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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Check Back Wed 7/27 for RR Update

After repeated head injuries/falls that were all accidental, I've been able to keep food down for four days in a row--after six weeks of, well, a liquid diet at best.  Thank God for small miracles!  (The house has mostly stopped spinning, too!  Some days, I thought I was in the Dorothy house in the "Wizard of Oz" tornado scene, the house twirling around me as I tried to sit up!)


I have updated Mike's page--and will update this blog by tomorrow afternoon.  I still have to limit my computer and phone time/exposure ("a little bit at a time or none at all"-eek!) for at least a few more weeks. Thank you for being patient with me/us.


Remember we love you--all of our angels, seen and unseen, known and yet-to-be known!


Much Love and Hugs from the Herd!! 


Bunny Bun Buns in her chair and beautiful, gentle--and very talkative--Maya! 

Tue, July 26, 2016 | link 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Recovering from Head injury

Please read my update on Mike's page.  


I need to take this week off to try to get the swelling down in my brain from the falls I took the last few weeks--all accidental but all added up to something that I need to deal with.


We need to make it until the second week in August--pp credits, amazon credits to OR help on Mike's page or via the mail, all will help and will be gratefully accepted. 


Mailing address: Rescue Ranch, 395 Sawdust Road, Unit 2041, The Woodlands, TX  77380. 


Sending prayers and love to all--




Mama Mia, in the twilight of her precious life, has suddenly started collecting stuffed animals

in her bed--then lines them up like she is nursing them!  Amazing. 


Tue, July 12, 2016 | link 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy 4th--and its a special Birthday Week!

Hi Angels--


Sorry it has taken so long for me to write an update.  After the last big fall I took a few weeks ago, as you know I had several CT scans of my face and brain.  When I went back for review, I was sent to a brain doctor who ordered a STAT (top priority/immediate) MRI.  That was the end of last week...


With everyone on vacation, I was told to keep my head on ice for the holiday and check into the hospital if need be (although it was their first priority) if I felt it necessary.  I will get the results back on Wednesday when they come back.  I know that I can't talk on the phone more than a half hour at a time, I can't cry and I can't get my blood pressure up until my brain heals. There is a huge amount of edema/swelling in the frontal lobe/forehead area.  Most of all, I can't fall again anytime soon!


Living with someone with Lewy Body Dementia usually takes a great toll on the caretaker--falling a lot apparently is part of this.  The people who are ill like this just take things out and leave them wherever, forget to put them back, pick them up, etc. and when you are walking, not expecting a gate or dresser or bone or can of dog food to step on or walk into, you fall--and I did over and over and over again in the past few months.


This is Mike's birthday week.  If you'd like to send an email or a card, please do.  It will make him feel like he matters.  His self-esteem is pretty low, losing the ability to work and to remember, to hear, to, to, to, is hard to wrap your mind around. It may be the last birthday that he is conscious (or here) for.  Our special food angel sent dinner and a no-flour chocolate cake through the mail--packed in dry ice by the company--so we don't need to worry about what to have for a special dinner (THANK YOU!).


I will write more of an update on Mike's page later tonight/so for tomorrow.  Right now, I have a box and a card that have arrived to give to Mike-along with some spiced gum drops that I've been hiding that he always wanted to try.  I am trying to listen to every "wish I could have" or "wish I did" when he speaks and fill the wishes as his bucket wish.  He doesn't realize it or remember what he had said but I write them down any way.


Please help us with the Rescue Ranch dogs, especially this last month (I hope) before his disability starts, when we need the most help.  We still have not received a check from the company.




Mike and Poppy, early 2015, trying a piece of cake from a new bakery we drove by. 


The following are needed VIP: 


Help to Mike's Fund: covers doctors, medications, tests, equipment and the like:


Ringo Dingo's (any and all):


Kabobs/chews: (as many as possible.  Each order can only be six bags/free shipping):


Amazon credits (need $250--have $200 so far for food order):  Credits to amazon and paypal should go to:



Little Bitty wants to herald in a special Happy Birthday to one of our RR Angels!



Little Bradley used to steal his original parents' shoes and hide them for fun.

