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Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday RR Sale Items and an Anniversary of sorts

Just in case you are out and about today and find TWIN comforters on sale, please consider picking up one or two for the Rescue Ranch dogs!  Their linens are tattered and torn, but have made it through a year of almost daily washing!

Here is a link to Groupon's sale for twin comforters at $14.99 each!  Every color is fine just no white/too hard to keep clean and no red--too hard to ever tell if there is an injury or discharge...:    (The RR mailing address is: 395 Sawdust Road, Unit 2041, The Woodlands, TX  77380 OR you can drop off things there/north of Houston OR drop off things/have them mailed to: Rescue Ranch, c/o Something Unique in Pearland (Click Here for their address).

ALSO,  the Wal-Mart Wish List has been updated as well:   You can reach it as well through the Walmart link above this blog.

As with any lists, they sure are specifics that the RR dogs love or need but they are also just ideas of things needed.  We don't need a fairy princess twin quilt if you can find a superman one or blue dotted one for half the price!  It is the same with beds, etc.  They just need to be washable or if gently-used, washed/clean and not torn or have any strings or zippers/buttons (safety hazards).  

Food and long-term treats as well as the items listed on Something Unique's page at the bottom are #1 priority items, really needed now--but we'll be grateful for whenever they arrive.  The things at the bottom of their page are not just maybe need--they are really, really needed things, so I hope our angels find it in their hearts to gift them this holiday season.  (I'll move an item to the ordered/sent list on the very bottom of the page so you know that you don't have to order another/avoid duplicated.)

Everything Dog is certainly welcome and appreciated!  If you have things laying around that you'd like to have passed on to a family or to a cat rescue, include them and we'll find a way to get them there.

We really really really need paypal credits--they sustain life on the RR--as well as amazon creditsPlease credit any e-cards to or if you pick one up at the store, generic pre-paid Visa cards are great, too, as well as ANY--yes, literally ANY--gift cards that you have had or will get and will never use, please forward them.  We WILL find a way to use them for the benefit of the dogs!!

Again, the new mailing address is: Rescue Ranch, 395 Sawdust Road, Unit 2041, The Woodlands, TX   77380.

Life isn't easy right now--in fact, I am trying to keep my eyes from rolling around in my head--so any and all help that you can grace the RR with, is very much needed and gratefully accepted and allows me to concentrate on life and death (really) issues--see post below.  (God/angels, hear my prayers...)

I spoke with Dr. Alson Sears, the inventor of the Canine Distemper Virus, a few nights ago.  He is approaching 80 and is getting more and more limited in what he can physically do but his mind and spirit are as hearty as they were when I first spoke to him!  He was so proud of what we've all done to make a difference in the world with his serum--which sat for about ten years until we decided to resurrect it, test it, and get vets making it to save dogs all over the world."Get out there and save more dogs!" were his last words to me. It would be my greatest joy to do that, but first, I have to put my "house" in order.  (Of course, I still take on emergency cases--gratis--to save the life of the dog and its people.)

And last but not at all least, four years ago tonight, was when we were shopping in Home Depot and about ten or eleven steel pipes fell on my head.  They had not been unpackaged yet, so the weight of all of them together hit me square--I remember falling down, thinking to myself, "Can a human being survive this kind of pain..."  Turned out, it had caused a brain bleed and I spent two years recovering. 

I still have some headaches and neck issues from the five or six herniated disks that it caused, but life doesn't stop.  We didn't take any action against the company but it sure would have been nice if they had offered to help with medical bills, care, etc.  Nope. Nada.  They did have the incident report and just hounded me to sign releases in the mail and on the phone but I was in no shape to do anything. So on this four year anniversary, I'm glad to be alive and worrying about twin comforters than the alternative, that's for sure!!

Have a fun and safe day shopping--please use our amazon associate's link if you are shopping online. amazon processes everything like they normally do, but they credit 2-4% of sales toward our dog food account.  It seems like their credit percentages have decreased lately, so it will take more sales to make a difference!!  We also have a page with a few other associate links for Gifts and Things.  Those stores do the same thing as amazon.

Sending much love and gratitude--and of course, Hugs from the Herd!!!


