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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Took Another One for the Team

I'm not going to type much for a few days--it hurts too much--but I thought pictures would speak 1000 words each for me.

If you ever see this after an accident, go to the doctor! I'll tell you more medical stuff when I can type more.


While I'll be OK, things are swollen underneath and my arm needs to be elevated above my heart.

 My sleeve is pulled up over the bottom of the cast to keep it protected.  

I was going to pick Mebbie pink or Ada purple (each dog has their own color!)--but then, as they were putting the wrapping-up underneath parts on (there is a mesh sleeve and then extra cotton padding for protection of the injured area before two sets of casting plaster), I thought that it really should be Rescue Ranch RED!!

Hope you enjoy my photo editing--sorry it's not perfect.  I can barely do anything since this is my main hand.  I hope someone/s ordered the Capstar for Big Dogs that I need (see post below).  Please.  The fundraiser above hasn't moved since the first two angels helped--so I hope that more of you find mercy, love and kindness in your hearts to help the very special RR dogs. Has the world really hardened everyone's hearts? I refuse to believe this. (God still lives in each of us, even if you have to dig deep to find Him, He is there!)

Love and hugs from the Herd--


(Yes, typing that hurt, but not as much as no one caring...)

Wed, August 19, 2015 | link 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dislocated Bone--Owie Ouch Ouch

I'm not sure but the giant hard bump up my arm bone and the hole under my thumb are one and the same.  There is a big indentation under my thumb--it could be a broken blood vessel, but it could be that that bone before my thumb is shoved up my arm under the skin. We'll see...I'll let you know tonight. 

If anyone is feeling altruistic, would you/could you order one or two boxes of capstar for big dogs/green boxes for me?

I was about to do that, but something else got in the way...a dog's toy. Ugh.

Here is the link:

Disabled dogs need more than baths--they can't use their legs to scratch--so I use Capstar in-between to help them along.

Just took stuff to stop from vomiting from pain.

Prayers appreciated.  Tough life.  Typing with one hand a breeze! : ))

Hugs and thank you!!


Tue, August 18, 2015 | link 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Its Not All Glitz and Glamour...

Being a rescuer is a messy business--it not only isn't all glitz and glamour, there is NO glitz and glamour!! I constantly have to change my clothes, take a shower, alcohol my hands or put on sterile gloves (depending on the situation); I change my fluffy socks umpteen times a day.  Special needs dogs can also mean incontinent, semi-continent, well, messy.  I've learned to watch where I walk but there is usually at least one or two "gotcha" wet-socks moments a day.  (I don't like cold wet socks any more.)

Yesterday, I had everyone all set for the afternoon.  I sat down to eat lunch around 3 PM and opened a drink and had two bites before I had to put on my nursing cap and still haven't eaten anything more than 24 hours later.

As I was sitting down, hoping to just rest and watch a little TV, Kasey came and stood right against my knees.  If you know dog behavior, that is kind of odd, since he had just been given a treat, clean pads and blankets in his bed and medicine.  He should have been about to take a nap.

I knew he wanted or needed my attention so I put my lunch aside.  We'd been monitoring a mass under his tail for a month now and the first thing I wanted to check was that.  Fortunately, we keep multiple boxes of sterile, purple gloves stationed around the Rescue Ranch, so I put a pair on. I didn't want gicky hands just in case and if he had an open wound, he didn't need any bacteria in it.

I started feeling around under his tail.  Yep, that involves parts that I'd rather not have to deal with but I saw a liquid coming out of his pooper.  Dogs have glands on either side of the exit shute, called anal glands so immediately, that was my first cause of action.

If you or your vet have never done it, here is a link to a video on "How To Empty the Anal Glands..."  He also had an anal gland abscess!  It looked like a big, red lump like this:   I had some pain cream to put on the area until I could get to the vet but as I was spreading the cream, the abcess decided to pop open, with bloody pus all over, while the other side was squirting regular fluid and he was going potty all at the same time.  I sure was glad that I had gloves on--and the shower was near.

Both cats and dogs have them-- They are at about 4 and 8 o'clock around their pooper and your groomer and vet should check them every time you go--they don't, so you be sure to ask, especially with cats!  IF you decide to try doing this yourself, you can't be so delicate or nothing will come out.  Usually, animals can empty them by themselves but sometimes, like with older or sick animals, they need help.  Just please stay with your animal if they are checked--DON'T let them be manually expressed all the time or they'll lose the ability to do it themselves.  Kasey hasn't need them done for two years, and probably did just now because he is eating a softer diet at 15 years plus.

