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Thursday, May 7, 2015

We are still here!!

Sometimes there are times in our lives where words just can't express our feelings...the situation...everything, in fact. This is one of those times.  In addition to needing some time to get over being stunned, I had to spend days organizing medical and corporate correspondence...

No matter what, every time I saw her, Ady Ada went out of her way to make me laugh!
I miss her...lots.


Dealing with sustaining life is alone, one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do.  It takes stamina to juggle hand-feeding, syringe-watering, occasional oxygen and nebulizing medications (like Ada above), preparing umpteen medications and keeping to a 24/7 schedule, cleaning up vomit, diarrhea, changing bed covers in the middle of the day or night, snuggling, resuscitating, emergency first aid and on and on.  To maintain the mindset and energy to do this takes a strong spirit and constitution. There is no room to worry about anything other than "life."

A few weeks ago, losing almost total support and our health insurance when our primary benefactor was laid off, was a blow I was not prepared for.  Just prior, Mike ripped open his mesh/hernia repair from last year so a couple of handfuls of his colon once again is pouring out under his skin. His surgeon said he needs major surgery soon/again among other things.

I suspected that the lay off was done illegally but I didn't know how. When his doc notified the company at the end of the day that he had a problem and needed more time off, he was laid off in less than 12 Hrs (at 7:23 am!). I organized all of the paperwork and emails for days and picked up the phone one morning. 

After hearing what happened, the firm I called agreed to help.  They are trying to get the lay-off retracted and sick leave reinstated.  The corporation agreed to open an internal investigation, but we have no idea how long that will take. In the meantime, we have no income, no insurance and Mike can't run out and get a new job, no matter how much he wants to, he just can't.


Well, while we're waiting, I'm going to carry on and I'm going to go eat some baby angel cakes a RR angel just sent, letting them nourishes my body and soul! My mother used to bake this cake for me before God called her name. We'd sit and chat for hours, eating her cake and those special mail-order pears and sliced cheese her sister used to send her for holidays.

We never wanted the conversation to end, so we'd visit and get sundaes, go to the movies and eat out, talking almost non-stop, three or four days at a time! Mike was always included (my mother loved him like her son and baked him cookies and muffins to take home every time).

The dogs were always welcome but had to stay in the family room.  That was a fair solution to a visiting semi-herd!!  So we put up a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs and after we finished watching TV, we said goodnight to each fur baby. They were always so well behaved when we traveled!! (I slept on the couch if one of them required 24/7 care. We took along our dogs and the dogs whose care was too complicated for a RR volunteer sitter.)

Please say a pray for the attorney who is taking on a giant.  Remember, it was just a stone in David's slingshot that slay the giant--and only faith as small as a mustard seed was needed. Please join us in prayer--let each mustard seed in my hand be a "stone" of faith that God can use.


Thank you to all and of course, Hugs from the Herd!!


PS. Please help if you can:

*Go fund me: Please help through our fundraiser--share/post/tweet the URL, too...give it more exposure please!!  Link:  (just updated last night!)

*Give via Paypal: Please use "" for giving through paypal (we can use these gifts to shop for the dogs at many online stores now!)

*Shop amazon: Let amazon give back a small percentage of all sales as a credit to buy things for the dogs!  You just have to START shopping through the RR link--and if you don't check out right away and store things in your cart, you have to check out by starting on the RR link again.  The RR account info is alraeady encoded in the list:

LINK (please share/post):


*Mailing address/Wish List (Wish List links above, too): Rescue Ranch, 945 McKinney Street, MS 242, Houston, TX  77002

Our prayers are always with you--the dogs all do "prayer time" with us for an hour most days. When I need clean blankets, or canned food, or chews/treats, etc. and your gifts are always there to meet our needs almost miraculously. I always stop and "Thank God" for our angels--known and unknown, seen and unseen...

Coming next, the story of the hand-cross.  I still remain in awe.



Thu, May 7, 2015 | link 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Update Post Coming Friday!

On the last day of our health insurance, thanks to the lay-off of our primary benefactor, we've had to jam in as many medical appointments, dentists, etc. as possible.  That said, it is leaving little time to write an update for you, so please forgive me and be sure and stop by tomorrow.  There is lots to tell!

Sending Hugs from the Herd!!


Thu, April 30, 2015 | link 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

It's All in God's Hands

If you've known me a long-time, you know that when I was in my mid 20's, I was driving down a beautiful, tree-lined road in the fall and said a prayer to God as I felt the warm sun on my face.  Instead of asking Him for a better this or bigger that, I asked Him for "Wisdom."