Fri, November 27, 2015 | link 

...and so it's Thanksgiving!

It's a little late in the day, but this is the first time since yesterday afternoon that I've been able to steal away a few minutes to write to you.  Life is getting pretty complicated pretty fast.

The Rescue Ranch Herd and their people--me included--would like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving, looking forward to a blessed Christmas and Hanukkah--and New Year!  I hope you spent it enjoying the very tiring task of preparing the food, maybe having guests or maybe not, holding hands and saying Grace or maybe not, and eating the best food ever--maybe not because it really is, but maybe because it is what you have today and you are just thankful for it...and that was the lesson that I learned this year.

Knowing that things are getting complicated and finances being so very limited or non-existent, I decided that instead of planning and shopping and cooking and serving and cleaning up, that we'd finally use the Cracker Barrel gift card that one of our angels gratefully sent quite awhile ago.  This way, dinner would be "Thanksgiving-y" and there would be no stress.

I was intending on cooking at least a turkey like I do twice a year for the dogs and my significant other who are not vegetarians like me.  But, as life would have it, the sale was on frozen turkeys and it was such a great sale that we got a huge turkey for under $10 BUT it can't be cooked for a few days  (Good things dogs don't know what a calendar is, but you know, even if they did, they'd understand the situation completely and will enjoy their turkey whenever it arrives!)

Last night, I pulled up the menu at the restaurant on my computer, went over the choices and had someone pcik out dinnrer in advance so we didn't have to spend an extra hour taking up a table, even called the restaurant twice for questions about what was on their menu and to find out when was a less busy time, and so I thought it would make going there easier today.  

I gave the dogs a treat of their choosing--a mixuture from all of our angels--and wished them each a, "Happy Thanksgiving," by name.  About to leave for an early dinner, I turned around and someone had sit down in his TV chair and was sound asleep, blanket on his lap, two dogs joining him.  I decided that it would be the smarter to just accept the situation and let the quiet be.  I sat down and had pretzels and some cheese and went to take a nap myself.  "Happy Thanksgiving," I said to God, to all of you, to my family and friends before I fell asleep.  I wasn't sad or mad like I may have been another year.  This time, I was at peace.  We are faced with issues way beyond our understanding and surrendering is all I can do some times.

Two days ago, we spent the entire day at the doctor.  First, for my stomach (from stress and worry) was killing me and next to hear about someone's more advanced medical news.  The DAT Scan was positive for early-onset Lewy Body Disease, the same thing Robin Williams was found to have had but he was older.  He had been misdiagnosed in life but they found out at autopsy.  That meant that no one knew that he needed a 24/7 safety monitor nor could they understand what his odd behaviors meant.  But now I know and I also know that things are progressing rapidly, with days of pure clarity and then days like today. Even our doctor, realizing the gravity of the situation, waived the co-pay and said to use it to pay for some chocolate ice cream or whatever was on a needed-to-be-created-bucket-list.  It may not be an end of life bucket, it may just be an end of consciousness-as-we-know-it bucket, but hearing a doctor say that, really solidified what I was already suspecting is on its way.

I have emails I need to write, thank you's, prayers, a "To Do" list a mile long, worries that would boggle your mind--at least some days they boggle mine--and so I ask your forgiveness if I can't do it all, or do it all a little later than expected.  You see, like right now, someone is awake now, so I have to be a safety monitor, try to get everyone into bed, wrap injured paws, make medicine, and so much more. After that, there is not much left of myself.

I had found doggie sandwich cookies (FYI, Good Lovin' Duplex Sandwich Creme Cookies--may be store item only but worth trying for sure!) at Petco the other day for $5 (22 oz/enough cookies for the whole ranch plus some).  I thought that they'd be a perfect dessert for the dogs after turkey today. Before I sat down to write to you, since we are skipping the turkey I went straight to dessert and handed out a cookie to each one, again, wishing them a "Happy Thanksgiving."  There is not one dog, no matter how much care and attention they need, that I am not so grateful for meeting, for spending a part of my life with.  Each one has taught me lessons that I didn't know before. They have opened my heart so wide to all living things.  (I even said a prayer of thanks for the turkey that gave its life to feed the dogs...and if given only me, I would save another life and skip the meat.)

