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Monday, May 2, 2016

Flooded Rescue Update

Thanks to one of our angels, our "food" guardian angel,  Pat at Sanctuary Acres Pet Rescue said that she received a $100 amazon credit today!  Great news and thank you from her. She was beside herself with tears that others would care about someone else since she's been trying to do this by herself for so long. (Her mother and father for years had all been working and contributing but they have both passed on.)


I hope others pitch in as well--you can mail her anything dog/cat/big bird c/o the Rescue Ranch or email e-cards or messages to her at:


Mail: Rescue Ranch, att: Pat/SAPRescue, 395 Sawdust Road, Unit 2041, The Woodlands, TX  77380   We will get everything to her unopened.  


She desparately needs a big bird cage for Chuckles--the cage is being held together by chains due to rusting/weaking--a washer and a Kuranda bed or pet cot for the blind cat in the bird room, Keeper.  After that, the dogs outside need bones and chews to keep them busy while the land is flooded and the cats (lots) need cat trees and climbers.  They are all now on the slab with a piece of carpet that someone brought over.  They need to get off the floor!


Pat told me today that the baby kittens that were left out in the storm under a stairway, are lapping baby milk BUT she unfortunately discovered, are infested with fleas!  They have teeth, teeny tiny teeth--so they can take Capstar for Cats if anyone feels like gracing her with a box!  


Link for Cat Capstar:


I got a 24 hour extension on Mike's disability appeal, closing in on 2,000 pages--YIKES--and so I'll write my updates most likely by Thursday (I'll take Wednesday to collapse!)  Please read the post below to see what the RR needs or read about Mike's latest update at  


God blessed us with y'all.  Thank you.


Hugs from the Herd--and the Flock, too, I guess!

Mon, May 2, 2016 | link 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Update on Beaumont Rescue...RR update

The last post I wrote below is about a big rescue in Beaumont self-funded until now by a retired teacher and her pension.  The damage and losses are severe and she needs help (see below).


As if she didn't have enough to worry about, yesterday, someone dropped off a basket of 2-3 weeks old sopping wet tiny kittens for her to "rescue" and she just found out today that her washer is a loss and not covered since FEMA has a very very high deductible AND prorates every stick of wood and piece of sheetrock, etc. to something absurd.  


If you can help the rescue in any way, please see instructions below in my April 29, 2016 post.  The situation is dire.



 Our ambassadors! Pasha Dasha, Sissy and Bellie (now nicknamed, "Chipie" because she zealously loves potato chips!, and Bunny Bun Bun--our first wheelchair dog.  They are just the "face" of the many who we take care of day and night--happily, with love and until God calls their name.


As for the Rescue Ranch, we had our angels send in the eye ointment and marrow bones (THANK YOU!) that were much needed.  We still have two VIP needs...links below and our amazon credits are now at zero--so any credits or e-cards to amazon are needed to start preparing for the next order.


Three VIP things for the RR:


1. For the bigger dogs, Dingo Ringos/long time chews are depleted!  A RR emergency!! Yikes!  One pack or boxes of 30, we need lots--like cases of them!*  Link to Pet Mountain:


*Coupon for the above/everything on Pet Mountain--Monday, May 2 only--see code below:



2.  For little dogs, there are no more chews either.  Walmart's Kabobs are a A-#1 Favorite! You can only order up to six pkgs per order at a time--with free shipping, too.  One set or eighteen pkgs, we need them please! Unlimited need.  Link:


3.  VIP: e-credits to (Links above this blog) Our credits balance is zero after ordering a few weeks ago and hungry tummies don't "understand" the word "wait..."



Our original RR dog, Mebs, whose loss was unbearable nine years ago--and still hurts daily. Her mama had 16 puppies and they were dying during nursing due to the weight of the "puppy pile." We were called to take her at just seven weeks--and I carried her in a baby blanket into Walmart to buy the supplies she needed urgently.  I have the cutest photos of her baby-hood but they need to be scanned.  One of these days...


