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Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscar Weekend and Hot Dog Soup

Once a year, I put aside the day for the Oscar's.  I don't know why exactly, but I think it is because I like to look at the evening gowns.  I really don't give a hoot about who wins or not, but way back when, and as far back as I can remember, I used to draw and design new clothes for my Barbie dolls and my mother and grandmother would make them for me and eventually taught me how to sew and make them myself. I should have been a fashion designer but I couldn't/can't be bothered with having to dress up all of the time.  Sweats, fluffy socks and clogs are good enough for me!

Sunday, I had my afternoon planned and gave all of the dogs a size-specific Dingo bone, mixed and matched by your wonderful treats that came at Christmas time. I was hoping for some time off to watch the red carpet show that was on before the Oscar's. (I did get about two wonderful hours to myself and my show.) Once they were finished with their bones, and took a nap, the dogs gradually began to realize that I was just doing nothing--I wasn't cleaning up after them, I wasn't playing with them, I wasn't helping someone else in the family who is sick, I was just sitting still--watching TV to me--waiting to be called upon, by them!

I am convinced that dogs communicate telepathically--just watch a dog eating, and another attempt to join in. The dog at the food bowl doesn't even have to look up or make a sound and the other dog will go lay down.  It is like he/she is saying, "Oh, no you don't..." Over and over again, I see how they communicate without a sound.  (Yes, they do use their tails--don't ever be caught off guard by a dog with a wagging tail that you don't know!)   There are over 150 different tail signals-wag to the left, wag to the right, stiff, straight up in the air, on and on--each means something different and they are not all saying, "Love me. Love me."

As I sat on the couch watching my show, I could see one Bittie (the under ten-lbers) wake up from her snuggly nap and see that I was just sitting there, "staring" at the wall (TV), I guess it seemed to them.  Suddenly, without her even moving, the rest of the Bitties were stirring, getting all excited that I was within just feet of them and doing nothing.  Soon, I was surrounded by ten or twelve dogs who wanted to sit with me, get petted, have snacks, including all of the wheel-chair dogs. (I got up to meet the little black girl, Bellie, half way, since I know what a struggle it is for her to move with her condition.) I wrapped her up in a leopard-print blanket that one of the RR angels had sent and set her on the couch next to me.  She was thrilled to be there and rolled over to take another nap--but every time I looked down to check on her, her beautiful, gigantic, sparkling eyes were looking at me!

With so much stress lately, I've been skipping eating--a lot.  I just don't feel like eating anything at all.  Finally, I had a craving for angel food cake and I can get down a piece of that a few times a day.  What is interesting, is that Kasey, our little Cocker Spaniel rescue who twice a day, needs to be specially fed and watered with unflavored Pedialyte (in a feeding syringe--no needle!), can smell or hear when I get the cake out and comes looking for it!  Happily, I give him little bites of angel food, since he will actually eat it on his own (maybe because it is so soft) and I keep going until he walks away.  I am so thrilled that he is eating something that there just must be some touch of an angel in the cake!

Today, he wandered into where I was writing, looking for the cake.  I'm in the dining room and there is no cake. When he gets an urge to eat, I try to jump and if he stands in front of a water bowl, even though he won't drink, I immediately get the syringe and bowl out. I keep water and Pedialyte in our heaven-sent new 'frig--the Pedialyte is perishable but also, some dogs actually prefer cold or cooler water over room temperature.  (The biggest fan of cold water, believe it or not, is the littlest dog here, Bitty Bits, weighing in at 3 lbs! He becomes so animated when I get out a bottle, even if it was supposed to be for me, that I can't help but share! The Sissies, Bellie and Sissy, are cold water dogs, too, so sometimes, I have to go back and get myself another bottle!)

So, when Kasey came in to see me today, I was close to the softie treats for Millie and Gracie and the mouth-injured dogs, the Milk Bone Soft Bones in a jar.  I offered him one but he didn't take it so I broke it into two pieces and put it down before him.  He ate it!  I was thrilled.  After eating about 12 of them like that, he walked away.  He was full, I guess, and for those treats and blankets and every thoughtful thing you send, I am so grateful, day after day, sometimes hour after hour...



Bunny, out of her wheelchair, flips over when she wants her tummy petted since she has neurologic and orthopedic impairments from being a rare survivor of neurologic distemper.


