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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Brief update and URGENT Help Needed URGENT

Hi Angels--

Just a quick update--I'll write more by tomorrow afternoon.

Pasha's drag bag and diapers are ordered.

My special, blessed St. Benedict bracelet (in photo/post below) was found about an hour ago! Whew!




As of June 1, I can no longer even pay the mortgage, never mind the other bills like electric, food, etc.  We have just a few more months (latest is probably August) to sustain ourselves until Mike's disability is settled.  Even then, we'll be only getting 60% of his salary--which will thankfully pay the basic necessities but I will need to work from home to make up the difference just to make ends meet...



...until then, PLEASE have mercy on us. 

1.  We need credits through paypal or amazon especially to:  

2.  More volunteers are needed to spread the website URL

3. To post the page to help Mike:

4. Shop through any of our amazon links/banners (This brings in an extra $50-80/month but could go a lot higher if more people click through them, order and check out.  All of your info is private to amazon!)


Heavy on my heart is that I cannot leave to go out to work at this point.  I have to be a full-time caregiver/supervisor of a husband with a fatal neurodegenerative illness--the docs said it could be a day, two months or two years before he either becomes "not conscious but alive" or God calls his name.  We have no way to know.  At least he is still functional/semi-functioning--as well as a Herd of special needs dogs who don't understand that we are in trouble. I don't want them to suffer or to do without.  I will do without first--and have for many months.


No bridge underpass is big enough for the lot of us, so PLEASE HELP.  Things are really that bad.  I will update Mike's page by tomorrow so you can read what his doctor wrote...


Love, Faith--unwaiving--and Hope, always Hope--keeps me going. I believe there is a rainbow after the storm.  We just have to survive the storm. God is bigger than any obstacle we can face and angels, seen and unseen, known and unknown are graciously watching out for us until the storm passes.


Love, prayers and of course, Hugs from the Herd!






Tue, May 24, 2016 | link 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Lessons from Poppy and Update on Orders

Hi Angels--


Just a quick note to let you know as of Sunday night, two Apopcap bottles have been ordered and two Castor oil bottles (see previous post).  Thank you for your kindness.  I found out yesterday morning that Poppy's condition is more serious than I had originally thought.


I want all of you to really think about the fragility of life--don't take it for granted.  Get your video tape TODAY; get the photos TODAY; talk about good memories and fun things and laugh and smile--a lot more.  When your health begins to fail, you can rarely go backward--so don't lose the priceless "moments of now."


The gift of life is really that--a gift.  We cannot count on it from one day to the next, nor that it will be the same tomorrow as it was today. Don't go to bed upset, make peace with everyone, including your animals, forgive, love, hug, kiss, and most of all, have unstaggering faith and hope, always Hope--through it all.


With humble gratitude--and with love from Poppy that is so precious and so strong.

 Poppy used to sit on Mebs in the backseat so he could see outside better!  These two dogs were a "bonded pair" even though they were rescued 2.5 years apart. They were in "love"--the simple, pure, kinda love that we all strive for.  (Bonded pairs should never, ever be separated, not even when an adopter wants just one.  Please, always make sure bonded pairs stay together or it will break their hearts and spirits.)


When Mebs passed away of Lymphoma, she had been out of the hospital just four days.  They said that there was nothing else they could do so we brought her back to the Rescue Ranch.  (Now, I've learned so much that I think I could have saved her--but God called her name before that.)


We were at home, gathered around her all day, and she was in her bed.  She was surrounded by me, Mike took the day off, Kasey and Poppy. After she passed, Poppy gently checked Meb's nose to see that her breath has stopped, then he got up and slowly and ever-so-gently lay across both sets of her feet and stayed there for hours.  He has mourned her ever since, but especially for the first six months.

(A pic of them together is on our RR home page!)



This sign hangs above our bed.


Mike's Page/To HELP:

Mon, May 23, 2016 | link 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Sorry ahead of time...

Tonight, with two dogs with cancer, another two with very bad heart issues, a husband with a fatal brain disease, some happy but non-stop barking and a headache, I sent out an email to some of our angels who haven't been in contact for awhile to update them/you... 


