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Sunday, July 27, 2014

So Sick

Pneumonia and a very bad case of food poisoning has temporarily slowed down Jane's writing.  Hopefully in a few days, she'll feel a iittle better.  In the meantime, please use the blue links above to help the Rescue Ranch animals. They would be grateful!

Thank you for your prayers and help!

Bunny is a pizza fanatic!

Sun, July 27, 2014 | link 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy Independence Day/Weekend!

Hope you are getting a chance to have some great food and time with the family and friends.  We realized at about midnight on the 4th that we forgot to get anything special for salad or for dinner for the 4th so we wound up sharing soup and a piece of cake with all of the dogs! 

I started making the bacon yogurt treat, too, during the Ba-Bam of the fireworks, which kept everyone quiet and calm.  The smell of the bacon crisping and the company of both of us nearby, plus Tomlyn's Calming Tabs, made the situation very peaceful.  Normally, a firework night could be a bark-a-thon.  (I'll add them on to the RR amazon Wish List so you know which ones really work and can get them in stock for the next storm and of course, for New Year's.)

I have to get to writing about five dogs stuck in an isolated shelter who need forever homes.  They don't get much traffic and the poor dogs are stuck--for now.  I don't know how long they have left.  I hope you take a look at them. Please share this story!

Story:Remote TX Shelter Pleads: Dogs Need Exposure & Homes

Story Link:

This weekend, Petco is having a nationwide adoption event as well, so please try to go and share some love with the animals and maybe go in and buy them some treats and/or bones if you can't take one home.  Of course, ideally, adoption or fostering would be what they really need.  

I've had less time than I thought I would this weekend to catch up on my paperwork and "thank you" notes.  I hope you'll be patient with me.  The RR dogs are grateful for the Capstar, comforters, dog food, treats and other things that you've been kind enough to send!  Please continue to do so as you can or maybe some new people will take a turn.  One thing that there is not is funds for medicine.  I think there is less than $10 in the account.  If you don't want to go to the secure "Give Now" page and give a gift through paypal or credit cards, you can always mail a gift card or send an e-gift card!  Walgreen's would be the number one choice right now.  The email address is for paypal and e-cards and the mailing address is: Rescue Ranch, 945 McKinney Street, MS 242, Houston, TX  77002  Using any of the BLUE Links above this blog will help the Rescue Ranch, too, even if the shopping is for you and not for the dogs.

One of us has a milestone birthday this weekend and although there aren't any presents to open, there is a cute cake that is more or less still in one piece.  I'll post a photo of it later or tomorrow.  A whole bunch of the dogs have birthdays this month, too, so it is going to be a birthday for many!  Everyone will get a bite of cake, some bacon yogurt and a Mac and Cheese dinner.  That will be a very special day!

I hope you follow me on facebook, too.  There are lots of neat stories that I post and quotes, pictures, that are easier to post there and easier for you to see.  Just click on: and be sure to click the "Page Like" button next to the left top 501 number! (My first page is full with 5,000 friends--the limit. The new page has no limit, so I'm hoping that everyone can transfer over to this new page.  If not, I'll keep bringing things over to it so you can enjoy them, too!)  I would be grateful if you could please share both this site URL: and the facebook page URL above with your friends--remember the more people we reach, the more animals we can save!

Oh, last night, I was cooking the bacon during the fireworks and took a little, mixed in some eggs and chopped apple and veggies--it turned green like green eggs and ham from Dr. Seuss!!--but both Mike and the dogs loved it.  (I added some slices of American Chsses, too, to ensure they'd eat it.  I think I added too many green things!  Oops!

Enjoy your holiday.  Thank you for your prayers and good deeds.  We get back ten-fold the good--or the bad--that we do for/to others, some day, some way.  It is a spiritual law so if not the Rescue Ranch, please help someone or some animals as often as you can.  It really does make a difference in your life.