If anyone has ever had an animal stop eating or drinking, after months of doing it for them--and not giving up on them--when they finally begin to eat or drink for themselves, it is a big deal!  Bunny, who had neurologic distemper (before we discovered Dr. Sears and his cure), three types of mange, had been hit by a car and left behind in the middle of a park, was just five minutes from heaven when we saw her. She was in the first kennel to be euthanized after closing--and we just happened to be at that shelter for a late meeting. As she got sicker, Bunny wouldn't eat or drink anything at all for five weeks.  It was a back-breaker and exhausting, but each time, we'd offer the liquified a/d to her (Hill's a/d high calorie canned food with water--thin enough to just syringe it in), until one day, she actually began to lap it up!

While I thought my red carpet day would be quiet, Pasha went outside and got into the rose bushes!  When a wheelchair dog gets into the middle of a giant spread of rose bushes, it's a bit of an effort to get her out!  In her own effort to back out, she had gotten a cut. Putting pressure on a sterile pad will eventually stop it (just make sure to put new pads OVER the old one and not replace the original or you can reopen the healing spots), but then I remembered that an angel had sent a package of Wound Stop powder--which has four envelops inside a container so what you don't use can be kept sterile for another time. 

I knew right where to find it and held out her skin and sprinkled the powder on it.  Almost instantly, the bleeding stopped.  It is amazing and should be part of everyone's first aid kit!  After it sits for a few hours, I put the dog (whoever) in the tub and rinse any wound or cut out gently with Betadine rinse/solution--not the scrub (the dark brown skin disinfectant) and cover or smear with antibiotic ointment using a sterile glove or pad. (Deeper wounds heal from the inside, out. You have to keep them packed with ointment or sterile gauze with ointment--ask your vet how to do it this ahead of time and for a prescription for a tube of Mupirocin ointment, a stronger Neosporin that I could not live without, to keep in your first aid box.)

Hot Dog Soup

My show was over and the Oscar's were already into the awards so after a brief rest, I put on a big pot of water and made hot dog soup--a fav at the Rescue Ranch!  Since we/they shouldn't really eat hot dogs often, it is a once every-few-months or so gourmet treat!  I slice and dice some packages of the 89 cents hot dogs, drop them into the boiling water with the $1 per pkg of angel hair pasta, broken into small pieces.  Some olive oil, a little sea salt and after a half hour or so, without a ton of ingredients, there is a great big pot of soup that we ladle onto each dog's dry kibble dinner--after it cools down.

I can tell you that it is a hit and for only four dollars or so, we feed a lot of dogs (happily) with it. Of course, the sick dogs and little dogs get diced hot dog and noodles minus the kibble, since normally they would eat wet food.  (Even tiny dog kibble can be too hard or to big for them!) Mr. Kasey ate 3/4 of a plate all by himself!!

I put everyone to bed, and then exhausted, I tried to write this blog and another Natural News story but my eyes just wouldn't stay open.  I kept finding my head on my laptop and finally decided that a few hours of sleep was more important. Sorry--but I'm here now!!

Thanks for stopping by, for listening and for caring. Especially for caring!

Note: If you have not read my story about the spread of viruses--especially the latest (see pics below), you must. It is not just an issue at the dog parks. With each issue that I write about, I try to teach you how I solve the problem, too, since I have a lot of people I can go see or call for help (digital photos work wonders on email) so print the stories out or take notes.  You never know when you'll want to make Rescue Ranch Hot Dog Soup, for instance, and won't remember my "recipe!"

Note 2: I am going to create a page with links to products that I mention in my blogs so you, too, can order the supplies, treats, etc. for your animals.  (I will be writing about more than just dog issues, so don't worry.)

If you have an idea for a story or want to send in a paypal gift, you can use our email: or go to our fundraiser and read more about the animals at:

Note 3: Did you know that just by shopping on amazon through our associates' link that amazon will give back a percentage of each sale as a credit for RR supplies?  This month, we are up to a credit of almost $110 for February and there is still this week left to shop--so pleazzzzzzzeee spread the word/link and let amazon support more of the Rescue Ranch dog expenses which are about $2200/month, all volunteer, all overhead expenses paid.

(FYI, At the top of each page on this site, there is now a "Recommend this Site" button that you can just click and email to a friend/s.  I do not get a copy of any emails or notes that go out from that button.)