I hope you have full tummies, full-er hearts and a sound sleep.  You don't know how precious the ordinary things are until things aren't so ordinary any more.  

Sending love and many Hugs from the Herd--Happy Thanksgiving!!





 Please say a prayer for Kasey Kase.  This photo was taken last Thanksgiving.  Right now, he is starting to have trouble walking and doesn't want to eat or drink.  I think he doesn't want to leave his family but I know God is going to call, always sooner than we'd like.  We'd love for our animals to spend our whole lives with us but they don't get as much time as many of us and Kasey is already past 15...I will never forget his spunk for life and for riding in the car and chasing flocks of birds, so high up in the clouds that I could only hear them.  One day, he'll be able to just fly with them, and then, he will be an angel. Grateful.

Fri, November 27, 2015 | link 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Kisses to Heaven...

One year ago, one very sad year ago, Big Mandy, our strong, big, last Saint Bernard rescue, passed away.  She had just been fed and given water, tucked in for a nap between two quilts, all comfy cozy, and while her medicine was being made, God called her name. We found out just days before that she had cancer, but I didn't know that she would be gone before I could say good-bye. 

At least my last memory and time spent, was with her, petting her velvety head as I hand-fed her her dinner and then syringed in water, while Mike was petting her back.  She had just come in and was weak just trying to stand to go potty--a sign that they are getting ready to pass on.  I should have been more emotionally prepared but I wasn't.


Big Mandy and her BFF, little Junie--at 160 lbs to Junie's 25 lbs--and Mandy at least six to eight years her senior, they saw no difference in each other.   When they were together, it was just two girls having fun.  Here, they came to my writing window next to my desk to get a treat and to visit with me!


I'll tell you her story another time--it will wrench your guts--but for now, let's celebrate her life--her big, Dingo-filled, fluffy, loud life.  Mandy lived life probably as we all should--with total abandon.  

Since she was the largest of the dogs at the RR, and we couldn't afford to buy large Dingo bones regularly for the bigger dogs (Maya is 110 and the largest now--a sweet, white shepherd) all the time but I felt it unfair that Mandy always had to settle for littler bones and treats than she deserved, so I would order the large Dingos knot bones so she could have one every Sunday.  As I got up to watch, "Super Soul Sunday" on Oprah TV, Mandy knew she got her bone.  It became a standard between us and when she passed, it was getting time to reorder more bones.  

She had worn down her bottom teeth and I was starting to worry about dental work that may be needed and she was having trouble with her eyes.  The vet treated her eyes and knew she had mast cell cancer that had gone to her lungs, but what he should have done is tell us that using benadryl with dogs with mast cell cancer helps their eyes.  I learned that just days too late.

When she passed, her eyes became clear and she was her big, beautiful self again and I felt that she wanted me to see that when I went to give her her medicine.  My sadness and grief still grips my heart, because, although there is nothing we can do to stop the Call of God, I would never ever have let her be alone for those last two hours.  Ever.  I just hope she knows that.

Mandy was a character that none will replace.  Once she realized that she was safe and that we loved her, she would run and play. She alerted us that she had to go outside in the middle of the night, by running her feet over, thereby ruining or tearing down the blinds on the windows near the door! Three windows and a door cover later, we hung bells on the door handle that she could just rustle and trained her to use her paw or her head to jingle them. 

I spent hours sobbing hysterically when Mandy passed and a week crying uncontrollably.  Even today, the tears fall easily.  As hard as it was to be Mandy's caretaker, she was my friend and I love/d her.  I didn't want her to have to had passed alone.  The rescuer that gave her to us, said simply, "That's the way she wanted it.  She didn't want you to suffer even more..."

So, today, everyone at the Rescue Ranch had a Dingo Ringo and was told that it was a gift from Mandy.  We need to celebrate the lives of the loved ones while they are with us and then even after we've lost them, after our time of mourning has passed.  I believe they are as far away as a thought, a prayer, a mention of their name--we just can't see them.  Sometimes, in my dreams, I have the honor of a visit from an angel since passed, and I know it is special and recognize it immediately.  Mandy has been in two dreams so far.  I hope she is in many more.

