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Thursday, July 23, 2015

The God Box

Sometimes, we get more issues in life to deal with that we expect.  Illness, job loss, animals' being sick or at the end of their little lives, facing possibly having to move and more, I was overwhelmed.  I knew that I could not give up and I knew that I had to maintain a strong faith.  Other than that, I was laying in bed in the near-fetal position, comforter pulled up to my chin, listening to an Oprah interview on Super Soul Sunday.

The sound on my old finally TV gave up (the other TV, what we call Lemon-TV because the color is now yellow-based, the sound is fine) so I was listening to that TV across the house.  I couldn't see a thing but I certainly could hear.  The dogs know that on Sunday, in honor of Big Mandy who always got a special Big Dog Bone on Sundays (because we couldn't afford giant Dingo bones for a 160 lb dog all the time, we made it a special, weekly event), they all get a size-appropriate Dingo bone, I get to listen to Super Soul Sunday shows and my significant other gets to sleep in. 

Every day I try to learn something, so instead of going down the whoa-is-me road, I listened intently to what each speaker had to say.  One woman talked about making a "God Box," wherein she made a box and put a note in it with every problem that she could not handle...and left it "to" God.  "I should do that," I thought.  

As soon as the series of interview shows was over (four hours or so), I looked through the house for the nicest, prettiest box I could find.  (I was willing to decorate one if need be.)  I thought that any box I put in my notes to God needed to be special.  I found a pink and cream box that I didn't even have to decorate and instead of cutting a hole in the top to drop notes into it, the box top just lifts up.

I sat down, still in the quiet of the day, and wrote down a list of things that I needed to turn over to God.  WIth each entry, I said a little prayer and a "Thank You," to God for taking over my burdens.  Although I am aware of the issues, I am not in a panic or tizzy over them.  I am just going to "Believe," and leave them in the box. It is said, God dreams bigger dreams for you than you can dream for yourself! I'm sticking to that!


Little Kasey Kase, or KC, Jr. we found out six years later was his given name--when his owners were miraculously found--was named after a Power Ranger actor! 


Coming up on his 15 birthday, Kasey is beginning the separation from this world and getting ready for God to call his name. When an animal has the time to prepare to leave this life, they begin to sleep more and begin to not want to be held so much and eat less, etc.  Kasey and Mama Mia are both doing this, making it doubly hard for me.  They are sleeping near me so they can open their eyes and see me but are no longer sleeping on the bed or letting me hold them on my lap.  They begin slowly disconnecting, I think to make it easier on both of us when God calls their names.  

What is so difficult for me is that two dogs are heading out, who knows if they will even go together, but the toll it will take on me won't be lightly felt and I feel myself bracing for it.  My heart just doesn't bounce back after years and years of loss, even though we've saved thousands, each individual life to me is precious--even a spider's! 

I don't mind if Kasey wobbles occasionally or is a little cranky when it is time to eat.  He also occasionally forgets to go out to go potty and instead, walks into a bedroom. (Oops!) Mama has a hard time breathing, especially at night, it seems like her heart isn't as strong and her body retains more water so I am up three and four times a night getting her meds, oxygen, water, helping her, while Kasey sleeps soundly.  Then, while she sleeps during the day without issue, he needs help every few hours or so. 

I love the little dogs for keeping them company and laying down, snuggling next to them, preening them and just offering whatever comfort their handful of warmth can offer.  Watching that behavior between animals warms my heart and makes it just swell. They know, without words being spoken, the truth of the situation and try to do their part to make things better.  


Mama's muzzle has gone grey--but her beautiful eyes still sparkle and she still is the apple of my eye! We found her owner about four months after she was lost by her family visiting Galveston Island from out of state--but once they heard she had had seven puppies, a head injury and a broken leg, they told us to keep her and let her stay with her new family at the Rescue Ranch. 

She had gotten away from their daughter on a walk and they couldn't find her before they had to go home.  She had no ID on her anywhere so when she was hit by a car and taken to the hospital (by a doctor who was one car back), she entered the rescue system instead of her owner being called.  Had we not agreed to take her in straight from the hospital, her journey may have ended there.  Not many rescues are willing to take on complicated, life-long cases.  This is also the perfect example of having your cell and the cell of a friend on your animal's tags in case you are not available--or are traveling!


I put Kasey and Mama's names in my new God Box, too.  I will do all that I can do for them and when it is time for God to call their names, I have to wish them well--and miss them, but not hold them back.  I know that we'll see each other again, as long as I am lucky enough to follow them to the Rainbow Bridge!

It is that time in their lives to double the bacon on their burger and put whipped cream in their water--to spoil them maybe like we should live every day--like tomorrow may never come.  I often wonder what we all would do differently if that were the case.  I know that I stop and pet each one every time I go to or fro--even if it is just a pat.  I want them to know that I care deeply, that they are not forgotten even if they are just laying around and I want to leave no regrets.

Thank you angels for your prayers.  I hope you find a way in your hearts to help us continue the Rescue Ranch.  Prayers, passing on our link, giving something, anything, just caring, all work together.  Life is dynamic and is the sum of many parts.  Thanks for being one of them.

Love and Hugs from the Herd!

