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Name Your Gift: Email Amazon Gift Card to the Rescue Ranch to!


Name Your Gift: Email Amazon Gift Card to the Rescue Ranch to!

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

So Thankful! and the unexpected creation of the Blessings Bank!

Dear Angels--


After days of being with Mike through tests and scans and doctors, I was thrilled to see that the medical mini-fundraiser was fulfilled and the rest of the bills can be paid off!  I can't hug you--but I would if I could--and tell you in person how truly grateful I am to have one less burden to worry about and to know that the dogs medicines are set for awhile.  I am also extremely grateful to the people who continue to give at Mike's general page and on the RR dog's general page.


(Usually I write different updates but time has been at a premium lately. Make sure you sign up for email notifications for both pages so when I start writing different updates and stories again, you'll get both.) Your help helps the Rescue Ranch continue overall.  It would not be possible to do all of this without you.  Amazon (still $250 need for this month's food) and paypal (link above) are used for their needs as they come up.  ALL add up to keep this very unexpected blessing called the Rescue Ranch continue, continue its outreach, continue caring for our animals, helping yours, etc.  All people are 100% volunteer--myself included.  I freely give you and the animals my life to make yours/theirs a little better, a little easier.




I am extremely tired from all of the medical stuff (test results soon) and need to feed everybody and fall into bed.  I will write more over the weekend/or by Monday.  If you sign up for email updates (even if you are not a donor on the page) on the general/ Mike's page, you'll get a notification in your email box or check back here. I hope the new site will have the capability, too, for sign-up emails.  


One more day left of stuff to do to help Mike and then over the weekend, I can, I pray/hope, can get some time to work on it.  You will LOVE some of the little things on the new website and will smile when you see them I hope.  I wish I wasn't so website-challenged!  


Mama Mia, my sweet girl, is holding down food and Pedialyte/water mix as long as she is hand-fed but she is drinking some on her own, too.  She thinks she is going to throw up but the medicines seem to be finally working.  She lost some weight but I am hoping she pulls out of this.  I ordered Chula's meds and they should be here by Friday or Sat.  Girl's tumor meds I picked up today--we are going to try to dissolve the big tumor on her face first, that just popped out of no where, which takes more work (a papilloma mass) before resorting to surgery--which is risky anytime you put a dog/animal/person under anesthesia and is more expensive. (You can see Girl's face pic still on the completed mini-fundraiser


TIP: Everyone should have famotadine (OTC) in their first aid kits for dogs for nausea and acid and of course, Karo Syrup (the clear one) and RX Reglan syrup.  Ask your vet for a bottle.  When you need it, speaking from my experience, it will be either on a weekend or after midnight--and the vet won't be available!!  AND ask your vet for some syringes without needles that you can use to syringe the meds, hydrate or food if you ever have to--and they should be free or charge a very nominal fee.  Keep them in a zip-lock bag for when and if you ever need them.  (I zip-lock-bag everything now!)


NOTE: Whenever using multiple things--whether prescription and/or OTC (over the counter), please go to and type in--one at a time--the name of each.  Especially note the drugs or OTC things that react with each or that are contraindicated (not recommended--strongly, medium, slightly).  You could prevent a major reaction for animals or for people--so wait the extra half hour and do your research. You'd be surprised what I have found when other people tell me that their dog is still sick but on X,Y and Z meds!  They don't mix well or the animal is showing signs of allergy, etc.


Remember, please use the "Recommend" buttons to pass on this blog/information and don't just copy and paste it.  This blog is copyrighted but more importantly, I want people to continue to learn--about how precious the animals are, about health care options when one is sick, about the value and love that animals bring to our lives.  They can't do that if you just pass on a link!  (You can also post this blog's URL and the date of the specific post you want to share:


NOTE as of very soon, will work, too.  The web company told me that it would be best to not have the hyphen in the name/easier to type--but both will work! It is being configured now...)


...Plus, you'd be depriving them of getting a blessing in their own lives, too, but not giving them the opportunity to help the RR animals or learn about the importance of giving in any way.  For it is in giving--of ourselves, of our resources--that we are truly blessed. I see that every single day even if I just give of my time, my knowledge, open a door, give someone part of my lunch, on and on and on. It all counts. Nothing feels better than giving--anything, any time.


The blessings are stored somewhere and sometimes we'll see them come to fruition and if not, we must know in faith that they'll be waiting for us in heaven or, as I pray, that any angel--seen or unseen, known or unknown--who needs them, can be blessed but whatever blessings I have stored up--and I really mean that--you can tap into my Blessings Bank with just a word or a prayer...