Instead of sending the email to myself and bcc'ing the angels/you, I pasted about 35 names/emails in the "TO" box.  Oops.  I am terribly sorry.  I did not mean to share your info. I hope you forgive me.  I guess waiting to work until the RR is quiet is and has been the smart thing to do for a long time.


Please read the posts below to catch up with the RR dogs.  I try to write at least twice a week, if not more and update Mike's page at the same time.  If you sign up for email updates or if you give, you will automatically get them in your Inbox.

With love and apologies ahead of time--



Fri, May 20, 2016 | link 

Sponsor for Pasha Found! Poppy has cancer and Bracelet lost

Hi Angels--


Just to update you.  A sponsor came forward to get Pasha her drag bag and diapers.  Also, to order the cream/ointment that she needs.  I am SO grateful.  This stuff weighs so heavy on my mind and heart.


This weekend, I will be working on a story about Poppy.  He had a lipoma on his chest/tummy--the size of a small softball and it has transformed into liposarcoma--the fat ball has a solid, cancerous lump the size of a hot dog on a bun in the middle of the fatty tumor.  He also has developed a bad cough, which I am praying is not spreading to the lungs.  He is 12 and has had the key to my soul since he was rescued from barbed wire fencing.


Since I try to treat all conditions naturally, with supplements, herbs, tinctures, extracts, oils, flower essenses, homeopathic remedies, you name it--along with regular meds--but Poppy needs a special supplement for dogs found to work with to combat this condition called Apocaps to take internally and castor oil and packs to keep the tumor wrapped up to try to dissolve it externally.  (You mix the castor oil with ginger but I already have that part...)  I am also administering treatments of special silver solution to his lungs through a special nebulizer that I will include the name, how to's and pics in the story--works for pets AND their people!


Please learn from what I do so you can help your animals and even yourselves.  I try to use this forum to teach, to share and hope that it helps someone, somewhere.  I will write up Poppy's story with pics over the weekend.  Right now, I'm on a deadline for some documents needed for Mike's long-term disability appeal progression.


Love and hugs to ALL--thank you for caring.  Really caring.




 It has been advised by several vets and surgeons not to remove it surgically but to try to resolve it the way I've started. Typically, lipomas are benign.  His was a few years ago when I had a needle-biopsy done BUT there is always the danger of them becoming liposarcomas--the soft fatty ball suddenly developing a solid mass in it. In his case, there are several but I think we can save his life. 


If you have an animal with a lipoma, anywhere on its body--or on a human, check it every few weeks to make sure it is soft and gently squishy.  You'll know instantly when you feel a change--or it may never change, which is what I was hoping...sigh.


Needed Right Away:


Apopcaps (based on his weight, Poppy needs five a day.  Each bottle of 90 will carry him for about 18 days.  I'd like to try it for 90 days, give or take and see if we can save his life.  Sponsoring even one bottle each, I'll let you know when I have sponsors for six bottles:


Castor Oil (need two bottles organic Palma Christos which is hexane-free):


PS On my special bracelet, the corded one I was wearing in the post below while holding the tumor on Pasha's bottom, has been lost.  I am confident it is at the RR--just where!?  It was given to me by one of our angels at church who felt that Kasey, Mike and I needed special St. Benedict medals.  They were all blessed by Holy Water.  Kasey was buried with his (I think I am going to write up his life's story for his would-be 16th birthday to honor him early in August)...


Mike won't wear any jewelry other than a wedding ring so I strung his medal and a cross from our church/Teresa, and used the ribbon I used for Kasey's medal and tied it on the bed frame over Mike's head. Mine, was a brown rope bracelet of ten little medals in a row--Teresa, who is very spiritually gifted, thought that I needed a lot of "Saint Power," for lack of better words, between the RR and Mike's situation and gifted me the bracelet.  Wednesday, I was doing a lot of laundry and cleaning up and the bracelet (which was a little big) must have slipped off into a pile of not-washed-yet-laundry i'm hoping.  I am now on a quest to find it!  Each had St. Benedict on the front and a cross on the backside.


