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Monday, November 24, 2014

Mandy: God Called Her Name

It is with a very heavy and broken heart that I am sharing this news.  Big Mandy passed away Saturday night.  She had been sick, was misdiagnosed by the vet and by the time we realized she needed to see someone else, after changing meds over and over--and got new medications and the correct diagnosis, she passed away while I was mixed up her new medication. I had just fed her and gave her her favorite quilt and thought she'd nap until I got back.  (We lost a month of time but I don't think it would have saved her. See story below.)

I wrote a first little story about her passing:

Title: Big Mandy: God Called Her Name

Story Link:

In a few days, or when I feel like I can write and still see the keyboard without my eyes being so swollen from crying, I'll tell you her story.  She had a very hard life before being rescued or surrendered by her second adoptive family.  They were so ashamed at what they had done to her that they drove to Dallas (over 220 miles away) rather than return her to Saint Bernard Rescue of Houston.  It was at that point, I was asked to take her in.  If we had not agreed, I think she would have been euthanized.  She was so injured--physically and emotionally that no one knew how to handle her situation. Yes, Miss Mandy was THE most difficult dog I have ever had to deal with but at the end, she was a gentle giant.  She trusted us and loved us.  The feelings were mutual.

I can't stress enough during this holiday season when you may get to visit with some or all of your loved ones, furry ones included, that you take the time to be in the moment and love them, admire them, count their eyelashes, kiss them on the forehead...Dinner being a little late or missing part of a game or parade doesn't matter in the long run.  Life matters and it is fragile and very, very precious.

Please understand that I will be in grieving as well as have two badly infected kidneys that are half responding to the medications but I'm trying to keep in touch. Talking about lost time costing you your health,  I went to an OB/GYN last Feb with back/side pain; then to a lung doctor with the back pain; and finally the kidney doctor who found out I was so sick that I could have lost my own life by then--and I was trying to power on slowly but surely, getting through regular fevers and vomiting/nausea and not understanding why I was being so irresponsible--not sending out thank you notes to angels who helped or doing more writing.  Quite frankly, picking up a 5 or 6 lb laptop just hurt so much I couldn't do it.  When someone tells you they have kidney issues, have lots of compassion. I sure will now. I never knew the deep, indescribable pain that they can cause--and the pain last way past the infection the doctor told me. Yippee!

Mandy was our grand, giant fluffy-tailed guardian, even if she would rather role over and have someone pet her tummy than be serious--but I felt so safe just having her around.  I appreciated her sense of humor--you'll see some photos of it in the next story I write about her life--and her joy.  This last month, she slept a lot and just the wag of her tail once or twice when she heard my voice made me smile.  She loved us and we loved her.  Now, it is God's turn to let her love someone else or to maybe comfort children who are transitioning. She would adore them and make them feel so very safe.

I hope that you can say a prayer for our Big Girl, Mandy or even just wish her well.  I told her to go to heaven and check in with God and Jesus, find my parents and Mike's Dad and Grandma and give them hugs and then find the other animals that have come through our lives and gone on before us.  She left as a messenger of light and love.  I hope that she comes to me in a dream some day to let me know that she is OK.  Most of the animals do in one way or another.

Because it is so important now with me not able to provide or even to shop much online, with the holidays here, the links above this blog will take you to the RR Wish List on amazon and on Pet Mountain, with direct mailing (usually free) or just use the list as a guide for shopping.  Doing YOUR own shopping for gifts or everyday through the RR amazon link, amazon will give a small incentive to the RR--right now, it is only up to $55 for the month of November which is so very low.  I hope you will use the link and post it/encourage others to use it, etc.  It doesn't cost your any extra and amazon keeps your info private and processes everything the same.  You just have to begin shopping through our registered affiliates' link: 

Every time you order anything, the RR account gets a few cents to a few dollars credit which adds up IF and only IF many use it or use it often.  It resets to zero every month so please use it regularly.  It is a lot easier to have items arrive at work or at home than to drag them into the car and worry about them being stolen while you shop elsewhere--plus you will be helping animals at the same time.  Note: IF the "Click here to help the Smile program" pops up, you must hit "NO Thanks" or all of your shopping credits will go to a different group and not the Rescue Ranch. Plus, I can't imagine dealing with the store lines during the holidays and carrying packages through a mall. OMG. Typing some keys is a whole lot easier AND does good at the same time.

My Houston Chron blog is at nearly 700,000 for the year.  I would have easily reached one million by myself if I hadn't been so sick all year BUT I need your help spreading the URL.  I would be grateful if you would post, pass along, facebook, message board, etc. my blog address to encourage new readers plus we help lots of animals this way, too!

The blog direct address is:  You can bookmark it or copy and paste it into a browser window each time.  You can also enter your email address into a "subscribe" box to the right side of my blog stories (on the URL just above), which will send each new post I make to your Inbox so you don't have to search for them! 

