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Name Your Gift: Email Amazon Gift Card to the Rescue Ranch to!

Name Your Gift: Email Amazon Gift Card to the Rescue Ranch to!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New Sponsor a Herd Program Page!

I have roughed out a beginning page of the sponsor a member of the herd program--

The new pages will be on the new website which I am working on.  I think you will all smile when you see it but given the amount of time each day I can work on it, it will be next week BUT please don't let that stop you from choosing a dog or a general sponsorship.  I need to having a working budget of gifts to sustain the animals or this is not going to be possible anymore.


Please visit the first draft of  Be an Angel. Sponsor a Member of the Herd


I should have at least their photos up soon, possibly a brief profiles and more fun and photos on the new site. In the meantime, if you love one or the other, please email me and let me know who you want to sponsor.  I would be grateful if your sponsorship could come regularly so I can count on it when I am placing orders, need to get medications, etc. E-gifts are the most needs for planning and regularity.  Surprise boxes are great just for fun, for special needs or to spoil your herd member!


So, here we go...after ten years at the Rescue Ranch, we are about to go into a new dimension!!

Love and of course, Hugs from the Herd!


Wed, August 24, 2016 | link 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

New address, Drop-offs OK and Update

This is the text of our last update on the gofundme page.  I will continue to write on this blog, post photos, and help you, animals and your animals however I can.  Please continue with me on this journey.  It is getting more difficult and without our angels help and support, I would just fall apart right now. (It is a daily struggle for me emotionally.) Grateful. Oh, so grateful.


from gofundme...


Last update...please take note of our new mailing address.  All help for the dogs is needed...especially amazon credits, gift cards or e-cards to Walgreen's, Tractor Supply, Petco, Walmart, HEB...any and all gift cards can be used for the benefit of the Rescue Ranch dogs.  If you feel inspired to send something special for Mike, please just make a note of what it is to be used for.  I am trying to make this as normal a year as possible.

E-cards, e-credits can be made to:

Mailing address as of August 17, 2016:

Rescue Ranch
3555 Rayford Road
Ste 45-106
Spring, TX   77386

This address WILL accept drop-offs--which was a big problem with our north of Houston previous address.

Please email us at if you need the phone number and/or location.  It is approximately where Riley Fuzzel and Rayford Road meets the new Grand Parkway. (I haven't been there so I'm guesstimating...)  Look for the new Walmart.

From here on in, we are going to live by a wing and a prayer, hoping that there are enough angels to keep the Rescue Ranch going.  Mike's disability is not enough to even continue health insurance, never mind lots of mouths to feed, so while we are extremely grateful that we have some time to figure out what to do without being homeless, it is not a long-term solution.

Moving may be the financial issue, although we have a mortgage on the RR, but the doctors say that Mike's life will be greatly shortened.  Disorientation and being uprooted severely disrupts the stability of someone with dementia, never mind Lewy Body Dementia, so I'd like to stay as stable as possible until God calls his name...

Kindness. Mercy. Love. Caring. Faith. I hope we can share all of these things with you as well as Hope, always Hope.  We really use the gifts for the dogs to help the dogs instead of paying incredibly ridiculous salaries and expenses that the major rescue organizations have that actually euthanize hundreds of thousands--actually 3-4 million--animals each year.

Again, thank you all for your kindnesses and caring.  Please keep this information or refer to our website at:


The Rescue Ranch is an amazing place.  It has been and still is a safe haven for animals who were terribly abused, deformed, left for dead with horrible injuries, and yet, they all dance and laugh and sing (yep).  They have friends, welcome others, and most important of all, teach us how to help other animals around the world.  Living at the Rescue Ranch for ten years has been like being in class 24/7.  It hasn't been easy but it sure has been life-changing. 

Thank you, Angels.  We thank God for your help and prayers and love and kindness.  I hope you continue to keep in contact as our life changes a bit and we learn about life on an even deeper level.