Mike's appeal is due by the end of the day Monday--so please forgive me for not returning emails or writing my Thank you's.  I will this week.  FYI, Bunny's angel, Blue, yellow, red...boxes received!


I can never say how grateful we are for your help, compassion and caring.  We thought we'd have another twenty or thirty years to catch up on life and savings and prepare for our future.  The doctor says we could have a few months, half a year or a couple of rough years and then, well, and then, let's just not go there right now.


Love to all.  Truly, deeply grateful. 

Please, PLEASE, help. 


(I'm trying not to have a heart attack or stroke or collapse from the stress of all of this--and ironically, it has nothing to do with the dogs! They are providing comfort to me and pet therapy to Mike.  God knows what you need, I can see, before you know it yourself.)



 Just another day at the RR--the dogs love to come visit me at my writing window!

Of course, I always have a treat for each of my furry visitors!


 To read the update on Mike's medical situation, just posted, go to:

Thank you for caring. Especially for caring--and for sharing our links/website.


Sun, May 1, 2016 | link 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Rescue in BIG BIG Trouble...more

Weighing so heavy on my heart, I need to share this with you and hope that you can find a way to send a prayer or a gift card...all help is needed.




Flooded in the Beaumont, TX area but still able to shelter in place, 50 cats, five big dogs, ten little special needs dogs, a parrot and a big cockatoo, Chuckles--whose cage is demolished--need help getting off the soggy slab since everything is gone or ruined.


In the bird room, is a single kitty named "Keeper" who is blind.  She has nothing to sleep on now and desperately needs a cot or kuranda bed to get off the damp slab floor.  Keeper doesn't want to leave Chuckles and J.J.!


Last week, I volunteered to help anyone with animals in trouble and when I got this call, from a person I have known as a rescuer for over 20 years, I knew that you need to know about this. A retired teacher is the founder of the rescue and to find money to keep the animals safe and warm, she is going without even eating...


Since the rescue was self-funded but now insurance companies are hemming and hawing and the founder is having to pay the repairs to save the buildings from sinking, lots of help is needed to get the animals off of the slab and to keep them busy while the next few weeks they are all stuck inside and cannot go out to run/play.


Cat trees, climbers, kuranda beds, dog beds, blankets, big dog chews--and so much more is needed.


Pat's email for e-giftcards is   Humbly, she has asked for Petsmart, Walmart, Amazon, Kroger and Tractor Supply cards.  Any other, like a generic Visa or other, I am sure will be gratefully accepted! She never expected to be in this situation.


If you'd rather mail one or a card or something, you can send it to us at the Rescue Ranch (given their situation), and we will get it to them.  Please mail as follows: Rescue Ranch, Attn: Pat/Sanctuary Acres, 395 Sawdust Road, Unit 2041, The Woodlands, TX  77380.  Please include your email and or address so she can write back to you.


Due to the urgency of the situation, e-cards or git cards are probably the best.  She is not set up for paypal yet. Again, Pat's email for e-giftcards is


My heart weighs heavily over their predicament.  It is something that all rescuers/pet lovers dread.  If you can help, send a prayer, please do.  The blessings that you bestow on others really come back to bless your own life--plus, you do a good deed at the same time!


If you would like to talk to Pat, for instance to discuss the size or condition of the the bird enclosure, please email me and I will arrange a call with Pat:


Thank you for caring and for having compassion for others.  Situations like this require a lot of helping hands and if our personal situation were different, I'd be down there in my waders and with a car full of supplies!


Sending much love and Hugs from the Herd!


PS I will update this blog and Mike's status soon.  The hospital called and he has to have a 3T MRI now.  I can tell you that there is nothin' like standing on the edge of a cliff, looking at the drop down, and praying for God to have mercy.  Having the faith that He will jump in--or it's already on its way/or will send it through an angel, is the key.  You can't panic--or fear.Just stand in Faith--and always have Hope.