Just FYI, my blog appears on the front/home page of the at the very bottom when I first post a story under "Houston Talks" I believe, and it is also posted in the Pets section on the Lifestyle page and on the City Brights page as well.  But ALWAYS, the stories are on the URL above so you can just go directly there and not have to hunt around.  (I am just getting back to writing as I can so subscribing would be the easiest way to get them really. IF I have to be admitted to the hospital to have the abscesses drained in my kidneys, I will let you know ahead of time, I hope, or I will have Mike or an RR Angel post an update for me.)

"Mandy," I realized tonight was one of my favorite songs when I was younger.  I have fond memories of puppy love and that song, and so it was a perfect name for a dog that deserved better than what life handed her and eventually healed and found that the world wasn't all bad.  (I think when rescues heal emotionally, their time is up and God calls them home. I've seen it over and over again.) 

Sending lots of hugs and kisses to heaven and of course, prayers for a safe journey to wherever heaven is.  I look forward to a joyous reunion--in fact, that is the only thing that keeps me sane. That and the belief that God and the afterlife are real.

Happy Thanksgiving and travel safe if I miss you before then--

Love and Hugs from the Herd--


Mailing address: Rescue Ranch, 945 McKinney Street, MS 242, Houston, TX 77002  (please enclose an email address.)  I promise that I will let you know when boxes arrive and to all who have helped this year, "Thank you" and yes, I will send you each an email. Just give me a little time to get better. You can also email me: and give me your approximate location and I'll think of a volunteer or angel who can meet you for a pick-up.  You can also drop things off at our address downtown or at the shoppe, Something Unique, in Pearland.  Love it!

Apparently, based on the degree of illness of my kidneys, I've been ill since early this year.  I first went to the doctor in early Feb. complaining of back flank pain--not back pain per se.  They were supposed to send out a urine culture but forgot and just did a quickie sugar strip test after I left the office. I don't have diabetes so they said it was not in my bladder.  I even had to undergo a sample for the culture from a "clean catch" from a catheter!! and they didn't send it out after all that. Ugh. 

The lung doctor order the MRI to stop just above where the problem is in my kidneys. Ugh.  A constellation of errors and laziness--or cost-saving from insurance company pressure? Either way, YOU are your own and your animals best and mostly ONLY advocate.  I may have a partner but he is not the type of person to be an advocate so I, too, am on my own.

"Turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones..." Mike Dice

Love you Mandy with all of our many hearts and souls.  Be free. Dance with the angels. Be happy and one by one, we'll see you soon enough...


 Big Mandy, our cute little Easter Bunny Saint!

Mon, November 24, 2014 | link 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wow It's Been a Longgggg Time!

I am currently very, very sick with an e-coli infection of my kidneys.  I am trying to get better but have gotten worse.  I keep hearing, "Hospital, hospital, hospital..." for a week or so from the doctors but that is not possible. Not only do we have a twenty percent deductible but I am worried that no one will be able to supervise such a complicated medication and care schedule for the RR dogs. (Bad water, from when our water main in the area broke, is most likely the source of this.)

(I had this infection brewing apparently when I inhaled a peanut and attributed the pain in my back and lack of energy, etc. to that.  I was wrong.  When I went for a CAT scan of my lungs, I could not lay on the table without excrutiating pain--my kidneys!  OMG. I had been so depleted by caring for the hospicing dogs and thought the pain was from the peanut, that I missed the warning signs until it was very advanced. The first medication turned out to be ineffective against the strain according to cultures; the next one, I had a terrible allergic reaction to; now, waiting on the next, which the doc says needs to be in an IV.  I haven't been able to eat in weeks and for certain, I can tell you that kidney pain really is as bad as it is rumored to be.  I cry more than I'd like to admit, despite pain management assistance. Right now, I had to have a test to see if I have an abscess in one of the kidneys which means surgery.  Eek!)

We are still caring for three hospicing dogs (in addition to all of the other special needs dogs here).  Life is not easy, by a long-shot.  In addtion, we had a dog go spontaneously blind thre weeks ago and have had to uncover the reason for that.  I hope that she is on the mend but I am not.

We welcome all prayers.  We firmly believe that it through Him that we can do all things, especially when we are weak.  

We also welcome your sponsorship, helping with the dogs' needs.  Currently, there is a great need for:

*Towels  (all sizes--washed and gently used are fine)

*canned dog food (especially the "cat can" size, since they are easy to feed)

*little dog beds (under 40 lbs)

*soft dog treats (anything non-crunchy/for mouth injury dogs and seniors)

*gift cards to Walgreen's  (for medical supplies, meds, etc.  We currently have a prescription for a dog there for nearly $300 that needs a sponsor--and that is just one of many!!)

*soft, squeaky toys for dogs ten lbs  (no balls please--choking hazard)

*fleece blankets about 50 x 60 inches--lots and lots and lots.

*Happy Hips dehydrated chicken or duck/not the rice and...option.  This is VIP to get sick animals to just start eating.