Namaste. May God bless you. He certainly has blessed us with knowing you.

Jane, Mike and of course, Hugs from the Herd



Thu, August 18, 2016 | link 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Sponsors Hang on...

We had some unexpected complications last week that took away my computer time--or my free time.  I have the dog sponsor program worked out in my mind but since it won't transfer to the new site--which is supposed to start this weekend, I think maybe I should lay it out on the new site instead of doing things twice!


Since these seems to be nearly a complete hold on any help coming in for the Rescue Ranch between the mail hold-up and waiting for the sponsorship program, I will make anyone eligible for a drawing who has been an angel going back for a year--we'll have a special drawing with first, second and third place.  


Then anyone from here on in who sends an amazon or paypal credit or other gift certificate of $100.01 will be considered a dog sponsor--and whoever gives first, starting right now, will be on the "sponsor a dog" list and will be first in line to pick their dog when I put up their photos and profiles.  


(I have a little questionnaire for sponsors, too, so for those of you who already want to participate, please send me an email:   Please put, "RR Dog Sponsor," in the subject box.)


Angels who send monthly gifts of $100.02, or more, will be considered a general sponsor and won't be assigned a dog but will be eligible for that month's drawing for general sponsors. 


Angels who want to send just one time gifts, do not have to make them odd numbers but can make it for whatever they want, whenever they want. 


We are still in the middle of figuring out the disability for Mike.  The insurance company has sent a letter with what they think is fair--without any details--and based on the 2016 contracts.  We are waiting for the three previous years documents--still.


The rain the last few days have been steady and the thunder last night was something else!  Although the dogs were a little scared, I always reassure them that there is nothing to be afraid of.  I love to listen to the rain and the thunder--and even watch the lightening.  It reassures me that there is Someone bigger than us running our world and I can rest easy, knowing that He will make sure we will always be OK.  You will be, too.


Thank you in advance (and in the past) for all of your help. Between God and our our Angels, we have been sustained and will continue to do our part to help animals--ours, yours, the lost, the homeless. 


Forever Grateful as always.

Hugs from the Herd! 


PS VIP Tip for Today:  According to the class I took a few weeks ago, the best bottled water on the market in the U.S. to drink is FUJI Water.  You should try to drink 8 oz of it per day minimum.  It contains a substance that actually does more than hydrate you--it actually helps your brain.  You can buy it in stores or online in 16 oz bottles or 32 oz bottles. 




(Grey lines courtesy of my computer!)  


Immediate RR Needs/e-cards can be sent to or mailed:


Amazon e-cards: credits to (you do not have to have an account nor do they charge you to use this service.)  PLEASE Click on the BOX ABOVE THIS BLOG TO GO TO DIRECTLY TO THE RR PayPal LINK.


Vitamin Shoppe:




Tractor Supply (we are going to switch from Sam's Club to this store for dry kibble/better product for the price):  


Generic pre-paid Visa: Where to buy link or find on or in any of the stores mentioned in the link.


Any and ALL gift cards are welcome--Walgreen's, Petco, Target, restaurants, McDonald's, Burger King...If you want to treat, can't use it, feel inspired, we'll find a way to use it thoughtfully to help the animals! 


 Archives: Big Mandy and her BFF, Lenny, would wrestle and laugh and play for hours!


Mon, August 15, 2016 | link 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Mailing Address changing....

Please do not mail anything to the Rescue Ranch for the next day or so.  The mailing service that Mike had contracted was accepting boxes for other causes but would not accept boxes for the Rescue Ranch if they were hand-delivered.  


Also, they do not want to deal with heavy boxes any more (mostly dog food).  Although the contract expires on August 21, 2016, we are trying to change that address a little early so no mail gets lost in the transition.  If you ordered anything or sent anything as of last week, please let me know so we can ensure it arrives as it should.  Any interference with the safe delivery of the mail, will be dealt with accordingly.