When he became part of the Rescue Ranch Herd, he started hiding my socks at night

'til his mama had a "talk" with him and asked him to behave--and he did!


Bradley is an angel in heaven now, and to celebrate his mama's birthday, we wanted to honor her with this special gift of love--seeing her precious Bradley again--and sharing his beautiful self with our other angels to admire, too, knowing how much y'all love and care for all animals!


They are all so very precious--aren't they?



Back home, Bradley loved to be covered all up in his blankets.  


Sending love and hugs to heaven...


Tue, July 5, 2016 | link 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Update on Head Trauma

Hi Angels--

Just a very brief update like I promised. I will hopefully be writing more toward the end of the week.


The CT scans came back as follows: facial fractures and breaks from the "100 lbs of pipe falling on my head" accident while I was shopping at Home Depot are all still healed (no, for new angels, I did not sue them--see blog November or December 2011, I think) BUT swelling in my face/edema in my head and over the bone shows up. Hmmm...


So, after being told to get in the hospital some more today by a different doctor--I was referred to a brain specialist--I have to have an MRI with and without contrast to see if the old brain bleed in the brain stem from the Home Depot accident got activated when I had a few bad falls lately, not of my own fault.  (Apparently, it was too deep to show on the CT scan. I thought it would be, and kept asking that over and over and over again, but there is an order to the way docs do things.) Ah, well. I am, faithfully, carrying a flashlight now!! I just can't fall again.


I'm on ice bags up my spine and neck and around my head nearly 24/7--with an hour break here or there to supervise things and to get the ice switched out.  It does feel like the swelling is somewhat going down but the nausea was very bad/dangerous so I've switched to almost all liquids.  Having lots of doggie washable pee pads at the ready is quite a blessing during these times.  Thank God for volunteer angels.


I won't know more until the end of the week, but I'll try to post a RR update by Thursday morning.  Girl's Biozide arrived last week (thank you!!) and the hole in her side from a tree branch?? is healing.  It was so deep, that when I cleaned it out, I could have put my pinkie in it--and then a 2 inch square or so strip of muscle had been pulled away at the same site I found. Ouch! (See pics/post a few before this one.)


I don't mean to repeat myself, but there been only a few blessed angels helping in a dire situation for about a week now and I am in no condition right now to get my silver cup out and stand under the bridge!  To entertain myself, laying on ice in bed, I've begun to make myself laugh by thinking of all the ways someone in my spot could earn money. Boy, the imagination can run wild, that's for sure (and none of it is naughty!).


In a way, what has happened to me is like the football players and skaters and sports people who keep getting hit in the head.  I, thankfully, didn't have thousands of pounds of men running at me to level me for a teeny football but nor did I have a helmet on each fall I made.  IF your kids are in contact sports, please take the cushioning of their head and the back of the neck, especially, very seriously.  The "tree of life" is an area in the brain that cannot be fixed if something goes wrong, or you risk death if you try, so why risk it if you can prevent it!


Thank you for your prayers which I know are keeping us alive.  If you don't know why the seriousness of this situation, please read the story and latest update on Mike's page:  


I know we'll be OK for God never gives us more than we can handle and so handle it all, we shall, knowing that God is bigger than us and can do far more than we can do ourselves.  All we have to do is stand at the edge of that cliff--and have faith--and hope, always Hope, no matter how many rocks are falling out from that edge!


Love and of course, Hugs from the Herd!

 New baby hedgehogs--sent by a fb friend. Amazing. 


PS Any spelling or word errors just (mostly) attribute to my brain swelling.  I can't go back and edit with one eye shut and a headache that could take me to the moon and back.  Please accept my apologies ahead of time!



PPS  I also found out today that although all docs think Mike needs to be in a Locked Memory Care Facility by the end of the summer, it is not going to be possible.  The house is mortgaged and giving up a car would not be enough to pay for even one year of that type of care.  He is eligible for 10 hours a week of "in home" care when he can't stand to shower kinda stage, possibly more.  


