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Name Your Gift: Email Amazon Gift Card to the Rescue Ranch to!

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Beside Myself

Hi Angels--


Last week, three things happened.   A year ago, last December had me in the fetal position in bed.  This one is coming close.


First, I got a letter telling me that Mike was put on the "six months left to live" list by Social Security--they made him eligible for "compassionate care" which I appreciate but he certainly did not...(He opened it.  I would have kept it to myself.)


Then, beautiful Chula had a sudden and extremely unexpected stroke from her diabetes ?  and became critical.  Caring for her is a two or three person 24/7 job.  Two different vets had two different opinions and approaches to trying to help her.  One deemed her terminal, the other thought she could recover. Since we can't afford the thousands of dollars approach, I have to due sub q fluids under her skin, syringe water and practically tube feed her.  I don't want to say this but she is very weak and God may call.   He must have some children in heaven that need cheering up like only Baby and Chula could do!  They are my sunshine and I will give it up to help children or another if God asks.


I was so tired and so utterly depleted and beside myself by the time we got home, that I fell backwards getting out of the tub--the bath mat slipped and I landed on the edge of the tub, fracturing the end of my "tailbone."  Not sitting for four weeks is already tough so it being on ice the rest of the time.  It is not getting any better so I need to go back to the doctor. Surgery is not an option unless it won't heal and I need the time for it TO heal.


I will write more tomorrow.  Please forgive any errors or lack of photos.  I'll be working from bed and on my phone, I can barely see the typing it is so tiny.  


Never forget that life is so very precious.  There is no guarantee that tomorrow will come or even the next five minutes, so leave nothing unsaid, and if possible, leave nothing undone.  Leave an "I love you" letter to each of your kids, parents and spouse in a drawer for them to find just in case your name is called suddenly...they will find them when the time comes and will be so grateful for them.


Too many times this lesson has come into my life and I may sound sappy, but you need to tell everyone you care for that you love them--whether they be human or animal--as many times as possible.  I have realized, the very very hard way, that you can never ever say, "I love you," too much.  


I love you.  I mean it.

Sending Hugs from the Herd--the entire Herd.



Chula, last year.  She didn't like getting her nails trimmed and they grew so fast.  Mike and I had to work as a team once a month to get her to cooperate!  She loved her toys, new toys especially, and the joy she brought to the RR herd and to us, along with Baby, was just like two rays of sunshine.

Mon, December 5, 2016 | link 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving and...

Wishing that y'all had a very sweet and restful holiday! 


With everything going on at the Rescue Ranch, Thanksgiving dinner was served at 4 AM!  Apple crumble pie first, turkey and home-made stuffing (cooked in a separate dish so I could eat it) and applesauce with a little cinnamon sugar sprinkle was all I could manage to put together but I heard it was delicious.


So sorry I haven't been writing much this last week. I am very sad.  The loss of Baby really took a toll on me at this time when I am already devastated and depleted.  I hope you understand.  (The RR sponsor cards/updates will go out for Christmas instead.)


The dogs have to continue to eat and need their supplies and so I hope you can find a Christmas/Hanukkah blessing in your heart.  The link for the holiday blessing is: 


Paypal and amazon e-credits are very much needed as well--just use the links just above this blog to go straight to the RR account.


I am almost at the point of giving up if help and support doesn't continue coming.  Friends, family, angels...all seem to have disappeared into the holiday thin air.  This is typical for a person with a terminal illness--people just want to go on with "regular" life and don't want to hear/know/be sad about what is going on--kinda like an ostrich burying its head in the sand.  Unfortunately, I can't do that.  I try to spare you the details that would ruin your day so to speak and I thought our angels were not typical...


The Humane Society, ASPCA, other organizations have no shame in continuing to ask for your help, making you sob into the TV with stories that I could tell you hundreds upon hundreds of but I don't because I know the emotional toll each one took on me--and spend millions of your donated dollars doing so, while paying their staff the other millions to supervise the euthanasia and concrete kenneling of the animals they do keep for "show."  The Rescue Ranch is bigger than you think and I have to put my dignity aside and continue to ask for help even if I'd rather not.


Every animal that comes to the Rescue Ranch is welcome for life--how ever long or short it may be.  They are not euthanized for lack of being able to walk or eat or stress.  They are taken care of by hand, in person, even if that means every hour or two 'round the clock.  They have soft bedding to sleep on and no one is left outside or on concrete or even alone. 