As I just was feeding the animals, looking foward to warm mashed potatoes and corn, a flash came to me--why not start the "Blessings Bank" that I just finished writing about!!!!


So, I put down my dinner and ran back to my computer.  It will be cold but I feel so inspired and blessed right now that I will enjoy every bite of it!


I just finished registering the domain name, email,!!!!! It will take a little bit to get a website up but the email is active now!


IMAGINE!  Now, what IS a Blessing Bank that everyone who needs it or wants to give into it mean?  If you do a good deed, do you tell about it and give your blessing into the "bank"?  If you have a dying father and need support, do you ask for ten blessings or withdraw them?  It would all be gratis (free) but how does it work????? This is a spiritual endeavor that transcends all boundaries.


Can you please send me what a Blessings Bank would be to you?  ALL ideas welcome.  This was a brand NEW inspiration from Above.  Please email me at and tell me how people can both leave blessings AND tell how they earned them AND THEN how do people "use" the Blessing Bank and how they share how they were blessed by the "bank."


Twitter and Instagram, too, are set but I need to add content!  Please send me inspirational sites to follow that would add positivity and inspiration to our lives!  Email for the Blessings Bank is: (note plural blessings--we can all share or need more than one!)


Graphic Designer needed!  I need someone to design a simple logo, too, for the new Blessings Bank.  What does that look like?  Ideas?  It can transcend every religion, every ethnicity, every barrier, everything really. Ideas welcome and graphic artist volunteer needed.


God is amazing.  We are at the beginning of something very special and you can help create it and make it grow!  This is a first--and you can all be a part of it!


Love to all...I stand in AWE of you, our angels, and of Him.



Off to the kibble bins and cans and then it's sleepy-time!

Love and of course, Hugs from the Herd!




Thu, October 20, 2016 | link 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Exactly what are we feeding our animals...a-need-to-know-post!

This is going to be a brief post but this is something every dog or cat caretaker needs to read/know about. Please do so after you've had a long space between your own meals--you will probably be pretty nauseous.  It is serious. 


I have been doing research on the best foods to feed a newly diabetic dog (Chula--see post below, who needs a SPONSOR please!).  I came across foods saying that they were "not 4-D" foods and I decided to look into what that meant.


From now on, I think you should call the manufacturer of any canned or dry foods that you use/want to use and ask them if they use 4-D meats in their product: dead, dying, diseased, disabled animals...boy, you know how that upset me!!


This is the link about what is really in dog and cat food/you can google for more info:


I would appreciate it if you pass this on, that you post the address of this blog and the date of this post and not just copy and paste.  We need more angels to find out about our work and teachings at the Rescue Ranch--as I get more time, I will be teaching more about what I've learned taking care of thousands of animals AND we need more help!



**Right now, we are $250-300 short on our amazon credits for the month for canned dog food and supplements for the dogs.  Please please please use the link above this blog section to click on the amazon gift card and it will go to us at**  


Mike's health is going from bad to worse and so this week will be extremely stressful--so all prayer support would be gratefully appreciated.  He was supposed to have surgery next week but then the ultrasound found a, more tests to see what that is and if he is even going to be eligible for surgery.  


Mama Mia, my love, is slow but sure, holding on between two worlds--the Rescue Ranch and heaven.  She can walk and go potty--my two signs that if they cannot do these, that they are within hours of being called by God but she doesn't want to eat, barely wants to drink (I have to syringe water and Pedialyte--make sure you get the kind without Sucralose--but especially NO Xylitol or Aparatame--or other artificial sweeteners if you ever need to use it!) and yogurt, honey and a/d mixed together and hand-feeding her.  Poor girl has been through enough over her lifetime so I just want to make her comfortable until the end.  


Thank you for your prayers, help and encouragement.  I know there are so many more readers of this blog than helpers, which makes me kinda sad, wondering where your hearts are or if you, too, are suffering like we are.  I include you in our prayers day and night--our angels, seen and unseen, and those known and yet-to-be known.


Sending love and of course, Hugs from the Herd! 



Miss Chula--some animals are "toy dogs" or cats--Chula is one!  We have a RR angel who loves to send lots of different types of squeaky, crunchy, stretchy toys and Chula and Baby are always the first in line to pick out their favorites!



Baby loved her toy carrots and now, especially, the stuffed lambs and Snoopy!

She is always flying by with a toy and was obviously taught the commands of "give" and

"catch it" because she is an excellent--and very fast, retriever! 