Until then, unless you have long-term care insurance (which I begged Mike to sign up for when he was working but he couldn't justify the expense years ago since neither of us was sick and we had to take care of the Rescue Ranch), you have to be wealthy/private pay or go into a public institution (which is very mind-bending to go see and offers no therapy) or stay home.   So, lesson to learn--when the time comes this year to sign up for insurances at work, get that one.  You need, on average, about $8,000 of coverage per month.  If you can, go to $12,000 per month/value based on the increasing rates/costs now.  Do not get stuck in this position. Learn, please learn...

Tue, June 28, 2016 | link 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Update coming but update posted...Hmmm.

Hi Angels--


I simply don't have the energy to write more today.  Please read the latest update I just posted about this week on Mike's page--  


It is about what I've had to go through this week--and what may be coming (nooooooooo please.)


I will update the my test results and what is to come this weekend/week no later than Monday afternoon.  As soon as I hear from the doctors about my brain and face scans.


The great news is that we met our $8,000 deductible--and so the scans will only be at 20% now.  Thank you angels so very, very much!  Now, the July mortgage and food bills loom brightly ahead. 


I/we love y'all and thank you for being angels.  Life is brighter with you in the world, whether on earth or in heaven!



Jane, Mike and the RR Herd!




Fri, June 24, 2016 | link 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Father's Day AND Happy Doggie Birthdays...

It's been a big day here at the Rescue Ranch.  Storms--with a rainbow after the storm, of course--Father's Day AND Bunny's 8th birthday (one of our wheelchair dogs) and the Twins', Chippie and Sissy, 6th birthday--two more wheelchair girls!


Before I share a few of the precious photos from today, I'd like to thank everyone who is helping--help is starting to come from other countries, too.  We just have to make it a few more months out of the critical zone, flying too fast toward the ground, so to speak, I pray.  After that, if things don't straighten out with his disability benefits, the situation is going to escalate into a big legal battle, which I'd like to avoid.


Also, Happy Father's Day to all of the fathers and mothers-who-are-the-fathers-too, to their children, whether human or fur babies or both.  Thank you for caring.  Especially for caring.  A world without people who love and who care about each other would be hard to live in and impossible to imagine.


I still remember my own father, so many years later. If I could get just five minutes with him now, I'd tell him that not only do I love him, miss him but that I wish we could talk into the wee hours of the night now that I'm an adult (he passed far too soon), AND I want to thank him for my junior prom dress!  He worked long hours, commuted far and traveled a lot to make our wonderful lives possible but that one dress, a simple dress--but the one I wanted--was a sacrifice for my parents generally I would find out...


...although I said the words, "Thank You" at the time, I saw a tear in my father's eyes--that I didn't understand fully what it took to get that dress.  I do now and I have for many, many years but I never got a chance to tell him. (A special Happy Father's Day to my Uncle, too, who always spoiled all of us.) Now, all I can think is silly me--silly, silly me about the dress, but, I was 15 or 16 and God had a lot of growing up for me to do--and a lot of wisdom to impart.


This may be Mike's last set of holidays that he'll remember, so I'm trying to make them a little memorable, at least in his soul.  His birthday, mid 50's, is in just a few weeks and then mine (I'm a little younger) and then a tough fall is coming ahead, I think. Our "food" guardian angel ordered online and had delivered a Father's Day dinner of ribs (for Mike--I don't eat anything that ever lived--I'd rather be friends with all), lots of side yummies that I can eat, and a beautiful carrot cake (one of his favorites).  Our local Kroger (grocery store) angel, graced us with the little cake you'll see below for the dogs' birthdays.  Imagine after the birthday girls had their "go" at it, dividing it by 35 or so--for even Mike had to have a bite and so did I (but for us, on the non-dog-licked-side).


Happy Birthday Bunny Bun Buns

AND the Chihuahua twins, Chippie Chips and Sissy (their nicknames/names now)--

We All Love You!!

 Happy Birthday! 



Bunny, on her pink baby boppy, is a survivor of neurologic (brain) distemper--she was sick before we met Dr. Sears and she was one of two dogs that motivated us to look for the cure.  These dogs are called "swimmers" because their back legs work but they have to "swim" along the floor to walk or use a wheelchair or dog cart.




Bunny got the first "licks in" and then got a slice of cake, as did the twins, before we had to slice/chop it up for everyone.  I told Mike to let Bunny lick the icing off of the cake tray when all was said and done--but I have a funny feeling that Mr. Sweet Tooth, Mike himself, actually got the last of it!