It would also help a lot if you would do your shopping through our amazon portal.  The extra 50 to $100 per month credit that that brings in helps, too.  (IN NOV, so far, there is only a $15 amazon credit...Christmas/Hanukkah shopping through our amazon link would mean a whole lot!)

The more people who use it, the more we can order the things that we need for the dogs. The link to use, bookmark, post, share, twitter, facebook, etc. is: 


(The link will take you to amazon's home page to start shopping and the RR info is already encoded in the link so you don't have to do anything but shop.  Everything is kept private by amazon and they process your order as normal.  IF you click on the first pop-up window and elect a charity for their Smile program, the RR will NOT get any credit for your purchases so please just click, "No Thanks," on the amazon pop-up if you want to help the RR dogs.)


Please don't think because I am sick and my writing is behind that the Rescue Ranch doesn't need you.  It need your help more than ever in fact.  I am fighting for my life and having less to worry about, would help me greatly.

I am going to try to write a little bit on my Houston Chronicle blog as I can.  It is very difficult right now but I've learned some things about doggie health and used some products that you MUST know about.  Especially about the mutations of Bordatella and their severe dangers and consequences.  Your animals are NOT necessarily covered even if they have been given the Bordatella intra-nasal vaccine every six months.   Keeping exposure to public places and strange dogs down, pet stores included, is your best defense. I once was such a dog park advocate (and still am in my heart) that I helped found one but now, I know too much about disease transmission.  The new strains can cause blindness, can infect YOU and more...You'd be best to go to my Chron blog and register to get my stories in your inbox since I cannot write regularly right now. 


Just Go to: and look on the right side for a box to just enter your email address in.


It takes a village, a lot of angels, blessings from above and more to do the work that we do here. Please become a part of it.  You will be blessed for helping others.  I may be struggling with my health, but don't think for a minute that I don't consider myself blessed every minute of every day.  I know that joy and happiness awaits me in the Great Beyond and don't doubt for a minute that the lives that I've helped to save or loved until the end will be there to celebrate with me.

Thank you for caring.  Really truly caring.  Truly.


Mama Mia was a peacock for Halloween!  She is probably not going to see another, so I wanted to take a photo to remember her by.  She has slept at my side every night for five years since we rescued her--head injury, broken leg, heart issues and very pregnant!  What a tiger she has been--all 30 lbs of her little self.  God blessed our lives with her, as He has done with so many others...Love and Hugs from the Herd.



Give Now to Help the Rescue Ranch: Click Here to go to our secure page


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I pray for all of you daily, almost hourly. Your acts of compassion and mercy are constantly a source of my thoughts and prayers while I change someone's diapers or bandages or syringe water into their weak mouths.  YOU have made a difference in their world.  The Rescue Ranch miracle is in your heavenly credits, so to speak, too...

It seems like every time I need something urgently, I can search through your kind gifts and find the PERFECT solution.  When in doubt, e.g. things you may not be using anymore for your pet's health because they recovered or God called them home, are welcome.  Just take your name and any personal info off of the packaging. Just leave the strength and name of the stuff on the package or write a note with it.  So many times, people who have done this, even with a handful left, have saved a life in the very middle of the night.  

Wed, November 12, 2014 | link 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Life's Throwing More Curve Balls...

Sorry, still in fetal position after last few days.  (Read update at Four dogs needing end of life care plus all that.  Sometimes I just need to take a few days off from writing.  Think I need to write a book and tell it all at one time!  Will be back soon--promise.


Bitty Bits LOVES his new bed and new blanket (thank you).  He doesn't mind that it's pink either!  

Thank you to all of the angels who I count on my hand who sent in quilts and treats and capstar and beds and surprise boxes!  You are amazing and every one gives us the strength to continue on because it so brightens the animals' day!  YOU made a difference with your life whether you can see it or not.  

I have a list of angels and will get some more photos posted as soon as things get back on track (see facebook update---you don't have to have an account to read it, just to comment under it.)

Hugs from the Herd...


Please, please, please...

Use the BLUE LINKS ABOVE this Post


Shop for yourself--and/or for the RR Dogs. 

Amazon will help a little here and a little there.  

The dogs have huge needs--every bit helps.

 Thank you kindly.

Sun, August 17, 2014 | link 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Help The RR Dogs and Get Greaaaaattttt Deals for You

Help Rescued Animals and help yourself, too! Sign up for free Groupon access--pet sales (amazing), coupons to big box stores and more, more, more. Each person who signs up and orders anything, the company will give $10 toward helping the Rescue Ranch dogs ( Link to sign up: You really won't regret it. Check it daily/every few days for amazing coupons and sales! Please pass this on! Please use the BLUE LINKS above this blog post to help. Please.  Thanks!




Tue, August 12, 2014 | link 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

So Sick

Pneumonia and a very bad case of food poisoning has temporarily slowed down Jane's writing.  Hopefully in a few days, she'll feel a iittle better.  In the meantime, please use the blue links above to help the Rescue Ranch animals. They would be grateful!

Thank you for your prayers and help!

Bunny is a pizza fanatic!

Sun, July 27, 2014 | link 

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