RR Mailing address: Rescue Ranch, 395 Sawdust Road, Unit 2041, The Woodlands, TX   77380 


Address for e-cards, paypal, etc:


Please ask that the company your order from enclosed a gift note (they should be free) so I know from whom the package arrived!  They can add your email address on the note or if I have it, I'll figure it out!   Although Mike's health is declining, I'm starting to be in a stronger place so hopefully, I can catch up on everything--and start writing for Natural News a few times a week. (Here's to hoping!)  The more animals and their people we can help, the better.


Grateful. Always.


 Millie and Brindy are the sweetest, high-energy dogs who have bonded through their loooongg recoveries as puppies and have been stabilized and recovered long enough that there is no more worry or operations needed. 

If anyone has high fenced land (Millie can jump like an olympian!), is home a lot and loves to run and play, I'd be willing to let someone adopt them together after a home inspection--for the dogs' safety--not for dust and bills on the table! Kids over 10 would be best. No danger at all to littler kids but the girls are each about 60 lbs and their zest for life and love of people could knock someone smaller over. (They are not people-jumpers.)



Fri, May 20, 2016 | link 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Angel/Sponsor Needed ASAP: Pasha

Special Needs animals, like in wheelchairs, with cancer, terminal illnesses, disabilities and deformities, etc. have few places to go, especially if they became injured once in a family.  The become "owner surrenders" if dropped off at a shelter and instead of gaining the sympathy of an adopter, they are euthanized within an hour or less...




  Pasha and Girl the Texas Pearl--

Pasha grew up with a yellow Lab at her original home, Sunshine, so she adores Girl!


Pasha was hit by a car before she arrived here.  Her owners spent two years of surgery and rehab trying to get her to be independent again before sending out an urgent plea for help.  I could not resist her beautiful eyes and will to live and couldn't bear to see her put down.




But, as I would come to find out, very disabled dogs are very expensive and time-consuming to help.  Urinary tract infections, skin infections, having to manually pee and poop them, clean up, special shampoos, ointments, medications and supplements--their needs just never end. 


Tonight when I was washing her bottom end and putting on her Earth Mama Bottom Balm. (6 more needed--amazon link below--I use it also on Bitty Bits, too, who is totally incontinent since he lost his privates--yup--as a result of a human-caused incident before being surrendered.) I noticed a lump on Pasha's underside of her leg--it could be nothing serious or it could be--but it is on the surface that she would have on the ground to pull herself around. We don't know yet what it is but we are starting to pray already.




What I do know, is that out of her wheelchair, Pasha loves to "run" around the tiled floor of the RR--and especially follow me around. She propels herself by pulling her body around in a sitting position, pulling with her body with her strong front legs and shoulders.  Now, with this tumor, she needs what is called a "drag bag"--an awful name, I know--but very practical.  Diaper pads can be put in it and rewashed (she tends to go potty when she is moving around) and this way on her way in and outside, she can still have some independence and get around without hurting that area.  The need is immediate and urgent.  



A drag bag and supplemental diapers are for getting in and out or around when out of the wheelchair.  We specifically let the animals go without diapers and lay on washable pee pads and on waterproof beds when they are sleeping or "watching TV" with us, etc. so they don't get infections.  Yes, it is more work but it is better for the animals overall health.


Due to our current condition, new update posted, I need to ask for a sponsor as soon as possible.  If you decide to do so, please email me so I can update this post. My email is (see notes below the order for the company's phone info, etc.)   If you would rather give through paypal (links above this blog go directly to the RR account), I will order it.  I think with tax and shipping, it totals just under $180.  Any or all of this would help.  I can't bear to see an animal in pain.


This is what Pasha needs:



 The company's order number is 1-866.592.2787


(Note: need extra diaper inserts please)


If you are feeling moved to order this for Pasha, just ask if an order has been placed already for these items or perhaps part of the items so the order doesn't get duplicated.


Please have anything/everything shipped to: Rescue Ranch, 395 Sawdust Road, Unit 2041, The Woodlands, TX  77380   (USPS priority mail shipping is OK.)


Grateful. Always.


Earth Mama Bottom Balm link (the yellow one):  


(Note: If you have never used it before, it is soooo fine and soothing--for pets, people, babies--your face! It is organic and made from herbs and flower essences.  I've tried a whole lot of things on the dogs and this is just amazing.)



From a facebook friend...sometimes, you just gotta laugh!