Thu, July 23, 2015 | link 

Monday, July 20, 2015

New Walmart Banner and Wish List!
In case you want to help the Rescue Ranch doggies, I've set up a NEW WALMART "Rescue Ranch 2015" Wish List, so when you log in to your Walmart account---please use our new banner above this blog--and follow the instructions under the banner or go to "Lists" at the top/right of middle (between Registry and Weekly Ads) and click on Lists, then 'Find a List'--and type in "Rescue Ranch TX" and the list that I've created so far should pull up---"Rescue Ranch 2015."  You can use this banner to do your shopping, too!

The Mailing Address of the Rescue Ranch is: Rescue Ranch, 945 McKinney Street, Unit 242, Houston, TX   77002.  IF you can include a message with your email with the package, I would be grateful.  Then, I can let you know it arrived. Many things online arrive with no note so we send the anonymous angel our prayers...

More Tuesday...

Amazon's got a competitor coming onto the online market...

IF you use the link below, you'll get a six month free (usually $50/yr) membership fee to the new online shopping portal, JET.  They are going to try using the model of lower costs on products but just keeping their company going on the membership fee.  It is backed by some big power players, so it may very well work!  I'll let you know once I start comparing pet treat prices and supplements!    For now, you can enter your email at the BOTTOM of the page for the six mos free--once they go live, go to sign in to get the same offer.  If you sign up now, you'll only get three mos free!!

We also may become an affiliate IF they have them--so please don't pay to become a member just yet please--give me a day or two to figure out if we can become an affiliate which would mean if you sign up through the Rescue Ranch link, we'd get a small gift per member that we can use for the dogs' dinners!! and we need all the help we can muster right now!!

I haven't felt that great this last week and Kasey and Mama have been needing all of my energy, so hopefully, I can update this blog Tuesday (or today for you probably.)

Love and hugs to all--

Hugs from the Herd, always.


Mon, July 20, 2015 | link 

Friday, July 10, 2015

New Sponsor and End of Go Fund Me

It's almost the weekend and I'm sitting in cheesecake and potato pancake heaven.  A RR angel sent an assortment of luscious slices for us/the people to eat, thinking that we need to take care of ourselves while we take care of the RR doggies! (She's right!)  If we fall down, which was happening, they won't make it, so we've got to try to eat better.

(She has to have angel ESP--cheesecake and potato pancakes are almost, if not, my favorite of all favorites!! Mike was blessed with yummy-to-him meats--since he doesn't get that living with a vegetarian! I hugged a gentle dairy cow after I milked her, years and years ago, looked in her eyes and knew I'd never eat meat of any sort--of any living thing--again and I haven't.)

The case against my significant other's work is closed. No settlement reached. Offered the opportunity of a lawsuit that would take three years and a lot of stress--he is in the "right"--he turned it down, with much appreciation for the research and work that was done.  We just have to concentrate on our health and the health and well-being of so many, that we cannot devote that kind of energy (and bad energy from the other side fighting).  It isn't worth it.  Karma is what it is--develop good karma/blessings or reap what you sow.  They will have to deal with what they did to thousands of workers and it won't be fun.

So, knowing that we have to make it for at least three more months 'til something changes, we'll still need help.  God brought us this far, He'll bring us the rest of the way.  I've been looking at moving options, however very very hard that would be, while trying to maintain this website and my fb updates while Mike is following my dog-by-dog directions as he can for feeding, meds, special care.  For the active medical cases,  I do those myself, maybe with an extra set of hands to help.

As you know, I started writing for Natural News now and they opened a beautiful, healthy, online store--and we are affiliates!!  Please check out the amazing things that are available--especially chelating heavy medals (and aluminum) from our bodies, shower heads, supplements.  Everyone should have coconut oil (unfiltered, organic) for instance to start and many more things that I'll be writing about.  (Yes, I learned how things work but having impossible doggie cases--or my own self to work on--and having to find a solution, led me to find out how all things work. From supplements, essential oils, extracts (better than tinctures), homeopathics, and so much more, and as the days go on, I keep learning new things!!

I've posted the LAST UPDATE on the Gofundme that is featured above with Pasha and Bunny in their wheelchairs or carts.  You can read it by clicking on their photo.  After a week, I am going to close it and reevaluate our needs.  So, if you can help--even by tweeting, sharing, giving, getting the link out, we would be grateful.  We are overwhelmed with needs and some days it is hard to even get out from under my quilt to begin.  Breakfast starts from 4-5 AM and if I'm lucky, mid afternoon, I get a nap.  Otherwise, I'm on call, trying to research this, that and the other medical issue/problem nearly all day, in bed.  Time is always of the essence, so I use every minute to learn, learn, learn.  If I think of a question/possible solution even in my sleep, I get out my phone and look up the answer.  Sometimes, that takes me all night to follow the research, find out the trials, the successes, the risks, and of course, how to get what I need for success!

I hope you get a chance to read and print the article in the post below about Noise Anxiety.  It has a recipe that was supposed to be for the 4th, but it was published late--but that's OK.  It will give you more time to get ready for the next holiday, the next trip or nail clipping, etc.  Don't count on the internet always being here and just keep the link.  Print the article and put it in a binder.  Do the same with prescriptions, vet records, medical records, etc. etc.  It will make it so much easier to find something when you need it--and sometimes it is in an emergency when your knees are turning to jell-o!

