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Monday, December 8, 2014

Life. Just Life.

Whew. This is really difficult to write for two reasons. 

The first, I managed to cut open the palm of my primary hand along a fold line (ouch!)--helping a dog, of course--and it is all bandaged up and hurts like...well, it hurts a lot.  Experienced rescuers don't get stitches unless there just is no alternative--but there usually is--so in a few days, steri-strips and bandages will suffice instead of keeping the wound moist, clean and medicated. (Things heal faster and better when moist but not with water, with ointments, etc. FYI.)

The second reason is that my original kidney infection is gone.  That was the good news.  I've had it since February apparently and have been unable to breathe, walk, even function at all some days the pain, inability to keep food down without violent, you-can't-believe-kinda vomiting, etc. are things you just don't expect.  My stomach healed from the tears in it with some Omeprazole and DGL (special type of licorice tabs from the that coat your stomach and even though they are strong, the only thing you breathe out all day tastes sweet!  They are now in a bag stationed wherever I go. I just take a couple of them when I feel a little indigestion and it's gone.

But when the doc gave me the good news, I saw panic on her face.  Her staff was nervous and it just felt like an, "Oh-oh," was about to come out.  The bad news is that I have a life-threatening infection, not able to be treated with most, if not all, antibiotics, even IV ones.  The culture came back with basically nothing will work...Thirty days/thirty percent survivability.  "So, Merry Christmas...Oh, oh,"  I thought to myself.

Never one to give up, I've been researching all over the globe--papers, research projects, trials, trying to find something that may work.  I have to wear gloves (it is spread by contact)--but my one hand, doesn't fit back in one yet.  No one can touch me or sit on my bed or share a soda, etc.  It is a really different way of living, that's for sure.  I've found a couple of things I'd like to try but I need a doc to work with me--and some more sophisticated testing than just a diagnostic and sensitivity test.  I don't have time to play hit or miss with anything.

Since I heard this news last week, I can only figure out that I got it from going to the hospital for tests, labs, etc.  Someone there must have had contact and passed it on--and no, it is not MRSA. Worse.

I find myself missing loved ones passed already but crying about those still here.  I miss them deeply and yet they are all nearby.  I can't tell you often enough or passionately enough, to hug your loved ones--human or animal--often and tell them, now and often, that you love them.  You just never know when the last time will be.

I'm also sad that the Houston Chronicle cancelled my blog--on the very last day of my sixth full year--all unpaid as my service to the community which reached out to the world--all because a misdirected pet store manager complained about something that happened between us on my own personal time. With a double kidney infection (and now I know worse) and Mandy dying, I was crying/sobbing just cause I hurt so much, and he was mean and not honest. I probably was not as kind as I could have been (I didn't even swear or raise my voice once). I didn't expect to be hit below the belt from an email to my supervisor from a man who apologized profusely for his behavior before we hung up the phone!  I've not only been a long-term customer of, but a friend to their chain, covering adoption events, charity events, etc. I also expected more--and still hope for better...from the Chron.

I have written twice to the Chron to appeal this decision but have heard nothing back yet.  I hope that you have or will make a call or send a letter (more potent than email, I think) to the Chron CEO or Hearst Media CEO, even, if my blog or my writing has made a difference in your life/to your animals. I have left this, too, in God's Hands.  If someone has a heart for those in need, From Under the Bridge, will continue.  If not, the blog posts are still there for you to reference.  Funny, how my last post was about asking God, when I was in my 20's, for wisdom...I can tell you now, that it is a hard life lesson to learn, but looking back, I wouldn't change my prayer. I value it over fame and fortune. At least I can take it with me! (It's OK to smile.)

I am getting so many emails from rescues and groups begging for stories, people needing help but my hands are tied.  It is very, very sad for so many, and especially during the holidays.  Writing the blog was a lot of work for me, and constantly on my mind, but I knew how many lives were saved, were better, were changed by it, by being informed, by hearing from someone living and working right in the midst of the animals.  I knew that it was making a difference in this world, and even from the hospital, I would write and post from my phone--and still would.