Hugs from the Herd--


Sat, July 5, 2014 | link 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's Been Mostly Medical
Baby and Jade had to be patient for the past few days.  We had so many medical issues going on that they had to keep each other busy while I was busy.  Happy little dogs during the day but Baby has night terrors--I think nightmare from when she was hit by a car before getting here--so she has to sleep by herself in a baby playpen or she wakes up and takes out her nightmare on whoever is the nearest!  Poor girl.
A few nights ago, I was sitting on the couch watching TV.  On one end of the couch is a blanket for a dog or two to lay on and keep me company.  Usually, it is whoever is not feeling well or I have to monitor their bandages or heart rate, etc.  I got up to go get a soda and was shocked to see several puddles of bright red blood on the blanket--and no dog in sight.  I screamed for Mike to come help me. We needed to find the problem sooner than later.
There was no reason for the blood so I was really perplexed.  I've learned in that type of situation, the fastest way to figure out who the injured is, is to close your eyes and feel every inch of their body, including the bottom of their feet until you feel "wet."  You then take a sterile gauze pad and dab the area until you find the exact injury.  I didn't have to do that.  I felt Mama Mia's foot and saw that she had torn a nail.  She had just come in from running with her buddies.  Nails can be great bleeders and need to be stopped quickly.  The blood loss can threaten their life in some cases.
Thankfully, I had the stop-bleeding powder and after washing her foot off in the tub, I put it on a dry white towel and doused it with the powder.  I could tell that the bleeding had stopped by the imprint on the white towel.  I wrapped her foot up with some Neosporin (with no pain stuff added for dogs) and gauze bandaged her foot, up her leg to keep the bandage on overnight.  All is well.
Last night, Monroe has a diabetic reaction of some sort.  He threw up his dinner and then started shaking and stumbling.  I've been up all night monitoring him and doling out Karo syrup and water, a little bit of soup and some of his fav treats.  He seems to be stable and napping right now.  I really didn't know if he was getting called by the Big Guy upstairs or not and kept crying.  He's been such a good and easy dog to have around and I know his love, Marilyn, is awaiting his company.  I'll be so happy for both of them despite my tears.
Needless to say, I'm exhausted but I wanted to share a special doggie treat with you that I was going to make today but may wait 'til later!  Half of the idea came from a new cookbook I'm going to write about in the Houston Chronicle and half from a food blog for people. 
Cook three strips of bacon (with the fat) and crumble/stir into a cup of plain yogurt--then either put a big spoon of pnut butter into a Kong to clog the bottom hole and fill with this mix and freeze OR take a banana, cut in half--then use an apple corer and core each half, freeze.  When solid, make the bacon yogurt and put in a zip-lock bag, cut off a corner and "pipe" the yogurt mix into the bananas and refreeze or give as is. 
I'm going to add in some frozen peas and carrots and some freeze-dried veggies so the animals get more zip out of their treat.  You could add coconut oil (it is solid) and great for their coats; put half pnut butter, half yogurt;  fill paper cupcake molds and freeze or oil an ice cube tray and fill with the mix and dump them out and put in the dog's dishes.  Often, I'll use the oiled muffin TOP pans to make frozen treats--that way they are not too wide but a nice size for a treat.(You don't have to oil if you let melt for a few minutes or just touch the bottom of the pans in hot water to loosen the treats up.)
monroe.outside.jpg MamaMia.DeliciasPkg.Oct2012.JPG
Monroe has pretty much lost his eyesight but can see sunlight.  Mama is enjoying a surprise box of Dingos and Snuggies that was sent in a few years ago (Thank you!!).  Speaking of which...I have a list of "thank you's" to publish later for the months of May and June.  We've gotten some of the things of the dogs' amazon Wish List (blue links above this blog).  I'm happier to see Capstar or dog food than I would be to be getting something for myself because I know what a difference your caring makes to the dogs.  You make their lives whole--by giving them joy.  They sure do know when a box for them arrives.  Everyone has to sniff it all over before it can be opened (which can take an hour) and then the same thing happens once it is opened!  Animals are smarter than we know!
I hope you read the article today in my Houston Chronicle blog about tick-borne Erhlichiosis.  Even though the title is about the new test that was approved, there is a whole lot of information that you should read up about. Cats, dogs and people can get it!  The blog URL is:
Thank you all for being so sweet and helping the RR dogs.  We have been averaging $50/month on shopping amazon/amazon gives the RR a credit from your own sales (Link also right above this blog) but in June, it is over $110!!  That is amazing.  Little by little, we'll get up to the $2200 that they need--there is no overhead and all volunteers but medicine, food, supplies and bones to keep disabled dogs busy is a big expense.  We gave up any far-away thoughts of our retirement and any hope of a new car anytime soon.  We just don't want to lose the RR--that will leave all of us homeless which defeats the whole purpose of our efforts!
"til later--Hugs from the Herd!
Please use the amazon links above as often as you can!  Most of the stuff we buy in the store is online and there is no shipping charge if you watch the suppliers' offers or buy the annual Prime membership (free 30 day trial link above, too).  Delivered right to your office or house, you don't have to struggle to pack up the car and unpack it.  It is so much easy to shop this way!
PS Just in case you want to get the Doggie Cookbook or the blood-stop powder before my stories come out, I put them at the very top of the RR amazon Wish List--so when you click on the link (above) they will be right there to review and order.  (I couldn't add links into this part of the blog so that's the easiest/best way I could let you get them faster.) Hugs!
Wed, July 2, 2014 | link 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Update and New Registries Coming

I never really get a chance to tell y'all how much I love and appreciate your support, love, emails, help for the Rescue Ranch dogs, prayers and more.  I know you all have your own struggles and crosses to bear but still take the time to care for someone else, for Rescue Ranch dogs--many with broken bodies but strong hearts thanks to you.

