link to copy is: 




VIP Needed for the RR Dogs:


VIP VIP VIP Two waterproof crate pads (need both size 42" x 28): 


VIP VIP Dingo Ringos (unlimited number--stock depleted.  Eek!):


VIP Pup-peroni Turkey ( need 8):



**The owner's email is:   We can't take on any more right now but I am willing to coach whoever does help this brave sweetie pie and if a wheelchair or cart is needed, will help you connect with the right company if I don't have one that will fit her.  Please let me know if you do wind up helping her:   I'm praying that she does not wind up at a shelter.  Special needs animals are usually euthanized first--and right away.  Please don't let this happen...



Thu, January 21, 2016 | link 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I'm back...almost.

Life calls and my duties for the night continue.  Please give me until Monday to update this blog and the fundraiser/red block here or above. I hope you never have to deal with some of the situations that I have had to in my life.  


Please try to sleep on your left and on your right sides from now on.  It is a way for your brain to "drain" and clear out toxic stuff. People who don't, the doctor said, increase their odds of getting brain diseases like dementia. I'll have more tips as this journey continues...


Please take your animals in or make sure that they are warm and cozy.  They may not be able to speak in words, but they can with their eyes, their body, their wagging tails.  They are willing to suffer through anything to be with us but our job is to make sure that they never do, and to take away any suffering that they may have gone through.  Replace their suffering and pain with love, even but for the blink of an eye.


I will write this blog and the update on "someone's" situation by Monday morning--be sure to click on the red box at the top of this page and it will take you to the original post and the updates I've written so far.  If you get on the email list, you'll automatically get the updates in your inbox.  Please, please, please, share/tweet/repost the page to help Mike.  It is so important that people learn about this journey and it is so important for angels to know that we are in great need--those known and unknown, seen and unseen.  We don't have the luxury of time.


My hand is doing better but my left ring finger is still in great pain.  I cannot put any pressure on it.  Thankfully it didn't split open.  I was sweating that out for a good 24 hours, the blood inside from getting it squished (see below) made it so swollen.  A nurse told me that she did something similar to herself taking care of a patient and by keeping ice on it 'round the clock, she prevented more damage--and so I did.


Big Thanks, Love and Hugs from the Herd!


Sat, January 16, 2016 | link 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This is not food coloring!  I was trying to move the kiddie seat out of the way for the strong clerk pitching in bags of heavy dog food into my cart.  I asked the clerk to wait a sec but he didn't hear me.  As I was trying to fold the seat back, the bags caught my hand, thankfully just the tips of my fingers.  The pain, when they got my hand free, brought me to my knees but there are no more tears left to cry. I may lose at least one nail but the pressure should recede in a day or two and I'll write more.  
Please catch up with "someone's" situation and progress by clicking on the red box above or on this link:   I posted a brief update with the new pics this morning.
I love you all for caring.  
Please share and post and pray.  My shoulders are only so broad and my hands can only do so much.
Thank you again and again.

Love and Hugs from the Herd!!
Little 25 lb Cubby gives the best hugs ever!  He knows I have a boo-boo and has been so loving and affectionate, it makes me wonder if my gestures while taking care of him, when he injured his tail last year (a story for another time) rubbed off a little bit--which is kind of neat.
This beautiful HOPE ornament just arrived...(I love HOPE)
and is now hanging in my kitchen with other precious momentos.
Thank you, angels, for caring about me, too.
Tue, January 12, 2016 | link 

Friday, January 8, 2016

My Christmas Present

We went to four or five grocery stores.  I sat out in the car.  I had no idea what "someone" was up to but it was obviously a mysterious mission...


On Christmas afternoon, I was handed a simple, plastic grocery bag and got a kiss on my forehead. The present wasn't wrapped, didn't have a ribbon on it but it was sweet, oh so sweet.




A single box of my favorite cookies was inside the bag.  There didn't need to be anything else.  I could hardly speak.  This may well be the last present I ever get from "someone."  I think my heart was still for a moment. 


He apologized profusely for not being able to afford more than one box, for not finding them more easily, for having nothing else to give me.  My eyes teared up.  There was nothing else needed, no excuses needed to be delivered.  This was just perfect. 


I enjoyed each cookie, bite by bite (shared some) and knew that you would appreciate the significance of this story..