What I know for sure is that Mandy found her forever home and she knew love.  After being placed here, there and everywhere first, she loved being here and she stopped barking and stopped being possessive of the food, etc. etc.  There was plenty for everyone and everyone always gets something (the only exception being on Super Soul Mandy Days) so there was no more need to be defensive nor aggressive. Instead, she'd be the first to roll over to get her tummy petted.

Today, I send prayers to Mandy and to all of our Rescue Ranch angels that we've known--those that have lived with us and those that we've worked with through Project Hope.  Maybe heaven needed a magnificent dog to stand at the pearly gates. If so, Mandy got the job. I know that when my life is over, should I make it there, I will rejoice in being reunited with so many furry friends that I have cared for, held, comforted right until the very, very end.  I hope they will hold me, and show me what heaven is about, giving me a dog's-eye view that I really truly would appreciate.  Who knows, maybe my human loved ones, hamsters, fish, and so many animals that have filled my life will be waiting there, too. I'm counting on it!


Mandy stealthily peaking out the garage door that was opened a few inches to let some air in...

 When the Dog Whisperer came to town, we took Mandy and his staff on a tour of Houston.  Mandy jumped up to give me a big hug--she was so excited--and this is the photo from that day. I don't know if I'll ever smile that big again.

I love you, Mandy Smandy, My Big Beautiful Girl.  

You are as missed today as you were the very second God called your name.



Mon, November 23, 2015 | link 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Shock and Awe and Make Thanksgiving the Best!!

First, I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!  Please enjoy your families and cherish every minute together, take photos and video if you can.  I have learned that in the blink of an eye--or faster--everything can change so absorb the love, the love and warmth of the food, and let shopping go for the day...(the stores will be there tomorrow)!

We are in shock right now from everything going on, trying to make a priority list and not really wanting to address what we are facing.  Last week, after finding out my kidney infection (on one side--from stress, I'll bet dollars to donuts) is back, there was a meeting with the brain doc to hear more about my beloved's latest scan.  I listened intently to this, that and how the other thing is messed up--it is a fast moving and degenerative, probably inherited--progressively getting worse AND with no cure. Then the knock-out "punch" came...To be confirmed maybe as early as next week, but the diagnosis is even worse after the (just approved from Europe) DAT scan this past Thursday...

The prognosis is 6 months to two years--maybe less, maybe more, the expert said.  Get your legal stuff in order as soon as possible, including end-of-life choices and medical treatment choices need to be discussed, written out and notarized, etc  Whether to withhold food, fluids, CPR, etc. etc. etc. My stomach turned, the room started to spin again.  We are too young, I thought, for this kinda stuff--but I guess not. "But there's still stuff I still want to do..." I heard coming from right next to me.  Soon, there won't be a voice.  The brain's ability to process vision and hearing is going, I heard the doctor say, even though the organs like the eyes and ears are fine. 

Next, it will be the ability to talk, then walk. Then, when the ability to swallow is lost, pneumonia sets in from basically drowning in saliva. The thought of the near-future is terrifying and extremely upsetting. We may need to use a professional "home," hospice, on and on.  I shiver thinking about all of this.  On top of that, disability is delayed until the next scan and final diagnosis is submitted and reviewed.  With the holidays, that could be early next year.

Spending every night researching and reading, I am exhausted but I think it will at least make a difference.  I have used natural medicine for so many years to heal the dogs, this to me is just a challenge with bigger stakes.  The time pressure is what I don't like.  I feel like every hour I don't spend trying to read clinical papers and ongoing trials, is an hour that someone's brain is melting away.  

I've decided that, given the chance, I will move the Rescue Ranch near to the "home" or institution we may need to rely on--or maybe not--but if I can't find one nearby, we'll move.  That way, even when someone can't remember my name or not even maybe who I am--and yes, that is going to happen I was told--I can go and bring cookies and a dog or two for visits--and I will not forget his name or him.  A friend said today that was noble of me, sticking around until the end.  Nope, I said, it is just the honorable thing to do and what I would expect if the situation was reversed from someone who has been my hero in times past.  Now, it's my turn, no matter how very, very difficult it is--already--the symptoms alternating hours, sometimes by the day, between competent and jolly and someone I don't recognize.