Kasey is getting very weak.  He is staggering, stumbling and falling down when he tries to leap.  He will be 15 in early August.  I am praying that he makes it long enough to have a piece of his cake.  He was our "vacation surprise"--I've never gone on vacation before, had a dog jump into the car--onto my lap--and have the owner surrender it to me!!  So, a dog I didn't know, spent three days full-time on my lap as we drove home.  He needed a bath, was skinny as could be and cried every time we passed a fast-food place.  We stopped so many times along the way, I think we tried every food chain that exists.

I am going to be devastated when God calls his name, so bear with me.  He has been with us since early 2007 and is one of the founding dogs.  Mama Mia is struggling to breathe sometimes, her heart very enlarged and I have to help her and get the oxygen.  Her passing is also going to devastate me and so I am bracing myself for loss that may take a chunk of my heart that will hurt beyond hurt.  I just stopped crying every day from losing Mandy last Nov. and Monroe at New Year's.  I know though, in my brain and spirit, that we don't dissappear into nothingness and that our spirits/souls go on and we'll meet again, so once I finish being sad, I can rationalize myself back to sanity.  I just want you to know that Kasey is really struggling and day to day it is getting worse.  I just prepared his original family (who had him for the first years) so their children are braced.

At least, the dogs will have lots of friends in heaven that they know and probably some that I don't even know yet--and my mother and father are there to take care of them as are some of your own relatives.  I always tell the dogs before they pass, to go straight to the light--to check in with God and Jesus before anything--and then to give a hug and kiss to each person and animal that I miss and loved and took care of--and then, if they are permitted, to come tell me in a dream that they are OK. Most of them have found their own special ways of reaching back to me but those are stories for another time.

Thank you for being here when we need you--our angels known and unknown, seen and unseen.  We stand on faith and know that God will take care of us one way or another.  We are just totally flexible to go the way God sees fit.  In the meantime, the 4 AM overnight to 2 AM schedule continues, with a break to listen to the radio and lots of snoring for an hour of complete quiet that I so appreciate now.  I do my prayers, tell everyone by name that I love them and say goodnight to thegs, one by one from bed--and then just rest.  For it is in the quiet, in the total silence that we find God and if we listen, we can hear Him speak...

Love and Hugs from the Herd--


Bunny can only use her mouth for activities--that's why we need (eek--we're all out!!) Chew-Lotta bones (Wal-Mart link/best prices: and other things she chew. 

Right now, she loves Kabobs, too (Wal-Mart Link/excellent prices: does EVERYONE!!You should let your doggies try them, too!!

Send one, send lots, leave a paypal credit or a gofundme one--whatever and whenever is appreciated.  

Thank you all for coming on this journey with us.  I can't wait to see what's at the final finish line besides a rest!! 


PS (if you need it): Mailing address: Rescue Ranch, 945 McKinney Street, Unit 242, Houston, TX   77002   

Fri, July 10, 2015 | link 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

New Natural News Story Finally! Link PUBLISHED, print for reference!


I'm not sure if you can read it yet since it is pending editorial review, but its worth a try:

New Title: Loud Noise Anxiety: Simple as 'Turkey'

Waiting for Link:

Note: I'll insert the link when it is actually pubished (Monday) or you can go to the Natural News page on this website and click on my personal link to see if the headline (above appears).  If it does, then it is published, click on it and read on!

I just felt that this was something that people needed to put together to calm your animals for fireworks, storms, loud trucks even--turkey, camomile flower tea and a little ginger if you can't buy the treats that really work or the supplement mix for us vegetarians/vegans who don't want to eat meat.  The exact mix is in the article.

Since I can't post pics in my NN stories, this is dog in the story, that the ramp to the house was built for, after she was paralyzed from fear of fireworks-- that Pasha's MOTHER built for her all by herself.  Imagine!?


Pretty Pasha's will to live gave me the strength to take over from her family and to give her a second chance at life.  Bunny Buns is her BFF and was the first of four wheelchair dogs we have at the Rescue Ranch.

Pasha, the Twins (Sissy and Bellie) and Bunny all have Doggon carts to get around with.  

Many, many other dogs here have special needs--some are even missing some of their bits and parts--but can get around without a wheelchair or have been sponsored for surgery to put them back together again, thanks to my readers!

Grateful. Love.


Sat, July 4, 2015 | link 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy Fourth! It's Birthday time, too!!

I don't know if I have the strength in me to go through what I face, most of which I can't talk about but is very, very personal.  Money stressors and health stressors can really break some people.  Instead of seeing the glass half full, they see it as terribly empty, with no hope in sight, lose their faith and act out in many ways, even against the people closest to them.

I need to take today to deal with my personal situation. I will write tomorrow, hopefully more upbeat!

I do want to thank our angels for keeping the animals fed and having treats (home-made at that), Dingo Ringos (yay!) and lots of ribs and things that will keep my significant other well-fed, in addition to a much appreciated PEOPLE carrot cake!!--which was a hoot when I opened it after last week's story. It had perfect timing, too--I'll tell you why tomorrow!