Thank you for letting me share it and for letting me share a little bit of our lives.


Love and Hugs from the Herd!


PS  If you want to keep up with the latest on "someone's" condition, please click on the link here Go Fund Me RED or on the red (his favorite color) box above.  I just posted an update and will continue to post more photos as time goes on.  Thank you!

PPS  I have updated the Rescue Ranch's Amazon Wish List--you'll notice the focus is on food, food, and long-term treats, especially.

Fri, January 8, 2016 | link 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

...and the new year begins!

On New Year's eve, after giving out calming tabs and gel to all of the animals that are terrified by the fireworks, I went to my room and sat down with my phone.  I programmed my calendar to say, "Happy New Year. It will be fantastically blessed!" every morning at 7 AM.  I knew that I am going to need lots of positive thinking and support this year and this message actually makes me smile every time I see it.  I leave the reminder up all day and clear it when I go to work.

As you know, my special "someone" has been diagnosed with early or youger-onset DLB and a bunch of other beauties, which is basically a fatal, degenerative disease of the brain, from the inside out.  For a year, he and I kept telling the docs that something just wasn't right, but taking only MRIs, everything looked fine.  I did tons of research and found the test names that go INSIDE the brain and then begged--in writing--for them to go further.  They wouldn't.  Insurance expenditures basically are regulating our doctors...

When thing after thing after thing happened, they finally took me seriously and sent him to an expert "genius" finally ordered the tests in the correct sequence.  In addition, the last one that confirmed the diagnosis had just been approved in Nov, 2016 in the U.S. which was a blessing, despite the news.

It has been necessary to create the fundraiser--see red boxes on any page and click on it to read more--since not only is it necessary to keep someone from being homeless but a whole bunch of special needs animals will suffer since they have no place to go and I have been on leave since last January, having to be a full-time caregiver and safety monitor.  Falls only happen occasionally, but 240 lbs hitting the floor is a big deal.  The disease eats up their skin--his shins are raw and the top layers are missing, and more that I will write about in updates in the fundraiser updates.  This blog is not really for that purpose so please get on the list to receive updates--I think you may have to contribute something so the program automatically updates you when I write or post new photos.

IF you could please post this URL: far and wide, that would help a whole lot. The more people who can see the fundraiser and have the opportunity to help, pray, pass it on, too, the more help and awareness will come.  There is so much about DLB that we ALL need to know because not knowing some of them, can also make us vulnerable as well!

So as God continues to test us, knowing that we are counting on Him to protect us and to bring us out of this, the New Year started with the washing machine breaking (again)--I think this is the 28 or 30th call in a few years, and thankfully it is under the extended warranty still.  One TV went yellow last year, which we call our "lemon tv" but the main TV, first lost its sound and then lost its color.  So we turn up the lemon TV to watch the B&W TV in the den!...oh it didn't stop there!

Kasey, our little Cocker Spaniel "vacation surprise" rescue, is on his last, last days.  He is sleeping alot and we have to syringe-feed him water and food.  He will eat his special Christmas cookies and sometimes, his sweet potato and duck treats or chicken jerky, but he's gone from four at a time to maybe one.  Mama Mia's heart is getting worse and every night is a full-time eight hours of high-stress nursing. 

A few nights ago, I was walking the floor with Kasey wrapped in a blanket, rocking him like a newborn, when my foot caught a rug or bed and I knew that I was about to go down.  Eek!  I was close enough to my bed to "pitch" Kasey in for a soft landing in the middle of my comforter but I wasn't so lucky.  First I hit knees first to tile and then my head snapped and made direct contact with the metal bed rail.  OMG.  The pain. The pain.  I never knew I had so many veins in my forehead until the bruising started! I was more concerned that the dogs were OK so I skipped the "put ice on your injury" part which would have helped.

I've had "The Talk" with Kasey and Mama.  I read somewhere that the animals always want to hear that they have been good and that they've done their job before they leave us.  They are concerned for our well-being so I assured them that I'll be OK--even though I will be devastated--and that they need to go check in with God and Jesus first and foremost and then they can look for their families and their Rescue Ranch friends.  I also ask them, once they are settled, to come and visit me in a dream to let me know that they are OK.  Some have.  It is a miracle when it happens and I know it, even in the middle of my dream.