A kinder way to express the glands--and how to do cat's glands:

After I was done cleaning up--and skipping my lunch--I cleaned Kasey up (he almost needed a mini-bath), spread on topical pain cream, let that sit and then spread antibiotic cream over the entire underside using cotton rounds.  He was already on oral antibiotics and pain meds so I just had to help him get over to his bed and since he couldn't sit down, I had to lay him down on his side.  Today, he is wondering around and actually ate almost his entire dinner and got a drink, something he has not done for days.  Now, we know why!!

I think the best thing for you to do is to watch the videos above--each is about a minute or two.  Each vet or vet tech offers different tips that all add up to some smart advice--and video I would watch but not before eating!

Treating Kasey took a couple of hours all tolled.  Never mind, what ever other animal needed.  I can't go to bed at night without dealing with about 1.5 hours of eye medicines and ointments and that is while someone else is spending a few hours making up the oral meds and supplements.  This starts early in the morning and goes through the night--so please, if you can, have mercy and help us continue to keep the Rescue Ranch open.  In between helping the dogs that are here, I coach owners and vets around the world on distemper and parvo which sometimes takes days, being available on the phone or in person 'round the clock in order to save a life. 

I do not ask for money for doing this--I think having the knowledge that God blessed me with (for some reason), is for the Greater Good--and I need to stop long enough to put it down in a book form but there really is nothing like someone "holding" your hand through a life and death situation. I know.  Dr. Sears did it with me, case by case by case and with each one, I learned a little more and a little more...

Although people offer to pay anything for me to help them, I won't accept it.  IF after a month, their animal is well and happy, they can send a gift but most people don't--and in fact, it costs us sometimes hundreds of dollars to save their animal, like when they don't pay the vet bill at our vet--we are responsible or we'll lose the cooperation of our vets if we referred them.  When we first started Project Hope, the distemper project, some vets were letting the owners go or the rescues go scott free, and used to bill us for their services--but we stopped that post haste!!


I created a new fundraiser that will carry us through August and September for food, vet and meds and medical supplies but it is going to take our angels--known and unknown, seen and unseen, to pitch in.  (Our primary benefactor was hit by a lay-off.  Ugh.)  Helping the Rescue Ranch, at least you can be assured that 100% of your gift goes to help the animals and not to boarding or salaries, etc. 

IF you help some of the national (or even local) rescue groups, they board their animals because they are not special needs, get food from the pet food pantry (a politics-driven privilege) and take the animals out on the weekend to get them adopted--paying groomers, presidents, accountants, etc.  We don't pay anyone and clean-up and grooming/special care is a gift not a service.

PLEASE click on the dog and piggy bank cartoon above this blog section to read about us and to see some new photos that I'll be updating a few times a week or click here:

You can also give through paypal to our email: which is really versatile, especially now that you can shop with the credits and get free shipping or store pick-up!


Email an amazon credit to the same email (you can pick your amount and style): which is where we buy all of the dogs' canned foods and supplements.  They are so great with replacing items with problems or express shipping at no cost when we have a problem.  Right now, we only have about $64 on our amazon account which is not going to buy food for more than a few days!!

(I think a lot of people forgot that we have an amazon affiliate's link for online shopping--amazon gifts the Rescue Ranch with a small percentage of each sale.  Last month, we only had a credit of $27.  Every time you go to shop online, please click on our link/start shopping through it.  I was just stunned when I saw last month's statement. Eek! Last month, we spent over $1000 on amazon and about the same on paypal! We need help!)


As always, we are grateful for all of your help, prayers, tweets/sharing/posting of our fundraiser link (above) and/or this blog page:  We need more people to get involved and the only way to reach them is to network.  We can't afford, nor would want to waste a million dollars to produce a tear-jerker of a commercial to pull on your heart strings. We'd use it to actually help the animals!

But, truth be told, we deal with worse stuff that those commercials and to retain some dignity for the animals, don't take photos or publish them when they are at their worst unless it is necessary to tell a story. There are things we have had to do/see that you can't even/don't want to imagine, and we shield you from them so you don't have to bear that burden, but our burden is very, very heavy right now and many hands will make things lighter.

Remember, the spiritual law of helping, is that YOU get the blessing on your life--so help the dogs and bless your life at the same time!

Hugs from the Herd!!

