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Friday, October 2, 2015

Not a more week to go & some words of wisdom

As it gets harder to write with this cast, my posts are getting shorter.  One more painfully long week to go and then I think I'll be "free" from the giant weight on my arm--that although I am now inconvenienced by it, I was and am grateful that it fixed me in the beginning. 

I'll write more hopefully next week--the tension on trying to keep my wrist turned to type is just too much to bear for long.  I do want to say thank you to our guardian angel and to a few special angels who sent a peanut butter/food box, and some multi-colored boxes that were left at our mail stop.  I promise that I got your card and will write thank you notes next week--forgive me please!

The dogs are grateful for your help and so are we.  It is going to be at least another month to two before we have an income again so any and all help is appreciated.  Prayers are welcome and much appreciated for we strongly believe that it is God who watches out for all of us and who even placed this unusual mission before us.  Since the Rescue Ranch was truly such an unexpected turn in our lives, we knew that we had the opportunity to pick it up or to walk away, and chose to walk the path less traveled, knowing that if He brought it before us, He will always keep an eye on us and make sure that we are not just OK but blessed...

Today, as I was missing some of the dogs that we fostered and adopted out or that spent their last days in our arms, I realized again how very very blessed we are.  We never would have known dogs like this--we knew dogs as pets but now we know them as the amazing beings that they are. I pray that they now know humans and love because before coming here, they only knew pain, sorrow and loneliness.  Now, they have a huge family and we feel like the parents of many "children" and some wise elders.

Thank you for understanding my limitations right now. My shiny red cast is now a little raggedy, a little less shiny but it too, has been used to help the dogs!

Sending love and Hugs from the Herd!!

**A friend sent this to me but with the cast, I can't do much with graphics right now but it is definitely worth your time to read.  You can substitute people or animals.  If you can't read this copy, the original is at http-/

Just click on the "envelop" icon above this blog to send this post to someone else.


Paypal and HELP needed ASAP. 

E-cards should go to:

Surprise packages happily accepted--see the RR Wish Lists above this blog.

The thanks will be ours but the blessings will be yours.



Fri, October 2, 2015 | link 

Friday, September 25, 2015

One More Week of the Cast and...

Sorry--it has been so long since I've written but it really hurts my hand/arm inside the cast to type.  Just one more week to go and hopefully, my arm will work normally again!

Until then, know that we are all OK. Kasey is slowly getting weaker (at 15 plus, he is hanging on, not wanting to leave his family). Mama Mia is retaining more water around her heart and lungs and we have to do meds twice as often now to help her.  We would really, really appreciate your prayers for them.  We do believe in the life hereafter but know that the transition will be hard on all of us and we are starting to brace for what's to come.

Our accounts are all zero'd out and things are needed like food!--so if you can help, we'd be grateful.  A e-card on amazon or paypal would both be most needed and appreciated.  Our email to use to send an e-gift is:

The Pope is here this week and I love his reverence for the sanctity of life--I just wish he had included animals in his speeches.  They have no real advocate to protect them FROM the shelters that are really kill centers.  Some day, should I ever get the chance, I want to have euthanasia or sanctioned mass execution of animals made a crime.  Every time I have to face it--help someone get an animal out before...or hear of an animal spayed in labor or of one killed because it was pregnant, and, and, and...I feel like my soul fell on a sword.  It will never be the same. To know the innocence and unconditional love of the animals so intimately, they are like two year olds. Nothing but good should happen to them.

Well, my hand is aching and soon my arm is going to hurt.  I can't turn against the cast for too long without a ton of pain setting in all night.

Remember we love you and didn't forget you.  Hopefully, we'll be back to our weekly updates and Natural News stories in the next week or two.

Hugs from the Herd!


When our stroller miracle arrived, Charlee was the first to jump in!  He is one of the lights of my life and to think that he was rescued by us when he was already in the EU room  (euthanasia), is evidence of a miracle and that he has angels that are watching over him. 

Someone who wanted to adopt him, called us in tears because he was too far into the process and the shelter would not release him anymore for adoption, but we knew the vet in charge so we able to stop things to run up and save him within the hour. The next day, the woman decided that since Charlee was now safe and sound, she would not need to adopt him.