Update on the soaked Beaumont rescue coming soon--they are in great need of a new cage for a coming of what they are improvising now. Their email for questions or e-gifts is:  Pat is the retired teacher/co-founder with her mother and father, since passed...she can't afford a cage and I can't bear to see Chuckles live like this any longer.


"Chuckles" looks like this with yellow under his wings.  The door to his cage is literally being held together by chains and cording (picture coming soon).  It was ruined by the water.  Chuckles will sing opera for you if you want! Right now, he is astutely listening to the radio while waiting for a new cage and toys.


His across-the-bird-room companion is J.J., a beautiful parrot. Both were surrendered.  Their other "roommate" is a blind, sweet, cat, named "Keeper," who is in great need of a Kuranda bed* or amazon credit to order a pet cot to get off the floor. Their email is again:


(Keeper really needs a dog cot with 2" legs--the lowest possible--not a kitty window bed. It should be ordered with washable, web material--single layer.  It you want to spoil Keeper, you can order a faux lamb's wool cover.  I think it would make her sing, too!)

Wed, May 18, 2016 | link 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Starting to Catch Up

"The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry,”  from To A Mouse by Robert Burns 


 Hi Angels--(and those-yet-to-be!)


For the past few days, I've had my computer up and ready to write to you.  But, as life would have it, or the storms of life, we didn't have electricity for hours on end for days.  The lightening was striking just across the street and so everything we planned to do had to wait.  No computer work, no yard work, and thankfully, with their new bones, the dogs were happily chewing away, patiently waiting until it was safe to go out! 


I don't know if you have ever seen it, but our area has a lot of ground TO sky lightening--it literally comes up from the earth and reaches upward or creates a layer of lightening parallel to the ground about five feet above it. I just kept reassuring the animals that God is our friend and there is no reason to be afraid.  I lay down, close my eyes and just enjoy it all--imagine, Something/one that powerful is on our side!


When the lights finally came on and stayed on, the master bedroom and bath area didn't.  We waited and waited, then I realized it must have been a circuit breaker that may have been affected by the severe lightening.  In between raindrops, we discovered that the lock on the breaker box had broken and the door was flapping in the wind!  The water had gotten into the box and the one circuit was tripped.  We let it dry out overnight and it came on--but I am concerned about any damage that could have been done.  Hopefully, all is well. (Input welcome!)


I'll write more on Mike's page today, too ( so you can not only understand the illness and some of the issues but also to educate yourselves.  Not only is dementia--many types--becoming epidemic now so learn how to prevent it--but also, you need to be aware of the legal issues ahead of time before you are in our situation--and have to learn as fast as possible under tremendous pressure!  


Thank you all for caring--especially for caring!  

Hugs from the Herd



Miss Penny, a Min Pin with golden eyes and Bunny, love to "help" me garden when I had time!


PS Below is a poem that was emailed to me, written by a caregiver of a Lewy Body family member.  It is notoriously known for taking a huge toll on the caregiver and for using all resources the family can muster because of the mounting needs for everything from special food, medicines, supplements, and equipment. Hopefully this will explain why sometimes I miss deadlines, am behind on email, can't plan much, etc.  Don't cry--I am here willingly and believe that we all have life lessons to learn and through this experience, both Mike and I--and the dogs--are all learning ours day by day.


The caregiver typically needs two years after all is said and done to recover from it all--not counting the grieving process. To just get through this period in our lives, I keep a picture in my mind's eye of a mountaintop, where I can sit and just simply watch the sun rise and set for days at a time.





 Remember, the rainbow comes out after the storm...over the RR, 2010 (photo by Mike).


Please Forgive Me


Dear friends and family,


I know I’ve been out of touch lately. I hope you realize it’s not by choice. No one would choose what’s going on in my life. But right now, I need to beg for your forgiveness and understanding.


Please forgive me for forgetting your birthday, anniversary, Christmas…
Well, you name it and I’ve probably forgotten it. It’s not personal. There are days I forget my own name. I leave milk out of the fridge, forget to pay the electric bill, I’ve even found myself driving down the road, forgetting where I was going. I’m blaming it on a caregiver’s fog that seems to have taken over my brain. Years of stress and anxiety are taking their toll and my brain is running at about 50% capacity. Please don’t forget me, even if I’ve seemed to have forgotten you.