After ten years of trying to share what I learn and tell you stories about animals so your awareness of them as sentient beings grows, I cannot believe that I am having to ask every month for help.  That makes me both sad and embarrassed--but not for myself.  I know that I am doing the right thing and fulfilling the commitments that I made to myself, to the animals and to God.


Yes, its been a difficult week and I apologize for not being as upbeat as I could be.  I just need a flood of angels to have mercy on us so that there is one less stress weighing down my heart--the care of the dogs--my little/big heart that hurts so much right now I wonder if I myself will be able to make it through the journey ahead which is getting more difficult as there is less support and help.


It is my greatest wish that  you enjoy your families and your animals.  Every second of every day is special.  Try not to take any of it for granted.  Remember, leave behind no regrets.  When all is said and done, work toward hearing those precious words, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." 


Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Hugs from the Herd and their people



...same goes for kitty cats, hamsters, horses--really, all of the animals!

Sat, November 26, 2016 | link 

Monday, November 21, 2016

An important P.S.

In his state, which is getting worse, Mike asked me if I had told y'all about "our little fallen Angel."  I said, "sadly yes." (Read post below this one.) I was touched at his tenderness and caring then and the night Baby was so sick despite his fading in and out of terrible dementia now.  He was a big help and comfort to both of us (me and Baby).  Please make this Thanksgiving count.  I can't give you any better advice or blessing.  Just make it count with everyone and anyone you can.  Don't leave a regret anywhere or leave anything unsaid or undone.

Sending much Love and of course, Hugs from the Herd--the whole Herd, seen and unseen.

Mon, November 21, 2016 | link 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

God called her name...

In a very, very sad, unexpected turn, God called little Baby, the smart, spunky, little black and white Chihuahua's name early Friday morning.  The mastitis has cleared up but she was having a stomach issue.  We were ready to go, within an hour of the vet opening.


Baby passed away in my arms, looking into my eyes the entire time.  I could feel her faint breath against my face and now I know how precious the flower "Baby's Breath" really is and will think of her whenever I see it. No words can describe how filled with sorrow we are.  The only comfort I can find is that I was able to have "the heaven talk" with her, and at the very end, she looked up--and I could sense that she not only saw "the light" but also all of her Rescue Ranch friends that I had been calling between muted sobs to come help her through the transition.  Girl, our Texas Pearl or nurse dog, was with us on my bed, too, trying to comfort Baby--and me. 


Baby was buried at the Rescue Ranch plot with all of them with her favorite carrot and Lamb Chop toys, a cross made from RR trees and her favorite blanket.




I cannot stress the fragility of life enough to you. Please don't let an opportunity pass by to stop and pet your animals, tell them that you love them, give them a massage, sleep with them. The same goes for the loved ones in your life--the people.  Baby always happily came to see me whenever I called her name many times a day. I always made sure to look for her and to make sure she had her favorite toys and treats.  You do not know when the last time may come.  Live every day like it is the last and make it the best.


I asked Baby to take a piece of my heart to heaven with her and to leave a little piece of hers with me. After this time though, my heart literally hurts.  I've had ice packs on it for days. I am so sad beyond so sad.


I can't tell you how many, many times I have been there to hold an animal when God calls but I can tell you that it is very special and amazing moments happen. I took on the responsibility of caring for special needs dogs and committed to seeing them through their entire lives--this could be their first stop and their last stop, hence the name of the First Stop Last Stop Rescue Ranch.  Baby came here in 2009, after being hit by a car--having two broken legs and a broken pelvis--and having two surgeries--low blood sugar and heavy heartworm. She never complained or objected to anything to help her rehab and recover.  For some reason though, she didn't like Charlee--and would run and growl at him every day.  His happy self didn't understand and would walk away confused.


I miss Baby's spunky, bouncy walk, her amazing ability to catch and fetch, and her spirit--she had an amazing, courageous spirit and the most amazing beautiful black eyes (or what seemed like).


Sending so many kisses to heaven...



God and Jesus, please take care of sweet Baby and all of our other Rescue Ranch and Project Hope animals until we can meet them again in heaven.  I know you must have had a very special job for Baby to do in heaven and so into your Hands, I release her. Amen and Amen.




Run with the wind now, Baby. Run with the wind...



Archives: Baby, Bitty and Jade

Sun, November 20, 2016 | link 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thanksgiving Vacation for most starting...

Hi Angels!!