P.S. In a few weeks, when the weather is better and Mike is stable, I'll take a ride to Santuary Acres and get pics for the angels who helped. Their computer and printer is a loss, too--she is operating from her phone only. Pat's heart is like the duplicate of my own--and you will find that out yourself when you hear from her and/or see the photos.

She is an animal angel, no doubt! Please help them if you can.


Sat, April 30, 2016 | link 

Monday, April 25, 2016

God called a RR Angel Home...and a message to another

It is with a very, very heavy heart that I am writing to tell you that one of the original Rescue Ranch angels passed away a few days ago in the morning and unexpectedly, close to my age.  I am working on a story about her now for you with photos.  She was also the mother to one of the original Project Hope donor dogs.



March 21, 2010: Ginger and Carole after Ginger donated blood for Project Hope.


She was a fellow rescuer as well, expanding her home from three dogs when I met her to eight as of late as well as helping me in many different ways at the RR.  If you want to sign a condolence note, her husband posted a notice on her facebook page--so you can leave it in the comments section or send her husband, Ben, a private message through her page. He is very much in shock.


Carole Lundin Psencik    fb:


Her husband's post/notification and to read/post comments link:


A few weeks ago, I had emailed her (a pharmacist) to see if she could do some research on some medications that are new that might help Mike.  She was on vacation and said she that she would email me when she got home.  She did but with my still healing badly cut finger and trying to finish Mike's disability appeal due this week and then Kasey's passing, I kept carrying over the email day after day after, well, after it is now too late. I learned a big lesson--don't put anything off until tomorrow.  There may not be one.




ALSO, FOR OUR RR Angel who tried to deliver boxes to our mailing address, my apologies for the mix-up at the mailing place this past Saturday. My sincere apologies.


I will straighten it out today and post an update here later.  Please email me at so I can have someone meet you there or closer to your home. 


The woman who supports the RR was not working on the day you went there and the other clerk was not aware.  IF this happens to anyone else, ask the store to call me at least three times in a row--it takes that long sometimes for me to find the phone over the dogs' noises and within ten minutes or so I can find a volunteer to meet you there.  Please don't give up out of frustration...


Love and Hugs to all--


Sending prayers to heaven--I know Carole has lots of furry friends waiting for her in heaven.  Her husband and children will carry on taking care of her "mini-herd" she named "The Ark."  A few years ago, they moved to a big, beautiful piece of land so all could run and have fun.  Thank you, Carole, for everything.  May your blessings be many.  I already know that you are an angel--another one that we now know in heaven.



 A heart from Carole's fb page...

Mon, April 25, 2016 | link 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Rescue Ranch is OK!

Hi Angels--


North of Houston, TX, after days without electricity, I can finally let you know that we are all OK as of Tuesday night.  The only inconvenience was not being "allowed" out of the area in a regular car.  We had to go back and get the dog car which is an SUV.  I think everyone is worried about what could happen in addition to what has already happened!  Our worry would be the Conroe Dam--so if you hear help is needed if that is going to overflow, please email


Please let me know if any of our angels need help of any kind.  We will help if we can or post the word here and on facebook,etc.  If someone needs temporary help with their dog, especially if it is pregnant or medical issue/s and cannot stay in a shelter or would be home alone, we will make room for a few weeks.  Please...


We love y'all and will write again soon.  Right now, we are exhausted and glad to be able to see, even if it is for a half day or so.  We had so many, "There is a tornado in your area--take shelter NOW!" beeping horns that we've hardly slept.  The emergency alert system has sounds you've never dreamed of ready to be broadcast!!  The dogs didn't blink even though I practically fell off the bed and couldn't get my heart to stop racing from the noises. 