This week's URGENT needs:

1. Dinovite BLACK liquid/need at least six tubes:

2. Smart Bones with Sweet Potato:

(Need one large bag, one medium bag, three small bags and one mini bag. Everyone gets size-specific bones!)

3. Dingo Chip Mix:

(Need two bags of minis and two bags of large)

...and of course, anything "dog" that you feel inspired to send!!  

Disabled dogs who can't run and play, use their mouths to get pleasure, play, chew.  We need to keep them entertained or they take out a dining room table leg!!  We really can only give treats, at this point, a few times a week.  They really should be getting something every day to look forward to, to make their lives brighter. 

Please think about these animals, who are grateful for everything and who love unconditionally, despite anything that they've experienced.  We do this because it is the right thing to do as humans--please help us continue this mission, making up for the people in the world who don't care or who are worse than worse.



Bellie, one of the two little wheelchair twins with her sister Sissy, was found out in a field, both of them with badly brokenfront legs and little Bellie, we found out, also has a tail broken in several places.  If it weren't for their "Jurrassic Park" yells/screams, the vet calls them, someone walking through the field would not have found them and they would have died. Thankfully, they were dropped off at our vet.  Bellie had three operations and still needs a fourth and her sister had two--and they are still considered "mouth" dogs here--dogs who need something to chew on to keep busy because their little legs hurt when they walk/limp, I think.

Animals are just love covered in fur--and are so, so sweet despite what happened to them.



Sat, August 15, 2015 | link 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

It's Happy Birthday Week at the Rescue Ranch!!
It is the birthday week of about 15 Rescue Ranchers!!  I couldn't believe it when I began to count everyone all up.  I made a list of their ages; dates of births if we know them or dates they arrived here if not; neck size (everyone gets a new collar for their birthday--animals always feel better and look cuter with a new collar); weight in case they need emergency meds anytime soon and sat looking at that list for awhile.  My name was on it, too (but not my weight or neck/collar size!! : ))
A special RR Angel, who knew ahead of time that this week was coming--and that I wanted to make sure that Kasey, our Cocker Spaniel rescue, celebrated his 15th (a big milestone) with a tumor under his eye and one his tail and spine; and Mama, with heart trouble and Poppy with a cancerous, but localized lipoma the size of a softball on his chest (their 10th)--along with a few other special ones like Pasha's 9th (one of our wheelchair girls--who has developed a dry cough lately that is making me concerned that we may have to go for x-rays--and Bunny, who is 7 and a neurologic distemper survivor from before the serum was developed and who is living a long, full life...had a special cake ordered and my significant other picked it up and wouldn't let me see it until it was time--and nice and cold (I love my cake refrigerated)!!
We always let the dogs lick one particular corner of their cake--or side--and the humans get the other side so each got to taste it before slices were shared.  Bunny, choosing to lick the back, middle ribbon, was the one to discover the surprise--lemon filling in the middle of the cake! Yummm-y!!  Every year, my mother (God rest her soul) and then my significant other took over the amazing duty (and even had his grandma teach him how to perfect the meringue), made me a lemon meringue pie with graham cracker crust.  He's not feeling up to it this year, so the lemon filling was a nod to my cakes and ABSOLUTELY delicious for sure.
We don't know day to day how many more we have before us so we have to do what we can today and enjoy what we can today and love who is with us today.  I've experienced so much loss and I can tell you that in literally the blink of a eye, you can be having breakfast with a relative or hugging your dog in bed and turn around and they have gone.  It makes the moments you have together so much sweeter and if I can impart nothing else to you today, please say, "I love you," to your animal companions and family and friends today or the next time you see them.  It is all the things you've done together that you'll remember and cherish when they've gone, and all the things you wish you'd have made time to do that you'll regret forever.  You don't want to have those regrets.
In the spirit of birthday week, I'd love it if you'd make a gift to the Rescue Ranch--we need amazon online e-credits desperately and paypal credits--to buy the dog's food for this month--August. The situation is worse than I thought and very, very few are helping.  PLEASE do what you can TODAY. Helping others, the blessing is really yours...(it is a spiritual law).
FYI, the email to send either an amazon e-card or paypal credit to is: OR the mailing address (remember is it over 100 degrees here right now), is: Rescue Ranch, 945 McKinney Street, Unit 242, Houston, TX  77002.  (Please use this address if you order from another site or make up your own surprise package--and yes, you can drop it off/parking out front of our mail stop or email me and have a volunteer meet you:
I'll have a new "go fund me" on this site by Friday morning.  I've figured out what we need for the next five months to save the Rescue Ranch--it is really critical for so many that we try to save the Rescue Ranch.  Less will be needed in January, providing my significant other qualifies for disability, at least 'til he gets better.
Please don't wait to send especially an amazon e-gift card or paypal credit: to  Hungry doggie bellies don't understand waiting.  We have to make the best of yet another life-test but standing in faith, we'll make it (and I hope you stand along side us)--and as always, to God will go all of the glory from ALL of us!!
Happy Birthday to all other celebrants (...and wanna-join-in-ones, too)!!  Happy Birthday to all (and yes, we'll be happy to 'share' our beautiful, delicious cake!!).
Love and Hugs from the Herd!!!!
Grateful as always.
 We all L*U*V Cake!! Yummmm.
Thu, August 6, 2015 | link 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Petmoutain Sale Today and Monday