Wishing you, too, a Fantastically Blessed New Year!

Love and Hugs from the Herd!!


Rocky Rocks is THE nicest, gentlest dog ever--a fluffy, 60 lb mix--he is just hard to photograph so you don't get to see him so often! His BFF at the RR is little 20 lb Gracie Grace--the black and tan Min Pin with the mouth deformity. This Christmas, he let me even put a bow on him.  He had hip surgery and wasn't recovering so we took him in to nurse him back to health.  Turned out, as I watch him day after day after day, that his leg wasn't stable so his hips couldn't heal! An angel sponsored his custom brace and now Rocky can run with the best of 'em!


Bunny, out of her chair, gets around by "swimming" on the ground with her front legs.  Rocky was taking a break, just getting used to his new brace that stabilized his legs, allowing his hips to finally heal!


Sweet Gracie Grace's ears are like antenna--she can make they go together, back, forward, side to side. I've never seen anything like it!  Mama Mia was hit by a car when near birth, and the vets think Gracie must have been the puppy that took the impact in her mouth--another day, I'll show you the inside.  I tried to get her braces (yes, they have doggie teeth braces!), but first she would need "stairstep" surgery of the upper palate so but it was risky and painful.  She can eat, drink, is in no pain, and chews a bone like the best, so I decided to leave well-enough alone.



Wed, January 6, 2016 | link 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

His only Bucket List Wish. I promised to post...

Struck down in his mid 50's by a fatal, progressive neurologic disease, "before his brain goes away," (which broke my heart) "someone" has asked repeatedly if I would post that if anyone has gotten a new laptop for Christmas and would like to pass down their old one, he would like to catch up on some things he loves to do before it is too late. 

After thinking about it for awhile, he specifically asked for: At least 8 gigs ram, I-7 core processor, large screen, desktop or laptop, (64 bit OS), no core 2 duo or I-3 or I-5 or  to use for multiprocessing programming.  Brand: prefer Windows operating system.  (I know that the stress was on the I-7 part.  In my very humbled opinion, a desktop would be too difficult to manage and mine is always tied up.)


I promised several weeks ago that I would post this and so I shall--and leave it in God's hands.  He does not want anyone to buy a new one.  If you even want to loan it to him, I will return it when he can't use it anymore. Keeping the brain stimulated is a part of slowing down the progression of Lewy Body disease so this would be a good thing if it is possible.  Thank you kindly.


Grateful. Truly.

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Thu, December 31, 2015 | link 

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"For it is in giving that we receive."
St. Francis of Assisi

**Helping others is the way to bring blessings into your own life.**

We rely on the kind generosity of the public to make the Rescue Ranch possible. If you love animals, please give a gift today.  To help now, just Click on the SECURE "Give Now" button below OR give via paypal to "" (100% goes to the animals):

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Shop Amazon for ANYTHING: Let Amazon Help the Rescue Ranch Animals!

December, 2015.  As you know, my soul is aching deeply.  Yesterday, I was gifted with a song, "Ardas" that was so soothing, I thought I should share it and let you order it for yourself or for a gift. (You can only get the song by ordering the album or downloading the entire album--click on above pic to do either).  It is just over 30 minutes long and if you have a way to repeat it over and over again (as suggested), it is a way to relax, to meditate, to clear the 'air' in the house, to pray with. "In ancient times, Ardas was known as the prayer that goes beyond all prayers. It has the power of all prayers in one. Let this healing energy touch your life in those times when you most need to find answers and put them to work for you. The multiple vocal line is matched by complex instrumentation featuring many beautiful voices from the Celtic harp."  Grateful.

"Every opportunity to give, is really an opportunity

  for our own lives to be blessed."


Effective Nov, 2015, the official mailing address for the Rescue Ranch is:

Rescue Ranch
395 Sawdust Road
Unit 2041
The Woodlands, TX  77380
All packages, letters, etc. mailed to the old address will still be picked up or forwarded through the end of the year.  Please make this change in your contacts and elsewhere.  You can also drop off things for the Rescue Ranch at this address as long as they are in sealed boxes and labeled as above. No postage would then be needed. Thank you for understanding---and for caring.  Especially for caring.

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