The dogs are all fine and happy, thanks to the angels who are sending in food and treats and the stuff I need to take care of them.  I had to learn to be a medic and nurse, since the vet is 1.5 hours away and the bills could be ginormous!  Please, please, please, stick it out with me, in any way, in all ways.  I am scared, feeling very alone despite a whole lot of fur-babies and helpers, and welcome any kindness at all--prayers, cards, stuff to help with the dogs.  The holidays are going to be very difficult since we have to address subjects that all of us should have done when nothing was wrong but now have to do it all when things are sensitive and final and time is of the essence. Following someone's career, I find us far away from our life-long friends and families, who feel helpless.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.  My mind is swirling and I think once someone is not able to read what I write, I'll tell you about the journey.  Until then, for privacy and dignity, I'll just keep notes. It has been a year of battling lazy doctors, insisting something is not right, moving to the next one, then the next and more.  IF I had stopped at "lazy," the medication they offered would have been tremendously damaging.  If I had stopped after the first consultation and followed his advice, I'd be living on my own--and nothing would have been solved. 

I learned that you have to trust your gut instinct and no matter how much inner strength--(sometimes, it feels like I'm using the last drop of myself but I know tomorrow, I can recharge) it takes to find the truth, keep at it.  Yes, I had to take a break in this quest when I was so sick this year, but I remember dialing doctors, hosptials, organizations from my bed, fever or not, hooked up to whatever, keeping notes on my phone email, emailing myself links, numbers, names. Finally, almost by accident or Divine Intervention, we were sent to the present expert because there was so much stuff developing that it was so complex, but it turned out to be best in the long-run.  No only were the records and clinical notes (always request them at a vet or doctor visit 'cause they don't have to give them to you later or can charge you a small fortune) of each doctor important but so were the tests that showed nothing.  They would lead to the tests that would eventually show everything. Each test, each expert, each note was a stepping stone.

Praying for all of our angels--seen and unseen, known and unknown.  We love you, we can't do without you, we adore you.  Happy Thanksgiving, really, truly--and make it mag-nif-i-cent!

Sending much love and Hugs from the Herd and from their humans!


Happy Thanksgiving!!


We can't take credit for this creative pic--someone else's adorable rescues were so patient and loved and we thank them for allowing us to admire them!  Please adopt, don't shop, for any living thing this holiday.  There are so many of everything waiting for homes, if you can just imagine it--all you have to do is reach out. 

Start with and

Families lose their homes, move, have illnesses, circumstances change, animals get many reasons that they may not be able to take care of their much loved pets, but YOU can make a difference! 

Remember, don't judge.  You never know what trials God has asked others to walk through.


Click Here to read our 2015 Holiday Wish List Letter and/or go to Something Unique's page on this site.

Grateful. So Grateful.


Gulp...our paypal account is nearly depleted and this month's amazon purchases (yours) through our links only came to a $17 credit for the month.  Not many dogs we can feed on that!  PLEASE use ANY amazon link or banner to order your holiday presents and regular shopping.  This month, they have a free 30 day prime membership and you can opt for a 3 day warning to cancel it before it expires/you get charged!


Shop Amazon.  Please.

Black Friday deals are running NOW--and ALL WEEK!

Just click here to start...


(The Rescue Ranch automatically gets credit for your purchases BUT only if you start shopping on our site!.  All of your information is kept private to amazon--and they ship, process, handle everything just like normal!)

Sat, November 21, 2015 | link 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Prayers for Paris and The Week of the Feet

Well, I spent almost two hours writing this blog yesterday, only to have my computer spontaneously shut down then reboot, thereby wiping out all of my work!  Instead of getting upset, I figured that something I was writing was not to be shared and somehow the divine interceded!  So instead of being exasperated (totally frustrated), I just went to bed.  Tomorrow, is always another day and some how, things seem different when we can see them from a fresh perspective.