Archives, 2009: Mama Mia was nursing her seven puppies when we came home with McD's burgers, back in the day--and she held it in her mouth and carried it around until she was done and then ate it! 


Grateful Always. 


VIP P.S. We are ALMOST there--but still need a little help!  We have until Oct. 24 to finish raising the money to pay the medicines off for last month.  They were due on Oct. 1.  We made a partial payment but can't afford to get our account, which is at wholesale, turned off for lack of payment!  Please help if you can on our mini-fundraiser--we are almost there!  Take a look at the newest medical development this week--Girl developed a tumor sticking out of the side of her face.  Lord have mercy.  Please.  Thank you. Click Here:



Tue, October 18, 2016 | link 

Monday, October 17, 2016

It's all about Sugar

Hi Angels!--

My computer and phone froze about the same time.  I lost 2.5 hours work on this blog and who knows what I lost on my phone yet--it is still rebooting.  I just try to have absolute patience--which is one of my trials I guess.


Today, I wanted to share with you a little bit about how to watch for diabetes in dogs especially but you can use this info for other animals as well.


A dog should have a sugar blood level of 80-120.  If they have diabetes, it shows up in the 300's-500's--and the higher you go, for the longer you go, the more the complications.


Last night as I was about to have a break-down about all of the old candy I was finding squirreled away in Mike's old office at home (to read more, go to: and dealing with the pests that were trailing along the ceiling, down the wall and into the room and back up and out again--I noticed a pee splatter on the tile floor.  I hadn't seen it before so I knew it was "fresh."


When an animal has a sugar problem, the urine will have a sheen to it and will be sticky as it dries.  I found that out taking care of Marilyn and Monroe, who were surrendered in the middle of very bad cases of diabetes that had been untreated.  I learned how to give insulin shots (different from vaccines or medicine) and how to test for it.  It was not something I really wanted to revisit again.  I didn't like having to give the poor animals injections a few times every day and watched them waste away, go blind and finally God mercifully called but it tore me up first.


I knew we needed to find out fast who the dog was at the RR with diabetes.  I narrowed it down to "not" a big dog based on the volume left behind.  There were four dogs playing in the area--Chula, Charlee, Penny, and Doodle the Poodle--and I remembered that they were going through a tremendous amount of water every day--like there was a hole in the stainless steel dishes but they are fine.  Severe thirst is a sign of diabetes as the body tries to wash out the excess sugar without the needed insulin.  I should have realized this a few weeks ago but I thought Mike just wasn't giving them enough water at night.  Now, each would need to be tested.


The way to do this is to crate each dog and to give them a big drink, set the timer on the stove and let them out--following fast behind with a pie pan to catch a little bit (a few drops) of urine that can be used to dip a ketone strip (test strip) into.  Although this will not give an exact detail of the level of diabetes, it will show that the dog is positive or not--and how positively diabetic.




Penny--negative.  Charlee--negative.  Doodle--negative.  Chula...Chula who survived being burned from head to tail and months and months of first aid and healing and who came out with the personality of a little kid at a county fair was high positive.  I was so sad.  I think we caught it early enough to save her sight and her life, most importantly.


Since she tested so high on the chart, she probably has a 4-500 sugar count--so we have to go to the vet and get her probably diagnosed, tested, figure out her insulin dose and frequency, etc.  Then, she will need to be on no grain/low carb wet foods and some supplements like Cinnamon and Kelp which really help bring down the sugar levels and could possibly reduce the amount of insulin she'll need each day, several times a day.



Taking care of Marilyn and Monroe taught me all about diabetic dogs.  It was a long, painful experience for me--I can't imagine how it was for them, no matter how delicate I was. Maintaining their weight was difficult--their eyesight declined, finally, God called their names, years apart.  Marilyn, or my Mary, was very high when she was surrendered so she went ahead of Monroe.  He mourned for about six solid months (yes, animals do) and then he formed a nice friendship with Mama Mia, but he never was the same and never forgot his true love. When he passed, as sad as we all were--and he was surrounded by everyone at the RR--I was also thrilled for him to be reunited with Marilyn!  I could almost feel the Joy that rained down from heaven!


Please help the RR dogs.  They are so wonderful and patient and brave and deserve a good life after what each has endured.  It will take help from our angels right now to keep this all together.  Surprise packages, food from their Amazon Wish List (link above this blog), bones and chews from Pet Mountain (link above) or gifts to paypal or amazon (we need $250 more amazon credits this month--have $200 so far)--or give to any of the go fund me efforts that we have (the medicine bill mini-fundraiser that was due Oct 1. is just above this blog--they called today...)