Bunny is starting to slow down. Because of her severe disabilities, and complications they are beginning to cause, I am grateful but surprised that she has lived this long.  She had been hit by a car (at about six weeks old), had distemper which became neurologic distemper, pneumonia, three types of mange AND tapeworm--and was left in the middle of a park--weighing in at about five pounds.  (Once distemper goes to the brain, it was a miracle that she survived--pre-Project Hope or at all.)  She was first in line to be euthanized one night in 2008, when Mike and I went into the shelter for an after-hours meeting.  She could still walk and came right up to us, a tiny little loving puppy, who looked like a...bunny! We put her right in the car--and rescued another dog in line who was more than normal panicked to get out.  



Turned out, Bluey was pregnant--and even though the shelter assured me that her odd-shaped tummy was from starvation, when I put my hand on her belly at home and felt a little foot rest against my hand, I knew what precious gifts were to come in a few weeks.  That night, we rescued Bunny, Bluey (one blue, one brown eye) and all of her puppies--who were adopted. I will never forget the others who were in that line--I stopped to tell them that they were beautiful and didn't deserve to be there. PLEASE rescue one or many animals if you can--just go to or and type in your zip code and the breed/type of animal you are looking for.  You will be amazing at who is there, just praying and waiting for a new home!



We spent five weeks feeding and syringing water to her 'round the clock and loving her, while taking her to vet after vet after vet and finally, one vet told me to try pine bark extract every six hours.  Well, it saved her life but meeting him came too late to save her ability to walk.  Dr. Sears' taught us that the distemper virus, while not contagious, remains latent in the brain of these survivors, and one day may reactivate or take their life.  I can see a decline this last year in Bunny's activity and zest for life and can only pray that we provided the best life we could and can continue to do so. I know that every time her tail wags, and that is often, that she knows she is loved. In fact, very much loved, admired and adored.  She will always be our Rescue Ranch "bunny."



Pasha, rear legs paralyzed from a car accident--and surgery that almost worked pre-rescue--and Bunny do almost everything together, wheelchairs or not, so although Pasha's birthday isn't until October, she made sure to join in! Happy mid-Birthday, Pasha Dasha!



 The twins, now 6, Chippie (she loves loves loves potato chips!) and Sissy--her big, very protective, sister--were ready to eat the entire cake themselves!  They were gobbling so fast, hoping that it wasn't going to be taken away anytime soon.  Mike and I were laughing so hard while trying to hold the cake and camera still.



These puppies, found in a field during Project Hope's early days (Spring, 2010) and brought in to the brilliant vet we were working with in Houston--the first to try making Dr. Sears' serum--had been left alone with severely broken elbows and front legs.  They weighed 1 and 1.3 pounds.  Now, at 6.5 and close to ten, they have gotten much bigger!  Sissy walks with a limp, so has a wheelchair if she wants it and Chippie's front leg surgeries, while they saved her legs, and for awhile she could walk with a major limp, she can no longer do so.  


Like Bunny, she doesn't swim but puts one elbow in front of the other and is pretty fast when she wants to go somewhere.  Chippie has Brittle Bone Disease, her tail has crumbled/ing and when you hold her you feel like you are holding glass and need to be very, very careful.  So many of the dogs who have stayed at the Rescue Ranch are just not adoptable because they required constant companionship and advanced medical care. A few just didn't want to be adopted/leave!!



Mama Mia, who once upon a time needed a collar that would protect her/she was testy (with a severe head injury while pregnant) way back when--was not to be left out of the "frosting licking" cake phase, even though we celebrate her birthday in August.  She is quite a lady. If a piece of cake or even a crumb drops off, she will pause, clean it up and then get back to the cake--while we stand there and just wait. She is one of the "heart dogs" and every extra day she is with us now is a blessing.  




Bitty Bits, the smallest adult dog at the Rescue Ranch, weighs in at 3 lbs--and has a sweet tooth like his daddy, Mike!  He immediately got up from a nap to get his taste of the cake before it was disassembled for everyone to get just a taste (we really need a 1/4 sheet cake!).  I think Bitty really wanted the "Finding Dory" movie ring that was on top of the cake!  I gave it to Mike, in the end, as a Happy Father's day gift!