Thank you for understanding.  We are just as perplexed as you are about all of this.  Sometimes, the battles and trials that we face are spiritual and not ours to take on--they are something we cannot explain nor understand.  We did nothing wrong and neither did you. Helping disabled dogs is a noble and righteous cause but there are people who hate animals, hate dogs, are not noble, maybe even have a problem with us having faith. We'll never know.  You just have to ask God to take them from you and surrender.


I'll be back late Friday, so that means in my-speak, check in Saturday for the latest information.


E-cards can still be sent--and are very much needed--to and allow us to go and purchase needed items like dog food and supplies and perhaps avoid a new shipping center complaining about the weight of the boxes--not that there is a tremendous number of them...certainly, not what is really needed and certainly not enough to make a big deal about, especially given the big picture like Mike's terminal illness and disability of which they had been notified.


Thanks for understanding.

Hugs from the Herd! 


PS Funny birthday story on Mike's page: 

Thu, August 11, 2016 | link 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

First Aid Must-Haves and Sponsorship Program Thoughts

Hi Angels--


I've spent the better part of the last week trying to save another rescuer's dog who has/had cancer.  She was diagnosed awhile ago and I emailed to the rescuer the supplements and protocols that I use for cancer and to strengthen the immune system.  The dog, little 'Rie (like Ma-rie), a Westie, was doing really, really well.  She was eating everything, drinking her carrot juice (it dissolves tumors) like a champ and had begun playing again and running to the windows to see outside, etc.  


Suddenly, last Wednesday, she stopped eating.  She had a great dinner the night before but when it was breakfast time, she would not eat a thing, not even her favorite treats or people food.  I coached her panicking rescuer, day and night, through five days of fevers, coughing, limpness and more and we were doing pretty good but on Saturday morning, little Rie lay down on her mama's bed, took a big sigh and God called her name.  Her two playmates, in mourning as well, left one of their bones today in her last resting place.  Animals simply amaze me.


Rie had had cancer for two years.  At first she was misdiagnosed with an allergy problem and treated with shots for that. She did not improve.  Finally, another vet took her symptoms seriously, did biopsies and got a proper diagnosis.  He offered no solution other than chemotherapy (expensive and deadly) or just prednisone. That's when natural healing stepped in and she began to recover.


Celebrating her 10th birthday in May, Rie died on August 6 at 9:23 AM. She had had a great life, knew love and her mama was by her side, at home, when she took her last breath naturally. There was no pain.  I was on the phone.  I had to give little 'Rie, "The Talk," about heaven and God and Jesus and following the light, etc.  Her mama was too distraught to even speak.  Even being there "remotely" didn't hurt any less tthan to hold an animal when God calls..


What made me write about this?  


In order to help a dog/animal in a critical situation, you must have certain things on hand.  I find that most critical developments happen between 2 and 6 AM, when there is nary a vet to be found and the emergency vet centers are really not much help for anything.  Most of these tips below will help a cat as well.  I wanted to share some of them with you so you, too, can have them at the ready in case--just in case, you ever need to call me, or the vet, or even poison control, in an emergency...


Things to have:

FIrst Aid Kit: Phase One


Karo syrup.  Clear, not lite, not brown, and have several bottles around the house, stored in in ziplock bags. because ou never know where and when you will need this.  Nausea, vomiting, seizures, low blood sugar, diabetes...there are so many animals from the RR who have been saved by Karo syrup.


Benadryl.  For allergic reactions, you usually don't have time to drive to the vet.  This will slow down the histamine reaction while you are rushing to the vet.  Liquid works best.  Get children's if possible.


Aspirin.  Pet aspirin is best but any will do.  


Wound Seal, Blood Stop or any of the blood stop nail products on the market.  You never know if you will need them for a big or small wound.  Even a too short nail can cause a dog to bleed to death if left untreated.


Sterile gauze bandages--different sizes--both for cleaning wounds and for applying ointments and creams.