It really is a birthday weekend and the people's carrot cake, is so pretty, it is going to be THE cake!!  (I was secretly salivating for NY cheesecake with strawberries and whipped cream when I saw the box BUT when I saw the carrot cake for people, that all didn't matter anymore!!

The dogs and I will be moving as soon as we find somewhere fenced and safe.  I'm beginning to sort things out to pack.  I'm only interested in the dogs' stuff and supplies and my personal stuff. Everything else is too much to bother with, like furniture.  I'll take a momento or two with me, especially from my mother and from my time with Hope.

With no income at all until at least November, things are rough and going to get rougher.  There is not even unemployment given the circumstances, through no fault of "his" own.  Just a just really bad deal from a bad company about to go out of business. 

Please keep us all in your prayers during this time.  I am committed to taking care of the RR dogs until my last breath, and so I am trying to get better (and doing much better than earlier in the year) as soon as physically possible.

I paint for a hobby (bet 'ya didn't know that!) so I probably will be painting some new pieces to raise money to feed us and to buy some land and a barn with an apartment upstairs that I can live in.  It will be a new experience for sure.

"Don't cry for me, Argentina..."  Life is about as rough as it gets now.  The storm is here.  I can only look forward to the sun coming out.  Isn't there rainbows after the rain?? Yep, there sure are--even double rainbows sometimes.  God says, He'll bring you out of the storm better than you entered it.  I just wish for peace and quiet and time to write and paint and take care of the dogs.  My faith is unmoved, no matter.  I know that God will provide somehow, someway.

Until tomorrow.

Love and Hugs from the Herd--and me!

(PS The Gofundme, Paypal and amazon e-credits I have complete control of--no worries. Once I set up a moving fund, I'll find a way to make that isolated as well. There just has to be some benefactors with 1/3 acre of private land that can be fenced and a building put on it----someone?? I just need peace so I can clear the RR and put it on the market...then, with the half of the equity, I can afford to rent or buy someplace modest for the dogs and I.)


 Just gotta laugh!! Animals are so very precious!

Grateful for anything and everything. Truly.

Thu, July 2, 2015 | link 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It's Time for a Change

I have finally come to the conclusion that the Rescue Ranch needs to find a new home. 

The dogs wll all be fine but when we moved here, it was so rural, that we had lots and lots of funny, loving goats and horses nearby and wild pig herds running around--eating the flower bulbs!  Now, the dead-end street we lived on, has been opened to be a drive-through, all of the farms are sold or are for sale and there are a lot more people and less and less animals.  Most of the farmers are moving, although we still have horses and geese to admire.  No more fresh eggs and goat's milk, no more fresh honey and homemade granola. That all makes me sad. The days of finding a basket at the front door with fresh butter, honey and warm cookies are gone.  I need to find that again...

I am OK with moving. I wasn't for a long time but now, it is a matter of surviving--of all of us surviving. It is too hard to sustain this property now with the taxes and upkeep, and we need to find solace again back in the country.  How to move is another question. 

First, I need to find about a 1/4 or 1/3 acre fenced (less?) for 3-6 months to temporary house me and the dogs while my significant other gets the RR ready to sell.  There is no way any stranger could hear themselves talk, never mind think, with so many happy yappers--so the RR needs to be empty first.

I tried, you tried but I can't make it happen any more.  I have struggled for so long and can't end my the rest of my life constantly feeling like a tin cup is hanging around my neck. I will keep my promise to help the RR dogs through their lives and to help any sick dog, anywhere, any how with what I know but, I need to be able to rest at night for more than an hour or two and I need to live in peace.  Right now, it is all an all-consuming struggle.

To be able to continue helping the dogs, I will still need angels to help me to continue to provide for the dogs--maybe even sponsoring your favorite? but I think it is time to set up a new RR, one that I can afford with different resources and no long-term benefactor in sight. (The one we had, would still be if he could, but he was the victim of a massive lay-off in April. As of yesterday, there is nothing more we can do to challenge it without a financial outlay and that isn't going to happen.)

I'd like to write a few books and capture the things I've learned so they can help other people and their dogs and I'd like to write my blogs, too. I really need to find a job as a dog products consultant or invent things but I haven't had time to date!  Worrying about mortgages and property drain clogs and more, is not my expertise.  I know animals and that is where my focus should be most of the time. I am focused on life and saving it and not on finances. I could care less about a new this or that--all I care about is everyone safe and warm, comfy and cozy, fed and entertained (in special needs, this means, do they have a bone), and have they felt the sun on their faces and smelled a rose--if in bloom.

So, if you have a ranch and are willing to rent/remporarily a small piece (or long-term) to the new Rescue Ranch, I sure would be grateful.  If it has a structure on it, super great. If not, until the current building is sold, I'd just rent a temporary one, I guess and then build a modest enclosure.  I just know it is finally time. I can't  do this forever but I won't give up on the animals.

Some rescue groups have been graced as beneficiaries by supporters who passed on or benefactors have sponsored their new "digs"--if that were to happen, I would be so more than grateful.  I literally have reached my tolerance for struggle but not of having faith.

Wishing ya'll a wonderful day full of sunshine, butterflies, kisses (some albeit sloppy) and smiles.  We all need something to marvel at each day, no matter how simple or small.

Sending Hugs from the Herd!