Bitty was brought into a shelter in Houston in a bloody, kitchen towel.  A special needs teen had taken his little body apart with scissors, I think.  It took several volunteers to get him to the vet, then the vet and I had to compare his body, still breathing, to anatomy drawings in the vet's books (yes, that bad), and in the end, he lost his penis, his testicles, his tail was already gone, torn off up into his spine, and so was his ability to hold a bowel movement--the muscle had been severed. "Bits" became his name for more than one reason! 


Bits is now losing his vision (he is probably 8 or 9), and although he's been to an eye specialist and we are following medical instructions and meds, I don't think it is going to be able to be restored.  In one eye, he has a bad cataract developing and in the other eye, a hole developed in the membrane that holds the eye "jelly" back so it doesn't leak into the front of the eye.  (Bitty Bits loves his daddy and one day, when this new site is up, I'll post a video of the Bitty Bits' dance when he hears him coming.  It is precious--and hilarious!)


See Mike's page for his funny Father's Day photo--later today/Monday, though, OK?  At 2:40 AM, tt's time for me to switch to being a medic and all night nanny and put Mike to bed, etc.  I have to go switch hats right about now even though I feel like writing...


Please post/share Mike's page: 


Thank you all for caring. Especially for caring.


When we have terrible trials and pray/turn them over to God, we then give Him/Spirit/Source, whatever your belief, the permission to step in and to show what HE can do--which is much greater than anything we can imagine.  So, it may take longer, or have taken awhile, but for the sake of all of us, we intend, in the end, to walk in faith--and overcome!!  Everyone needs to see that there is Something Greater than us, which we happen to call God.  Never doubt, even it you can't see over the ledge you are standing on.


...and like He promises, the rainbow always comes out AFTER the storm.  

This happened today, Father's Day, right over the Rescue Ranch!




Please Help us continue to help these animals who would have no where else to go and who have suffered so --and deserve nothing but love and kindness.  


Grateful.  Always.


E-cards, credits, amazon, paypal to:


Mailing address: Rescue Ranch, 395 Sawdust Road, Unit 2041, The Woodlands, TX   77380  

(Checks or money orders can be made out to just, "Rescue Ranch.") 




PS Remember, until we switch this site (behind the scenes) to the new platform, I can't go back and edit. Usually, I publish and edit a story up to six or eight times.)  Forgive my omissions, spelling, grammar, etc. until I can get a skeleton site up and going on the new site our hosting company is making us switch to.  They always help us because of the work that we do here (100% volunteer) and gave us the next year for free!! Thanks, thank you, Kind Hearts in Action, for getting the word out that a colleague of Ed Bond/Dr. Sears, my husband, Mike is dying and needs help!!



Mon, June 20, 2016 | link 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Biozide Puffers...Ordered!

Regarding the Biozide Puffers mentioned that we needed in the post before this one...

The Puffers that we need at the Rescue Ranch right now have been ordered by an angel--BUT y'all should get at least two puffers and tuck them away in your first aid boxes if you have dogs, horses.  They will keep for years...


Their site was not responding normally earlier today--here is how to make it work:

Go to and Click on Online Store


Go directly to the store at


The first item is Biozide Puffer, 60 grams for $5 each.  Put in the number you want to order and click, "BUY."  

Thank you for letting me know that there were issues with their site.  I emailed them and left them a phone message as well.  If you have trouble when ordering for your own animals, you can also call them directly at 314-421-0300.

Grateful. Always.

Fri, June 17, 2016 | link 

PS Forgive Errors Please
The server of this website has me changing platforms--making a new site basically--and no longer supports this type of site.  If I make a spelling error, want to change something, etc. I cannot. Please forgive me, and know, that just like the auto-correct on our phones, who sometimes make the most bizarre messages go through, I am not able to fix things like Kinds Hearts in Action (plural)...but the web site link should be correct!  Love.
Fri, June 17, 2016 | link 

Special Thanks and Biozide Update

I would like to say a special "Thank you," to Ed Bond, founder of Kind Heart in Action, and one of the five people who worked with Mike and I on the Canine Distemper Project, Project Hope, under the supervision of Dr. Alson Sears--for posting our urgent need for help, due to my husband's terminal illness, on his facebook page and for the angels that are hearing it and responding...I would like to thank our regular angels for the same.  God will reach those who can help and are willing--we just have to have unwaivering faith until they find us.