Petmountain is having a sale through midnight August 3, 2015--and has some of the best prices around for everything pet!  Click Here to start shopping AND get up to $10 off:  Free Shipping over $75.  Stuff for fish, cats, dogs, lizards...all types of companions!!



In case you want to bless the Rescue Ranch, anything "dog" is welcome and needed, especially long-term chews.  Doggie dentist says no pig ears, hooves or antlers though.  He sees too many poor pups with cracked teeth, needing dental work!  Take heed for your babies, too!

Mailing address: Rescue Ranch, 945 McKinney Street, Unit 242, Houston, TX  77002. (Get two discounts--one order for you and one for the RR!)

Especially needed is:

Dingo Goof Balls: Two flavors and Sweet Potato Ring Chewz (Eek--out of both!)

1. Regular:

2. Flavor Blast:

Sweet Potato Ring Chewz:

Thank you!!!!!


Coming up on his 15th birthday, even when he won't eat anything else voluntarily, Kasey will eat Dingo Balls and Vitakraft yogurt drops!  I thought his fav flavor was sweet potato but he surprised me yesterday but eating a handful of the banana flavored ones!  I was just glad he was eating!!

Sun, August 2, 2015 | link 

A Sad Week in the Animal World

I woke up Wednesday feeling pretty good.  I was looking at the world with rose-colored glasses...

Then, as I sat drinking my breakfast juice, I was mortified to hear about the magnificent lion that was killed by a poaching dentist from Dallas.  I was beside myself that he had to go poach to feel like a man (real men don't kill unless it is in self-defense or hunger).  The lion had not only been a national icon but he was training up six cubs.  He was stunningly beautiful.  I'd like to know who even brought him to "stand" in front of the lion--probably in a protected vehicle in protective gear.  They take on this awful sin as well.

I heard that he asked to cut the head off the lion so he could have it as a trophy.  I began to get an even sicker feeling in my stomach.  What does the head of a lion you didn't even fight or struggle with say about you?  It sound likes a man with such an inferiority complex that he could only feel like a man by killing. That is not a real man.  I real man would have knocked that kooky doc off his footing so he couldn't kill such a beautiful creature. It gets even worse.  After killing the lion, he dentist asked his guides to find him a big elephant to kill.  Thankfully, they declined and instead of being arrested, he left the country.  I hope he finds himself back there soon to face justice and the karma that he's created. (There is a petition online to get him there a little faster if you care.)

The town in Africa is letting nature takes its' course and the body of this animal be eaten naturally.  When all is said and done, they are planning to take his bones and create a shrine.  The good news is that this animal didn't give his life in vain.  Now, people world-wide are aware of the ugly buisness of sport hunting and poaching and perhaps the next generation will be able to eliminate these complete violations of what a human being stands for.

I was already very sad when I heard the next news.  The handlers of a little baby giraffe in the Dallas zoo was trying to put him away in his nighty enclosure but instead of that, he would up breaking his neck and dying.  I was so devastated that I had to go to bed, sob my heart out for both animals and ask God to protect their souls.  Sure, if you deal with a lot of animals, there are going to be accidents but they don't hurt any less.

I know from experience that those zoo keepers were out-of-their minds with grief.  It taught them, I hope, that taking a little more time and having a little more patience with an animal, avoids bad things.  Animals have their own mind set, their own strong wills and trying to ignore that and usurp it with your will, well, things like this happens.  I wonder how much the lion cubs and giraffe mama are grieving today.  I still am.  In fact, I couldn't even write about this for days I was so sad.