1. Last month, there was a $72 in amazon credits from ya'll using our Shop Amazon links or banners/boxes.  So far for June, we are at $86.84, with a few days to do even!  Great job!  Please pass on the link as you can!


2. DINGO has a SALE right now on Dingo Ringos--which is perfect for even the disabled dogs who can't use their front legs.  IF you could, would you please order a set or a bulk box of them.  It would help sooooooo sooooo much right now.  Go to and click on the Clearance section.  Direct Link:    Grateful.  (There is no number high enough to say that's enough--so figure out your budget, and just order them if you can.  Over a certain point, there is even free shipping.  If someone took this on as a special project, and starting posting to all of their fb friends, that would be amazing!!!!!!!  Thank you.)


3.  FOR the little dogs, the Bittles (we have 15 of them that qualify by mouth size for these treats), they prefer the new Good 'n Fun triple flavor Kabobs at!  Here is the direct link: Whether you can order them or just send a Wal-Mart gift card/credit, either is extremely helpful.  THey are like doggie cat nip and the little dogs are so excited to get one!! (The big dogs want them, too, but I never have enough.  I need two bags for everyone to get least once in awhile!
4. Someone has been sending a few lovely quilts from BLINQ and also doggie treat mixed sampler boxes but neither company encloses a note telling me who they are from!!  So, thank you!! for sending them.  They are wonderful and we've enjoyed opening them and seeing what is in the boxes for sure.  As you know, twin comforters are few between, so we really appreciate getting them.  We have Maggie, Maya, Rocky, Bunny and Pasha that all need one and a spare (for potty accidents) but we only have a few at best.  Sometimes, I have to use my own clean laundry to give them the padding that their battered bodies require for some relief.
5.  It seems easiest to send credits (I can use at Wal-Mart for the kabobs), or e-cards for food, walgreen's for medicine/supplies and gift certificates for the supplements the dogs need to be on for the rest of their lives, which is a nearly $200 expense for us.  The financial gifts that you send/give through paypal or our Gofundme, are used to pay for the monthly $400 medicine bill that is not at Walgreen's as well as the prescription food ($100/mo) and any vet vists for catastrophic things or medicine that I can't manage like cancer.
The email to use for all e-gifts is:
6.  I have recently updated the Rescue Ranch amazon 2015 Wish List for you, too (links on most pages).  There are so many things that the dogs need so figure out your budget and then shop from there.  The Dingo Ringo, Bitties' Kabobs (both above) and the Ballistic Crate Liners (on the amazon list) are VIP priority please.  
7.  You are hearing from a "sister" who is falling down, still trying to be sunny and cheerful but underneath it all, I am tired and hurting and without help, cannot continue.  Whether help comes from Above or He moves you to help, it is really time.  I will remain faithful, no matter what, but I hope our angels--known and unknown, seen and unseen, really start to become active.  We don't take a million or more off the top for salaries like other rescues or even pay mega-salaries like the Red Cross--we just do this--for free--to do good.  Think about that when you write a check to another rescue or helping organization.  They help themselves first, then help their responsibilities.  We do it completely the other way around and go without if there is not enough left.
Remember that we love you!  
Hugs from the Herd--
 Bellie loves her new Krinkle Fish (thank you)!  Instead of a squeaker inside for the dogs to dig out, the new toys have crinkle material, like sound like plastic bottles that crunch up, which the dogs love just as much! No, I need a large, KONG Krinkle ball for Maggie...
Maggie needs to constantly have things in her mouth to crunch.  She is the sweetest, most loving girl ever but she has such a painful past that gives me such compassion toward her.  She's destroyed just about everything but I think the large, KONG Krinkle ball will be tough for even her to destroy.  She doesn't pull things apart, just keeps things in her mouth and crunches them so I think it will work but I can't find one...

 Mailing Address: Rescue Ranch, 945 McKinney Street, Unit 242, Houston, TX   77002


YOU can be a blessing to the Rescue Ranch just by using your computer!!

Grateful. Always.

Wed, June 24, 2015 | link 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!! (Just have to laugh!)

Trying to keep to my promise to update this blog on Thursdays, a few days ago, I had my laptop out and was on my way to sit down and write.  Unfortunately, crash-bam-boom, I slipped and fell on two baby gates and wound up with my other shoulder black and blue (not the arm I fractured)! I think I should just stay in bed until I feel better!

Since I can write a little bit now and it's Father's Day, I thought I'd tell you a funny story that just happened and in the next day or two, I'll write my usual update for you. (FYI, I updated the amazon 2015 Wish List for you--the NEW link is just above this blog.)


Friday, an angel sent a perishable package to the RR mail box.  My significant other went right down to get it so it wouldn't go bad over the weekend.  He left without eating lunch and had other errands to run in the city.  He'd be gone about six hours, give or take.

The box was white with the following label on it:

Normally, he brings home all mail and let's me go through it first but he was hungry.  He knew that for at least the last four years, I'd been looking for a special type of Italian rolled cookie (the pink, yellow and green sliced rolled cookies with the same color sprinkles around the outside) and he figured that I had finally found them. Without calling me, he opened the box and instead of cookies, this is the beautiful surprise he found inside:




The cupcakes are beautiful and were cool and well, the doggy prints and bones on top of them never made him even think twice--he saw the word "carrot" and saw cupcakes and was hungry!  He just happened to miss the word "Pupcakes" right after the word "carrot"!