I look back and can remember that moment exactly, even where the sun was on the horizon.  I didn't think that I was that deep, per se, spiritually, but I'm kind of proud of myself.  I didn't ask for wealth, or to be skinny, or for a bigger house or better car.  What I didn't know, is that the gift of Wisdom, and it is a gift, is hard-won, gained through experiences, so many of them heartbreaking, not only to open your heart wider but so that upon reflection, the lesson could be learned.  I can tell you today, that I am a completely different person than I was that day--for the better, but I can see that even back then, I had some substance to me!

Caring for animals since I was a young girl, to caring for special needs animals for ten years, has had a big part in changing my heart and in my quest for Wisdom.  I've learned to trust; to be braver; to love openly; to fight for life; to continue despite the worst of odds (so it seems); to laugh at even the smallest thing and always to smile and to give affection and praise, encouragement and forgiveness. 

Animals that can continue having fun despite having a severed spinal cord;  or who can love, despite being abandoned and abused horribly; who can "dance" and laugh with me, even though they can't even walk; who can be patient, quiet and respectful when I don't feel good (which is more and more often) but can celebrate (loudly) when I get up and do my "doggie dance," wagging my body and using my fingers as ears, trying to communicate on their level when so brilliantly, they've learned to communicate on mine.


Little Bellie needs a plate and screw in at least one paw, maybe two.  She is just pure joy and love, even though my heart breaks for her needing help and the fundraiser going so slowly...

I've learned to trust animals and to trust God and the few friends that we have, who don't give up when things get hard.  I can tell you that taking care of one end-of-life animal can be leveling--right now, taking care of two at a time, is exhausting, but someone has to help them, to comfort them, to hand-feed them.  One day, they won't be here anymore and I don't want any regrets.  I'll miss each one to the depth of my soul but through my tears, I can go outside and look up at heaven and smile, knowing that some day, we'll meet again.  Who knows, maybe they come and visit me in my dreams, too! I sure see them and my heart skips a beat when I realize it.

Right now, so many things are happening that I am exhausted and finding it difficult to write.  I had to take a week off to just regroup and now, I'm starting to feel like I can begin again.  The lay-off of our primary supporter was a devastating blow. His position was eliminated and the company is cutting spending by $1 Billion this year.  He was so beside himself at the news that he lifted a heavy box and UGH, the mesh that repaired a major hernia (from lifting canned dog food flats a year ago), let go.  Now, his intestines are spilling out again and he needs major surgery.  I have a brain tumor/stage 2 brain cancer and brain bleed and our insurance runs out the end of the month. Cobra is over $1000 per month.  They've already begun to deny the medications that I need...

Last week, I spoke with the doctor of the relative with disabilities that I've been caring for and the doc decided to hospitalize my relative for 8 weeks so I could get a break and they could get some agreed upon help.  About an hour before we were leaving for a tour and intake evaluation, the hospital called.  The insurance denied the claim, even though it should have been approved. So, as the condition is progressing, I had to take a step back.  I need to find another solution or help.  My shoulders are only so broad--and they hurt!

A sweet RR angel has been sending us a soup gift box and prepared meals for meat-eaters (Mike) and for me, a vegetarian, special separate ones.  They have been such a relief (and delicious!!).  Some days, I can't even manage cooking for people, when I just want to collapse after taking care of the dogs at 10 PM and want to just go to sleep. There have even been some yummy extra cakes and cookies--or what I call our breakfast and lunch!  If not for these kindnesses, I'd be skipping eating for days at a time or slugging down a meal in a bottle (chocolate always)!

Other angels have been helping with the fundraiser so I can get the animal's medical supplies, vet care, food, etc. for the dogs (all doggie gifts/funds are always kept separate). One angel has been sending gifts to paypal via so I can order things they need from a bunch of stores. I hope more people help, via paypal, the wish list on this site/or links above for our amazon and pet mountain wish lists, or the fundraiser, so we can get the surgery to reconnect the plate and pin in Bellies' paw, the giant lump of fat and cancer taken off of Poppy's chest, continue to pay for the medicines the dogs' need, which run at least $500 or more a month. 