Forgive me for turning down invitations for dinner, a party, or a night at the movies.
I can’t leave my loved one alone and he can no longer go out without anxiety or bathroom issues and a host of other problems. The only place he’s comfortable is in his chair in his house. Getting him into a wheelchair and into a car is monumental and it exhausts both him and me. Please understand that there’s nothing I’d love more than to spend time with you, enjoying the things you enjoy, but my life is traveling a different path right now.


Forgive me for not baking cookies for the softball team, baby sitting, or teaching Sunday school class.
I know I used to do those things when life was normal, but I can’t add another obligation onto my plate right now. When I get a free minute, I use it to sleep or recharge. My free time is usually only an hour or so when someone comes to sit with my loved one or when I’m not at the assisted care facility. I need to squeeze in doctor’s appointments, trips to the store, showers, or if I’m lucky, a few moments of rest. I have no time or energy for things that are not vital to the survival of either me or my loved one. I long for the days when I could contribute to the needs of others, but those days are gone for now.


Forgive me for biting your head off or breaking into tears over “nothing.”
I live on the edge of a cliff and my nerves are fried. Please understand my wacky and sometimes angry outbursts are not directed at you. They’re directed at a disease I can’t control and sometimes, you just take the hit. It doesn’t mean this behavior is the new me. It’s the old me under a ton of pressure and sometimes I break. I don’t expect you to put me back together, just be patient with me while pull the pieces back in place.


Forgive me for being less than involved in your life.
It’s not intentional. I do love and care for you. I even think about you when I have a moment between the duties of taking care of my loved one. I care about your life and I miss you. But right now, I live in a world consumed by responsibilities that take every resource I have, from time, to money, to mental energy.


I’m watching someone I love die (slowly--day by day), and I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Someday, if I survive this, I’ll come back. I won’t be the same, but I’ll be back. In the meantime,  think of me, support me and most of all, please forgive me.


Thank you for helping if you can.  Paypal (through any link on the site) or giving on Mike's page would be wonderful ways to help right now.  The needs are mind-boggling overwhelming but the resources are not.  Grateful!  So Grateful.



Millie, who was wandering a neighborhood with her broken jaw bone exposed like two elephant tusks at about eight weeks old, is best friends with Brindy, and after four or five operations (I lost count), is now 60 pounds and loves to run and play--and taste everything I eat--or she squeals from across the RR if I forget to share! She has an incredible sense of smell!


Please use for any e-gift or credits.

Mailing address: Rescue Ranch, 395 Sawdust Road, Unit 2041, The Woodlands, TX   77380




Mon, May 16, 2016 | link 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

We're Back!

Hi Angels!


Working on new posts now.  Please check back on Saturday (tomorrow).  It took longer than I expected to recover from losing Kasey, the tax-day floods (and aftermath) and getting Mike's disability appeal in.  


Lots to share!


Happy Mother's Day to all of our mothers and caretakers of children, both human AND fur-covered!

Hugs from the Herd!!


I saw a dragonfly in a dream this week--it was the first time in my life that I saw one in a dream. It was big, bright blue around the outline, sooooo beautiful and stayed with me for a long, long time, taking up my entire field of "vision."  It was such a profound and moving experience that I decided to look into any meaning that may be associated with seeing a dragonfly in a dream. I had to know if there was any significance...


Here is what I found about the Spirit of the Dragonfly--it is amazing.  (The dragonfly, I found out, is also the carrier of the soul and bringer of medicine):


This stained glass necklace pic above was on sale on an etsy shoppe at  I have the etsy shop link if anyone wants to order one but you have to register to be an site user I think to access it. I was just searching for a beautiful dragonfly pic to share and thought this one was really neat. Just email me if you want the actual shop link:


Miss you. Love you. Hugs from the Herd always!


PS We have an amazon order pending.  As of today, we have $200 toward the $450 needed.  Please use an amazon e-card link above this blog if you can help.  It should go to: (note the dots between words).  Paypal credits (click on any paypal box on the site to go directly to the Rescue Ranch's account) are just as helpful and needed.  The next 90 days, waiting on Mike's disability ruling, are going to be a walk of unshakable, pure faith...