At the time, I was upset but now, I feel blessed. My life wouldn't be the same, nor would the Rescue Ranch.  He is definitely a shining light, just full of joy and love.

Fri, September 25, 2015 | link 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hello World!!

It is extremely difficult writing with one hand in a cast from fingers to almost-elbow.  Hopefully in a week or so, I will get it off.  Until then, I have to keep my writing to a minimum or I suffer for days from the pain of trying to use my casted fingers!

One of the most dangerous things to special needs is infection.  They are extremely susceptible, having either a lowered immune system and/or other medical issues.  This past week, Pasha, the largest of our wheelchair dogs came down with an infection. Being incontinent and rear-paralyzed exposes her to her own poo, constant baths, and urinary tract/kidney infections. 

Lots of D-Mannose (supplement) and antibiotics will make her better in a few weeks but it is a never-ending battle.  In a diaper, she is in danger constantly so we don't use diapers but keep her on washable pee-pads.  But, that makes for a mess for all of us when she decides to toddle (pulling herself with her front legs--she is so brave and I tell her that daily) to go out or to steal another dog's treats--leaving the pads and thankfully, going across tiled floor and not carpet.


Pasha loves to toss new toys up in the air and catch them and if I go out and when I come back,

she dances and barks up just a storm of happiness!  She follows me to wherever I am.


Coming up this month, there are many predictions involving world changes.  From the fourth blood moon to the war overseas and more, please stock up on long-term supplies for you and your pets.  Water and a way to collect it/sterilize it are primary things to study on Youtube.   Food for both of you and that you can all eat if things get rough, general medical supplies, batteries, and more.  I don't know if any of the predictions will come true (hope not) but if they do, just be prepared enough that you can shelter at home, especially if you have pets.  Pets are not going to be a top priority if there is a world crisis/catastrophe, etc.

Vit D3 combined with K2 (made from Natto) and vitamin C are especially important to have on hand if you are all stuck inside for awhile and can't get out for some sunshine.  You'll have to check with your vet and doc to make sure you and your animals can take them. There are gel caps for people and power or liquid drops for kids and pets.  Learn this stuff now and print out anything you may need to know.  Don't count on clicking the link you've saved on your phone to work, especially if the grid or the 'net goes down, even but for a short period of time.

My cast hand/wrist is starting to rebel, so its time to go.  I'll write more in a few days.

Hugs from the Herd!!

Note:  IF anyone can help, the RR dogs need right now:

Carivora: Trying to save four dogs' lives right now, we need at least four bottles. Link:

Dogswell Happy Hips Chicken Jerky: It is a jump-starter to get weak or sick dogs to start eating their real meals.  Precious stuff.  We need at least four 24 oz bags (from any supplier):

Natural Balance Limited Ingredients canned foods for dogs with incurable, but manageable, skin issues/need two cases:

We are trying to manage month to month right now without an income until at least Nov.  Please HELP the dogs.  We have given up everything to try to keep them together and out of shelters.  








Tue, September 15, 2015 | link 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Before the Cast, Birthday Box Arrived
Charlee listens to our musical birthday card--nearly 15 dogs (and people) had August birthdays!
Mama Mia, our second most senior dog, listened intently to the music, too! 
Thank you to those who sent presents--I wish there were were more angels to help but unfortunately, it seems that no one really cares and this truth really hurts my heart deeply.
I have a hand in a cast and now, a fractured cheek bone and possible head trauma (again) and need to go back to bed.  I can't stop losing my lunch, so to speak.  Please check back later weekend.  Hopefully, I can write more then.  Rescue isn't easy, nor is taking care of someone with dementia.
Hugs from the Herd!  In the meantime, we'll pray that God grants more people their angel wings. The world needs you...and so does the Rescue Ranch.
Wed, September 9, 2015 | link 

Monday, August 31, 2015

New Natural News Story: Don't Miss It!!

While my cast hand is hurting, I wanted to get this link to you so you avoid what I went through:

Pet Edibles Could Bring Unwelcome Squirmy ‘Surprise’

Be sure to pass it on from the story--using facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc. or using the "envelop" icon on this page (above)--and please help the Rescue Ranch dogs, too, if you can. (Just click on the cartoon dog/piggy bank above to go to our most recent fundraiser.

Grateful.  Hugs from the Herd!!