Link to Share/start shopping on:

...and last but not at all least, please don't apologize for sending in ten or twenty five dollars or whatever you feel moved to give or "just a bag of..." or "just a box of..." or "just for praying..." It all helps--and it all adds up to accomplish the massive task of helping these animals, especially right now when the need is so great. We love you just for caring.  There are so many others who read about the need and don't do anything--but could--so you are very, very special. NEVER forget that you are a Rescue Ranch angel!




P.S. The Something Unique Christmas Collection will reach us this weekend--so if you left your email address there and haven't heard from me, that's why--plus I'm kind of behind and overwhelmed right now but I'll let you know as soon as it gets here by posting some fun photos!

Mon, February 23, 2015 | link 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Natural News Story is Now Live

My first Natural News story sine I've been sick--with link to photos--you MUST MUST MUST read.  This could devastate you/your animal without knowing.  Don't look at photos (down below/yesterday's post) near a mealtime.  

Click on my name to read my intro/background story.  Please SHARE from that page.  Everyone needs to know about this--dog parks, vet visits, more are possible danger zones...

Be sure to stop by Monday for another update and hopefully, a new story.  

Remember, any shopping you do through our links on amazon (through any link, banner or our amazon page)--for animal stuff or for anything--helps the special needs dogs at the Rescue Ranch.  amazon gives back a small percentage, processes everything privately, ships, etc. like they regularly do and gives back 4-6 percent...Don't forget, our Gofundme is at 17%--and the need is urgent and immediate.  We need social networkers to help and get the link out to those who can help:

Thank you for all you do!

Hugs from the Herd!


P.S. Virtual volunteers needed for posting, website work and creating original clip-art.

Fri, February 20, 2015 | link 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dog Park Dangers and Update

First, a belated Happy Valentine's Day to all of the Rescue Ranch angels, seen and unseen, known and not known yet..Recovering from a double kidney infection has been difficult at best, especially when it was an ESBL--resistant to almost all medicines, including IV meds--soooo, I had to figure out a way to beat it using natural supplements or I was predicted to be a "goner" in less than thirty days.  Three months later, I'm still here, getting stronger every day--thank God.

Things at the Rescue Ranch have been very time-consuming to say the least.  I am not free to totally disclose what is going on but just know that I am overwhelmed, feel pretty alone and am beginning the fight or what feels like a battle to save someone's life--in addition to helping all of the animals that we do, there just isn't enough time in a day and night sometimes, and this week has been one of those.  (That doesn't mean our prayers haven't been constant and never-ending for our helpers--they have been!!)

Early this morning, I wrote my first story for Natural News!  As soon as the link is published, I'll activate it in this blog: Contagious Viruses Easily Spread at Dog Parks: Even in Cold Weather  With all of my dog experience, I thought I'd seen it all--but this story y'all need to read, especially if you take your animals out of your yard. It is absolutely frightening--and goes beyond "just" Distemper and Parvo!!

Natural News Story:  Contagious Viruses Easily Spread at Dog Parks: Even in Cold Weather

In my new blog I can't (no one can which is a shame) post my own photos and have limited space to provide easy links to things that I refer to in my stories, on this blog page (and until I create a new page just for my Natural News stories), I promised that I would post a few of the major papillomas photos that dogs can get (cats and other animals, too) as well as links to things I mentioned in my story.

So...Photos, followed by Links!  Brace yourself...

Photos of Dogs with the Papilloma Virus:


None of these dogs live at the Rescue Ranch, but if you read the story, we have had an unexplained brush with this virus--we can only attribute to some vet exposure.  It is awful, fast growing and everyone needs to know about it.  It can look like any of the above or a variation thereof.  See one, tomorrow, see five...act quickly (most effective options are in the story as well as preventative solutions.)

I hope to be able to write every other night or so, so please register to follow my blog so the stories come to your Inbox.  Of course, you can check in here or on my Twitter/Facebook page on this site (no membership needed for either), and scroll down to find out the latest post links.

Starting a new blog after six years at the Houston Chronicle, people are a little lost and email me, asking me where I "went."  The Chron did not let me post a link to my new blog so it will be up to YOU spreading the word through Posts/Shares/Tweets to let my audience know how to find me again.  I am hoping that they remember the Rescue Ranch website and can find this blog.  Please use your SHARE POWER!  The more people we reach, the more animals--and their people--we can help.