Just by shopping online through our Amazon link, this month we had a $122 credit--that is five cases of little cans of food, which makes a dent in our $500 plus monthly doggie food bill.  (So far for April, we are at $66 amazon dollars--a small percentage of each sale is credited to our account, so please use it more this next week or so! Copy the URL and pass it on/share/post it, too, please!)

I am grateful, deeply, tearfully grateful, for your kindnesses.  I used to do the same for many organizations, for people, vets, disabled children and animals. Since I was 7 or 8, I would collect money, volunteer, do whatever it took just to make a difference.  Then, when I started getting a little older, my parents let me have a "Rescue Ranch" in my house.  My mother helped me with the work and my father was my secret benefactor, always helping me with whatever I couldn't work for (I babysat, worked at a store, did errands for neighbors, etc.). I hope they are blessed now for what they did.  I wish they were here to just hug or share an ice cream with...

We're going to try to hang on to the RR--although it will be tough road.  Resources are especially low but our faith is strong.  I can't imagine that God would give us such a big mission, only to let us fall down.  No, I decided that He gave us this challenge to triumph, so that His power can be known by many, to strengthen their faith--along with ours!  "My God is an awesome God, who reigns with Power and Might..." is one of my favorite songs and it keeps me strong.  I turn it up really loud on my little radio (our stereo broke last year, too), and all of the dogs listen and "dance" with me! It is joyful and hilarious (and loud!!--dog singing kinda loud!)

"Help. Help Now. Thank You."  Now, stand in your faith with me--for your problems and for ours.  Let's leave them in His Mighty (Very) Capable Hands.  

With love and grateful Hugs from the Herd.



 I keep my cross (that I've worn since I was a baby) and my "In Loving Memory" charm necklaces on top of my shirt so when I pass by a mirror, I remember...At least once a day and before I go to sleep, I stop and hold them and ask God to bless you and your loved ones, furry or not. 

Just when I needed a hug, I just found the "In Memory" necklace in a box under a dog food box!  The thoughtfulness of the sender (all of you really) brought tears to my heart and eyes.  I put it right on and leave it on. They both remind me of my priorities even when I feel like another step will be too much, I hold them and continue on. 

Thank you all for caring about all of us. Truly.



P.S. I DID make the little turtle (see post below) my screen-saver.  He makes me smile whenever there is room to see him on my screen!


Thu, April 23, 2015 | link 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I'm starting to come back around...

I will update you by the late morning.  A week like the last one takes the stuffing right out of a person.

Thank you for your prayers and dinners and cakes and dog food and blankets and treats and love and, and, and...To paraphrase, "Blessed be those who help others, for they shall be blessed."  'Til tomorrow...

Hugs from the Herd!


I was dragging my soul around Walgreen's late last week, trying to make sense of everything (there's more), and I saw this little turtle--with such a sweet, loving smile that he made ME smile.  Maybe I should have taken him home, but I left him for someone else who may need him and took a pic to share with you. 

Making him my screensaver (hopefully tomorrow) will make me smile some more. I hope he brings a smile to your life, too.  You can never be too old or too "adult" to appreciate beauty--and to smile!


P.S. If you want his photo for your screensaver, just send me an email:

Wed, April 22, 2015 | link 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Lovely News--Not!

I am still sick to my stomach. Our main supporter is stunned, having a huge burden to carry. He is scared, too.  I am petrified BUT...

I know that God will take care of us, some how, some way.  You can't be doing His work for years, kept the faith and have the responsibility of a practically a farm of helpless, disabled animals, only to be abandoned.  So as I pray, our supporter is trying to process the situation. (In this current oil market, I'm not sure that is going to be possible so fast.)

We are not only losing our support/income, but our health insurance, life insurance (set up for a pet trust), disability--both short and long term--because it was company insured (*lesson learned, get outside policies next time so if you ever need them, they don't stop when your job does.), dental, etc. etc. etc. 

The health insurance can be continued through Cobra at 102 percent of the company's cost.  Although it is tempting to discontinue it, go with out or change to a catastrophic policy, there is something about me that most of you don't know. 

I not only have a Stage 2 brain tumor (inoperable glioma) in my posterior fossa (on the brain stem) but have a brain bleed that keeps re-bleeding about 5 cm from it from the Home Depot accident a few years ago--when the steel pipe fell on my head (there was no compensation from them--I was not able to think squarely never mind think about suing them while the two year statute was expiring.)




The black arrow is pointing to the tumor, which is 11 x 14 mm (which is pretty big for this area) and the red arrow to the brain bleed, which is 5 mm, surrounding by 'heme' or still active blood leaking when I get upset/blood pressure goes up.