It is so amazing to us that Thanksgiving is almost here and people are already taking the next two weeks off!  Vacation at all sounds like a dream and more people should take time off to be with their families and animals.  That said, anxiety is setting in--and we don't have room for that here--about how to keep all of the dogs happy and fed through the new year so, not knowing how to reach everyone, I posted the Holiday Blessings mini-fundraiser above this blog and posted it on Mike's page, etc. just so that it would reach you via email.


Rescue Ranch Holiday Blessings:


We always make up a plate for each and every animal at the Rescue Ranch during the holidays.  They only get a dap of this or that but they get to try the things that are safe for them to eat.  Even though I am a vegetarian, for the dogs (and Mike), a turkey; some simple stuffing (no onions, grapes or raisins for dogs); some baked pumpkin (yes, I actually cut up a pumpkin and bake it--and yes, it is a big project--and messy!); some mashed potatoes with a little gravy.  It takes forever to make little bowls and everyone is always so anxious to get theirs but when they are all made, we give them out so no one has to sit and wait while others are eating.  (Keep anything made with Xylitol--gum, candy, mints, baked goods--and chocolate--also away from your furry loved ones.  There are other foods that can be dangerous--butter is not one of them!--so be kind but be smart about what you share.)


Little Baby's mastitis has started to resolve with a change in medication and in the wrapping and ointment.  She is still not her old self, always carrying around a stuffed toy, squeaking it and bringing it over to get it thrown over and over again for her to go get.  I pray that the infection is not too much for her little body to fight.  Most dogs get mastitis (infection in their mammary glands) when they are nursing.  Baby never had puppies that I know of and this was spontaneous in one teat--like she had a mini-golf ball beneath the nipple and the teat next to it was just starting to get swollen.  It happened so fast.  


This is exactly the reason that I encourage you to close your eyes every day or at least every few days, and pet your animals and touch them all over.  You can feel the changes rather than see them--and catch them sooner than later.  Your animals will think they are getting lots of attention (it only takes a minute or two) but you will know, if you do this regularly, when there is a problem.  I test their nose first with the inside of my wrist, look closely at their eyes to make sure there is no fur, debris or gunk in them, look inside their ears for ticks or "coffee grounds" exudate/stuff left by mites and also check the color of the flap to make sure it is light pink and not raging pink like an infection is inside--and then close my eyes and do a full body check--from between the toes on the bottom on their feet to each leg, down their back, under their head, all around and finally, I open my eyes and check quickly the color of their gums by just lifting up a flap.  I want to see nice pink and not inflamed pink or red or white--white is go-to-the-vet-now time here--so is blue.  


If you do this regularly, you will know what is normal for your healthy animal and so when there is any change, you will know within a day or a few days.  Many things take a long time to develop and animals won't let you know that they are ill or that something is wrong until it is advanced usually--and it may be too late to reverse.


Please have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones and cherish every minute you can. Don't take anything for granted.  I was lucky enough to have a long time with Mike before he got sick last December and have lots of memories to think back on when things get tough or when I just can't believe what is happening to him when I have to supervise his eating or showering, etc.  We did enjoy each other even though we worked hard and always rescued animals!  Do you know that there hasn't been a single day that Mike and I have been together when we haven't had rescue animals to care for!?  I just realized that.  Wow, what a journey.


I hope you can find it in your budget to help the RR animals for the holidays.  Amazon credits (links above for e-gift cards), paypal (link or box above to go directly to the RR account, through prayer or an "Everything Dog" surprise box or through the Holiday Blessings fundraiser (  It all adds up to make a difference!


Happy (early) Thanksgiving to the lucky ones who are taking off early.  To those who still need to work, I'll be back in a few days.


Love and Hugs from the Herd!



Mailing Address: Rescue Ranch, 3555 Rayford Road, Ste.45-106, Spring, TX   77386


PS Throughout the holidays, when you see a pull-out-your-heart TV commercial about animals in need, please think of the Rescue Ranch.  We do not euthanize animals and do not board them nor do we pay any one to do anything.  Those organizations kill millions of animals a year, carry heavy salary loads and don't use but a small portion of your gifts to help the animals.  Here, all of it goes directly to help the animals.  Thank you kindly.


Wed, November 16, 2016 | link 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Elections over, Prepare for Holidays!

I didn't realize just how much of a stress/toll the election process was taking. After a night of ups and downs, there was a sense of relief--finally we could all go about our own lives without the rants and raves, no matter what side of the red or blue line you sat.


On election night, the dogs at the Rescue Ranch kept me company long into the night and we were happy when it was finally nighty time.  The didn't understand the situation but they certainly knew I was at the end of my seat most of the night. 