I believe that God and his angels, seen and unseen, known and unknown, will hear our prayers if He/they haven't heard them already...


I will send out my "thank you's" next week now that I'm getting back to life. I almost literally died from the combination of stressors a few weeks ago (my old brain bleed/injury made my brain swollen and made me very sick).  I have to go slow and easy for a bit longer, but my prayers and thanks to all of you from my heart and soul never ever cease/d.


Grateful. Always Grateful.

Pleiades Open Star Cluster, Dragonfly. Photo by Mario Lorenzi

Thu, May 12, 2016 | link 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Appeal DONE!!!!

Hi Angels--seen and unseen, known and yet-to-be-known--


I just wanted you to know that the appeal went in--with my blood (ouch--literally), sweat and tears on it.  A story for next week but it went in.  Now it is in God's hands and all prayers directed at Lexington, KY appreciated!!


The water this week got within four inches of the foundation and I took a video of the giant pond we had on one side--but when I was videoing and stepping in and the water was above my knees (I'm 5'9"), I slipped and said a bad word so unless I can figure out a way to edit it out, I can't post the video.  Oops!


Please know that the Rescue Ranch is still here--and still needs help more than ever. I am so sick from the adrenaline I was running on that I can't keep anything down so I think for a few days, I need to stay off the computer, and keep activity to a minimum.  Just know that I'll be back on Monday afternoon most likely and will update both blogs.


Love to all and thank you for your prayers and moral support over the last months.  It has been a long haul, for sure to get to this point.  


Sending many Hugs from the Herd--and lots of love from us.


PS Please don't be sad reading Mike's page--I will tell you some funny stories, too, so you aren't sad all day.  We are dealing with it OK. 


Faith can carry you down a raging river and it can carry you through this.  We all have to pass someday, in some way, and I think we know all of that and the burdens that we are to carry or trials we are to go through before we even arrive on this planet. 


We have to go through them to learn things, to help us grow, to meet people we would have never known, to make our hearts more compassionate, to, to, to, to...After the shock of it all, we understand that and now need to celebrate life.  Help me share that with you, remind me to make you laugh.  I think I've had enough of crying for the rest of my life!!


Here's something kinda funny I can share. Tonight, even though the stove and cooktop had been locked and the microwave oven unplugged, plates and silverware put away (we have to use paper and plastic now for safety's sake), he had found a way to put on a small pot of water, boiling away on the stove.  My heart skipped a big beat--"What's goin' on...?" I asked kind of bracing myself... 


Well, Mike was hungry, I was laying down so he put a piece of pizza in a ziplock bag and was boiling it because he couldn't figure out how else at that moment to heat it up.  (Some days he does know how to do things or can follow instructions. It is just the up and down, up and down, the unpredictability of Lewy Body Disease that is so difficult to deal with really.)


Don't be sad. It's OK to laugh a little.  I know my lesson in this is patience for sure.  The dogs brought the compassion and now both Mike's situation and the dogs' trials and tribulations, kindnesses and comfort, continue to reinforce it and have made it even stronger.


Grateful for everything, anything. PLEASE cover that appeal in prayers and angel-power (we have to wait now probably 90 more days)--and please help me to keep things going in the meantime.


 Betcha' you think she can't eat that bone!

Better think again--Bellie, well, at least all six pounds of her, tries (but really can't)!

Thu, May 5, 2016 | link 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Flooded Rescue Update

Thanks to one of our angels, our "food" guardian angel,  Pat at Sanctuary Acres Pet Rescue said that she received a $100 amazon credit today!  Great news and thank you from her. She was beside herself with tears that others would care about someone else since she's been trying to do this by herself for so long. (Her mother and father for years had all been working and contributing but they have both passed on.)


I hope others pitch in as well--you can mail her anything dog/cat/big bird c/o the Rescue Ranch or email e-cards or messages to her at:


Mail: Rescue Ranch, att: Pat/SAPRescue, 395 Sawdust Road, Unit 2041, The Woodlands, TX  77380   We will get everything to her unopened.  