But now and first, I want to convey our deepest condolences to the people of Paris and send our many prayers their way.  Having been there once-upon-a-time, and just thinking of everyone walking around, enjoying their lives mostly outside, only to be traumatized or worse, makes us all sad.  Life should be about love and helping each other, not about hurting each other.  Now, sadly, many others will be called in to give their lives to right this wrong and although we support the troops always, we just wish the world didn't have to be this way.  Why can't people just play and nap and eat and cuddle like our animals do!? It is a simple life but it works!

Many, many thanks to our angels who are starting (or continuing) to help me carry the RR forward.  I feel so helpless and yet have such great responsibility (personal update next week).  Between prayers and help, especially for the next three to six months, things will have to get better. God's at the wheel, so I'm countin' on it!

After getting the swelling down in Kasey Kase the Cocker's foot, the object that tore open his foot pad finally came out--and it WAS a rose thorn!  After a check of the property, there was a loose rose limb sitting in the path he usually walks.  Due to failing vision, he must have stepped on it, it literally sliced opened a fat pad, and lodged into the fat from the underside!  Ye-ow!!

I found the best way to clean out an injured feet is to put the dog in a clean tub filled with enough water to cover the injury--and a temperature that is just off cool.  You don't want to encourage more blood flowing out with warm water and yet you don't want the wound to clamp closed from too cold water.  Then, I pour about a half cup of Povidone Iodine (not Iodine scrub--that's for surgery)--amount poured is give or take for the size of the animal and the wound--directly into the water at the wound site. 

Then, instead of going up and down, I swish the animal's foot slowly from side to side to side to side...about twenty times, pull the plug and let the bath drain while the animal drains a little, too. (Have a clean towel or two ready to dry off the dog that you are not going to worry about the Povidine Iodine staining--and it will.) I pour the Povidine Iodine straight over the wound once or twice and then dab dry with sterile gauze pads. (It is really necessary to have these things already in your first aid kit even if you don't have animals! Get prescription items filled now from your vet or your doctor so you are ready when you need them.)

Once I got his foot dry and wrapped up his foot with non-stick pads, coated in 90% Mupirocin 2% ointment (Rx--ask for at least a 60 gram prescription) and Wound Stop as well as a little (10%) EMLA (Rx) wound pain cream, otherwise known as Lidocaine / Prilocaine Topical cream, I wrapped it up with Vet Wrap that I keep in all colors--every animal has their own favorite color! (Well, sort of...) When I turned around to clean out the tub, there it was--the rose thorn that thankfully had finally come out of the fat pad!!  Boy, was I glad to see that. The fat pad went from black to white, is now pink and hopefully, will return to black.  (I'll let you know how long it will take.)

I was worried a little because when I was examining his foot to find the source of bleeding, my (gloved) finger slipped INTO the fat pad!  That is the first time--and I hope the last.  I knew that, even though the blood loss wasn't profuse, that the injury could require surgery if I couldn't figure it out.  The rose thorn on the bottom of the tub was truly a gift.


I stock four or five, (maybe six or seven) blood-stop products, each seeming to have their own purpose (I'll start teaching you what they are.) In Kasey's case, the Blood Stop (very tiny squares of special gauze that seal off the wound and stop minor bleeding and then dissolve), helped seal the fat pad back on his foot and stop the bleeding.  I also put some Wound Seal powder over that (that is the one I use the most--and is on this week's most needed list below) directly on the wound (there are four individual treatments to a box) to ensure that the bleeding would stop quickly, let it dry and then bandaged up his foot with ointments on a non-stick pad, sometimes wrapped in rolled gauze (for padding especially when a wound is new), covered by Vet Wrap (2 inch wide for little dogs, 4 inch wide for medium/large).  

Having to have so many things available at any one time, I now see why the Rescue Ranch has cost us our savings but I also can see how much we've learned--and how many animals we've saved/helped!  When God calls, I want to be able to say, "YES," I made a difference with my life and "Yes," I knew love...