Plus, the doorbell was somehow affected by the electricity in the air and we had several on and off hours of non-stop doorbell sound. That was a picnic, prisoner of war kinda torture if it was allowed to go unaddressed, but I've found that you can do amazing things with towels and tape! (I keep gardening tape, painters' tape, duct tape and electrical tape along with postal tape and scotch tape right where I can put my fingers on them--light or not!)


Love to all and Hugs from the Herd!


After Kasey's burial, I saw this in a store.  Each dog we care for until God calls, has a special color to remember them by.  Kasey came with a green and white leash, the blanket his original beloved soldier sent him last Christmas was green--and he was buried in it--along with a cross I braided around branches from his favorite "bird dogger" tree--out of two types of green ribbons--one of them glittery, the other like his original leash...(Plus Kasey Kase loved frogs and when we have the baby pools out on the property, he loved to chase them--we'd make sure they were safe, of course!) He would have loved this!


Tue, April 19, 2016 | link 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Mrs. MacDonald?

This past two weeks has been personally difficult as well as enlightening.  Although we lost Kasey--we gained an angel that we know in heaven! We had a burial service for him, and during his passing, I learned a lot about how "heaven" and earth all work. 


I was able to see things that I never knew before and will write about in the future.  Just know for absolute certain that every prayer, every word you speak goes straight to the animals or people who you have loved and passed and to the Almighty, to Source, or by whatever name you call Him.  We released our little mouse family (see posts below) after Kasey's burial, in a field two miles away, so he could be their guardian angel, too. They were so cute but not pets.


I will update Mike's case on his gofundme page this weekend and have new pics, too.  I hope you please read it for your benefit as well as for an update, education, and to help if you can.  The appeal is not complete.  The insurance company provided not only more incomplete records but the medical records of another person--a woman!  And so the sage goes...You will learn some interesting things however from this journey, so keep up with that page, too:


My finger, cut deeply on a can top, is still healing and because I chose to forgo stitches, it takes a little longer to heal.  The hammering on the keyboard, even with my finger up in the air, makes it pulsate and typing like this is difficult.  


We are praying for all of you and we appreciate your prayers as well. Mike's latest scan showed progression last week and this week, between new meds and Kasey passing in his arms, has been a very, very trying one.


If anyone feels so moved, these are a few things that we need immediately.


VIP Much Needed RR Items:   


Puralube for dogs eyes (Three pack link best deal/need at least nine tubes):


For the bigger dogs, Dingo Ringos/long time chews are depleted!  A RR emergency!! Yikes!  One pack or boxes of 30, we need lots! Link to Pet Mountain:


For little dogs, there are no more chews either.  Walmart's Kabobs are a A-#1 Favorite! You can only order up to six pkgs per order.  One set or eighteen, we need them please!  Link:


Note: Bunny's Tina, also lovingly known as our hygiene and scented soap angel, your March 22 card just came back to me. I think I left off a number.  Oops. Sorry.  Resending tomorrow.

Question for All:  I need to support the RR and still be home at least for the next few years 'round the clock.  How do y'all think about me writing a chapter-a-week membership book club?  I have lots to write about and you can read one or all.  Ideas for membership? Weekly, Monthly, Other?   Topics you'd love me to write about fiction or non?  Do you really want to know the nitty gritty of the RR rescues?


I need to support some huge expenses and so can't wait a few years for a publisher to print them. etc.  All input welcome: or leave private thoughts by clicking on the Guest Book link above.  Much appreciated.



A cut that could have compromised the whole tip of my finger and was bleeding everywhere, was sealed in a gritty rift along a very deep cut in about two minutes--with Wound Seal!  Everyone should have some in your first aid kit--for people or animals!! As the RR "Medic," I have used it for years and cannot imagine life without it.  It does sting for about 20 seconds, I just found out, but it works like a charm!!