Natural News//Dog Park Story

LINKS for things that I Use/Mentioned in this story:

1.  Keep these handy and just avoid transferring a dangerous virus


100% Food Grade Diatomateous Earth

Portables Waters/Dishes

Easily Sanitizable Toys

Washable/Disposable Booties


2.  Health tools that I also keep also handy in case of viral exposure (for dogs and people)!

Boiron's Oscillo

Colloidal or Nano Silver (minimum 30 PPM--I take a slug at least once or twice a day, too!)

Pine Bark Extract aka Pycnogenol

Hexane Free Castor Oil for treating Papillomas/Warts


Well, it's almost dawn and I'm tired right now and have about twenty minutes until the group "howl" starts--that's my alarm clock.  If you have never heard one of these, it is quite an experience.  It stems from the wolves in our dogs--howling to let each member know where they are, that they are OK, and I guess I'm included!  You cannot sleep through it and so as my mom used to say, "Sleep Quickly" and so I shall. 

Promise I'll write more later in the day.  I am so grateful to everyone helping out on our Purple Gofundme (above).  The need is real, immediate and I hope, lots more people help soon so that we can reach our goal.  I was hoping to finish it by the end of February, that is how immediate our need is. 

Last night, I couldn't even complete the order for canned food for the Bitties (under ten lbers), seniors and mouth-challenged dogs.  With all of my significant other's medical expenses, which skyrocketed today, my credit cards are depleted.  One had $2.13 on it but that wouldn't get me very far.  Thankfully, one of our RR angels sent an amazon e-gift card and so food is ordered for next week.  The Gofundme funds have been helping with food, medicines, supplies and more for the others but it will not cover the major vet bills coming on Saturday or sustain us unless the whole need is met.  "HELP. Help Now..and Thank you." is my prayer tonight just like Iyanla Vanzant said she prayers in an interview.

So, I'm going to get a drink of water and "Sleep Quick," hoping that I don't disturb the Herd getting up.  I'll tip toe and hope everyone realizes that it's just me and not a "robber"--special needs dogs have such incredible hearing that a leaf could drop outside and they'd all be on alert.  It is amazing.

Love and hugs from the Herd.  Please Help if you can. If you can't, please Share/Post/Tweet this URL.    This story is very important for all animal lovers to read.  Hugs from the Herd!


 Pasha, Sissy, Bellie and Bunny are our Rescue Ranch "good will" ambassadors!  It is too difficult to get everyone into one photo, so day by day, week by week, you'll meet someone new!


Thu, February 19, 2015 | link 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fundraiser takes down update. Ugh.

Hol-ee Cow!  So now its not the gory photos--its the link to another site (see their email below).  Other than apparently having 5000 rules that I don't understand, they are now depositing your gifts in the Rescue Ranch account in about 48 hours, give or take, as gifts are made.  That is such a blessing!!  Tonight, we needed different oils for skin issues--some for the dogs to take internally and externally--and there was money in the account to buy them.  THANK YOU!!!!!

The only way though for the fundraiser to get more publicity is for YOU to share the link--just copy and paste it, go on the site and click on the social media links to share or click up on the upper left side of THIS page that says, "Recommend this site."  It all will help.  With so many people who are "friends," and I realize things may be tight right now, if 700 people gave ten dollars each or 70 people gave 100$, well, you do the math...we'll get to our goal.  I just can't keep asking you to help--Here is the opportunity before you to be blessed.  If you want to be, then you'll do something to help.  If you turn away, then you turn away...

I learned a longggggg time ago, that when someone asks for help, never turn your back or if you see someone you could jump in and help, do it.  IF the need is real, they are blessed.  If it is not, then they have to deal with committing a sin.  Either way though, the giver always gets the blessing and in this case, the need is raw, real and urgent.

I have been approached by people needing help jumping their car. Yes. Even in the rain. Have stopped and lay down on the side of the highway to help a woman trying to catch her dog before it got killed--yes, it was saved.  Stopped the car/blocked four lanes of traffic to pick up a turtle and take it to the pond it was trying to get to. Had a girl ask me for food money because her mother needed help/was disabled.  On and on and on.  I even had a homeless woman ask for my cupcake on my dashboard that my dear departed mother had sent to me.  Yes, I gave it to her and no, I did not accept the $1 she offered to trade me.  Yes, I deliver lunch to the newspaper guys sitting out in bad/hot weather in the middle of the highway; give my gloves to someone standing at a bus stop; put gas in people's cars if they ran out of luck, gas and money.  I learned very early on that you take every opportunity to be blessed--at some point in our lives, either we will need them, our family may or we can catch up to them in heaven.  Passing up an opportunity to be blessed is like turning your back on the good...