...and so, when he got home, he handed me the still-cool treasure.  "Boy, you know how I love carrot cake with lots of frosting and these looked so good but they seem to be needin' some more sugar...but they were really good though. Look, they even have dog decorations on them, too!" (He has a sweet tooth.)

"Oh, oh," I thought. I had forgotten to tell him that I was expecting a special treat that an angel told me was coming--for the dogs!  Oops! 

Quickly, I checked the ingredients list and then read it to him, too.  It sounded just fine for dogs--or humans!  I pointed out the word, "Pupcakes," to him, too. "I missed that one," he said.  We both had a good laugh! 

It wasn't the first and won't be the last that he-who-eats-almost-anything will make a mistake and try something "dog" again!


Not to worry, eleven cupcakes instead of 12 will do just fine.  I put them in the frig to get them more solid and then will cut them in quarters--and then in half again, since each dog always wants a treat going up the treat line and a treat going back down the line--or there will be one for today and I'll save the one for another day!  (I'll take some photos of their faces when they try them. They look so yummy, I can imagine how the dogs' will react!)

So, until Tuesday...

Happy Father's Day!!


PS  Thank you angels who helped last week!!  I was able to pay for the dogs' last month's medicine and June's and ordered canned food for the next two-three weeks.  Now, treats and kibble are the next order of business but I'll update you about everything tomorrow.   Grateful.  Very.

Please share this site and/or our Wish List Link with a friend--the more people we can reach, the more animals we can help! Just copy and paste the following URL into a post or email:

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Thank you!!


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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Message to

I thought this may be the quickest way to reach you since there was no email on your message.

I am so sorry but I've been so very sick and just got your note about your little sweet Penny going through neurologic distemper.  I am sick about this and can barely see through my tears.  There are things you can do that can mitigate the symptoms and even a way to get the treatment into her brain--and supplements like pycnogenol (nano silver with particles under .2 and pine bark extract every six hours 'round the clock for weeks have worked with other things--but I don't know if I am too late to help you. 

"Neurologic distemper" can also be epilepsy and other illnesses so be sure that you have a positive ID first and foremost. There are rectal meds and orals that can take away the screaming seizures and help them to be comfortable and transition if that is what happens peacefully over time. 12% survive naturally but it takes about four months to see improvement. (The bacterial pneumonia that ALWAYS goes along with distemper after six days is just as much a threat as well if not treated properly.) I always like to make sure that the sick dogs feel fresh air, lay on new grass, get held and rocked, slept with...things that we can only experience (that I know of) on earth and not that I know of in heaven.

Please know that my heart hangs very heavy tonight having read your note and despite your pain and suffering, I stand amazed that you sent a treat box to help the Rescue Ranch dogs in Penny's honor.  I would be proud to publish her photo for others to admire her and to pray for you and her.  

I've gone through what you're are going through too many times, that is why I was determined in 2010 to find the cure and make sure it worked, fine-tuned it and more.  The fact that vets aren't aware of it or aren't using it, makes me upset.  It is so easy to make and so inexpensive but like anything, you have to be willing.  It took me a full week of pleading and trying at 200% before I found the first donor blood dog--thanks to Saint Bernard Rescue of Texas, and I will forever be grateful.

IF I can help, please email me:  Write: DISTEMPER DOG or PARVO Puppy or some such---that stands out--always on the subject line.  We need a vet to work with in your area or at least, your willingness to buy the supplements to make up a batch of what I've used to save dogs prior to the serum being made.  If anyone with distemper can get to Houston or have a volunteer drive it to your vet's, even meet you half-way, the serum is at a vet and is readily available and will then work with your vet.

Again, my heart and my soul are with you during this incredibly painful time.  I wish that no animal had to ever suffer again, and in body and spirit, please give Penny our love.  I always go outside, put my arms up and feel the wind and sun on my face.  Then, no matter how I feel, I smile, even if it is through my sobs and tears--for I know that all animals go to heaven and I pray that some day, I will be blessed enough to meet them there, too.  

Sending Love and Hugs from the Herd--


PS  I did a story about Laura a few years ago.  I listened in on four other calls (with permission) of people who lost people, and people who lost pets, and found her connection amazing. 

I had lost my own baby, Mebs, to lymphoma, three days from diagnosis and had been devastated for years about this so Laura did a reading for me. I had no time to do research and to help her. Mebs and Baby Hope and her siblings (from Project Hope) and soooo very many others came forward to "talk" to me.  I felt like a giant weight was lifted from my heart.  Mebs told me that she had to go, God called her name, because the new angels needed a soft place to sleep as they were transitioning.  I knew that was true. 

Mebs has the fluffiest, softest fur ever and her head felt like velvet.  My rescue dog Beauty, whose puppy son, was lost by an adopter when he had a reaction to anesthesia from neutering, left suddenly.  One night, Beauty and I and others were playing in my bed and less than eight hours later, she dropped dead near me.  I got to her before she passed and held her head.  She came forward in the reading with Laura and told me that she needed to leave to go help her son, Clifford.  How can I argue with that!? (Laura suggested giving your loved ones at least three months or so to get stronger and orientated before you reach out...)