I heard a quote last night that I'd like to paraphrase since I was too tired to write it down.  It was something like this: "Death is for certain, but it is Life that you earn."  I know that it is in giving--of ourselves, of our resources, or our time--that we are truly blessed.  There is no better feeling than helping someone else, animals.  It makes your heart swell with such a great feeling.  I hope more of you decide to help continue the Rescue Ranch.  I can't do it without you...


Love. Grateful.  Always, Hugs from the Herd!


Mailing Address: Rescue Ranch, c/o Ward, 3555 Rayford Road, Suite 45-106, Spring, TX   77386

Email for e-cards and gift cards:



Marilyn and Monroe.  

4-ever in Love.  Truly. 

Sending kisses to many kisses.


Mon, October 17, 2016 | link 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Just have to Surrender it all...

Update posted tonight on "Mike's page:"

I will write more here on Monday.  There is little time to do more writing right now.

Love and always Hugs from the Herd! 


Once a puppy, wrapped up in barbed wire that tore all of the fur from his skin and left the wire tracks and barb punctures all over his bloody body, I took him home to get him better, fell in love and never looked back. 

He has my heart and soul, my Poppy.   


Sun, October 16, 2016 | link 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mike, Mama Mia and Me

 Dear Angels,  


I think it best that you catch up on the situation by reading Mike's page:


(As you will read, I have a very sore face, need ice right now and just feel like I have absolutely nothing left in me.  I hope tomorrow will be different.)


Mama Mia has been very sick--please say a prayer for her.  I am doing everything in my physical power to help her but heart problems are no walk in the park, coupled with cancer.  My prayers for help and guidance are being answered.  I realize though, that I need to prepare for what will be a great loss.


"Tiger"--as I call her at night--or the best "bed guard" dog ever (I think Mama Mia was Cleopatra's bed guard!)--is probably 12 or 14--a Rescue Ranch Love since July, 2009, when she arrived after a stay at the hospital in Galveston, recovering from a head injury (hit by a car and rescued)--with a broken leg we would find out and very pregnant! She has been my constant companion every day since.  I think that coming sadness and exhaustion just have me emotionally depleted today. Tomorrow, I hope--no, I know, the sun always comes out. Hope IS powerful.


Sending love and always, Hugs from the Herd!



 Mama Mia was helping me fill the bird feeders and suet hangers when she felt better.


"The Sun Is Shining" Lyrics 

by Third Day | 

Click to listen: 


Yesterday I found
That everything I knew was wrong
It was upside down
The life I thought I had was gone

But You came and whispered love to me
And You gave me strength to carry on

Oh, the sun is shining
There is hope for me again
A new day's dawning
The sun is shining

Yesterday I lost
Everything I had and loved
Then I cried out for You, Lord
And You came and picked me up

And the sorrow lasted through the night
But the joy came with the morn

I will lift my voice
No, I won't be silent
For You heard my cry
And You turned my mourning into dancing

And so forever I'll sing 


...Amen and Amen 

One of my all-time favorites is "Blessings" by Laura Story.  

Click Here to listen:


"Amazing Grace (My Chains are gone)" by Chris Tomlin

Click Here to listen: 

Tue, October 11, 2016 | link 

Monday, October 10, 2016

A Week Behind...

Hi Angels--

We had a big, kind of unexpected "Mike week" (and weekend) that has taken its toll.  Doctors, tests, meds being adjusted and the side effects...  


I have had my hands so full, I haven't been able to do much else other than my regular duties, but fall into bed, hoping my heart slows down enough to just get some rest!


I PROMISE that I will update this blog later today (Monday).  In the meantime, check out the beautiful (and real) angel cloud picture above--and quote that I heard just last night and added to the picture. It is   simply amazing and profound.


Note: To refer others to this page to see it, just post this link:


We need help reaching the goal for the medicine mini-fundraiser--we are so close.  Please jump in--I share my life, stories, what I learn, willingly and as a blessing in return, I would be deeply grateful if you would help when you can.  We are at $350 of the $750 needed.


The LINK to the mini-fundraiser is: 


Sending Hugs from the Herd!!


Mon, October 10, 2016 | link 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Internet trouble...

It's been some of those "Oh, Good Lord," kinda set of days.  The internet has been off.  I'll catch up on my emails and Thank you's in the next day or so (sorry).  More Mike tests distracted me. I finally had to give in to some calming meds (and supplements) for myself. Yep, it is that stressful.