Emmy and Clifford were the only two of Black Beauty's puppies--the rest were all black like their mama.  Clifford passed away after he was adopted, having had a reaction to anesthesia.  He is buried with the other Rescue Ranch angels that passed.  This is a story that I need to tell but it will probably be when I write the book about living at the Rescue Ranch for ten years now. I have to have great strength of heart--and spirit--to tell Clifford's story but I at least know that he is at rest and at peace.



 Sweet baby Clifford and my beautiful Beauty.  She was so pregnant when we rescued her that she had her first puppy on the backseat of our car!  I had to take my sweater off, jump in the back seat and wrap the puppy up to keep it warm until we got home--quickly!!

Mon, August 31, 2015 | link 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

An Afterthought...

We go through a lot of supplements at the RR, so we keep the medical bills to a minimum unless there is surgery needed.

One thing I learned, by having so many incontinent or semi-continent dogs that could get frequent urine infections--y'all should learn how to hand express urine and how to hand express poopy-doop while you are not under pressure to do so--is how to help them along and keep them on preventatives.  We have to do this potty routine many times each day for many animals, so we go through lots of A/D ointment (for baby diaper rash--because it helps things move along faster without any pain) and we also give the dogs Cranberry with D-Mannose.  It is really the D-Mannose that clears up bladder and kidney infections! (A Natural News story is in the works for both of these supplements.)

Since the is having a BOGO sale NOW through the end of September, so if anyone feels so moved, we need four bottles of the Cranberry 400 mg with D-Mannose 1000 mg for the month; ; and two bottles of NAC--N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine 600 mg (biggest bottles--since one would be a BOGO), that story coming soon as well.

NAC is AMAZING stuff for anyone with dogs (check for other animals) or humans with biofilms or mucus.  What I've learned is that the diseases we get/our dogs get like pneumonia, cover themselves with a biofilm--or what we think is mucus and so the antibiotics or supplements/herbs, etc. cannot penetrate it to kill say, the virus.  It helps heavy heartworm positive dogs when they are coughing, we mix an open capsule with a spoonful of peanut butter and in about 15 minutes all is well for 8-12 hours. Sick people can take four NAC at a time and must take three D-Mannose or 3,000 mg at a time 3-4 times a day to get rid of a urine infection so the experts told me.

(I would personally start low--for animals or people--and always do--just to make sure that there is no reaction, especially like a throat or eyes swelling shut or a flushed face that develops hives that won't go down.  If all is well, then work up to the suggested dose. I have never seen a reaction to these two but still build up slowly.)

NAC, or we say just "knack" eats away the biofilm, say an hour before giving the treatment or meds.  You have to do this all the time and sometimes just by itself--always after food.  I think this and D-Mannose are two of the most important things we should all have in our cabinets.

Just so you see what the dogs need, here are the links:




FOR THE Cranberry with D-Mannose:


There is also free shipping over $25 and you can build up points to get credit at the end of the year.

IF you can send one or any, we'd be extremely grateful.  We are living month to month, praying and hoping that something will change and we won't be on "alert" --at least for awhile.  (Don't worry about too much being sent! We use that much (above) every month--and probably will for years.


Bitty lost ALL of his parts--yep even that one, poor thing--due to very severe human abuse, and he did not like wearing diapers.  Neither do Pasha, Bunny, Kasey, or any of the others so we had a vet teach us how to express the dogs outside and we get it done.  It isn't my favorite thing in the world to do, but I do it.  It helps them live, live normally (more or less) and they line up for their 'turn.'  This is why "going out" at the Rescue Ranch takes hours--three times a day at least. So, when your well-dog stands at the dog, wagging his/her tail to go out, happily get up and open the door!!  (Think of me doing a bedtime potty run at 2 AM--with a cast to boot!)

RR Mailing Address:  Rescue Ranch, 945 McKinney Street, Unit 242, Houston, TX  77002


Hugs from the Herd!!


Sat, August 29, 2015 | link 

Cast Hinders, Angels Help the Animals Everywhere Please

In most of the country, it back to school time again and nearly everyone ('cept us) has been preoccupied with getting new clothes and lots of learning supplies stocked up. The only thing we use at the Rescue Ranch is white boards (so they can be changed day-to-day) and lots of Sharpie fine and super fine markers.  Their lettering is dark, doesn't smudge and can't be easily mistaken.  The only problem we have is keeping track of them.  When you need one, I keep wondering where they wandered off to!