(Sherry Dorer Parker and her son, Bruce Parker, were the other two in our small group.  God has since called Bruce home. Sherry's dog, Mama Dog, a rescue, was a Project Hope donor dog, who serum was so strong, we used it for the sickest of puppies and they lived!) Her other rescue dog, Iris, is a natural surivor of distemper, getting it just months before we made serum.


Ed, Mike and I, through Project Hope and Kind Hearts have saved so many dogs and still do--working with vets in Houston and around the world--and coaching owners through the tough few days while the serum works and the dogs need to be brought back to life, so to speak. Our lives--and the lives of all of the angels who helped in any way--made a difference.  What an honor.


That said, Mike and I used our personal retirement and savings to fund the majority of the project, not worrying about our future, just worrying about all of the dogs that were dying and making a decision to stop the madness and find the cure regardless of the sacrifices we knowingly were making!  Thinking that we were young enough to save and build back our savings and retirement, we just kept going and going, and going.  


Well, we didn't know it but God had other plans.  Now, only in his mid-50's, Mike is rapidly decompensating (declining), and we've been without a supporting income for over 14 months--having a "Herd" of special needs dogs with all types of medical disabilities and special needs to care for and support, too.  Lewy Body Dementia is a combination of Alzheimer's, Parkinsonism, and five other terrible diseases that add up to a horrible situation. Yes, there are good hours or days but then there are very, very bad ones and this keeps going until God calls...which the docs tell me could be suddenly, in a few months or in a few years--with consciousness lost along the way.  I cannot go out to work and take care of Mike and the Rescue Ranch. He cannot be left alone. There is no family to come to the rescue. But there is God, angels and blessings beyond our knowing. We just have to have faith enough to let God's Hand work.


To read more, go to Mike's page at 




On another note, Girl, our Texas Pearl, is the dog who has the giant whole in her side and yesterday, I had asked for angels to sponsor the Biozide for her treatment.  She cannot have stitches and the wound, if not managed properly can be life-threatening.  She ran into a major branch in the pre-dawn hours and tore open her side...the photo below doesn't do the injury justice.




Biozide is an antibacterial and antifungal powder that can be used as a "puffer"--it can just be blown into the wound, coating every nook and cranny--or you can get it as a gel.  It only adheres to the injury--and should be a part of everyone's first aid kit!




...and as you can see by the size of the darker color of the Biozide Puffer dust site, the injury extends way up under her skin, and as it works/gets wet from absorbing infection, pus, etc, the dry puffer dust needs to be replenished.



With the Biozide, I am pretty confident that Girl will live and recover.  

Without it, this could be a life-threatening wound.



Here is the Biozide Puffer order count as of Friday 1:34 AM:

 Countdown/Total needed: 12      Total ordered:  0


Each bottle costs $5 and we need enough to keep her on it until the wound naturally closes/heals.

Order link: 


Please send one or as many as you can--I will update the number ordered in my next post so you know when we have the 12 needed coming.  (I can no longer edit any posts I've made with the platform changing to a new website (same address), so I'll have to update it in new posts.)


Girl has an amazing story--her rescue (of herself) and our attempts to adopt her out will make you just roll over and belly laugh--so in a few weeks, remind me to tell you her story.  She decided that she is just plain staying at the Rescue Ranch and wasn't going to be adopted by anyone else!


What is interesting, in retrospect, is that I only rescued her once from death row at a shelter but she has rescued me more times than I can count on my hands.  Every time I fall, trip, get in trouble, she is attuned to my slightest sob or call and uses her body and collar to pull me out/up or lay next to me and comfort me.  It is like she is an angel in a dog's body--but then, aren't all animals??




Angels, known and yet-to-be-known, seen and unseen...


Know that ANY help you give/send is gratefully welcome.  