Rolling right into the holidays, it is amazing that they are right around the corner.  Unless Thanksgiving and Christmas comes to the RR in a box or as a present, these will be ordinary days so please try to include the RR dogs in your holiday planning.  This year we lost our Something Unique holiday collection due to the store closing (so sad--we love the people from Something Unique!), so we need extra angel power to spread the word, maybe have office or business collections, etc.  Please.  Their collection of blankets, food, beds, treats,etc. sustained us many a month when there was nothing coming in--like especially after the holidays and the summer months.


The power of your giving--and that includes on PayPal or amazon credits (we met our November order!! thank you!!! but need to start collecting credits again for Dec. and Jan now).--allows so many special needs dogs to continue living in a sanctuary, homey environment, always 24/7 with loving human caretakers/volunteers, never boarded.  Their food, medicines, supplements, bandages, chews, ointments, so much more are provided for. YOU can, and do, make a difference in this world by helping the Rescue Ranch!


In December, it will be one year since our primary benefactor was diagnosed with a terminal brain disease, fast-progressing, Lewy Body Disease (2-7 years is the prognosis)--the same one that took Robin Williams, but more severe. It is devastating to Mike and to his family/me, leaving him unable to ever work again in his mid 50's, which is just crushing his spirit. He'd like nothing more than to dash out in the morning and work until 11 PM! Instead, he needs help showering, with meals, supervision of simple tasks and planning and someone to manage the situation medically when the disease peaks many times a week and takes a heavy toll on me.  Needing a constant caretaker is probably the biggest objection I've heard raised from him.  He is aware now that he needs help.


I just started eating a little after three months (it was tough) of a clear liquids-only diet.  Stress, severe severe stress, caused the erosion of the mucus layers and underlining ones in my stomach and intestines!  I had to totally and instantly give up the "food" that was giving me energy--and probably did a lot of damage coupled with my body's secretions, Pepsi, and it took a good couple of weeks to get used to the lack of caffeine and sugar.  I should be skeletal but the stress hormones are keeping my weight up!


I have learned the magnificent healing power of Manuka Honey from New Zealand.  It saved me from losing a twelve inch and action of my guts and saved Mama Mia from dying and now, I am using it with Pedialyte to help Baby with mastitis (a very serious mammary gland infection.) If you are sick, or your animal/s are, please research it.  You should look for a standardized product with a 16+ or 400 rating (there are two systems being used.) You don't need it forever but for say Mama, an 8 oz jar, for a 30 lb dog, mixed 1 Tbs with 4 oz Pedialyte, given over the course of a week, saved her life--and your prayers!


I have set up a Holiday Giving mini-Fundraiser just above this blog.  Giving on it, giving on PayPal, sending "green" food from Jet (see above), or a gift card, prayer card, surprise box, Amazon e-card credits to all add up to keep this amazing place called the Rescue Ranch going!  One day, you will see your blessings, I know that for certain.   Right now, please keep sowing your blessing seeds. (Can we ever sow too many or too often?) 


God had something important in mind when the Rescue Ranch was created. It is bigger that getting the Canine Distemper Serum to the world.  I have pondered this so very many times.  I think it is a test of endurance, faithfulness, compassion, character, more.  In these current times, only those who looked out for the most vulnerable and helpless of all and did what they could with the best intention will be rewarded in some special way or will be given a job to do that requires special skills only built by trial and fire. I haven't figured all the parts out yet but I know for sure that a test of character and faith is never easy. In fact, it is only by blind will and perseverance--faith and always Hope--and your kindness and prayers that we are even still "standing."


Grateful. Always.

Sending love and of course, Hugs from the Herd!!



(Yes, I am rebuilding the new site--see post below to see what happened to my first attempt.)


*Sponsors, your dogs send love, love, love!!! Stay tuned...


*General sponsors,  you humble me.  Y'all humble me.


*Surprise box and green food sponsors, we thank you, too, but don't know your names! Please email me @ so we can include you by name in our prayers.


I used this Manuka honey.  It is pricey but figuring eliminating a vet bill, hospital bill, etc. the cost is worth it!




Sun, November 13, 2016 | link 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Paws Up: Time to Vote!

Hi Angels--


I am writing from the tiny screen on my phone so please forgive any errors, links that need to be live (just copy and paste them into a browser window), and any word or spelling errors. I can barely read the screen!