The rescues are full right now, or near-full, which means that the shelters will be backing up and millions (yep) of cute, loving, adoptable animals will be methodically killed.  Please, I beg you, to open your heart and your home and take in an extra fur baby.  There are dogs, cats, hamsters, horses--basically from the biggest to the smallest living things needs safe haven.  Just make a little difference.  Even if you bring one home and find a home for it, that counts. (Search by animal type and zip code on

Make posters at work and keep them circulating until someone falls in love.  Once you make sure the animal is going to a good home, you can do it again!  You'd be surprised what a bath and a week in a calm environment, not knowing that you are next in line to die, will do for an animal's personality.  They calm down, begin to love again, are no longer in fear of their lives (yes, animals can smell death and yet they follow their executioners obediently into the room of death.  The next day, the dump truck comes and their sweet, loving, dead bodies are literally shoveled into the back of the truck and taken to a mass grave or to an incinerator.  No kidding.

I personally couldn't and still can't stand what is happening to our animals.  My heart is broken every day I think about what is going on right before us.  I've called many a friend who have told me that one animal is enough and begged them to take another--in fact, two animals seem to be happier that a single animal!  I finally had to give my sheer agony to God, and it is not just mine.  Lots of rescuers around the world try to make a difference, but without support, they can only feed so many. 

Some rescuers starve at the end of the month when money is scarce, giving their rescues the only food that is left in the house.  Knowing that so many people could make a difference if they just did a little something, kills me.  I almost wonder if Starbucks has a secret plot to get people addicted to pricey coffee so they spend their discretionary income on latte batte's and not on the things that matter like helping the homeless or a vet, saving an animal/helping a rescue group, sponsoring a child...

Think about this?  What will matter when you stand in front of the Big Guy upstairs?  He's going to ask/or will know that you did good things with your life--and won't care a lick if you enjoyed your extra whipped cream! "Forever" is a long time, so I'd rather err on the side of helping/doing good. What about you?

I am still stuck in a cast, on my primary hand of course, so while I can't do much, you can tell that I've been reading a lot, maybe more than I should but knowing the truth, as devastating as it is, can only help us to find a solution.  Burying my head in the sand doesn't help anyone.  

At night, I say good-night to each animal by name.  It takes awhile but I think that they deserve to be recognized for the precious creations that they are.  During the day, when I hand out the treats that you've so generously sent in or sponsored, I call each animal by name again and they love it! Animals are smarter and I think much more spiritual than we give them credit for.  I sometimes wonder, when they surround me when I don't feel good or hear me crying and come to comfort me, if they are really angels in disguise.  Hmmm. I wouldn't be surprised. 

I have to stop writing my arm is swelling inside the cast.  The doc gave me a note to give to an ER doc to cut it open and recast it a different way if my fingers and elbow begin to lack blood flow.  That's the problem when you have soft tissue damage and bone fractures.  The bruising underneath swells, so keeping my hand above my heart (like on a pillow in bed--boring!) is what I really need to be doing.

I spent the last few days writing a new story for Natural News---a little bit at a time--but I'm waiting for the editors to approve and publish it.  As soon as they do, I'll have the link as a new blog post for you.  I'd imagine by Monday afternoon. You'll want to read it and pass it on.  (I'm starting to feel stronger and once I get this cast off, I'm going to go back to writing at least three or four times a week, I hope.)

Thanks our angels for listening and hopefully for helping the RR animals or animals in a shelter near you.  Did you know that at most shelters, you can show up on the weekend and walk dogs/cuddle kitties, help potential adopters find someone to take home, bring treats and give them out (I used to wear a chef's apron with lots of pockets and keep refills out in the car), take photos of animals and post them on social media with their KENNEL CARD number--not the kennel number that they are being held in because they move them around--and the location and contact info for the shelter and their end of life day/time.  You can even drop off a load of blankets or towels from a yard sale, toys for volunteers to use, boxes and bags of treats--especially long-term chews to pass the time, the little time that they may have left...