Wound Seal:


 The dogs love knuckle bones--Mike handles them since I'm a vegetarian--and they last a week or so which is fantastic.  If you want to send them or give them to your own dogs, a great, economical place to order them from is[]=&q=knuckle+bones&button=search   Order one or 40 for the Rescue Ranch--they all add up and when everyone can have one, we give them out.  The RR has always been an "equal treat" sanctuary! 


Mailing address: Rescue Ranch, 395 Sawdust Road, Unit 2041, The Woodlands, TX  77380

Email for paypal or amazon credits (plea-eeeze):



Imagine you were a-not-so-old-Mrs. Ole MacDonald, who had a farm...a farm of many severely disabled or special needs animals.


Farmer McDonald, out-of-the-blue, gets diagnosed with a fatal, fast progressing brain disease and you have to almost instantly be farmer, nurse, medic, animal caretaker--and try to sleep and eat (some days not so easy) and grieve what was and what is to come... 


Until I can get my feet on the ground so to speak and can sing E-I-E-I-O again, I need help keeping at least the animals happy and well.  For instance, the RR has a medicine bill, at 100% veterinarian's cost of $762.  That's not counting food, shelter, utilites, on and on and on. Please HELP. 


There is no "Under the Bridge" space big enough to accommodate all of us if we wind up homeless. Yep, that bad, thanks to very bad acts by a disability company (update on Mike's page this weekend) which leaves us having to survive the summer on the Grace of God and His angels--and we will.  I have Faith and hope, always Hope.





For "Old MacDonald's" lyrics/words, Click Here


Sat, April 16, 2016 | link 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Back Thursday April 14--Mercy Needed

The passing of our loved ones does not get easier, in fact it gets harder to recover.  I find that I need more time in quiet contemplation and prayer, after the sobbing subsides, before I can return to "regular" life.


That said, knowing so many angels in heaven are watching over us and are waiting for us is a great comfort and give us hope, always Hope, for a joyous reunion in eternity. 


We pray that more angels--seen and unseen, known and yet-to-be-known--come to help the Rescue Ranch, which is in grave danger of not being able to sustain the current storm.


Standing on the edge of the "cliff," standing on Faith, I pray to God Himself that those with caring hearts can be reached in time.


I will update all blogs on Thursday.  Until then, gifts through amazon gift cards or paypal to are gratefully welcome and needed.*


*(If I could stand before you on bended knee and ask for mercy, I would. I already have before Him.  The situation with Mike is progressing faster than expected and I can't handle more than I already am trying to.)


Praying for Kasey's safe passing to a life filled with only Love and Joy--and for our angels, all of them.

Archives 2008: The photo that Mike remembers of Kasey, (and Girl, the Texas Pearl with Big Mandy and five others in the rear).  He was such a tiger, fiercely enjoying our car rides, that we had to get a special harness so I could hold him, or use the seat belt to latch him in on the back seat.

Create great memories while you can. They will sustain you through much.

Wed, April 13, 2016 | link 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

...and God called his name,

At 10:05 PM Saturday, April 9, 2016, our little Cocker Spaniel "vacation surprise" was called back to Heaven after being at the Rescue Ranch a few months over nine years.  After two days of trying to stay with his family, and being surrounded for hours by his fur-friends--and held 'round the clock by Mike and me until the very, very end, God called.


Please say a pray for little Kasey, who was just shy of 16 years.  I will write a story about his amazing life another time.  For now, fly with the angels--and the birds--Kasey Kase--and be sure to give all of our loved ones, our angels loved ones and God and Jesus our love.  You are now an angel, one that we all know.

Love your family and many angels--


 We all love you little gentle Kasey.  We always will. 



I'll be back Monday afternoon...

Sun, April 10, 2016 | link 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Owie. Ouch. Owie.

Hi Angels--I'll have an update everywhere by the weekend.  Right now, I am recovering from a brutal fall (accident/story yet to come) and a finger wrapped up after cutting it deeply on a can.  I need to let it rest another day or so. 

Last week was a tough week with hospitals and docs for Mike--updates coming--and this has been my week for unexpected injuries!  