Just this week, the docs warned me that stress will make this situation worse and if the tumor activates, I'll have about a month to go...If the brain bleed blows opens, I'm a goner and if the two meet, the tumor and the bleed, like if the tumor grows into the bleed (it is growing tenacles) or vice versa, the same.  Some days, it feels like I've been literally shot in the head.  Other days, I'm tired and have to take naps or lay down here and there just to keep my body rested. This has been why I'm so disorganized on sending my TY notes.  My head hurts when I try to think too much--no kidding!!

We've been to the Cypber Knife inventor, to many consultants/neurosurgeons, in this state and out of it, and basically, it cannot be taken out or even treated because it is in the part of the brain called the "tree of life"--the part of the brain that keeps you alive, bascially.  The pain gets very bad even with meds. Ice packs on my head and back of my neck keep me going but for how long, I don't know.

In addition, I've been taking care of a close relative who is having psychological issues and needs a babysitter much of the time.  The only rest I get, is when there is "quiet" time.  The pressure of this situation will probably make things much worse.

The dogs happily don't know a thing.  They only know that they need to be quiet when I lay down and a couple, surround me with their little bodies, trying to take the pain away when I lay down.  

This morning, Mama Mia is hopping on three paws--I can't see anything wrong, but I know her cancer is progressing and I am concerned that it is affecting a nerve in her leg. Kasey is becoming harder to hand feed and water.

I really am speechless, so please apologize me if I am not writing a lot right now.  The entire situation seems almost impossible, but as the Lord said, "if ye have faith as a mustard seed"...and that I do.

"Help. Help Now. Thank you."

Hugs from the Herd! 


The tumor is in the 4th ventricle, going down from the brain stem into the neck.

I was trying to spare you from this news but now, I felt that it is necessary to tell you why I can't just run out and get a job!

Please help if you can.  

a.  Paypal gifts: Please use our email

b. Amazon gift card or other surprise box with treat, chews, food for the dogs.

c. Donate now on our Gofundme fundraiser:

d. Send anything dog or help to: Rescue Ranch, 945 McKinney Street, Unit 232, Houston, TX  77002



Mon, April 13, 2015 | link 

Thursday, April 9, 2015


I'll share more tomorrow.  Right now, I'd like to ask you to say a prayer for the RR.  Our primary supporter of all overhead and more was just laid off, with less than a month's notice, including our insurance.

Speechless and sick to my stomach, I need to take a few hours to connect to my source of strength and to get my faith soaring, so I can tackle what needs to be tackled.  The weight of what is to be falls squarely on my shoulders and after yesterday's doctor's results, that's not going to be so easy.

If you can help, it would be gratefully welcome.  Just click on the fundraiser link here or the box above the blog or use our email to use paypal.  This is going to be a journey we can only make with help from you, our angels seen and unseen, known and unknown and from the Great Above.

Thank you for caring. Especially for caring.



Bunny is sharing one of your Christmas beds with Poppy. She claimed this bed as hers but adores Poppy, so he's "allowed" to share it with her--not everyone is so lucky! Now, Pasha wants one--she tried to share with Bunny but was chased out in no time flat!  These girls, despite needing wheelchairs to get around, have no shortage of personality!!

Thu, April 9, 2015 | link 

Monday, April 6, 2015

An Easter Bunny for All!

It was Easter night.  We had sat through mass, done our prayers (all of you were included--and your fur babies), and had a simple dinner of egg drop soup and rice. (See my PS below for the story about how I learned how to make this.)

The soup with a little rice is for the people--plus a few crispy croutons on top.  Rice with a little soup is a doggie treat, especially on a holiday.  Everyone gets something a little special.  Even Kasey Kase, who hasn't eaten voluntary for awhile, ate two helpings which made me happy.  Poppy loves the soup and leaves the rice and they all love the crispies, especially Poppy.  He can't seem to get enough of them!  For less than $5, I can make a whole lot of hungry tummies happy (albeit, the dogs' is mixed with kibble).  Only the little wee ones or the mouth-injured get it without kibble.

Somewhere toward bedtime, I was feeling melancholy.  Every Easter, until just a few years ago when she passed away, we'd go over to my parents'/mother's house and she'd have an Easter basket, that she made for each of us, plus a chocolate hollow Bunny. (One year she tried surprising us with white chocolate bunnies but we were so disappointed but never told her.  My siblings and I grew up on the Palmers' milk chocolate bunnies with the candy eyes and carrot and always looked forward to getting that one. Mike loves them all!) 