I'm going to take this time to rest, to pray, to research and enjoy the single string of lights strung up across from my bed.  That's going to be it for our holiday decorations this year. The ticking proverbial clock is bothering me.  I don't like life-and-death kinda pressure, never did.  I do believe in miracles, in God, in the power of His Son's name, praying in the name of Jesus, in angels, in heaven--and in love, so if I have no other choice but to leave, I'll be OK.  I have a lot to look forward to on the other side. 

I will experience Joy (an understatement) and the smile that that thought brings to my face and to my heart is huge but I was hoping it would be awhile yet down the line. The sadness of not being able to continue to help homeless animals and their people, though, weighs heavy and overwhelms me at times.  In my reflecting, I realized that I would miss not being able to 'do good' as well as miss my family, all animals completely--ours, yours, and any--and pizza!  (I haven't even been able to eat that for months.  Who knew that this could or would happen!)

When Big Mandy died a month or so ago, it was a total and complete shock. She went from running and playing to dying in just weeks.  I was getting her new medicine mixed into peanut butter after I peacefully fed her dinner, got her all tucked in and comfy-cozy for a nap and went back to find her already 'gone.'  I grieved so terribly that whole night, I was wailing and weeping (and still cry) for I never ever want anyone to die alone, not held tightly with someone kissing their head and telling them to go to heaven, to check in with God first, before going on to the Great Beauty that awaits.  The animals seem to always want to hear a simple, "You've been a good dog..." and "It's OK to go..."  Holding back sobs is the most difficult part of it all--and letting go--but there is plenty of time for all of that afterward.

And so, when Mandy passed, I just felt a complete surrender.  I told God that I could do nothing more on my own, that He would need to intervene, guide me, heal the animals, heal me if He saw fit, etc. I truly see that we are only instruments of the Divine and we can only do as much as we are blessed to do.  I tried to help so many for so long and will again, if given the chance.  Until then, please send a prayer our way--and a Dingo bone or two if you can, to keep the RR dogs busy (from 3 lbs to 140 lbs or so, all sizes needed), their Wish List Links above.  I simply need some time to find the answer to save my life and having special needs dogs who want to play and cuddle--and can't--makes me feel so useless and guilty.

I'll continue to write here as I can, hopefully every day or every other day, so don't lose touch. I apologize profusely for not sending out emails and letters to thank the angels who have helped the RR this year, but I had so little energy, I couldn't even concentrate for long periods of time, and now, we know why.   I've been hit with something out of left field--something I never heard of and didn't even know if was this big of a deal until the doctor said, "Go to the ER NOW..."--referred me to a specialist and closed my file. I looked at her like she was kidding me but she wasn't. Just months of hospital exposure, in general, has already challenged my life!  In fact, Mike had surgery this year for a hernia, and his surgeon told us, in private, to stay out of emergency rooms right now unless there was no other choice.

The bacteria count is 10k-50,000 for those who are medically inclined.  Over 100,000, the fatality rate ramps up, so trying to keep it below that is the key.  Almost every IV med tested has an "R" next to it--resistant/or can't use--with two that have an "I" for intermediate resistance, and I found two sets, in combination with each other, which may may may work. There has to be an answer. Having enough time left to find it is the problem. 

And if you know me long enough, you know I always have Hope--Baby Hope is in my heart and true Hope--so let's put it into action and just thank God for His answer and healing ahead of time.  That's how faith really works, isn't it? Having the courage to step out, believe beyond what you can see, and just say, "Thank You" and consider it done.  One way or the other, it is His will and I accept that.  I just Hope that I am given more time and another opportunity to go more, to help more, to be of service.  My whole life, since I was in grade school, I have been focused on only wanting to help others whether it be children, adults or animals of any size or shape. Nothing much else mattered to me.(Thankfully, my parents encouraged my earliest and all attempts at volunteering and collecting for the needy, fostering animals, etc. From animal shelters to UNICEF, the elderly, disabled, name it, and I've probably had a pinkie in there at some point.

Hugs to all.  Remember, you never know what is around the corner--for good or for not, so don't let the present moment, which is a present indeed, go unused or ignored.  Every day is a gift.