Sending thanks and love and Hugs from the Herd--


PS IF you are inspired to help the Rescue Ranch (we lost our major benefactor's support in April when he was hit by a lay-off), and things are getting spread pretty thin right now), you can go to our fundraiser above this blog on You Caring/just click on the dog and the piggy bank cartoon or use this/share this link:    Medicine, food, treats, supplies don't magically pay for themselves and we have personally sacrificed about everything we have to help the animals/keep them comfy so we really need your help right now--calling our angels known and unknown, seen and unseen.

It is time to order canned dog food on amazon, so sending a e-credit or gift card that we can instantly apply to amazon would be an amazing help.  I think we have $24 left and need about $4-500 on amazon alone. We use paypal to buy kibble and treats.  You can give directly to amazon or paypal using our email: or click HERE to go to our paypal page directly:

Lord, please have mercy.  The hands of many would make light but our angels have to do more than just shake your heads and said, "Too bad..."  Please help.  Spiritual law says that the giver is the one blessed so how could you pass up extra blessing on your life?  I give all that I can, which includes food, time, resources, sleep, patience, love, sympathy, empathy, but I can't do it all and go out and make the money, too.  

The RR Wal-Mart Wish List Link is:   

Some of the things we need are: 

Busy Chewnola Dog Treats, 4 oz, Pack of 2 (15 sets eventually so everyone can have one--we are an equal treat provider!)

Healthy Hide Good 'N' Fun 6" Triple Flavor Bones, 3-Pack (at least three more packages for the big dogs...) the little dogs can have their kabobs!!  (Wal-Mart will only let you order six packages of the kabobs with any order so they must be popular!! I know they are like giving out Willie Wonka Golden Tickets when I have them in my hand and the dogs see them! We can use as many as you'd like to send!!

Good 'n' Fun Tri Flavor Kabobs, 12 oz

The mailing address is: Rescue Ranch, 945 McKinney Street, Unit 242, Houston, TX  77002

Grateful always.

 Amen and Amen.



Brindy and Millie love their birthday cake and it hasn't even gotten out of the box!  Millie, in front, was found as a tiny puppy, wandering around someone's neighborhood with a completely snapped in half bottom jaw. The bones were sticking out like elephant tusks.  Brindy, had distemper, mange (three times) and pneumonia but is now brindle-coated with a red sheen when she runs in the sun.  They are called a bonded pair--inseparable, from morning to night, 24/7!!  From two completely different places, through two completely different trials/struggles to live, and now they found love and a forever friendship. (Thanks to the many who made their lives possible...)

Sat, August 29, 2015 | link 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Took Another One for the Team

I'm not going to type much for a few days--it hurts too much--but I thought pictures would speak 1000 words each for me.

If you ever see this after an accident, go to the doctor! I'll tell you more medical stuff when I can type more.


While I'll be OK, things are swollen underneath and my arm needs to be elevated above my heart.

 My sleeve is pulled up over the bottom of the cast to keep it protected.  

I was going to pick Mebbie pink or Ada purple (each dog has their own color!)--but then, as they were putting the wrapping-up underneath parts on (there is a mesh sleeve and then extra cotton padding for protection of the injured area before two sets of casting plaster), I thought that it really should be Rescue Ranch RED!!

Hope you enjoy my photo editing--sorry it's not perfect.  I can barely do anything since this is my main hand.  I hope someone/s ordered the Capstar for Big Dogs that I need (see post below).  Please.  The fundraiser above hasn't moved since the first two angels helped--so I hope that more of you find mercy, love and kindness in your hearts to help the very special RR dogs. Has the world really hardened everyone's hearts? I refuse to believe this. (God still lives in each of us, even if you have to dig deep to find Him, He is there!)

Love and hugs from the Herd--


(Yes, typing that hurt, but not as much as no one caring...)

Wed, August 19, 2015 | link 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dislocated Bone--Owie Ouch Ouch

I'm not sure but the giant hard bump up my arm bone and the hole under my thumb are one and the same.  There is a big indentation under my thumb--it could be a broken blood vessel, but it could be that that bone before my thumb is shoved up my arm under the skin. We'll see...I'll let you know tonight. 

If anyone is feeling altruistic, would you/could you order one or two boxes of capstar for big dogs/green boxes for me?

I was about to do that, but something else got in the way...a dog's toy. Ugh.