Please never apologize to anyone for the size of your gift or the space between your emails or time that has passed between prayers.  Your intention is what matters--to us and to you.  For it is in giving (anything), time included and prayers, too, that you are truly blessed.  


There are so many people who know of our need, or of the needs of the homeless animals or people or vets or seniors, etc. who never reach out beyond themselves.  You do/did.  Stand proud and feel the blessings that God will gift you--whether it be now, after this life or both, they are there, just waiting for a time you need them.  


YOU are making a difference with your life and I am very proud of you.


Grateful.  Always.

Jane, Mike and the Rescue Ranch Herd



Girl and Mama Mia, watching us, watching TV!  


I got an email that Mama had been hit by a car, had a head injury and was pregnant with five puppies.  No rescuer would take her in.  We did.  We met the doctors who picked her up off the road (who luckily were behind the person whose car hit her) and had her hospitalized/stabilized for a week.  But, she was still walking in circles and everyone thought it was from the impact of the car accident.  However, when she lay down, I noticed one front leg looked different.  


Turned out, she had a broken leg!  We had that fixed and within days, she went into labor and had seven puppies--five boys and two girls!  She was still head-injured and leg casted, so I had to do most of the work for her--and it sure was a nerve-splitter at times--but all pups and their mama survived.  Thank God.


Rescue Ranch Mailing Address:

Rescue Ranch, 395 Sawdust Road, Unit 2041, The Woodlands, TX  77380


"Everything Dog" literally accepted--we need kibble (please no corn as the first ingredient please to avoid cancer and future vet bills it causes), grain-free canned food all sizes/cases of it or single cans,  BONES/CHEWS especially to keep everyone busy right now.  (IF you go out to the navigation bar on the left side of this page/any page on this site--and click on the sixth and seventh links down, we need one or as many as you can send--pick your budget first.)


Fourteen big dog bones to every 18 middle/little dog bones (which all come in multiples in the packages) to make sure everyone has something.  We try very hard to be an equal treat provider!


I always have such anxiety about keeping the dogs' busy while I have to take care of Mike or take him in for a brain scan, etc. but knowing that they are fed and have something to chew on, relieves my heart.  


If you don't want to order items specifically, making a paypal or amazon credit/gift to will work just the same!


If you live locally/the Houston area to Conroe, please email me on that same email to set up a time for a volunteer to meet you.  Our shipping address will only accept "officially" mailed/UPS/Fed Ex packages.





Fri, June 17, 2016 | link 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Just In: First Aid Supply Much Needed

IF you want to be a doggie angel, there is something very specific that I need very much sooner than later. 


One of the dogs tore open a hole in her side--eek!--(photos to come) probably running by a branch or the like in the near-dark.  Hoping to avoid surgery or worse, this stuff can and has done the job before!  I am using my last one now--after debriding the wound (cleaning it out with Hibaclens and 10% Povidone Iodine (not the surgical scrub type) on sterile gauze, first aid tools that Carole the pharmacist (photo above this blog) gifted us and taught us to use.


I need (12) of Biozide 60 grams PUFFERS (takes one a day for bigger dogs, less for smaller dogs, more if you have horses)  Everyone should keep at least two in their first aid boxes.  It is amazing stuff--just read their home page.  It has made the difference between life and death--and in puffer form--you just have to squeeze the powderized form of Biozide into the open wounds/holes, wounds, lacerations, foot allergy dermititis bloody feet, rope burns, etc. It goes in deep and it is easy to apply even on a could-be-cranky, injured animal...


This is what I need 12 of exactly:


Each puffer is $5.   If I get emails that X number were sent, I will subtract them from the total needed and update it just below in this post. Please mail to: Rescue Ranch, 395 Sawdust Road, Unit 2041, The Woodlands, TX   77380.


Thank you for being angels, animal and people angels. I bow my head in appreciation and deep gratitude.  Even Carole, who passed away recently, is still helping us to save animals.  You still have the opportunity on earth to build up your own blessings that will follow you.  I am as sure of that as I am that the lawn in green--or should be green!


(See latest update below the Biozide pic, too.)


Countdown/Total needed: 12      Total ordered: 


My email: (note the 'dots' between the words)



Thu, June 16, 2016 | link 

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