Mike, my significant other, is the only one who was thrilled with white chocolate--he eats anything sweet!--or anything generally, which makes life so easy (This reminds me of my first enchilada microwave cooking--I kept putting them on for twenty minutes on high. I grew up without a microwave (my parents didn't think they were healthy) and so when the sauce was still liquid-y, I kept putting them on again--and again. Even though they were like concrete, he still ate them without a complaint.  We still laugh about that day so many years later!)

Yesterday, we (dogs included) all watched several Easter movies and as each one passed, I missed my mom and I missed my dad. We used to watch the same movies every year all together. I was missing my family holidays that will never be again.  Around 11 PM, on Easter Sunday night, Mike said he had to go to the store for a minute and was gone for quite awhile.  After an hour, I was starting to get worried. 

When he finally got home, he had the biggest chocolate Palmer's bunny--with my favorite candy stick-on parts, just to make me smile!  He had to go to many stores to find even one--and this was the only one he could find in any size, and thankfully it was already on a half price sale.  While chocolate is not allowed for dogs, they love to smell it and to lick your melted-chocolate fingers.  Mike told me that over 76% of people start eating their bunny by the ears, the others by the base--so the ears it was!

Easter is more spiritual for me but it sure was nice to have a chocolate bunny, too!


Bunny, who was as small as a..., when we rescued her, was so happy to see "her" Easter bunny!

We have some dogs who were brought up in a home that observed Passover--so we "celebrate" both sets of holidays.  Nothin' extravagant for any holiday, just something more special than an ordinary day.

Thank you all for your amazing thoughtfulness and kindnesses for the dogs and this holiday, even for Mike and I.  We are grateful beyond words. (Finally I have the pics downloaded on my camera and now I have to format them and will create a page to post them for you to enjoy, I think.)

Love and Hugs from the Herd and from us, too!

PS  My egg drop soup story...We went on a trip to New Orleans, just for an overnight, but we did wind up helping a family with a bunch of little kids who relocated to south of Houston get resettled.  They had lost everything.  Our neighborhood, friends and family all cleaned out their closets to get them on their feet...

While there, Mike got the stomach flu (he doesn't drink--it really was the flu).  He hardly ever got sick but he could not get up, except to...Well, he was feverish and I needed him to get better so we could get home the next morning.  I had a car of dogs with us but only had a "hall pass" for a night away from the Rescue Ranch!  I tucked him into bed at the hotel, left the little dogs behind to keep him company and took the biggest dog with me for looming protection (being big was about her biggest deterrent) to drive around looking for some cold ginger ale soda and bland food.

I couldn't figure out what someone that sick could eat and still give them energy, then I though of egg drop soup.  We always had it as an appetizer growing up, my father loved it, so I began the quest to find it.  I stopped in restaurant after restaurant trying to find some.  Finally, someone told me about a little drive-through 8 x 8 place that had the best egg drop soup ever.  In the dark, there was a little light and I found it.

I brought back several orders of it, not knowing how much I could get into him, and sat by his bedside and spoon-fed him soup and ginger ale, slowly but surely for hours.  It worked!!  By morning, just a little groggy, he was better and strong enough to drive home.

When we got home, Mike remembered the soup and wanted more but I had absolutely no idea of how to make it. Not to worry--After an hour of research, I tracked down the little soup shack and told them that we lived too far away to be regular customers and asked if they would they please teach me how to make it--and they did!!  (I also learned how to make egg foo yung, too!) I only make it every few years (why, I don't know) but when we have it, we always remember how sick Mike was--and have a few chuckles about the whole weekend. (He started to get sick in the middle of the city and abandoned me to find a bathroom--and fast!)

Sometimes, you just have to laugh at life, even if those initial "lemons" are sour.  Eventualy, they become lemonade--or sweet, cherished memories to be shared.

Thank you for caring about us.  Really caring.  Truly.


Girl, the Texas Pearl, is modeling my new PAWS hat that just arrived (thank you!). It will come in handy keeping my hair out of my face gardening (I'm starting to learn) and taking the dogs out--and the embroidered "paw" is in "Ada" purple--a color and dog, near and so dear to my heart. 