I haven't felt well this last week, and in turn, my writing suffers.  Not because I don't think of you or think of a million things I want to say to you or to help your animals, but because some days, picking up the computer is just too much these days.  It is 90 percent restored--and more is still being recovered (thank God--no kidding), but physically, I am getting worse.  I have been trying to avoid surgery but at the risk of dying much sooner than later, I think I am going to have to give in.  The biggest problem is that the brain bleed I suffered a few years ago when a load of steel pipes fell on my head at a large box store (no they never did offer any help), has me classified as a "high risk" patient.  Finding someone who will take me on and then to prepare a team to be ready, "just in case," is a big deal. Please try to help the Rescue Ranch and keep the dogs in your prayers even when I am quiet. The pain is almost unbearable--and what awaits scares me.

There are some major could-be-'tastropies coming in our world, from the radiation spread of Fukushima to Planet X coming across our orbital path to a giant Solar Flare or EMF event, which would level the power grids for quiet awhile--if not years.  Since I have the time to lay down, my head packed on ice, while I listen to the news and talk radio, I also have the time to think of the things we may all need just in case.  "Just in case" could even mean a hurricane or tornado, for that matter.

I was going to prepare a list of things that you should consider stocking/keeping at the ready, and then I realized that there are neat pet products and people products and more that you need to know about, too.  The easiest way for me to show them all to you--or at least most of them--is to create Registries on amazon.  That way, you can click on the name of the Registry you are interested in and order the things you want to, as you can afford them or put them in a Wish List for yourself for another time.  I'll be creating a NEW PAGE on this website called, "Product Registries: Must Haves" or if I come up with a different name, I'll change it here when I activate the words/link.  You'll be able to reach the page through a link in the right-hand website directory AND after each of my blogs.  

I was going to wait to add them until I had filled them up, but I've decided to give you the links and then you can check back daily or weekly to see what else I've added.  (I'll do a special set of lists for the holidays--starting in September!) If YOU know of something that we should all try or our pets should try, please email me at so I can try the product and add it into the lists, too.  Since amazon will also help the Rescue Ranch--without charging you anything extra--your shopping and passing on the Registry Lists will also help the Rescue Ranch animals, which would take a great burden from my heart.  I need to focus on getting better so I can help more animals.  First though, I think I have to go through "hell" to get there so your support will help me a whole lot.

Just know that the products that are in the Registries--and on the Rescue Ranch Wish List--have been tried and have passed muster by the Rescue Ranch volunteers--so you, too, can try some of the things that the RR dogs (and companion cats) love, your animals will like too!!

...and because of the restoration of my laptop and my cell phone (with all of my contacts--eek--falling into the sink while I was brushing my teeth--restoration of the cell phone is next), I am going to post a list of "Thank You's" here to the angels who have sent any type of kindness to help the RR. It is easier for me right now all around--I'll post your first name and state to let you know that your box or letter or gift card arrived.  As soon as I can download photos to my computer, I'll add a photo here, too, so you can enjoy the RR dogs, enjoying your thoughtfulness. 

Boy, I feel winded! A full day awaits and there is no time to sleep!  Please be sure to read my story on Heat Risks for Animals which will be posted after 8 AM CST today on my Houston Chronicle Blog, or the DIRECT LINK/A MUST READ: Heat, Sun and Animal's Risk!! Please be sure to pass it on, too! 

I have also updated my facebook pages: and the newest one,  You'll find lots of neat things on both of them.  I hope you share them as well.

Blessing to all.  Thank you for everything.


 PS Hugs from the Herd!!