(You cannot imagine living with someone with Lewy Body Dementia--which comes and goes by the hour or by the day or days at a time--unless you were on the beach on D-Day--some days are that bad, then peace, then back at 110 percent again! It is brutal.)


I've been sleeping with ice packs on my stomach for months to quell the stress ball just stagnating there eating a hole in my stomach and intestines and for the first time in six or eight weeks, with the help of meds and supplements, I actually ate something and held it down.  I've only been able to eat liquids and sherbet...(story at the end below).


I'll update Mike's page on Wed.  Please (and thank you for) have/ing patience.  This is the most trying life situation I've heard one can face--and Mike is only at stage 4 going into 5 of 7--although, I think any terminal illness--yours or a loved ones--qualifies as the same. Remember, work to avoid getting this (read my tips in every update on Mike's page)--it is easier than fighting it!


Please send a prayer.  Everything is about intention and energy--and prayer is both. It can be as long as a thought or as a formal rosary or meditation session.  It all counts.  Divine oversight, inspiration and strength is very much needed.


Thank you!!  The dogs received a few surprise boxes but they didn't come with sender names/notes!  Dingo Ringos and Dingo knot bones and even some canned food from their wish list (links above this blog section)! Thank you angels--known and not yet known, seen and unseen.  I had no idea how expensive it really was "per dog", so to speak since I always just ordered and paid for everything as a Herd, until I started working on lists of what the dogs need/use for their sponsors. No wonder we need/ed help!  


Just this week, Poodle rescue in Houston closed--eek--because of lack of funds/angels.  We don't have that option.  This is a "for as long as you live" kinda rescue sanctuary and so, until God calls their names, we need to keep everyone happy, fed, and cared for--and help is needed and gratefully accepted, especially monthly sponsors or treat angels OR you can pick a dog to sponsor specifically.


The mini-fundraiser, , for their meds Sept/Oct, as of this writing is at $300 of $750 needed or at the 40 percent mark.  I had to call the company yesterday and say we were working on getting the money together.  Please help us pay that bill off.  If we don't--and on time--the company will not let us order again.  


The vet is letting us get their meds at wholesale prices--a discount we do not want to jeopardize! We take advantage of coupons, discounts, sale days, stretch every dollar--and this discount saves about 40% off of retail vet office prices!  Overnight, I'd like to see a bunch of $25 credits or whatever you feel inspired to give from a bunch of angels (I know you are out there!) so I can call in and pay it off!  It will all add up..


Just a little funny story:


Last night, I cooked some frozen manicotti and eggplant dinners (oh, yes, I used to cook from scratch--"those were the days my friends, I thought would never end...") but when I was getting them out of the oven, I tipped one and some sauce and a small piece of precious manicotti splatted on the floor.  Hmmm.  Instead of wasting it, I thought I'd let a dog have a nice snack--since it would cool fast on tile and the floor was clean. 


First, I brought Junie into the kitchen.  She just wanted to play with me and was more interested in running around the island and getting hugged.  She is a high-energy, adorable red Min Pin.  The sauce sat on the floor.



Junie Tunie Tunes--don't know how she got that nickname but she is the spitting image of her mama, hence we named her what we decided was the female version of Junior--Junie! (Her claws are extended to hold herself up on the brick wall of the window next to where I write--I give out little treats to my visitors.)


Then I went and got Rocky Rocks.  I thought for sure, a big boy like him, and THE friendliest, most loving dog ever, would love it--but nope, he just wanted to be his sweet self and wag his tail and get loved and explore the kitchen (usually a no dog zone)--and nosed the refrigerator until he got his favorite--some American cheese! (Smart boy!)




Finally, I had to call in "The Charlee's"--Charlee, Chula, Penny and Doodle the Poodle--who cleaned up and then some!  They are always happy to visit the kitchen, knowing that something good is probably coming their way--and they were right.  (I usually give them water with a circle of Redi-Whip squirted on top--for hydration-challenged dogs or nursing mamas, it works like a charm--to get them to drink more. Charlee has a very dry nose.)



Doodle Doodle Doodle (needing to be groomed at the time--by me/self-taught and not as easy as groomers make it look), Charlee Barlee and Chula Bula...looking for Penny Pens under the blanket--



 ...and here is her beautiful self, Miss Penny with her rare, gorgeous golden eyes. She wasn't thrilled about having to wear a flower band on her head but she was a lady and let me take her pic! (They all need sponsors BTW.)  The Charlee's cleaned up the sauce and manicotti and enjoyed every bit of it just like we did.  Yum.


Note to self: It takes less time to just clean up your mess than finding a dog who will help you! Who knew!