Here's the fundraiser's latest censor and the phots that went with it follow (the weird characters were added in their program):



Playing gently with her, Beautiful Beauty was Chula's first BFF early on. Chula's skin and fur was scorched off from her tail to her neck.  This is the last patch to heal up put the heartworm infection/disease is advanced and has to be managed carefully.  Despite excrutiating pain and agony, now she is like happy sunshine in a doggie body!


 Chula is in l-u-v with a pink and a green squeaky toy that "she" got for Christmas!  Four dogs run around with them and play tug together!  It is like the circus came to town, it is so funny!!

Don't forget to do your online shopping by starting on the Rescue Ranch affiliates link!  It won't cost you any more and amazon will give us a credit for all sales to help with expenses.  For January, we just got a $134 credit--which means a couple of new crates, cases of food can be ordered immediately!  The company processes your orders normally--and privately--we just get a memo with a credit each month!  Please go to our Shop Amazon page and click on the link to get started.

Note: IF you store things in a cart, as long as you go back to buy them through our link again, the dogs will get credit!!  This Feb, 2015, the credit is at just under $65 so far.  Let's share the link, use it frequently--let amazon the company help the Rescue Ranch, too--and be blessed!!  Thank you!

Link to shop/share for amazon/online shopping that will painlessly help the RR animals!


See our funny Valentine's Photo for you--on our facebook page!!

If you don't have an account, you can still read my posts on this site.

Just click on the Facebook/Twitter page

Just please click SHARE


when you are there if you do!


Sat, February 14, 2015 | link 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

God really hears our prayers

While I'm exhausted and limping around on my leg (blood clot from falling on a metal playpen that collapsed), my significant other, who would like to remain nameless because of his job, is at least finally getting the care and tests that he needs. 

In the past two weeks we gone to Dr. Tom, Dick and Harry or Cindy...hearing this is a possibility, that is probably the cause, etc. One doc had the brilliant idea to have him go before a medical board at the hospital and let the docs and interns all rotate through, review his symptoms and issues and come up with a diagnosis.  "Yippee," I thought to myself. Finally.  Nope.

Although I loved what they did, they came up with a diagnosis secondary to the cause of X.  But no one has identified X and time is running out. Yup.  That's what one of them told me. If we don't figure this out, I'll be left without the main Rescue Ranch benefactor--and not because he moved if you understand my jist.  This is so serious, that we had legal papers signed and notarized this week...

It looked like I was at wit's end, with no one to help. With a dog with a blood vessel coming out of her eye--back to the vet again--and one not drinking or peeing, not a good sign. On top of it, last night, I came home from a full day of medical stuff (my kidney infection is getting better again) to find a puddle of urine with a blotch of blood in the middle of it.  The only dog that could have jumped up to leave that in the middle of my bed  (on newly washed sheets, of course--but it was a good thing because I knew there was a problem and could discern who it was easily and quickly) was Girl, the Texas Pearl. Ugh.  She is about ten-ish and has been acting kind of lethargic but I thought she had an earache.  Looks like a UTI--another dog to the vet.  The car is going to be full this weekend. It is not unusual for six or eight to go at one time!

Then, when I felt so helpless, I remembered that whenever you feel like that or feel like you have no where to turn, you surrender your issue to God.  You lay down your own will and ask for help. "When we are weak, He is strong..."  I made a cross and lay it down in front of a picture of Jesus. I touched the canvas and said, "I surrender.  If you want 'someone' to get help, I need Your help...Thank you."

In the middle of the night, my phone rang.  It was 3 AM. It was my friend who moved to a different time zone a few weeks ago. She was awake and missing us. I told her what was happening. She just happens to be a nurse!  We spent the next nearly five hours online and on the phone together researching 'his' test results from a, b,c,d,e,f...and put it all together.  We came up with a couple of possible diagnosises and the experts in the area that could handle diagnosing and treating it.  At 8 AM, I was on the phone talking very specific medical talk (thanks to my friend), telling them in their terms that this was an SOS call and why.  Both docs that we needed agreed to see him right away, a couple of hours apart.