Sat, June 28, 2014 | link 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Diabetes Tips and Figuring Out Each Dog's "Key"
Monroe, or as we call him, "Minnie," the little black and white Rat Terrier, found love three years after his love, Marilyn (a smaller red Min Pin thatn Mama Mia) passed away.  Marilyn had diabetes and needed dental surgery.  She passed away the weekend after the surgery.  Mama was brought in after being hit by a car and spending a week in the hospital for a head injury--and she wouldn't stop walking in small circles.  Turned out, she had a broken leg and was pregnant with seven babies and had a very advanced case of heartworm disease. Today, it is a daily touch-n-go with both of them.  Thankfully, they have angels they know in heaven kepping an eye out for them!
A few months ago, Monroe started to urinate whenever and wherever he wanted to  Initially, I thought it was because of his age--he just turned 15 according to his owner-surrender paperwork.  I thought he was having bladder or kidney issues and or just plain control issues but a visit to the vet showed that he had Type 1 Diabetes.  His count was 533! Since the dog range is like humans, 80-140 iah, this was really, really high!
One of the things our vet taught us was that when a dog with diabetes urinates on say a solid surface like tile, the pee will dry leaving a shiny sheen where the pee was--that is the sugar in the urine.   He aslo told me that if you are wondering if your animal, dogs especially, has diabetes, catch the urine in a clean pan (dishwasher clean is good enough) and then use HUMAN urine test strips and test it.  The dog's urine, for instance, should be on the tan or no sugar end of the scale.  Monroe's pee test was raspberry, just one step from dark raspberry--the highest tet level.  This little tip saved Monroe the indignity of having to get a blood test to tell if he had diabetes and we knew to adjust his diet immediately before he even got to the vet!
At the vet, with a hand-held testing device for pets, the tech pricked the bottom of his paw pad!  Normally, they would have taken a blood test or tried to test his ear vein (painful) or other spot.  He hardly blinked and it was all done.  Since I already knew that Monroe had diabetes and I had been testing him twice a day for a week--and taking photos of the test strip against the chart for the vet since the strips change in color after 15 seconds and the color is not a valid indication of the animal's health, I pullws our my camera and went through the week's history with the vet.  (I could have downloaded it to my laptop but at that time, it was still not working.)
I also always bring my notebook with me, either with notes/questions I have or with research I've prepared.  It saves money and time and helps me to make the best decisions for both the animal's life and financially.  (If you don't do this, you can easily be emotionally intimidated into doing the wrong thing or something you'd regret.  Don't put yourself in that position.  Your animal is depending on you!)  In my notebook, I had called Wal-Mart and found out what insulins they had that were reasonable (under $30/jar) that other vets were prescribing for animals.  I also found out what size syringes they had (different from the type/size I used for anitibotics) and presented my notebook to the vet.  After examining Minnie and weighing him, the vet took my notebook and went to his office to see which insulin would work better and the dose to use and the needles to try.
Some Things You Need to FIgure Out on Your Own
After saving hundreds of dollars at the vet and then at the pharmacy, I went home with a vial of insulin, alcohol wipes (the top of the bottle has to be cleaned before drawing up insulin or anything for that matter, even though I keep them in zip lock bags in the 'frig( and a box of insulin needles. At first, with treats before and afterward, Monroe was a cooperate patient.  As instructed, I rotated injection sites from between the shoulders--left and right--and on both sides of his hips, where the fat layer is very thin.  Injections are given through the skin but not into the muscle or SQ (sub-cutaneous). We continue to monitor his pee "color" with the test strips but really need to buy the animal blood test unit for his pad but that is $140 or so plus the test strips are $X month, insulin and needles--all new expenses that are piled up on top of our budget.  Monroe is just one of the animals who needs a sponsor!  You could adopt him virtually!  Angels?
After a few weeks, Monroe got wise and began to wiggle and waggle and flat-out object to the insulin injections.  I asked the pharmacist if there was any changes I could make.  There was.  Insulin needles some in three different "widths" or gauges--27, 29 and 31 and in "short" and "long."  The vet had us start with 29 long to make sure they would go through his skin and not be too short so that the insulin wound up in the fatty layer of the skin which would be useless.  After getting to know the thickness of his skin in the four differnet, rotating sites, I now know that I can use a 31 needle (thinner) and short on his hip area and 31 long between the shoulder area. The thinner needle makes a smaller "hole" so it hurts less.  In addition, when I couldn't find little treats to give him, I gave him a Busy Bone which directed his attention to that instead of the needle!  Now, it works every time--and saves a lot of struggle, time and stress for both of us.  (I added the Busy Bones to the Rescue Ranch amazon Wish List.)
I hope this helps you to help your own animals.  Learn from my experiences--even what treats the animals like--or don't!  I have a large tester base and can determine what products are good or not pretty fast and without you having to waste your money.  
Please help the Rescue Ranch when/as you can.  These animals only have me and YOU--and as they get older and their medical cases gets more complicated, expenses are increasing, with some very unexpected ones--like the little Chi sister having Brittle Bone Disease and needing stem cell treatments to save her limbs and life.  We cannot do this anymore without help.
Thanks for stopping by, for listening and for caring--really caring.
Belle's feet (aka Panda) are literally disconnected from her legs.  They can spin and shake with no stability, despite three surgeries several years ago.  No one knew she had Brittle Bone Disease until her tail began to disintegrate--it still wags (thankfully) but the bone has dissolved inside the skin and her bones crackle whenever she moves.  Despite a wheelchair, her movement is severely limited but her personality is amazing!
Please click on the BLUE LINK above--the HELP THE RESCUE RANCH DOG's WISH LIST to see the beds, blankets, treats, food, etc. that these animals need. Just figure out a budget ahead of time and then find things that work.  They need it all--so mix and match is fine! THank you in advance for helping! (I don't know if this LINK will work instead...)
Tue, June 24, 2014 | link 

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