On a brighter side, this week, about 15 of the residents at the Rescue Ranch are having a birthday! It is amazing.  Maybe three times a year, birthdays are all clumped today.  We have a 'surprise' cake in the refrig sent by a RR angel, that I'm not allowed to see until tomorrow.  We sure could use some happy time and some smiles around here! Never mind some delicious dessert!

No fancy presents or party but I'll make a big pot of spaghetti ($3 goes really far!), add some sauce and cheese and pretend we have candles out and remember another year gone by.  In a few months, we'll be celebrating ten years of living on the Rescue Ranch! That will be an amazing accomplishment and pause for great reflection--we need to remember all those who went through the Rescue Ranch and Project Hope and then need to consider the fate of it. 

With our primary benefactor on a lay off indefinitely and me being sick and taking care of the animals, I'm crunching the numbers to figure out what we need to keep from losing the RR.  As soon as I figure that out, I'll write a post.  Right now, I'm trying to figure out what expenses can be cut out, what is a necessity and how long I think we are going to need t keep it all together.  

Thank you to our angel who sent lots of peanut butter, treats and full-size dog food cans.  There was no note in the box with your name or email and I want you to know, that every night--at 3 or 4 AM--when I don't have my glasses on and I have to get up in my socks and make special medicine and can just use a spoonful of peanut butter to mix it in or even not, I will be saying a special prayer for you!!

The pnut butter saves me from having to turn the light on (waking everyone up), opening a can and mixing up food to then syringe it or stuff it.  In almost near-dark, I can just do an "open wide" and slide a lump of medicated pb (no j) onto the way back of the top of the dog's roof of its mouth and sooth their throat 'til it goes down--down the hatch!!  My eyes have barely needed to open and I can get back to resting even before I wake up! When you only get a few hours to your self, those minutes are precious!

Hoping ya'll have a wonderful Super Soul Sunday!  Sundays are quiet days of reflection, TV church services (right now), sleeping late for some and for others, just pure peace and quiet, lectures and learning,  The dogs are all getting a large or small marrow bone this week, depending on their size. We buy a few each week until we have enough to bless everyone all at once.  This alleviates any jealousy or anxiety.  Even if it takes an hour to give them out, they each wait patiently, knowing that everyone is treated equally and no one will ever go without. 

My significant other has to unwrap them and give them out since, as a vegetarian, I have a difficult time living with a whole bunch of meat-eaters.  (I have them all trained to eat veggies, if there is ever an emergency, so I don't have to go find meat--which would never happen!)

Sending Love and Hugs from the Herd!

(Please help how you can--our new Walmart Wish List is up now (see just above this blog) and we need amazon or paypal funds (to: to pay for the meds and food ordering that is coming up early this week. Just click on the links on this page--mostly above this blog--to bless the dogs which in turn, really blesses your own life!) Grateful.


Sun, August 2, 2015 | link 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The God Box

Sometimes, we get more issues in life to deal with that we expect.  Illness, job loss, animals' being sick or at the end of their little lives, facing possibly having to move and more, I was overwhelmed.  I knew that I could not give up and I knew that I had to maintain a strong faith.  Other than that, I was laying in bed in the near-fetal position, comforter pulled up to my chin, listening to an Oprah interview on Super Soul Sunday.

The sound on my old finally TV gave up (the other TV, what we call Lemon-TV because the color is now yellow-based, the sound is fine) so I was listening to that TV across the house.  I couldn't see a thing but I certainly could hear.  The dogs know that on Sunday, in honor of Big Mandy who always got a special Big Dog Bone on Sundays (because we couldn't afford giant Dingo bones for a 160 lb dog all the time, we made it a special, weekly event), they all get a size-appropriate Dingo bone, I get to listen to Super Soul Sunday shows and my significant other gets to sleep in. 

Every day I try to learn something, so instead of going down the whoa-is-me road, I listened intently to what each speaker had to say.  One woman talked about making a "God Box," wherein she made a box and put a note in it with every problem that she could not handle...and left it "to" God.  "I should do that," I thought.  

As soon as the series of interview shows was over (four hours or so), I looked through the house for the nicest, prettiest box I could find.  (I was willing to decorate one if need be.)  I thought that any box I put in my notes to God needed to be special.  I found a pink and cream box that I didn't even have to decorate and instead of cutting a hole in the top to drop notes into it, the box top just lifts up.