Here is the link:

Disabled dogs need more than baths--they can't use their legs to scratch--so I use Capstar in-between to help them along.

Just took stuff to stop from vomiting from pain.

Prayers appreciated.  Tough life.  Typing with one hand a breeze! : ))

Hugs and thank you!!


Tue, August 18, 2015 | link 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Its Not All Glitz and Glamour...

Being a rescuer is a messy business--it not only isn't all glitz and glamour, there is NO glitz and glamour!! I constantly have to change my clothes, take a shower, alcohol my hands or put on sterile gloves (depending on the situation); I change my fluffy socks umpteen times a day.  Special needs dogs can also mean incontinent, semi-continent, well, messy.  I've learned to watch where I walk but there is usually at least one or two "gotcha" wet-socks moments a day.  (I don't like cold wet socks any more.)

Yesterday, I had everyone all set for the afternoon.  I sat down to eat lunch around 3 PM and opened a drink and had two bites before I had to put on my nursing cap and still haven't eaten anything more than 24 hours later.

As I was sitting down, hoping to just rest and watch a little TV, Kasey came and stood right against my knees.  If you know dog behavior, that is kind of odd, since he had just been given a treat, clean pads and blankets in his bed and medicine.  He should have been about to take a nap.

I knew he wanted or needed my attention so I put my lunch aside.  We'd been monitoring a mass under his tail for a month now and the first thing I wanted to check was that.  Fortunately, we keep multiple boxes of sterile, purple gloves stationed around the Rescue Ranch, so I put a pair on. I didn't want gicky hands just in case and if he had an open wound, he didn't need any bacteria in it.

I started feeling around under his tail.  Yep, that involves parts that I'd rather not have to deal with but I saw a liquid coming out of his pooper.  Dogs have glands on either side of the exit shute, called anal glands so immediately, that was my first cause of action.

If you or your vet have never done it, here is a link to a video on "How To Empty the Anal Glands..."  He also had an anal gland abscess!  It looked like a big, red lump like this:   I had some pain cream to put on the area until I could get to the vet but as I was spreading the cream, the abcess decided to pop open, with bloody pus all over, while the other side was squirting regular fluid and he was going potty all at the same time.  I sure was glad that I had gloves on--and the shower was near.

Both cats and dogs have them-- They are at about 4 and 8 o'clock around their pooper and your groomer and vet should check them every time you go--they don't, so you be sure to ask, especially with cats!  IF you decide to try doing this yourself, you can't be so delicate or nothing will come out.  Usually, animals can empty them by themselves but sometimes, like with older or sick animals, they need help.  Just please stay with your animal if they are checked--DON'T let them be manually expressed all the time or they'll lose the ability to do it themselves.  Kasey hasn't need them done for two years, and probably did just now because he is eating a softer diet at 15 years plus.

A kinder way to express the glands--and how to do cat's glands:

After I was done cleaning up--and skipping my lunch--I cleaned Kasey up (he almost needed a mini-bath), spread on topical pain cream, let that sit and then spread antibiotic cream over the entire underside using cotton rounds.  He was already on oral antibiotics and pain meds so I just had to help him get over to his bed and since he couldn't sit down, I had to lay him down on his side.  Today, he is wondering around and actually ate almost his entire dinner and got a drink, something he has not done for days.  Now, we know why!!

I think the best thing for you to do is to watch the videos above--each is about a minute or two.  Each vet or vet tech offers different tips that all add up to some smart advice--and video I would watch but not before eating!

Treating Kasey took a couple of hours all tolled.  Never mind, what ever other animal needed.  I can't go to bed at night without dealing with about 1.5 hours of eye medicines and ointments and that is while someone else is spending a few hours making up the oral meds and supplements.  This starts early in the morning and goes through the night--so please, if you can, have mercy and help us continue to keep the Rescue Ranch open.  In between helping the dogs that are here, I coach owners and vets around the world on distemper and parvo which sometimes takes days, being available on the phone or in person 'round the clock in order to save a life. 

I do not ask for money for doing this--I think having the knowledge that God blessed me with (for some reason), is for the Greater Good--and I need to stop long enough to put it down in a book form but there really is nothing like someone "holding" your hand through a life and death situation. I know.  Dr. Sears did it with me, case by case by case and with each one, I learned a little more and a little more...