Death and dying, for me, are no longer something to be afraid of or to dread, but a transition from this life to another.  Before they go, and when I miss them, I ask them to visit any time, any way, even in my dreams and that to find me when I (hopefully) arrive, too...When I can't stand the pain, I look forward to a joyous reunion with so many furry tails wagging and people that I've missed forever and I cannot help but smile.  Just do your best and trust for God to do the rest--and accept His plan humbly.  We can't see the bigger picture but He can.

All of what I am, is with you, Vicki.  My tears are all over my keyboard! but my prayers will be with your Penny, too.  I hope I get to see her photo soon.  If I can help, just let me know.  I know no time or date boundaries when it comes to saving a life.  Life is precious and I will work side by side 24/7 with anyone to save your animals if I can.  Well, I can't really--it is my knowledge but the grace and power of God that works through our efforts.

I hope you get this message.  I would call or email but feel like this is the fastest way to reach out to you since I have neither.  Stand in faith.  Stand in love. Help others in Penny's name and we all ask for blessings to be sent to her, to help her in her own journey and to you, in your pain. ...and maybe in a month or so, when the house is clear of distemper and your heart is ready, you can rescue another animal in her memory if she passes on.  That would make her very proud of you, I am sure.

I am so, so sorry. Truly. ((((((Vicki and Penny))))))


Wed, June 10, 2015 | link 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Stepping Out Even Farther on Faith

Despite 102 F degree fever or higher this last couple of weeks, I had the blessing of helping Parvo dogs in Argentina and saving a Distemper puppy in Houston this week.  They didn't know how sick I am, they just knew that they were in life and death situations and needed someone to help. 

What I found extremely interesting, is that they prayed like they had never prayed before, for help.  God heard their prayers and eventually, they were connected to me, who also lives my life (most of the time) as one big prayer to honor God. Over and over, I see direct examples that He really does exist!

I am weak physically, especially after Project Hope, where we saved hundreds of dogs, working to perfect the complete protocol to save these sick pups and dogs.  I knew when we were just into it a bit, that it would cost me both a part of my life and almost all of our assets to do it (and help from many of you, too), but I consciously agreed.  It was worth it to me to be able to save so many lives then and in the future.  I knew I would suffer but suffering is only temporary, no matter how unpleasant it is.  Life and death are forever issues.

As I was coaching the Houston couple, I had to adjust things since they could not get serum for two days.  So, for two days, a lot natural supplements and remedies that I have used, we used to save their puppy.  Even during the 24 hours of serum injections and worming, it took a lot of work and finally by Wednesday, I was exhausted.  I had given up my energy that I needed to get well, to stay up 24/7 to be on call to save their puppy but that is OK.  Energy can be recovered, life cannot.  To give really is to receive.

As I was adding each thing into the regiment, I realized that a lot of the things people should have in their first aid kits.  This way, if your animal is sick, you wouldn't have to run out six times in a day/night to get the different things that you may need.  I would rather spend $2 and have a bottle of X on hand, then wish I had it to revive a dog from a seizure or diabetic reaction and not be able to.  I think I need to make up a list of things that I commonly use (I have more than 500, I think, but 20 primary ones) so that you, too, could be prepared.

This week, we found out that we're going to be on the "hard road"--my significant other is not going to be reinstated nor was there any alternative offered.  The attorneys are going to file official complaints which can take a year or more to resolve.  Ugh.  That means, there is no income until then unless it comes through me or is gifted to the Rescue Ranch to help support the dogs.   I could panic but I won't.  I am stepping out in faith, rock solid faith like David had when he went up against the giant.  Half the battle, I think, is just believing.

Being isolated from people a lot of the time and spending a lot of my time with only animals, I see things a little differently.  I am used to being surrounded by unconditional love, living with a code of ethics that is driven by instinct and understanding, and basically, being insulated from a lot of the stuff out in the world.  When I read the letter denying any and all negotiations, despite the illegality of the actions taken, I was taken aback by the vileness of the letter and actually grieved for the person's soul who wrote it more than I grieved for the position it put us in.  I was so sorry that they had to behave like that, not at all the code of fairness that animals have or that people with a good heart have either.  

I've seen how animals help each other, without expecting anything back--then it gets passed on kind of in a chain, eventually, coming back to the source.  One may share a bone, comfort another, and when they are cold, a dog will come over and cover them with a blanket, even before I can get there!  They lay next to an ailing friend to comfort them and so they are not lonely or alone, (most) will even share their dinner if another is still hungry after finishing his/her own.  It is just amazing how selfless the animals are even with each other.

I am needing some of that comforting from our friends.  I don't know how this, that or the other thing will be taken care of at this point, but I do believe that God hears our prayers, that He will move hearts and mountains to help those who are doing good, and that we all have angels--seen and unseen, known and unknown that will help as they will.  I surrender all and to Him, goes the Glory.

I hope that you get to experience an act of unconditional love, too, today.  There is something so innocent about it that your heart cannot help but respond and blossom. 

Hugs from the Herd!


Sun, June 7, 2015 | link 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Some Exercises To Do with Your Animals--and Why

All of the rain in Texas not only has me worried about all of the animals but I thought that I should share some of the things that I do with the animals at the Rescue Ranch which may help your animals in an emergency.