I sat down, still in the quiet of the day, and wrote down a list of things that I needed to turn over to God.  WIth each entry, I said a little prayer and a "Thank You," to God for taking over my burdens.  Although I am aware of the issues, I am not in a panic or tizzy over them.  I am just going to "Believe," and leave them in the box. It is said, God dreams bigger dreams for you than you can dream for yourself! I'm sticking to that!


Little Kasey Kase, or KC, Jr. we found out six years later was his given name--when his owners were miraculously found--was named after a Power Ranger actor! 


Coming up on his 15 birthday, Kasey is beginning the separation from this world and getting ready for God to call his name. When an animal has the time to prepare to leave this life, they begin to sleep more and begin to not want to be held so much and eat less, etc.  Kasey and Mama Mia are both doing this, making it doubly hard for me.  They are sleeping near me so they can open their eyes and see me but are no longer sleeping on the bed or letting me hold them on my lap.  They begin slowly disconnecting, I think to make it easier on both of us when God calls their names.  

What is so difficult for me is that two dogs are heading out, who knows if they will even go together, but the toll it will take on me won't be lightly felt and I feel myself bracing for it.  My heart just doesn't bounce back after years and years of loss, even though we've saved thousands, each individual life to me is precious--even a spider's! 

I don't mind if Kasey wobbles occasionally or is a little cranky when it is time to eat.  He also occasionally forgets to go out to go potty and instead, walks into a bedroom. (Oops!) Mama has a hard time breathing, especially at night, it seems like her heart isn't as strong and her body retains more water so I am up three and four times a night getting her meds, oxygen, water, helping her, while Kasey sleeps soundly.  Then, while she sleeps during the day without issue, he needs help every few hours or so. 

I love the little dogs for keeping them company and laying down, snuggling next to them, preening them and just offering whatever comfort their handful of warmth can offer.  Watching that behavior between animals warms my heart and makes it just swell. They know, without words being spoken, the truth of the situation and try to do their part to make things better.  


Mama's muzzle has gone grey--but her beautiful eyes still sparkle and she still is the apple of my eye! We found her owner about four months after she was lost by her family visiting Galveston Island from out of state--but once they heard she had had seven puppies, a head injury and a broken leg, they told us to keep her and let her stay with her new family at the Rescue Ranch. 

She had gotten away from their daughter on a walk and they couldn't find her before they had to go home.  She had no ID on her anywhere so when she was hit by a car and taken to the hospital (by a doctor who was one car back), she entered the rescue system instead of her owner being called.  Had we not agreed to take her in straight from the hospital, her journey may have ended there.  Not many rescues are willing to take on complicated, life-long cases.  This is also the perfect example of having your cell and the cell of a friend on your animal's tags in case you are not available--or are traveling!


I put Kasey and Mama's names in my new God Box, too.  I will do all that I can do for them and when it is time for God to call their names, I have to wish them well--and miss them, but not hold them back.  I know that we'll see each other again, as long as I am lucky enough to follow them to the Rainbow Bridge!

It is that time in their lives to double the bacon on their burger and put whipped cream in their water--to spoil them maybe like we should live every day--like tomorrow may never come.  I often wonder what we all would do differently if that were the case.  I know that I stop and pet each one every time I go to or fro--even if it is just a pat.  I want them to know that I care deeply, that they are not forgotten even if they are just laying around and I want to leave no regrets.

Thank you angels for your prayers.  I hope you find a way in your hearts to help us continue the Rescue Ranch.  Prayers, passing on our link, giving something, anything, just caring, all work together.  Life is dynamic and is the sum of many parts.  Thanks for being one of them.

Love and Hugs from the Herd!

Thu, July 23, 2015 | link 

Monday, July 20, 2015

New Walmart Banner and Wish List!
In case you want to help the Rescue Ranch doggies, I've set up a NEW WALMART "Rescue Ranch 2015" Wish List, so when you log in to your Walmart account---please use our new banner above this blog--and follow the instructions under the banner or go to "Lists" at the top/right of middle (between Registry and Weekly Ads) and click on Lists, then 'Find a List'--and type in "Rescue Ranch TX" and the list that I've created so far should pull up---"Rescue Ranch 2015."  You can use this banner to do your shopping, too!

The Mailing Address of the Rescue Ranch is: Rescue Ranch, 945 McKinney Street, Unit 242, Houston, TX   77002.  IF you can include a message with your email with the package, I would be grateful.  Then, I can let you know it arrived. Many things online arrive with no note so we send the anonymous angel our prayers...