Rolled gauze and non-stick sterile gauze pads for covering wounds.


An e-collar so your animal doesn't chew on the wound/injury.  At the Rescue Ranch, we keep eight sizes of them--just in case!


A set of leather gloves, even sturdy (new) gardening gloves will do.  Injured animals, no matter how loving you have been with them, may instinctively bite down on you when they are sick or in pain.  A lot of damage and trauma to you can be avoided.


A muzzle or know how to tie a muzzle out of a leash.  Watch videos or I'll teach you how.


Colloidal silver drops that are at least 30 ppm to give orally or to use topically if need be.


Neosporin ointment without the pain additive. 


Pedialyte: A liquid for hydration usually found in the infant section of any store. Clear is best but any flavor other than grape will do.  (Unopened, it keeps for a good while. Open and you are done with it, use it up by giving it to your animals to just drink in a 50/50 water solution or throw it out.)


Bottle of activated Charcoal capsules (for poisoning and sick tummies)


Preparation H--a tube of ointment for issues...


Bottle of sterile contact lens saline solution


Tube of saline eye ointment


Bottle of Chlorohexadine--for a wash of wound area, little bit soapy, if dirty.  Clean, white thin towels for dry-dabbing and checking for blood.


Bottle of Povidone Iodine 10% --for rinsing a non-dirty site.  Stains.  Do not get Povidone Iodine Scrub.                                                          Different purpose.


Feeding food and watering syringes.  Size of animal appropriate--can buy or get from vet, usually free.  Have several of each at minimum. 




RX only


Prescription Neosporin: Mupirocin 2 % comes in 30 gram tubes.  Try to have two always on-hand.


Pain medicine like Tramadol or the complement for cats, your type of animal.  (Any vet that tells you that animals don't feel pain, needs to be "fired." Period. Same goes for those who do pregnant-spays.)


Silver sulfadine cream in 60 gram tubes or 1 lb jars.  (for infections, burns, injuries, etc.)


Anti-nausea drug like Promethezine for dogs...


An extra month of any prescription meds they take regularly.  Why?  What if there is a storm or other emergency that makes getting to your vet impossible and your animal needs heart meds!  Best to have extras on hand just in case. 


(Avoid Rimadyl. Too many dogs die from it.  Search Google...and don't let your vet convince you otherwise.) 


High calorie canned food--prescription--like Hill's a/d.  Have at least four to six cans on hand at all times.  (If your vet does not carry it, ask them to write a prescription for 10 cases for one year and go to a Petsmart and register yourself at the vet clinic area.  They will give you a registration card and subtract the cans from the prescription total each time you buy some.  I keep at least two full cases on hand at any given time.)


As I think of more things I will add them.  On our new RR site, First Aid will be its own page and I will continue to add new things to the kit list by the month.  I've pondered putting together several levels of kits for our angels.  If anyone thinks this may be a good idea, please give me your feedback. (You'd then also have a list of RX meds to then get from your vet.  I am not legally able to provide them.)


WHen you are at your next vet appointment, explain to your vet that you are preparing a first aid emergency kit for your animals and need his/her help.  It is simply too late to get their help when your animal gets sick on Friday night or Saturday afternoon and the emergency vets don't do surgery, only stabilize the animals on IVs. You have a better chance to save them, heal them if you have this kit. 


(2016 This blog is Copyright Protected by Rescue Ranch  Sharing allowed through the use of the "Recommend this Site" buttons only.  Any portion may not be copied and pasted into an email or any social media post. Only a comment and the URL to this blog may be posted. Thank you for honoring our work and wishes.)


So, as I recuperate today, and you start working on your first aid kits and take this very seriously, I'd like to share a few thoughts on the Sponsor a RR Dog program that I mentioned before.