While most of the magnificent furry creatures at the Rescue Ranch will not tell me who they favor in the 2016 elections, they did ask me to make sure y'all get out and VOTE today if you haven't already!


Now, back in the day, a vote meant something and we can only hope that it still does.  If things go awry, just buckle in and wait for the process to work itself out--or like our animals would do, find a good ray of sun to bathe in and roll over occasionally to see if it's time to eat, go potty or if things got worked out.  Cool, calm heads always prevail.


On the Rescue Ranch front, Mama Mia has started to drink, walk and even eat a bit on her own! You could have knocked me over today when she got up to get a chew and carried it back to her bed in the den.  Tonight, she even shared some of my vegetarian broth and crackers dinner! I guess all sore tummies think alike--hers, from gaking up--and down--rope of compiled stuffing, grass and hair (how long did that take to make!?) and mine, from the stress of what seems like carrying the world on my shoulders. A miracle without doubt. I am so grateful.


Plus, a RR angel had been missing her precious kitty for nine cold days and nights but we kept remaining positive and hopeful and today, she was found stuck in an abandoned? home's venting system, skinny but alive! Her family didn't give up looking and searching and finally they heard a faint "Meow!" A day to be grateful for sure. 


I have a big meeting this week and am preparing for it so I've been distracted during my unassigned hours. Exercising your rights is not so automatic or easy, like Social Security Disability or healthcare.  I will be able to send photos after that to our doggie sponsors.  Please be patient with me. Bunny and Pasha's birthday presents arrived as well. Thank you for being generous and gracious enough to include the dogs who still are waiting for a virtual sponsor.  Could it be you? (Visit the page under the Blog page on the right side menu...) Other sponsors, Thank you!!, too, and remind me in an email if you would like your dog's birthday or guesstimated birthday or rescue day some to celebrate a new life!


In the past ten days, it seems like the Rescue Ranch had almost been forgotten.  That kind of makes me sad.  Amazing, strong-willed animals, who survived so much pain from surgery or abuse or accidents, are living in harmony--as we try to correct the physical, emotional and even spiritual wrongs against them mostly caused by people, but we can't do it without help...your help.


Mike has a terminal brain illness. He was our primary benefactor. Now, I am trying to juggle it all, and can, if I have help supplying their needs.  I don't mind being exhausted but it hurts my heart to know I have to hold their Amazon food and supplement order for the month for lack of credits. (Link to send virtual gift cards just above this blog or to the email:


If that's not enough, Baby Baby the black and white Chihuahua, who had two broken legs, one with exposed bone, and a cracked pelvis, now has a fairly large mammary mass and one on her toe.  She may need surgery sooner than later. Chula has Diabetes after surviving burns from head to tail that almost killed her; Bitty Bits has fast-progressing cataracts; Maggie needs a $1400 leather hip harnness so she can walk without dragging a foot nor using a wheelchair; Maggie, Rocky and Maya need special supplements, shots for hip dysplasia; Girl is being treated for the mass growing out of the side of her face (I think it is getting smaller).... nevermind Mike's extreme need for supplements and medications to stave off or try to minimize the side effects of Lewy Body Dementia.  Well, I could go on and on--and on. One person can do this with some helping hands--but not alone financially.


Please please please--give monthly if you can; send up a prayer when you think of us, for we have placed our fate in His hands; send a surprise box of chews (our Wish Lists links above are guides--the RR Herd here isn't picky but it is an equal-treat receiver sanctuary!), Leave a gift on the links above like on PayPal or on a gofundmepage (Mike's is  It all adds up to make a difference.


And, if you think you are having a rough day, listen to this!  Tonight, I had the new site ready to publish.  It has taken slow but sure work from me since I am not a computer expert and had to learn new software. I was sitting at my desk, pondering how to get a link corrected, when Mike walk in.  When he talks and looks "normal," I could almost forget he is ill except that he looks like he has the flu and is weaker and has long hair and a home on the range Texas mustache.  


Well, I told him my issue and he said the fix was simple...I told him first that I hadn't saved or published yet but before I could say stop!!!!!! he hit two keys together and bingo-bango, all of my work was deleted and I was back at the very, very beginning--with no way to recover what I'd done other than, "start from the very beginning, a very good place to start." So, I guess I am on a journey to learn a deeper level of patience!


I can't do more than ask for some angels.  Please become one. I know your life will be blessed. Mine has been.  For every hardship or animal lost, I wouldn't give back the experience or the relationship--the love I've experienced along the way has far exceeded my tears. For that, and for your friendships, I/we are truly grateful.