More Tuesday...

Amazon's got a competitor coming onto the online market...

IF you use the link below, you'll get a six month free (usually $50/yr) membership fee to the new online shopping portal, JET.  They are going to try using the model of lower costs on products but just keeping their company going on the membership fee.  It is backed by some big power players, so it may very well work!  I'll let you know once I start comparing pet treat prices and supplements!    For now, you can enter your email at the BOTTOM of the page for the six mos free--once they go live, go to sign in to get the same offer.  If you sign up now, you'll only get three mos free!!

We also may become an affiliate IF they have them--so please don't pay to become a member just yet please--give me a day or two to figure out if we can become an affiliate which would mean if you sign up through the Rescue Ranch link, we'd get a small gift per member that we can use for the dogs' dinners!! and we need all the help we can muster right now!!

I haven't felt that great this last week and Kasey and Mama have been needing all of my energy, so hopefully, I can update this blog Tuesday (or today for you probably.)

Love and hugs to all--

Hugs from the Herd, always.


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Friday, July 10, 2015

New Sponsor and End of Go Fund Me

It's almost the weekend and I'm sitting in cheesecake and potato pancake heaven.  A RR angel sent an assortment of luscious slices for us/the people to eat, thinking that we need to take care of ourselves while we take care of the RR doggies! (She's right!)  If we fall down, which was happening, they won't make it, so we've got to try to eat better.

(She has to have angel ESP--cheesecake and potato pancakes are almost, if not, my favorite of all favorites!! Mike was blessed with yummy-to-him meats--since he doesn't get that living with a vegetarian! I hugged a gentle dairy cow after I milked her, years and years ago, looked in her eyes and knew I'd never eat meat of any sort--of any living thing--again and I haven't.)

The case against my significant other's work is closed. No settlement reached. Offered the opportunity of a lawsuit that would take three years and a lot of stress--he is in the "right"--he turned it down, with much appreciation for the research and work that was done.  We just have to concentrate on our health and the health and well-being of so many, that we cannot devote that kind of energy (and bad energy from the other side fighting).  It isn't worth it.  Karma is what it is--develop good karma/blessings or reap what you sow.  They will have to deal with what they did to thousands of workers and it won't be fun.

So, knowing that we have to make it for at least three more months 'til something changes, we'll still need help.  God brought us this far, He'll bring us the rest of the way.  I've been looking at moving options, however very very hard that would be, while trying to maintain this website and my fb updates while Mike is following my dog-by-dog directions as he can for feeding, meds, special care.  For the active medical cases,  I do those myself, maybe with an extra set of hands to help.

As you know, I started writing for Natural News now and they opened a beautiful, healthy, online store--and we are affiliates!!  Please check out the amazing things that are available--especially chelating heavy medals (and aluminum) from our bodies, shower heads, supplements.  Everyone should have coconut oil (unfiltered, organic) for instance to start and many more things that I'll be writing about.  (Yes, I learned how things work but having impossible doggie cases--or my own self to work on--and having to find a solution, led me to find out how all things work. From supplements, essential oils, extracts (better than tinctures), homeopathics, and so much more, and as the days go on, I keep learning new things!!

I've posted the LAST UPDATE on the Gofundme that is featured above with Pasha and Bunny in their wheelchairs or carts.  You can read it by clicking on their photo.  After a week, I am going to close it and reevaluate our needs.  So, if you can help--even by tweeting, sharing, giving, getting the link out, we would be grateful.  We are overwhelmed with needs and some days it is hard to even get out from under my quilt to begin.  Breakfast starts from 4-5 AM and if I'm lucky, mid afternoon, I get a nap.  Otherwise, I'm on call, trying to research this, that and the other medical issue/problem nearly all day, in bed.  Time is always of the essence, so I use every minute to learn, learn, learn.  If I think of a question/possible solution even in my sleep, I get out my phone and look up the answer.  Sometimes, that takes me all night to follow the research, find out the trials, the successes, the risks, and of course, how to get what I need for success!

I hope you get a chance to read and print the article in the post below about Noise Anxiety.  It has a recipe that was supposed to be for the 4th, but it was published late--but that's OK.  It will give you more time to get ready for the next holiday, the next trip or nail clipping, etc.  Don't count on the internet always being here and just keep the link.  Print the article and put it in a binder.  Do the same with prescriptions, vet records, medical records, etc. etc.  It will make it so much easier to find something when you need it--and sometimes it is in an emergency when your knees are turning to jell-o!