I was thinking that I would pick 15 dogs who are high-cost--maybe not for their size but for their needs. Medications, vet care, special foods, etc. and you could pick one and sponsor him/her for $100/mo.  I will write up a profile and post photos of the dogs and then you choose.  You can have your name as the sponsor listed, a photo of your fur-babies or family and a paragraph about why you are helping, who you are, etc.  I will ask for six month commitments, with a month's notice so I can put the dog back up for sponsoring...


For those who can't commit to being a sponsor of an animal, I will make some less expensive memberships available as well as five special sponsorships of the Rescue Ranch itself.  ALL of the regular sponsors for each month will be entered into a drawing for a prize.  Some vendors have already begun to send things.


Angels who just want to help as they can, when they can, will be given special recogition--and entered into a different drawing each month.  

But, IF you win one month, you can't win the following month.  No winner two months in a row to be fair. Anyone disagree?


Please let me know if you have other ideas for this program.  I hope to have it ready by August 15th.  It will be critical to the preservation of the RR right now.  Although there is no disability payments yet, we are disputing the calculations, and have a home loan to pay down with any back-pay money we get because the monthly repayment will bankrupt up when it starts (we had a year of no payments about to expire), so please, if you commit, please follow through or give me notice.


On the new blog, it may be that only angels who help get the password to the blog, which will be another benefit in the future.  Everything is still in the "works," so please feel free to send me an email with your ideas!   It is clear that Mike's disability pay, once started will only cover the bare bones like mortgage and utilities.  There will be no extra for food, medical/vets, treats, probably not even insurance.  We should have had a supplemental disability policy but just never thought our primary benefactor would get sick, never mind terminally ill.  Learn from our mistakes, please. Protect yourselves.


In the meantime, I will be trying to figure out a way to pick up the slack myself.  I can't leave Mike, I can't leave the house.  I can't get more than ten minutes at a time to do anything before there is a dog emergency or Mike issue, etc. until they all go to sleep or take a nap. I can paint and so may be I'll have a painting for sale page on the new site! We'll see.


Before I go, I want to say thank you to all of you who have helped the Rescue Ranch.  You have made such a difference to us. I hope in some way, we have made a difference in your lives and/or the lives of your animal


Grateful always.

Much Love and Hugs from the Herd



Immediate RR Needs/e-cards can be sent to or mailed:


Amazon e-cards: credits to (you do not have to have an account nor do they charge you to use this service.)


Vitamin Shoppe:




Tractor Supply (we are going to switch from Sam's Club to this store for dry kibble/better product for the price):  


Generic pre-paid Visa: Where to buy link or find on or in any of the stores mentioned in the link.


Any and ALL gift cards are welcome--Walgreen's, Petco, Target, restaurants, McDonald's, Burger King...If you want to treat, can't use it, feel inspired, we'll find a way to use it thoughtfully to help the animals!


If you don't want to use an e-card system, you can buy the gift cards to these stores just about anywhere, including generic Visa, and just mail it to the RR: Rescue Ranch, 395 Sawdust Road, Unit 2041, The Woodlands, TX   77380.  


(NOTE:  Toward the end of August, this address will be changing.  We need to find a business that will accept drop-off boxes and who doesn't complain about heavy dog food and supply boxes arriving--and who is more compassionate to the cause! I will update the Mailing Page and this blog if/when the transition is going to happen--don't worry.)


After being groomed, little Doodle or as Mike calls him, "Jed," because of the last name (Clampett) of the Beverly Hillbillies TV show, because he clamps onto your arm when you pick him up!   Jed, or Doodle, was one of nine of his breed, dumped on a highway by a breeder (I guess he was passed his prime breeding years)--in the middle of traffic.  Only three of them were saved.  We were asked to take Jed. He is not adoptable but he has made three friends! He was so traumatized and unsocialized that it has taken a very long time to get him to even take a treat from my hand without hiding.


 Save a Life. Adopt don't Buy. Please... 


Tue, August 9, 2016 | link 

I'm here...