Remember we love you and pray for you!

Hugs from the Herd!


Early morning Mouse TV! Mama and ten babies caught.  Time for a live release this weekend.  Until then, everyone, even the people at the RR, are being entertained by our temporary guests!

(Mike, holding Baby, Girl the Texas Pearl, Bunny Bun Buns and Bitty Bits on the Kuranda bed.)


Much appreciated.


Fri, April 8, 2016 | link 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Our Very Temporary New Family!

Through no "fault" of my own, or a conscious act of my will (I can hear my angels saying, "Jane, you have too much to do already!!"), we have new "pets"--at least for two weeks according to the vet.  They have to get big enough to release.


They literally snuck in as I have been trying to write the appeal for Mike's Long-term Disability, which was denied on very bad faith (read more about how our "guests" came to be here--and please educate yourselves NOW before you face a situation like this--about the insurance laws and hoops and hurdles--on  


Use my life to learn from--always. It may be the only gift I can ever give you beside my prayers...



So far, the Mama and five of her babies are holding...we were told may have a few other few babies to live capture (using a hav-a-heart trap) yet before we can release them all together--at least two miles away and in a safe area. (I'll share my hard-learned, but funny mouse-catching tips another time!)


I always thought I could, "Bring home the bacon (vegetarian of course), cook it up in a pan, etc. etc.," but what I have realized is that I can't.  I used to think I could multi-task with the best of 'em--after all, before I was dog and people nanny and medic, but already a rescuer, I was the V.P. of a large company and wrote for many newspapers and magazines in my "free" time.  I focused on animals, but as my editors requested, drifted off on assignments that included exotic animal vacations and rehab centers, became a book reviewer and even was assigned to do food reviews of new products and restaurants.  What a life!


Mike was a nationally-ranked competitor in trick water-skiing, working at an Ivy League University and we met somewhere between where I grew up and he grew up, by accident or Divine Intervention--or by our fathers' (our daddies') heavenly chat, we like to think! Long before we even dated, he became my rescue "assistant."  (A story for another time, but suffice to say, that the first dog he helped me foster--for a rescue--was a very big dog--and she was "in heat"!)


We still tried to keep up with our busy lives but when the distemper epidemic hit hard in 2009, it all changed.  I could not bear holding another dog in my arms as it died--and Mike could not bear burying another baby in the doggie cemetery, having done every last thing that I knew could be done, having gone to vet after vet after vet after vet begging for help.  I saw that the answer had to come from within.


It was then that life took a 180--a total turn around.  I gave up my job, but kept writing almost daily until I had to take a leave, early 2015 (but I miss it so) to research the distemper issues non-stop.  Even in the middle of that research period, the race was on.  I had rescued a big litter of puppies and their mama with an "upper respiratory infection" that I would find out was really distemper--and it became neurologic, a then-fatal diagnosis. That was Baby Hope's litter. At the same time, from the same shelter, my friend also rescued a litter and the mama and the same thing was happening to them.  It was Thanksgiving and although we already knew Dr. Sears and Ed Bond, we had not made serum yet.


I stopped working--(or really worked more but didn't get paid!)--threw everything we had financially at it, asked our angels to join us, and said to God that I willingly knew that I was giving up a part of my life/life energy to find the cure.  I would do it again even knowing what the future would bring.  We lost my income, my body has never really recovered, Mike is dying and we are financially at the mercy of others. BUT, BUT, I know that we did the right thing.  Dogs all over the world now live because of it and to this day, we save them even now, when called in by vets on what look like last chance cases--even if it takes 24/7 days and nights of coaching. When we finally get to lay, face down out of respect--not stand--in front of God, He will know that despite our many imperfections and flaws, we made a difference with our lives.  We really did. We all did--and still can.