She desparately needs a big bird cage for Chuckles--the cage is being held together by chains due to rusting/weaking--a washer and a Kuranda bed or pet cot for the blind cat in the bird room, Keeper.  After that, the dogs outside need bones and chews to keep them busy while the land is flooded and the cats (lots) need cat trees and climbers.  They are all now on the slab with a piece of carpet that someone brought over.  They need to get off the floor!


Pat told me today that the baby kittens that were left out in the storm under a stairway, are lapping baby milk BUT she unfortunately discovered, are infested with fleas!  They have teeth, teeny tiny teeth--so they can take Capstar for Cats if anyone feels like gracing her with a box!  


Link for Cat Capstar:


I got a 24 hour extension on Mike's disability appeal, closing in on 2,000 pages--YIKES--and so I'll write my updates most likely by Thursday (I'll take Wednesday to collapse!)  Please read the post below to see what the RR needs or read about Mike's latest update at  


God blessed us with y'all.  Thank you.


Hugs from the Herd--and the Flock, too, I guess!

Mon, May 2, 2016 | link 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Update on Beaumont Rescue...RR update

The last post I wrote below is about a big rescue in Beaumont self-funded until now by a retired teacher and her pension.  The damage and losses are severe and she needs help (see below).


As if she didn't have enough to worry about, yesterday, someone dropped off a basket of 2-3 weeks old sopping wet tiny kittens for her to "rescue" and she just found out today that her washer is a loss and not covered since FEMA has a very very high deductible AND prorates every stick of wood and piece of sheetrock, etc. to something absurd.  


If you can help the rescue in any way, please see instructions below in my April 29, 2016 post.  The situation is dire.



 Our ambassadors! Pasha Dasha, Sissy and Bellie (now nicknamed, "Chipie" because she zealously loves potato chips!, and Bunny Bun Bun--our first wheelchair dog.  They are just the "face" of the many who we take care of day and night--happily, with love and until God calls their name.


As for the Rescue Ranch, we had our angels send in the eye ointment and marrow bones (THANK YOU!) that were much needed.  We still have two VIP needs...links below and our amazon credits are now at zero--so any credits or e-cards to amazon are needed to start preparing for the next order.


Three VIP things for the RR:


1. For the bigger dogs, Dingo Ringos/long time chews are depleted!  A RR emergency!! Yikes!  One pack or boxes of 30, we need lots--like cases of them!*  Link to Pet Mountain:


*Coupon for the above/everything on Pet Mountain--Monday, May 2 only--see code below:



2.  For little dogs, there are no more chews either.  Walmart's Kabobs are a A-#1 Favorite! You can only order up to six pkgs per order at a time--with free shipping, too.  One set or eighteen pkgs, we need them please! Unlimited need.  Link:


3.  VIP: e-credits to (Links above this blog) Our credits balance is zero after ordering a few weeks ago and hungry tummies don't "understand" the word "wait..."



Our original RR dog, Mebs, whose loss was unbearable nine years ago--and still hurts daily. Her mama had 16 puppies and they were dying during nursing due to the weight of the "puppy pile." We were called to take her at just seven weeks--and I carried her in a baby blanket into Walmart to buy the supplies she needed urgently.  I have the cutest photos of her baby-hood but they need to be scanned.  One of these days...


Mike's appeal is due by the end of the day Monday--so please forgive me for not returning emails or writing my Thank you's.  I will this week.  FYI, Bunny's angel, Blue, yellow, red...boxes received!


I can never say how grateful we are for your help, compassion and caring.  We thought we'd have another twenty or thirty years to catch up on life and savings and prepare for our future.  The doctor says we could have a few months, half a year or a couple of rough years and then, well, and then, let's just not go there right now.


Love to all.  Truly, deeply grateful. 

Please, PLEASE, help. 


(I'm trying not to have a heart attack or stroke or collapse from the stress of all of this--and ironically, it has nothing to do with the dogs! They are providing comfort to me and pet therapy to Mike.  God knows what you need, I can see, before you know it yourself.)



 Just another day at the RR--the dogs love to come visit me at my writing window!

Of course, I always have a treat for each of my furry visitors!


 To read the update on Mike's medical situation, just posted, go to:

Thank you for caring. Especially for caring--and for sharing our links/website.


Sun, May 1, 2016 | link 

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