Hi Angels--

I am updating this blog and Mike's page.  Since I can only work a half hour at a time for a few more weeks until my brain is totally healed (there is one spot still working it out), I should be done by supper-time tonight. I do have some thoughts about the sponsor program and an update on life, etc.  Please stop by tonight or tomorrow.  

Sending lots of love and prayers your way--



Archives: Poppy, Kasey and Bitty enjoying a sunset together. 



Tue, August 9, 2016 | link 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

It's Been a Long Week

Just when you make plans, God laughs.  He has His own plans for you!


I was planning on updating this blog last week but Mike had a major, major episode when the doc's changed his medication that led to much upset and trauma, doctors and medications.  I was completely drained of anything for days.  I could not write or even speak an extra word to save my life. All I could do was get him stabilized, work with the doctors, manage the dogs and keep myself alive.  


We still don't have an income--although his disability, which is 60% of his previous income (and we needed every dollar to keep the RR running) is supposed to start this month.  We don't have insurance for long-term care, we only have medical insurance for a few more months--social security insurance doesn't kick in for two years give or take, sooner in this situation we are hoping, so the burden of care-taking falls on me.  It is a double, triple job.  I can't get ten minutes to myself without being called to do something.  My sleeping time is my learning time, writing time, talking time so that is last on the list when I am exhausted.


When I write the book about what this experience has been like, your mouth will be agape--on the ground--but I don't feel like it is right to breach his dignity while he is still conscious and aware.  I hope you understand. Just know that Lewy Body Dementia is gut-wrenching, mind-boggling, unimaginable.  It is nothing like "Still Alice," where Alice slowly drifted passively into loss of memories and then loss of her identity. Lewy Body Dementia is a vicious, soul-tearing, roller-coaster ride with no solution--and a sudden, unpredictable end. Then, I'll be like a melted ice cream cone that fell, left to be scraped up off the floor.


In the meantime, after he was stable, I was offered a free online week-long seminar on his illness--that included everything from how to deal with emergency situations, medications, nutrition, more.  I took it.  Even though my head is still not 100% recovered, I absorbed every second of the seminar and took copious notes. It was fantastic. It may very well save Mike's life, or at least preserve more of his quality of life, and certainly taught me a whole lot that I will begin to share with you soon.  I finished the last lesson this morning. Yay!


The dogs have simply been wonderful.  Bitty Bits has decided that he wants breakfast every morning at 4-5 AM instead of 7-8 AM so I have to feed him first or he gets very cranky.  He doesn't want water unless it has whipped cream on top--and I'd rather he drink on his own than syringe water into him, so he's a little spoiled! We eat breakfast together and watch the news!



Bitty Bits loves having his tummy petted.  

He is so funny--his dancing and singing makes us laugh.

(He lost ALL of his male parts to human abuse before he arrived here.)


Girl, the Texas Pearl's, side wound/puncture is 90% healed.  It has taken a long time to close the hole that she came in with during the tax day storms time but healing from the inside out takes longer, is more work to keep clean and sterile and covered with goop (moist wounds heal faster) but they heal better and no skin graft or surgery is needed.  




This weekend and next week is a big birthday time for many here--even me! (Yup, 29--again.)  We have to make a list and be sure to sing to each birthday dog, but everyone, no matter if their birthday or not, will get a piece of cake!   We are going to celebrate birthdays and some precious lives that passed during the same time, in years past. 


Baby, the white and black Chihuahua, has the beginnings of a case of mastitis.  She is on antibiotics and mastitis ointment twice a day--it has saved many a dog.  Mastitis starts in one teet and goes across and then up and up and across and up and if it ever got that bad, it could be life-threatening.  If you need it, it is called Homeo Masto Cream (ointment). (All female pet owners should be aware of this condition.) Here is the link to order it:



Baby Baby and green-eyed, Jade D. Jade, are two of the five under ten lb-ers at the Rescue Ranch. 