There are predictions of a difficult summer, at best, on the radio shows.  Whatever the cause or theory, please make sure that you have a stocked pantry for you and your pets to be able to go at least a few months.  Make sure you have safe places to go in the house and a safe place to evacuate if need be especially if you are in any of the southern states.

I always leave a portion of my dinner on the side--just a tbs of each item, like maybe some mashed potatoes, corn, carrots, peas, spinach, a piece of someone's hamburger or whatever.  Then, with just enough to do a tasting, I literally go dog to dog and tell them what it is verbally, let them taste it once on my way around and once again on the way back to the kitchen, again repeating the name of the new food.  

Most will immediately eat the new treat but some are slow at smelling and taste the air first--then may taste the food.  If they don't or won't, I'll either leave it in their dish or touch the food to the spot just under their nose so they have to lick it to clean it.  On the second time by, they usually happily eat the newest delectable.  Imagine feeding each dog a kernel of corn! It takes a lot of time, but in the long-run, it will be worth it.  Why?

First of all, I do it to stimulate their minds and tastebuds.  I want them to be continually learning new words and new things.  Second, in case of emergency, I have dogs that have been introduced to a whole list of safe foods (be sure the foods are OK for your type of animal first)--and in a fun, safe, calm environment.  This way, should an emergency come and their regular food be unavailable or they have to eat "people food"--and with me, vegetarian at that, they will willingly accept a bowl of beans, spuds and peas and carrots if ever the need should be.  Imagine evacuating to a shelter with no dog or cat food?  They have to be familiar, now, with possible foods that may be served or of last resort in an emergency.

The other thing I would suggest working on is safe places to sleep and the idea of being crated.  In big storms, we have a crate for everyone--and use them.  This way, if we have to evacuate or get them off the ground (they are already on kennel decking which are plastic 2 inch panels to keep the crates off of the tile floor), we can easily/sort of, lift them onto beds or couches or counters if need be.  Knowing where they are in a stressful situation is very important.  Trying to find them, hiding from a storm, will be nearly impossible. 

Also, at least once a week or so, we alternate sleeping rooms--just switch 'em up--for a few hours.  We want the dogs to be OK and not stressed or panicky if they have to sleep in another spot besides their favorites.  Some cooperate easily, others will bark for a few hours but the next time, the barking gets less and so does the stress and if you give out treats to switch spots, to keep them busy and when they are done, it gets to be a fun experience instead.  

I started doing these things for foster animals since they would be going into new families, who ate different things, had a different house, yard, etc. but if they had a crate, favorite blanket, toys, etc., they always went with the animal to their new home.  This made the transition of the foster animals much less stressful, especially when they met their potential families at least once, came "home" and then a week or so later went back again to stay.  Then, the new family was an old friend and the dogs were happy to see them again!

It was when I continued these practices when we started to realize that such disabled animals were not going to be adoptable with everyone working and not having time to take special care of them, that I realized that these practices should be continued "in case of..." 

I hope to never ever have to use them but if need be, the RR dogs, will happily eat just about anything from pizza to salad, burgers to veggies--and will happily sleep wherever they are moved.  I did notice that having eyesight or even within voice range of their people was reassuring to them, no matter how far away or how many rooms away. If you had to go to the hospital or on vacation without them, maybe leaving a tape of your voice would soothe them?

Well, I still owe you the story of the hand cross.  I just can't sit up that much right now without getting clammy and feverish, so I'll save it for next week.  With the storms and the stuff I hear is coming this summer, I thought you needed to start working on the above so your animals have a few months of practice in. 

From earthquakes to sun bursts, to volcanos and unrest, there are things being predicted for this year by many a geologist, scientist, political scientist and more, so be sure to have water, food and medication at the very least.  Things to keep your kids--human or fur--busy, too, would be a good thing, too.  If we lose electricity for months, having a way to do laundry manually and battery fans, etc. would be great to have.  Look around and notice what you may need and start making a list and putting things away one week at a time.

Thank you to those angels who are hearing our prayers.  I hope more do, too.  I can't worry about another thing.  I just have to trust that God will provide.

Love and Hugs from the Herd!


The combination of whipped cream on bacon treat strips was to honor Monroe after God called his name in January.  Those were his two favorite treats so I thought, as I was giving them out separately, "Why not combine them??" and the dogs loved it! 

Little Bitty Bits dived into the cream a little fast but gobbled up his treat.  His eye is slowly but surely clearing up from the vitreous leak (the jelly) into the front.  It happens in some breeds and with special ointment four times a day, it eventually is "leaked out" of the front of the eye through osmosis.  It will take probably another year before it is clear.  His vision is fine the eye doc said.


Marilyn and Monroe (he is the black and white Rat Terrier--she is the tiny red Min Pin) were surrendered in 2008, after their family lost their house with their crate, clothes, food, blankets...Their mama packed them up like they were going to camp and sobbing, handed them over to me to take care of them--which was my honor.

They used to sleep together and we inseparable.  My Mary, as I called her, passed away first, and Minny spent some time (about six months) in mourning and then got back to living but always missed his love.  I believe that they are with each other now, happily running and napping--together.  I look forward to seeing them again some day. Sending love and kisses to heaven...



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