Easter, 2011.  Bunny Bun Bun, Poppy Pops, Girl, the Texas Pearl, and Ady Ada (with the bow in her "hair."  Ada left us in October, 2013, after a long bout of mammary cancer.  She was adored, made me laugh every day--every time I saw her--and is so very much missed. 

She took a big part of my heart to heaven but she left a big part of hers behind in mine...Acutally, they all do.

Sending kisses to heaven...

Mon, April 6, 2015 | link 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter and Passover Blessings

The week before Easter at the Rescue Ranch is taken with much solemnity.  It is a sacred time for me especially, contemplating the last week in the life of Christ.  It is difficult to do much else but pray, think and just do normal daily functions.  It always seems that, at the break of dawn on Sunday, today, all the weight is lifted and a lightness and joy fills the air.  It is almost palpable, especially when there will be a Dingo for everyone "dog" that is!

Even if you don't believe or are a different religion, blessings are always welcome--and so, from the Rescue Ranch to your home, we send many.  Love has no boundary, nor do blessings.

And as my Irish grandma used to say...

An Irish Easter blessing for you

"At the breaking of the Easter dawn
may the Risen Saviour bless your home
with grace and peace from above,
with joy and laughter, and with love
And when night is nigh, and day is done
Make He keep you safe from all harm."

I'll write more next week both here and on my Natural News blog.  Until then, know that we are grateful for everything you do to help the RR dogs--from sending prizes, to sending up prayers, to sharing the site, to giving of your resources or your time.  It all comes together to make a difference.

Happy Holidays!!


Beautiful Baby, green-eyed Jade and Kasey Kase posed for an Easter pic!

Sun, April 5, 2015 | link 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Prayers are working!

Thank you to all of our angels who sent up a prayer in the last couple of days. 

I went to the doctor yesterday and found out that my arm will be OK--the damage still done (see photo in post below) is soft tissue damage, still healing.  I still have to keep it in a sling for a few more weeks but the bone is holding her own! (Remind me if I forget to tell you the funny dog dance story later, too!)

Kasey, too, turned a corner and although he is still limping, the medicine is working and so is the bandaging--specialized pet bandages that I am writing about--and what caused his foot pain. I'ill post the link in the next day or so. 

In case you want to take advantage of the PETCO special going on now, use this link:  and get $10 off your order and Petco will donate $10 to help the RR, too!  They are having a 40 percent off sale now, with free shipping over $49.

Hugs from the Herd! 


Thu, March 26, 2015 | link 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Pain, Oh the Pain

As you know, I had a bad fall a few weeks ago and fractured my arm.  The pain is absolutely unbearable at times.  Just lifting my laptop is too much and moving my muscles to type is asking a lot of my arm.


This is what my arm looks out of the sling...

The dogs felt so bad, too, especially my Poppy--who has been here the longest.

Initially, I couldn't get up--the pain was so overwhelming.  This unauthorized pic (but I'm glad that it was taken when I saw it), was taken when I was napping.  Poppy, sat like this for hours every day keeping an eye on me and one day, brought me his Dingo ball (minus the meat)--but it was the gesture that really moved my heart--and he never took it back!

As I am starting to feel a little better, my heart is breaking.  Kasey, our little Cocker Spaniel, started limping yesterday.  Even though it was like a bad comedy trying to do first aid with one bad arm, I did have a helper so after washing his foot out and cutting off a bunch of fur, I found a big pink lump between his toes.  Not good. 

I am  praying that is is not cancer and is something else.  The pain he experienced from just me trying gently to see it was overwhelming for him. He is now on medication to see if the lump can be dissolved.  We have to wait 'til next week to see if there is any progress.  

It is so difficult emotionally and physically to deal with animals that are special needs, hospicing/end of life, even elderly.  It just breaks your heart but it also gives you a greater appreciation of the good moments and of life itself and how precious it is. 

At this time, we'd appreciate your prayers for Kasey.  Thank you.

If you'd like to help us with the RR animals, the post below this one, tells you everything you can do if you want to do something, anything.  I hope and pray that more people earn their wings and reach out to help.  



Little Kasey and his special Christmas blanket--sent from his original owner that a RR angel found--after they've been parted, by accident, for six years!  All we had to start the search was an original ear medicine bottle...amazing.


Note: For those of who who want to know, the amazon credit for March, through today, is $24.32.  Please shop online through the RR amazon link.  It won't cost you a cent and it will help so many.  Thank you.

Tue, March 24, 2015 | link 

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