Although people offer to pay anything for me to help them, I won't accept it.  IF after a month, their animal is well and happy, they can send a gift but most people don't--and in fact, it costs us sometimes hundreds of dollars to save their animal, like when they don't pay the vet bill at our vet--we are responsible or we'll lose the cooperation of our vets if we referred them.  When we first started Project Hope, the distemper project, some vets were letting the owners go or the rescues go scott free, and used to bill us for their services--but we stopped that post haste!!


I created a new fundraiser that will carry us through August and September for food, vet and meds and medical supplies but it is going to take our angels--known and unknown, seen and unseen, to pitch in.  (Our primary benefactor was hit by a lay-off.  Ugh.)  Helping the Rescue Ranch, at least you can be assured that 100% of your gift goes to help the animals and not to boarding or salaries, etc. 

IF you help some of the national (or even local) rescue groups, they board their animals because they are not special needs, get food from the pet food pantry (a politics-driven privilege) and take the animals out on the weekend to get them adopted--paying groomers, presidents, accountants, etc.  We don't pay anyone and clean-up and grooming/special care is a gift not a service.

PLEASE click on the dog and piggy bank cartoon above this blog section to read about us and to see some new photos that I'll be updating a few times a week or click here:

You can also give through paypal to our email: which is really versatile, especially now that you can shop with the credits and get free shipping or store pick-up!


Email an amazon credit to the same email (you can pick your amount and style): which is where we buy all of the dogs' canned foods and supplements.  They are so great with replacing items with problems or express shipping at no cost when we have a problem.  Right now, we only have about $64 on our amazon account which is not going to buy food for more than a few days!!

(I think a lot of people forgot that we have an amazon affiliate's link for online shopping--amazon gifts the Rescue Ranch with a small percentage of each sale.  Last month, we only had a credit of $27.  Every time you go to shop online, please click on our link/start shopping through it.  I was just stunned when I saw last month's statement. Eek! Last month, we spent over $1000 on amazon and about the same on paypal! We need help!)


As always, we are grateful for all of your help, prayers, tweets/sharing/posting of our fundraiser link (above) and/or this blog page:  We need more people to get involved and the only way to reach them is to network.  We can't afford, nor would want to waste a million dollars to produce a tear-jerker of a commercial to pull on your heart strings. We'd use it to actually help the animals!

But, truth be told, we deal with worse stuff that those commercials and to retain some dignity for the animals, don't take photos or publish them when they are at their worst unless it is necessary to tell a story. There are things we have had to do/see that you can't even/don't want to imagine, and we shield you from them so you don't have to bear that burden, but our burden is very, very heavy right now and many hands will make things lighter.

Remember, the spiritual law of helping, is that YOU get the blessing on your life--so help the dogs and bless your life at the same time!

Hugs from the Herd!!

This week's URGENT needs:

1. Dinovite BLACK liquid/need at least six tubes:

2. Smart Bones with Sweet Potato:

(Need one large bag, one medium bag, three small bags and one mini bag. Everyone gets size-specific bones!)

3. Dingo Chip Mix:

(Need two bags of minis and two bags of large)

...and of course, anything "dog" that you feel inspired to send!!  

Disabled dogs who can't run and play, use their mouths to get pleasure, play, chew.  We need to keep them entertained or they take out a dining room table leg!!  We really can only give treats, at this point, a few times a week.  They really should be getting something every day to look forward to, to make their lives brighter. 

Please think about these animals, who are grateful for everything and who love unconditionally, despite anything that they've experienced.  We do this because it is the right thing to do as humans--please help us continue this mission, making up for the people in the world who don't care or who are worse than worse.



Bellie, one of the two little wheelchair twins with her sister Sissy, was found out in a field, both of them with badly brokenfront legs and little Bellie, we found out, also has a tail broken in several places.  If it weren't for their "Jurrassic Park" yells/screams, the vet calls them, someone walking through the field would not have found them and they would have died. Thankfully, they were dropped off at our vet.  Bellie had three operations and still needs a fourth and her sister had two--and they are still considered "mouth" dogs here--dogs who need something to chew on to keep busy because their little legs hurt when they walk/limp, I think.

Animals are just love covered in fur--and are so, so sweet despite what happened to them.



Sat, August 15, 2015 | link 

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