This is why when you are petting your animals, always look in their ears and look them square in the eyes--look for floating fur, gookies, or cloudiness; use the bend in your wrist to check their nose temperature at the same time to see if it is dry or wet; pet their tummies, looking for rashes, fungal infections, injuries, hernias, a teet that is inflamed...petting is not just for affection.  The faster you can catch any of these things, the better the chance of reversing it and at minimal expense. Know what is "normal" for each pet--so when you feel a difference, you can immediately start looking for the problem.


I learned something, too, this week that is very interesting that is supposed to help dog, cats, even people with cancer.  Drinking organic carrot juice and eating canned, no or low sodium carrots (lots), has a powerful, positive effect.  If you want to know more about this, order this book on Amazon: Cancer The Cure is in the Food: Oxalic Acid written by Col. Joe.  It is rare but it is very accurate and priceless.  If you cannot get a copy but need the info, email me.


I've been doing an hour or two a day on sorting and organizing. It is going to take me a year to get through this project. We are going to have to move and sell the RR unless I can figure out a solution.  We do not have an income yet but when the disability starts, it will be about $1500 short of what we would need a month to stay here.  The doctor thinks it best for Mike to stay where he is because moving causes confusion and disorientation and can cause an earlier passing/death, but I don't know how to make up this difference, which is the balance of the dog expenses.  


If I had $1500/month in pledges of amazon cards, paypal or giftcards that I could count on to buy dog supplies, foods, meds and vet care, I could set the house up for him to decline in peace, by knowing that the dogs are taken care of.  He does not want to leave.  He keeps wandering around saying, "But I love this place..." and I feel like the bad guy saying that we are probably going to have to move. How and where, I haven't a clue.  I need angels to help for about six months or so, until I can get things sorted out and get on my feet and find a way to work from home after my head gets better or until...


There is a lot to think about.  If you have any ideas, please let me know.  Maybe our angels would be interested in sponsoring a dog for $25, $50 and $100/month as a gift.  I would be happy to send you a photo and update of your dog.  That way, they'd get what they need and you could still be angels and get the doggie blessings that go along with that--and you'd have a virtual pet!


I'm tired so I'm going to sign off now but try to write a new update on things I've learned which will take me weeks to share.  It is relevant to all of us--either for our loved ones, ourselves or our kids.  Even animals can get dementia!


I'd appreciate your prayers and love and hugs and any help that you'd like to send via email:


Mail to: Rescue Ranch, 395 Sawdust Road, Unit 2041, The Woodlands, TX   77380.  


*Amazon and PP credits are much needed right now to:

*Sam's club gift cards (for kibble) and Visa or any gift cards, too.  We'll make anything work to help the dogs! 

*Lots and lots of little dog kabobs needed: Link (Each order can only order up to six packages FYI. If you would prefer to put credits on the RR paypal account, I can order them for


Sending LOVE and Hugs from the Herd--and their people! 

Grateful! ALWAYS!!


I should be able to start writing two or three times a week starting next week.  Hopefully, I'll write again this week.  I learned soooo much that all of you need to know to help yourselves and your pets!

Tue, August 2, 2016 | link 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Check Back Wed 7/27 for RR Update

After repeated head injuries/falls that were all accidental, I've been able to keep food down for four days in a row--after six weeks of, well, a liquid diet at best.  Thank God for small miracles!  (The house has mostly stopped spinning, too!  Some days, I thought I was in the Dorothy house in the "Wizard of Oz" tornado scene, the house twirling around me as I tried to sit up!)


I have updated Mike's page--and will update this blog by tomorrow afternoon.  I still have to limit my computer and phone time/exposure ("a little bit at a time or none at all"-eek!) for at least a few more weeks. Thank you for being patient with me/us.


Remember we love you--all of our angels, seen and unseen, known and yet-to-be known!


Much Love and Hugs from the Herd!! 