God bless you and of course, Hugs from the Herd!!





Tue, November 8, 2016 | link 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Update posted and a few changes

Hi Angels--

I updated this page and Mike's page.  Please read the latest there.  I have sick dogs to tend to, Mike needs meds and to be washed, fed and put to bed and my teeth to brush (my last and only "luxury"!).


I will write more here later this week.  In the meantime, check out the changes (above) on this page!


Loving you and Hugs from the Herd!!!


PS and FYI: We are at $375 amazon credits of the $450 needed.  Almost there!!--thank you and thank you in advance!


In addition to their beds all around the room, the herd has a futon they can watch TV on with us.  It takes Bunny so much effort to get up on it (but she wants to do some things herself), that she pulled the covering quilt (we have to have washable everything) right off of it!

(From left: Mama Mia, Bitty Bits, Bunny Bun Bun, Chipie Chips (black twin), Poppy Pops and Jade D. Jade.) 

Wed, November 2, 2016 | link 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Trying to maintain my sanity

Hi Angels--

So much happening, so fast, I haven't had time to sit down and write.  Just know that I will by mid-week. 


Please keep Mama and Mike in your prayers.


Turned out that Mama Mia, in addition to several severe heart issues and cancer, had a giant obstruction in her stomach from eating stuffing of toys and grass and different things which none of us expected. (The story is hair-raising, no doubt, how we found out about it, but for another time.) With medical help, half came up and half went out but it weakened her so, so much more.)  I can only ask for your prayers and virtual good wishes for her as we enter her last days. (I took it home and took a photo next to my footprint so you can see how big it was.)




As they get older, our animals can get dementia just like people or they could have a vitamin deficiency.  She is already weak and now has stopped all drinking and eating on her own.  It is a full-time job keeping her comfortable and hydrated/fed until God calls. We have had the blessing of taking care of her since the summer of 2009.


Being so tired, my patience for the unnerving 36 hour a day task of taking care of someone with Lewy Body Dementia on top of that almost sent me to the hospital.  I wanted to go to the regular hospital for severe stress of my heart and stomach but since Mike's mother is in a nursing home and is not capable of being his guardian--with no other family--he would become a ward of the state the doctor told me. I am trying to avoid that but it may not be possible.  It is touch and go, day by day, right now, hour by hour.


No, for those of you wondering, it is not the Rescue Ranch and dogs wearing me out.  They are the cherry on the cake, the sweet spot in life for me.  It is the Lewy Body side effects.  You cannot begin to imagine what happens to your loved one.  Please put your entire family including your pets on organic coconut oil daily and look into supplements with turmeric and bioperine (black pepper extract).  You do not EVER EVER EVER want to deal with this diagnosis. I will write more about it on Mike's page this week.  (Sign up on that page for email updates to get it.)


Please understand that things are difficult right now and it is very hard to get time to write but we still need your help--especially right now.  Amazon credits are VIP right now--the link is right above this blog to send an e-card directly to the RR email:  Any amount would be very much appreciated. Paypal gifts or surprise boxes with chews especially are needed as well.  


While we don't "celebrate" Halloween, please be safe and happy and enjoy yourselves if you do.  Once upon a time, when I was little, I loved trick-or-treating and never forgot the precious time spent with my family and friends.  



 Archives: Mama Mia as a peacock...can you tell she's a dog underneath her costume?


Sending love and of course, Hugs from the Herd.



Archives, August, 2009:

Mama Mia and her seven little babies (the hospital said she was expecting five...) 

The brave girl gave birth with one leg in a cast and recovering from a head injury

and after only knowing me a few days, let me assist her happily.


Sun, October 30, 2016 | link 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I'm here...

I'll be tomorrow morning, I pray.

Love you!! 

Tue, October 25, 2016 | link 

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Don't forget them...Squirrels need food and water, too! 


Everything for the Dogs Needed! 

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It's the beloved Hummingbird season--be sure to leave CLEAR sugar water out for them NOT the RED one.  The dye causesmany health problems.  You can get the power pre-made or simply boil it on the stove and let it cool.  (The syrup recipe is at the bottom of this page, just under the blog post calendar.) 

Directions for making safe hummingbird food:
  1. Mix 1 part sugar with 4 parts water and bring to a boil to kill any bacteria or mold present.
  2. Cool and fill feeder.
  3. Extra sugar water may be stored in a refrigerator, preferrably in a glass jar.
  4. Red dye should not be added and do not buy pre-made solution with the red dye.


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