It turns out that the docs are best friends--which will make working together easier.  They both took a look and well, he spent the night with the docs and all day today having tests, coming later, to go back tomorrow.  They agreed that things were urgent and time is running out.  But, they started ordering tests that made sense to me/my friend, that other docs kept saying SHOULD be ordered but are afraid to order or should I say their compensation or bonuses from the insurance company would have docked them if they did?  I can tell you that the docs are not running our health care anymore--even pharmacists are questioning doctors' orders now.  It is not right and we have private insurance!

So, I spent the night with a TV on to keep my "company" and lots of dogs on watch (even if they can't walk, their ears are amazing!  They can hear anything and alert you with a low growl or full on bark if the issue or noise is nearer) even though we live in a very safe area. I could rest without worrying, other than having to get up at 4 AM, as usual, to do medicine food and syringe-watering.  By about 7 AM, I got my leg up and took a break before the cycle started all over again after lunch.

So now, I am going to do the same thing with our fundraiser--I am surrendering it to Him.  We need to keep the dogs' expenses paid and keep them fed and clean and medically cared for but the $7880 that we need has reached just over $1100 which I am EXTREMELY grateful for.  It has been such a huge help, I can't even begin to tell you.  But, the extreme burden on us continues and the dogs need your help to reach our goal/need met.

The stack of our medical bills is half the height of my forearm, with second and third notices coming in.  We have to do repairs at the RR and can't do all of this, pay the bills and hold up the tremendous responsibility of the Rescue Ranch alone right now.  Please Help if you can--Share, Pray if you can't financially, but really those other things are helping, too!!  We need to reach other people who can help and can only do that with your help.  We also need to reach other angels--as I always say, seen and unseen, known and unknown (yet)--who can help.  

We have one parent left between us.  I called to give her an update on his condition--and she asked how things were at the RR.  I didn't want to burden her too much since she is elderly and suffering after recently having surgery.  When she heard how we are falling apart physically and financially, she said matter-of-fact to just take all of the dogs to the shelter...(My heart be still...!)

I asked her if she knew what would happen to them if we did that.  They wouldn't be adopted they would be killed--euthanized within an hour.  That is the policy for voluntary surrenders TO a shelter.  At least strays get three days for their owner to track them down, if they were blessed enough to have someone to love them or to fall in love and adopt them--otherwise some mean person, with no pain medicine, sticks a needle in their heart or their kidney or gasses them or feeds them poisoned milk or, or, or.  Euthanasia at a shelter is a nasty business and when/if I were ever to be President, I would outlaw it. It is inhumane and not the solution to over-population.  

Mama-in-law had no answer to that other than save yourselves and let the dogs go.  I can't do that morally, no matter what we have to suffer. I've literally given my life and so has he, to be the hands through which miracles have happened for these and so many other animals all around the country or world now. I will go hungry (and have) to make sure they are A-OK. Being unable to pay utilities for last month and then the mortgage, is not going to help anyone--so if y'all can help out with the dogs, we'll be able to pick ourselves up and the rest and get caught up again and get out of this crisis. I pray.

So, here is our fundraiser link. I lay it down/surrender it and hope lots of people pick it up and pass it on. If it is His will, I know it will happen!

Thank you. Grateful. Please share in our blessings.


Mama Mia won't leave the bandages on over her eye--so to keep the light out of her eye, and to keep her from pawing at it, this eye patch is doing the job!  Some hours, it has to be accompanies by the blue, inflatable e-collar but most of the time she is sleepy from her medicine.  The blood vessel rupture in her eye may not be able to be resolved without surgical intervention. I just don't want her eye to rupture.

Dealing with eye stuff is my Achilles' heel--my weak spot.  It brings me to my knees because after rescuing Precious with a ruptured eyeball, I know how fragile and delicate, painful and critical the eyes are--and their parts. Precious' eye parts were on her cheek when we picked her up at the shelter and you could see her white skull bone literally looking in the socket. For four months, I had to care for that injury, looking at her skull while I was doing first aid, until she was physically strong enough for surgery.  

We rescue animals in such tough shape that even the fundraiser company (see posts a few below) had to ask us to not publish the medical photos! Not many people or rescues or vets even will do this kind of work.  Please help us to continue.  Thank you. Really. Truly. Deeply.


Thu, February 12, 2015 | link 

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