Bunny Bun Buns in her chair and beautiful, gentle--and very talkative--Maya! 

Tue, July 26, 2016 | link 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Recovering from Head injury

Please read my update on Mike's page.  


I need to take this week off to try to get the swelling down in my brain from the falls I took the last few weeks--all accidental but all added up to something that I need to deal with.


We need to make it until the second week in August--pp credits, amazon credits to OR help on Mike's page or via the mail, all will help and will be gratefully accepted. 


Mailing address: Rescue Ranch, 395 Sawdust Road, Unit 2041, The Woodlands, TX  77380. 


Sending prayers and love to all--




Mama Mia, in the twilight of her precious life, has suddenly started collecting stuffed animals

in her bed--then lines them up like she is nursing them!  Amazing. 


Tue, July 12, 2016 | link 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy 4th--and its a special Birthday Week!

Hi Angels--


Sorry it has taken so long for me to write an update.  After the last big fall I took a few weeks ago, as you know I had several CT scans of my face and brain.  When I went back for review, I was sent to a brain doctor who ordered a STAT (top priority/immediate) MRI.  That was the end of last week...


With everyone on vacation, I was told to keep my head on ice for the holiday and check into the hospital if need be (although it was their first priority) if I felt it necessary.  I will get the results back on Wednesday when they come back.  I know that I can't talk on the phone more than a half hour at a time, I can't cry and I can't get my blood pressure up until my brain heals. There is a huge amount of edema/swelling in the frontal lobe/forehead area.  Most of all, I can't fall again anytime soon!


Living with someone with Lewy Body Dementia usually takes a great toll on the caretaker--falling a lot apparently is part of this.  The people who are ill like this just take things out and leave them wherever, forget to put them back, pick them up, etc. and when you are walking, not expecting a gate or dresser or bone or can of dog food to step on or walk into, you fall--and I did over and over and over again in the past few months.


This is Mike's birthday week.  If you'd like to send an email or a card, please do.  It will make him feel like he matters.  His self-esteem is pretty low, losing the ability to work and to remember, to hear, to, to, to, is hard to wrap your mind around. It may be the last birthday that he is conscious (or here) for.  Our special food angel sent dinner and a no-flour chocolate cake through the mail--packed in dry ice by the company--so we don't need to worry about what to have for a special dinner (THANK YOU!).


I will write more of an update on Mike's page later tonight/so for tomorrow.  Right now, I have a box and a card that have arrived to give to Mike-along with some spiced gum drops that I've been hiding that he always wanted to try.  I am trying to listen to every "wish I could have" or "wish I did" when he speaks and fill the wishes as his bucket wish.  He doesn't realize it or remember what he had said but I write them down any way.


Please help us with the Rescue Ranch dogs, especially this last month (I hope) before his disability starts, when we need the most help.  We still have not received a check from the company.




Mike and Poppy, early 2015, trying a piece of cake from a new bakery we drove by. 


The following are needed VIP: 


Help to Mike's Fund: covers doctors, medications, tests, equipment and the like:


Ringo Dingo's (any and all):


Kabobs/chews: (as many as possible.  Each order can only be six bags/free shipping):


Amazon credits (need $250--have $200 so far for food order):  Credits to amazon and paypal should go to:



Little Bitty wants to herald in a special Happy Birthday to one of our RR Angels!



Little Bradley used to steal his original parents' shoes and hide them for fun.

When he became part of the Rescue Ranch Herd, he started hiding my socks at night

'til his mama had a "talk" with him and asked him to behave--and he did!


Bradley is an angel in heaven now, and to celebrate his mama's birthday, we wanted to honor her with this special gift of love--seeing her precious Bradley again--and sharing his beautiful self with our other angels to admire, too, knowing how much y'all love and care for all animals!


They are all so very precious--aren't they?



Back home, Bradley loved to be covered all up in his blankets.  


Sending love and hugs to heaven...


Tue, July 5, 2016 | link 

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