I hope now, that while I can't do much more than I am doing right now, that you use my life to inspire and to help you, including the research and tips and insights as I go down the path with Mike of life and death, Lewy Body Dementia, insurance issues, hurdles, doggie love, faith--Hope, always Hope--or just love, unconditional love. Please let me use my life to make a difference--to you, to your animals, to someone else.  It is my greatest honor. Truly.


I will try to be back in a few days or it may be early next week.  I have to conserve all the energy I can to handle this 500 page plus appeal--something I do not want to do but will do because it is the right thing to do. (The need for your help, though, doesn't stop or go away because I am not "here" for this brief moment in time. I am literally a prayer, a thought, a card, an email away.)


Let that always be the compass that you live by. Ask yourself, "Is it the right thing to do?"--regardless if it is a popular decision or one that everyone agrees with.  Just ask, is the decision I am making, the one that when all is said and done, that I can live with, regardless of the outcome, and know that I am at peace in that decision.


With an extremely grateful heart and soul,

Jane, Mike and the Rescue Ranch Herd

 Mike calls our hamster--now mouse--house, "Dog TV."  Some love to watch them, are fascinated by them. Others lick their chops (hmmm) and others bark.  Regardless, try not to traumatize the other "guest" animals --and always supervise!



Archive, Easter, 2013: Ady Ada, already very sick with mammary cancer, was a rescue mama that I absolutely adored. She happily posed with my favorite Easter candy bunny for me.  After everyone came to say good-bye, I lay with her, holding her from behind, on her bed, the entire last night of her life, giving her her medication, talking to her, praying with her...until God called her name after dawn.  She took a huge piece of my heart with her but left a big part of hers behind.  I know Ada is one of my angels.


This year, since his illness is classified as "fast-progressing" and he was afraid that he would either forget to or not be able to get me my favorite bunny, Mike bought one over a month ago and hid it in the refrigerator until Easter morning.  This year, he asked me if I wanted him to hide it in the house--or not.  Knowing that everything is difficult for him these days, I said, "No need..." and handed him a caramel-filled bunny with a kiss on his cheek. (He loves different treats whereas I stick to the same one--year, after year, after year)


We have our own "Easter Bunny"--Bunny Bun Buns!


Ways to Help:

Go to Mike's page and read up on what is happening, see new pics, give if you can--always share, please:


Send an amazon (or any e-card) for stores or restaurants to:  (links above)


Give to help the dogs via Paypal (even if you do not have a paypal account):


Mail "Everything Dog" boxes, gift cards, cards (love them--each precious one is like a much needed hug!) to: Rescue Ranch, 395 Sawdust Road, Unit 2041, The Woodlands, TX   77380


SHOP for anything, everything on our Amazon links and banners!  Every bit helps.  This month, amazon sent a $90 credit that was their designated percentage of sales made through our site.  If you just encourage others to use our links/banners--even buying for themselves--amazon processes everything and keeps your info private!  Please share our link to amazon's WHOLE SITE DIRECTORY, bookmark it, post it..


Wouldn't it be something if amazon could support the RR expenses of $2200/month?  It IS possible. In fact, everything is possible, it is said, if you just have the faith of a teeny, tiny mustard seed!




Canine Flu--spreads fast, epidemic map:



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St. Francis of Assisi

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Book: Speaking for Spot: Be the Advocate Your Dog Needs to Live a Happy Healthy Longer Life

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Shop Amazon for ANYTHING: Let Amazon Help the Rescue Ranch Animals!

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Effective Nov, 2015, the official mailing address for the Rescue Ranch is:

Rescue Ranch
395 Sawdust Road
Unit 2041
The Woodlands, TX  77380
All packages, letters, etc. mailed to the old address will still be picked up or forwarded through the end of the year.  Please make this change in your contacts and elsewhere.  You can also drop off things for the Rescue Ranch at this address as long as they are in sealed boxes and labeled as above. No postage would then be needed. Thank you for understanding---and for caring.  Especially for caring.

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