Remind me to tell you about the first story I ever was assigned as a journalist (I used to work full-time and then write in my free time--all while rescuing--but before the Rescue Ranch blossomed).  Yes, it involved a Hula Hoop--sort of! Mike and I still can't stop belly laughing about it so many, many years later! 


Grateful. Always Grateful. 


Wed, October 5, 2016 | link 

Friday, September 30, 2016

Stopping for Doggie Bones turned into an opportunity to do Good!
Hi Angels--
This week has been an incredible one, filled with lots and lots and lots of doctors and dentists!  I have learned so much I feel like my brain is going to just burst if I don't find a way to share it all.  One of the docs suggested that I find a way to make a PBS show because so few people know about "the dementias"--at least seven of them--and I am having to go "deep" into the subject since Mike's diagnosis is one of the worst cases of so much combined...
..never mind that Lewy Body Dementia is a rising epidemic, but it is all of the associated side effects and illnesses and manifestations that are mind-boggling and there is NO ONE to guide you through it.  Hmm, I thought, that may just be what is needed. (Anyone have any ideas/connections to help this happen?)  You need to know that It is far better to learn what to do to prevent it than to learn what to do once the tornado hits--but the documentary would need to include both. I am trying to teach you bit by bit through Mike's page as well.
After the last doctor of the week, which went from a two hour visit to close to eight hours, I dragged myself into the pharmacy to fill the list of prescriptions four pages long (yep). I just dropped them off for pick up this Monday because a lot have to be ordered (imagine what that bill will be!) and of course, had to take a cruise through the pet isle to make sure I didn't miss anything on sale.., whenever I go out, I always come home with a small special treat for the dogs (even a bag of goldfish crackers can go a long way!) and hand them out personally, greeting each precious happy dog, one at a time by name (all animals like having their name called out loud as long as it is not because they are "in trouble").
At the store, I found some treats at half price that they love but there was only one bag.  We need more than that so after I got rain-checks (always for 8 on each of 2 rain-checks for me and again for Mike--then they can mark them off as you buy them so you don't have to buy them all at once but still get the sale price--plus there is no expiration date or an extended date--so always get those rain-checks), we started back to the RR.
On the way home, there was another of the same store, so I said, "Let's stop and see if they have more of these treats" on sale--or not--since I had the sale rain-checks already I could use them. I got a cart and asked the clerk where to go and he gave me an odd answer. "Hmmm," I thought. "It's OK, I'll find them," and off I plodded.  My body was so tired, I could barely put one foot in front of the other. I was so slow/exhausted, that I felt sorry for "her" if I was someone watching myself!
I looked at the pet isle and they were cleaned out, too, so I went to talk to the pharmacist about something else.  As we were talking, the clerk from the front was now sitting in a chair next to us, starting to ask if something was wrong with him.  We didn't think so until he was on the floor!  Oh-oh.  The pharmacist couldn't leave her area and any people in the area started backing up slowly then ran away and left the poor guy (about 19-ish) on the floor!  I said, "I have lots of animal first aid experience so I'll help him if you want." They told me to go ahead and grab anything I needed from the shelves.
I went over and he was conscious by then. I asked him what he ate that day--and it was close to 10 PM.  "I had a handful of candy corn earlier..."  OK then, I thought.  Low blood sugar.  Stabilize him.  If I had an animal with the same, I'd get either the pre-packaged diabetic fruit punch glucose or the one of the many Karo syrup bottles (clear only--in the baking isle at the grocery store) that I have all over the Rescue Ranch.  But, in this case, I got him a ginger ale and a box of cookies--the new Chips Ahoy thins (I just tried them and loved them so thought he would, too).
He couldn't open the top of the pop bottle.  I noticed he was struggling, so I did it for him and opened the cookies.  As he got some sugar in him, I wanted to see the arm that he was now complaining hurt him.  Did he hurt it in the fall?  Did he hurt it, he asked, because he was squeezing a ball all day to build up hand strength? His arm was not rigid/solid, it was flexible, didn't hurt but as I turned it, there was an oven burn across his forearm that he hadn't been treating. Ouch.
I asked for the store's first aid kit.  Band-aids, alcohol wipes and really good (impressive) quality vinyl gloves came out.  All I could think of was how much that wouldn't help him and in fact, would hurt like crazy on an open burn!  I went to the first aid section and got what I needed to help him like I would myself or even an injured animal. (Chula, at the RR, is a burn victim. Her entire back, from head to tail was deeply scorched and another rescue could not heal her. We took her to avoid them giving up (gulp) and she healed in months with a little TLC and lots of care. FYI,  She needs a sponsor...)  
The young clerk had gotten down a row of cookies and half a bottle of pop and was talking and telling me what happened as I fixed his arm up and explained how infection could set in and the signs to look for and when to go to a doctor, if...I think we caught it in time and just the lack of eating was really his downfall, literally.
If it weren't for the dogs, for looking for dog bones, that young guy would have been alone.  The dogs have a bigger purpose than just us taking care of them and trying to teach others what we learn.  In a random stop, look what happened.  My only regret, is that I didn't get him a block of cheese or something more to eat since the store told me to get whatever was needed off the shelves.  I was able to give him the open supplies to take home and they wrote off the expense even though I did offer to pay for them if need be.  
If you ever find yourself facing an injured animal or person, please don't be one of those I watched who walked slowly backward and then ran away.  Carefully but quickly evaluate the situation, decide if it's an ambulance call or not, and proceed carefully.  I am always prepared when we stop to save an injured animal, to quickly slip my shirt over my head to cover their mouths so I don't get bitten (I wear a sports bra tank always just in case)--and yes, I have had to do that (imagine!). I carry a few first aid things in the car like a blanket that can be used to pick them up like a stretcher or to keep them warm, glucose, a muzzle, a leash that is a rope collar as well, some treats, some other things as well.  
I don't spend my time idlely watching out the window but scan back and forth, always on alert for a dog near traffic or hit, or a turtle running down the road or a cat that was injured and left or or or.  From a man who had a heart attack in a parking lot (everyone left him there--on the concrete--until we were driving by) to running and grabbing a toddler before a bus hit her, you have to be the angel on earth for those in need.  I could tell you so many stories, it would fill a book or two. None of them cost a thing but the gesture was priceless. I just hope, in the end, that God passes those blessings on to those I love, to those who have helped us and if there are enough, to help us get through the Pearly Gates!
Just do good every day, if you can. If you can't run and stop traffic with a Barney pillowcase to save a dog--yup--then how about helping us keep the Rescue Ranch to keep going? It is all about your intention. It just has to be to count--and it all adds up.
Sending love and of course, Hugs from the Herd! 
Miss Bunny hurt her nose this week--ouch!  I think she got into some rose bushes and they snagged her nose and she pulled away.  It will be another week or two before it is healed.  It is always something--It just take a ittle cleaning with Betadyne 10% solution that I put into a sterile spray bottle (and catch with something that I don't care if it gets stained)--and a constant coating of Neosporin OINTMENT with NO pain additive, especially for dogs!
Check back Monday, for an update on the Life with Mike page:
Pleeze...Mini-fundraiser for medicine/bill due NOW/eek!:
The LINK to the mini-fundraiser is
Chew Knot Bones needed(reasonable price right now)/unlimited number/just go by your budget: 
Grateful. Always grateful. 
Archives: Poppy and Mebs after playing outside.  
This is one of my all-time favorite photos. 
I remember--The day was perfect and we were all so, so happy.
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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Prayers for Train Accident in New Jersey