Kasey is getting very weak.  He is staggering, stumbling and falling down when he tries to leap.  He will be 15 in early August.  I am praying that he makes it long enough to have a piece of his cake.  He was our "vacation surprise"--I've never gone on vacation before, had a dog jump into the car--onto my lap--and have the owner surrender it to me!!  So, a dog I didn't know, spent three days full-time on my lap as we drove home.  He needed a bath, was skinny as could be and cried every time we passed a fast-food place.  We stopped so many times along the way, I think we tried every food chain that exists.

I am going to be devastated when God calls his name, so bear with me.  He has been with us since early 2007 and is one of the founding dogs.  Mama Mia is struggling to breathe sometimes, her heart very enlarged and I have to help her and get the oxygen.  Her passing is also going to devastate me and so I am bracing myself for loss that may take a chunk of my heart that will hurt beyond hurt.  I just stopped crying every day from losing Mandy last Nov. and Monroe at New Year's.  I know though, in my brain and spirit, that we don't dissappear into nothingness and that our spirits/souls go on and we'll meet again, so once I finish being sad, I can rationalize myself back to sanity.  I just want you to know that Kasey is really struggling and day to day it is getting worse.  I just prepared his original family (who had him for the first years) so their children are braced.

At least, the dogs will have lots of friends in heaven that they know and probably some that I don't even know yet--and my mother and father are there to take care of them as are some of your own relatives.  I always tell the dogs before they pass, to go straight to the light--to check in with God and Jesus before anything--and then to give a hug and kiss to each person and animal that I miss and loved and took care of--and then, if they are permitted, to come tell me in a dream that they are OK. Most of them have found their own special ways of reaching back to me but those are stories for another time.

Thank you for being here when we need you--our angels known and unknown, seen and unseen.  We stand on faith and know that God will take care of us one way or another.  We are just totally flexible to go the way God sees fit.  In the meantime, the 4 AM overnight to 2 AM schedule continues, with a break to listen to the radio and lots of snoring for an hour of complete quiet that I so appreciate now.  I do my prayers, tell everyone by name that I love them and say goodnight to thegs, one by one from bed--and then just rest.  For it is in the quiet, in the total silence that we find God and if we listen, we can hear Him speak...

Love and Hugs from the Herd--


Bunny can only use her mouth for activities--that's why we need (eek--we're all out!!) Chew-Lotta bones (Wal-Mart link/best prices: and other things she chew. 

Right now, she loves Kabobs, too (Wal-Mart Link/excellent prices: does EVERYONE!!You should let your doggies try them, too!!

Send one, send lots, leave a paypal credit or a gofundme one--whatever and whenever is appreciated.  

Thank you all for coming on this journey with us.  I can't wait to see what's at the final finish line besides a rest!! 


PS (if you need it): Mailing address: Rescue Ranch, 945 McKinney Street, Unit 242, Houston, TX   77002   

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

New Natural News Story Finally! Link PUBLISHED, print for reference!


I'm not sure if you can read it yet since it is pending editorial review, but its worth a try:

New Title: Loud Noise Anxiety: Simple as 'Turkey'

Waiting for Link:

Note: I'll insert the link when it is actually pubished (Monday) or you can go to the Natural News page on this website and click on my personal link to see if the headline (above appears).  If it does, then it is published, click on it and read on!

I just felt that this was something that people needed to put together to calm your animals for fireworks, storms, loud trucks even--turkey, camomile flower tea and a little ginger if you can't buy the treats that really work or the supplement mix for us vegetarians/vegans who don't want to eat meat.  The exact mix is in the article.

Since I can't post pics in my NN stories, this is dog in the story, that the ramp to the house was built for, after she was paralyzed from fear of fireworks-- that Pasha's MOTHER built for her all by herself.  Imagine!?


Pretty Pasha's will to live gave me the strength to take over from her family and to give her a second chance at life.  Bunny Buns is her BFF and was the first of four wheelchair dogs we have at the Rescue Ranch.

Pasha, the Twins (Sissy and Bellie) and Bunny all have Doggon carts to get around with.  

Many, many other dogs here have special needs--some are even missing some of their bits and parts--but can get around without a wheelchair or have been sponsored for surgery to put them back together again, thanks to my readers!

Grateful. Love.


Sat, July 4, 2015 | link 

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