Love and Hugs from all of us at the RR--



 Baby Hope, the last survivor of a litter of ten puppies who didn't have bronchitis or an URI, per the vet/multiple visits, but had distemper--which turned into neurologic distemper before we all knew what it REALLY was (her mama was Cherry and was treated and survived), continues to save so many with what we learned in our efforts to save her...Thank God for Dr. Sears and Kind Hearts in Action's, Ed Bond! I wonder if I'll be able to fins the answer to this puzzle out, too...



 This is a photo of true Love. 

Sending kisses to heaven...


Mon, December 8, 2014 | link 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Stop by Monday for Update...PlEASE help the RR animal/use LINKS above. Love.
Sat, December 6, 2014 | link 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

50% off Domino's online through 12/7 Plus...

Hi-I know everyone loves a deal and when we can, we order double triple meat pizza sales for the dogs and give them a partial slice for a treat--just ask for a "party cut"--little squares instead of eight slices.!  (As a vegetarian, I get tomato, spinach--tell them to put it UNDER the cheese or it is carbonized---and onion.  It is delic!)  Here is the link to get the code but you have to order ONLINE only but can pick-up or get it delivered.

Domino's sale: This Week Only/online order link:

As for me, I've sent in TWO requests for appeal information from the Chron to appeal their suspending and then pulling down my blog after exactly SIX YEARS to the day!!  No response so far.  I can't help but wonder how many people and animals are not getting the help and info that they need about health, caring for, special situations, cool products and more with the blog not up. 

As a volunteer for so long, I figured that I wrote about 2,000 stores for them and never got paid.  I was happy to do it if it helped the community.  In fact, the Chron manager asked me to write for them!! but that was three or four or five management changes so I think some wires have been crossed.  No one ever notified me of any change to any policy, etc.  Besides, I never ever violated the suggested rules I was given to operate by...

I hope my readers take cause and get, "From Under the Bridge," restored on the Chron.  It is such a shame to be pulled because of a personal disagreement with a manager who was dishonest.  I didn't even call his CEO like I said I would not after he apologized.  His complaint against me came out of left field and the Chron's behavior was, to say the least, shocking.  Where is loyalty? Respect? 

As for me...for the rest of the weekend, I'm going to take it easy and rest a lot.  I get my results back from my kidney infection progress (they were in today but the doc has to call tomrrow), hoping beyond hope that I don't have to be hospitalized.  Ugh.

Love and hugs to all--Please tell the Chron what my blog meant/means to you.  It will make a difference to many in the future. 

Don't forget, the RR Wish List 2014 Filer is now printable!  Pass it out, post the link, hold a collection or email me for a pick-up from a volunteer!  Link:

Thanks so much!  

Hugs from the Herd!!



Thu, December 4, 2014 | link 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Yep, been there...
Wed, December 3, 2014 | link 

70 Things Your Dog Wants You to Know

70 Things Your Dog Won't Tell You But Wish You Knew

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

Email To A Friend Print

What would your dog tell you if they could? As a veterinarian and advocate for dogs, I think they would have a lot to say about how we treat them and take care of them.

Here are some things your dog might say to you if they could to help them stay healthy and happy.

Things your dog won't tell you but wants you to know:

1. Don't rush me when I go to the bathroom. I hate that!
2. Don't expose me to other dogs if you aren't sure whether they will be friendly to me.
3. I don't really like wearing that hat or sweater, no matter how cute it is.
4. I know you don't like road kill and other gross things – but they smell so good I can't help myself.
5. I love to mark my scent with a little bit of urine everywhere. It makes me feel safe and in control.
6. I love fresh water and I get thirsty even when I don't ask for more.
7. Wash my bowl at least weekly, a dirty bowl tastes really bad.
8. I like to eat and drink out of stainless steel and love it when you run it through the dishwasher periodically.
9. Don't board me if possible. It's very stressful on me and I'd feel better if you got a house sitter.

To read the rest of the tips, Click Here

The most important thing, I've learned, is that they want to be told, "Good Dog," or "Good Girl," or "Good Boy."They also want a job to do each day--even if it is protecting the house, watching over the dog food or keeping your bed warm for when you get home.  Speak to them out loud--they communicate telepathically with each other--watch them carefully, it is amazing--but can understand your words perfectly.

Hugs from the Herd!





Wed, December 3, 2014 | link 

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