Today, there was a terrible accident in Hoboken, NJ.  The train came in at a high rate of speed, went through all stopping barriers/fail-safes, and went straight into the beautiful passenger terminal. I can remember running down a hallway to grab a bagel and cream cheese or granola bar before I caught the train and running back to the platform. This was the same train I used to take the other way--into the World Trade Center when I was on assignment in NYC...


One woman was killed waiting on the platform. OMG. Over 100, number still rising, were hurt, some very seriously, including the conductor.  They need our prayers and have them, even the RR Herd's.


When I was late, I would drive to that station and jump on that train.  It went under the water to get from NJ to NYC, and then under the WTC and stopped.  I've said before, it was one of the eeriest rides every time and definitely the eeriest journey up the multiple escalators to get to street level. I couldn't breathe it was so dark and scary but it was quicker than driving and trying to find parking when time mattered. When the towers fell, this train, heading in to the city, not out of the city like today, was stopped in the tunnel to protect the riders.  When the towers fell, the train was trapped and I believe, everyone perished then.


What I felt heartening today was an interview with a man who survived. He was standing there and the careening train passed just feet from him.  He was not hurt.  He said, "Today, I owe my life to God."


Today, and every day, I, we, owe our lives to God.  HE has brought us through many storms and will do the same now and every time.  The people in Hoboken hopefully will find the strength to walk in blind faith, with the confidence that no matter what happens, it is what God willed for their lives. It is like a tapestry--all of the strings and knots--and tests and trials underneath--all add up to a beautiful picture/life on the other side, even if that side is in heaven.


Our prayers and love to all--

More tomorrow on the RR and Life with Mike--

God bless them and everyone. Please send them your prayers, thoughts, a kind word.

Thank you. 


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Sunday, September 25, 2016

To do good, makes a difference in many ways

Hello Angels--


Since we don't have enough (just a few so far) sponsors, I need to ask for help this month--


I placed a $450 order on amazon this month and that zero'd out the amazon credits--so we need to (please) start getting some more accumulating for October's needs (canned food, supplements).  Those should go to:


In addition, we had/have to order a bunch of medicine and medical supplies and so I set up a mini-fundraiser so you can see when it is fulfilled--and help soon.  It is an immediate need, one bill already arrived, not a collection for months to come. Please. 


The LINK to the mini-fundraiser is:


I am trying to hold things together and you are making it possible.  Some days, I want to give up and put my own self in a hospital for exhaustion and then I get a card or a note or a call and I am lifted back up again. The docs told me that Lewy Body Dementia was hardest on the primary caretaker--because the affected person becomes less and less aware about what is happening to them--and it is true.  I was also told that is probably the number one disease that devastates the caretaker's life--for present and for years to come afterward and at this moment in time, I can see that clearly.  Emotionally, physically, financially--more--you are just leveled. I can't wait to even just sleep in a bed some year soon.  Sleeping on a fold-out camping cot in the middle of the house--so I can see all doors leading out--for DLB (Dementia with Lewy Body) patients have a tendency to wander out in the night--is very rough on the body, night after night after night. Those new bed ads on TV practically make me cry. No kidding.


I have been learning that dogs/animals get dementia as well.  They don't get this type but they do get memory deficits and other changes that add up to dementia like not being continent, forgetting how to get outside, losing their hearing, eyesight, etc.  It is not just normal aging so be on alert for these symptoms.  If there is no medical explanation like a bladder infection or diabetes, start considering giving supplements like coconut oil and turmeric to slow down the dementia.  (Always talk to your vet to make sure there is no issue with interactions with meds they are on--then research the dose on the web or email me and I'll try to help you...)


This week and next week, I was graced with another two week online advanced seminar series about the dementias.  It is very interesting and I learn new things every day.  Yesterday, I learned that many people are using melatonin to sleep--but at the wrong dose and doing harm to themselves.  You see, you want to AVOID getting dementia or Alzheimer's if you can--and not try to combat it!  


Most people are taking 3 mg or 10 mg a night when in fact, according to the number one sleep expert in the U.S.,,  only 0.5-1.0 mg per night is needed and it takes 90 minutes to reach full blood level concentration--so take it 60-90 minutes before you actually want to fall asleep!


Again, the LINK to the mini-fundraiser, need this week please, is: 


I have found that when you do good, you feel good.  Every day, I feel good helping dogs who can't walk, who can't drink unless I hold their water dish, who can't eat unless I hand-feed them...but they can laugh, sing and "dance" when I sing or put music on for them (we even have special doggy DVD).  


They have a life, when it would have been an absolute tragedy to have been euthanized by some cold, uncaring shelter just because they needed a little more help than a "normal" pet or furry family member as we see them! I can't even bear the thought.


I feel good when I can help Mike get his medical issues straightened out, provide the medications, supplements on time and make sure he is eating, has clean sheets, isn't prematurely institutionalized just because no one else cares, not even his own mother.  I care and HE cares--and sees and knows it all.  


So please, try every day to do something for the good.  It doesn't have to cost money.  Help an animal find its way home; bring dinner to the person under the bridge; say a prayer for all adds up to make the world a better place to live and it changes our hearts to be better people. Your own self in the great hereafter will thank you! 


Innocent Innocent Innocent Innocent Innocent 

Thanks for listening and for caring. Especially for caring.


Mailing address: Rescue Ranch, 3555 Rayford Road, Ste. 45-106, Spring, TX. 77386

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It's the beloved Hummingbird season--be sure to leave CLEAR sugar water out for them NOT the RED one.  The dye causesmany health problems.  You can get the power pre-made or simply boil it on the stove and let it cool.  (The syrup recipe is at the bottom of this page, just under the blog post calendar.) 

Directions for making safe hummingbird food:
  1. Mix 1 part sugar with 4 parts water and bring to a boil to kill any bacteria or mold present.
  2. Cool and fill feeder.
  3. Extra sugar water may be stored in a refrigerator, preferrably in a glass jar.
  4. Red dye should not be added and do not buy pre-made solution with the red dye.



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