After changing his bandages, Kasey got a treat--one of the kabobs that all of the small dogs love (good competition for their Dingos!  I never thought I'd be writing those words! The bigger dogs still need the Dingo Ringos and medium or big knot bones (not tiny) to keep busy.)  Kasey loves the Christmas blanket that his previous family sent him, after an angel found them--nearly six years after he was "lost"!  Finding them was a miracle for all of us, especially, since he is 15 years plus.  They decided to let him spend the rest of his little life at the RR but I try to send new photos of him on email when I can.


Little 8 lb, green-eyed Jade, a red Mini Min-Pin, (named for her eye color by her original family), was also waiting for a kabob after getting her bandages changed, too.  Two days after Kasey hurt his foot, we saw more blood on the tile and thought Kasey's foot had opened up. But, following the dancing prints, we found little Jade had torn a nail and needed first aid, too, to prevent infection and to make it heal well. The tips of feet are some of the most difficult to bandage!

Once I start opening an "edible," everyone's ears perk right up. Dogs don't really understand that one gets a treat because they have an injury and behaved well while I took care of them, but say, the rest don't 'cause you are not injured. They would accept the omission, if need be, but at the RR, when they haven't had a treat yet all day, I like to be an equal-treat provider.  Why?  Trained to expect this, the dogs don't panic or grab or argue about anything because they know that their turn will be next, whether it's very next or next to next.  It makes for a very happy (thanks to you), patient and very well-mannered herd!


Although it looks like she's just plain sticking her teeny tiny tongue out at us, little Bellie Bells, is just watching as I take her kabob out of the package!  I am so proud of her, being able to get up on a Kuranda bed with two inch legs (you can change them to 4 or 6 inches for bigger dogs) even though her front legs don't work.  She uses her back feet to push up and jumps. Her sister, Brave Sissy, is camera-shy and was and always is, right near Bellie, always watching over her. Bellie always has a "smile" and is so happy to be loved--and Sissy always is wanting to share a "kiss" (I trained the dogs to "kiss" me on the nose or cheek instead of my mouth.) Their happiness makes ME happy!

The day the girls were able to "come home" to the RR!  They were so happy.  I had been bringing them Dingo Goof Balls (still their favorite fav) while they were in the hospital for three months as well as beds, blankets and soft toys that our angels were helping with, along with the surgery expense.  The girls were just 1 lb and 1.3 lbs when found.  Now they are 6 and about 9-10 lbs now!  (Sissy is bigger almost by double it seems.)  When we realized how fragile they were, we decided not to adopt them out and knowing what I do now about their fragile health, it was the right decision.

Although both girls were found with badly broken front legs--so sadly abandoned in a field--after two operations, Sissy can walk, albeit with a bad limp.  Bellie, after three operations, was doing OK but then her one leg pins and whatever, seemed to let go.  The vet said he thinks she may have Brittle Bone Disease--and I have to choose between having more surgery and the potential of an amputation or letting her manage as she is, which is very cheerful but she cannot walk but she is learning to get around.  These type of decisions weigh heavy on my heart.  I don't like having to make them at all.



Our Angels are few but mighty!  These boxes were a welcome surprise! A treat box, a food box, a toy box and a box of lots and lots of facecloths and "Everything Dog" kinda things!  On top of the boxes, I put a few other surprises that arrived from other angels--peanut butter and treats; castor oil for eyes (this stuff was better than I anticipated!) and Puralube; Orgain Vegan meal replacement shakes (a special angel is worried about us humans eating, too); different types of canned dog food and on top, a sample package of the famous kabobs--but the bigger dogs need to have the same brand but knot bones, otherwise they love them so much they practically swallow the kabobs whole!

Time to say goodbye for now!  Lots to do and so little time to do it!

Sending Hugs from the Herd!!!


Much needed now (in priority order):

1.  Wound Seal/4 small pks per container/need at least (4) containers:

2.  Eyebright III Eye Drops (two per package) need (2) pkgs:

3.  Calendula Ointment, need (2):


Little Jade D'Jade's Green Eyes and "liver" color nose  (Everyone has a nickname it seems!)


Your Eagle Eyes Are Needed!  A much needed glucose gel product for reviving sick, diabetic, weak dogs in a TUBE, which works the best, and in the fruit punch flavor, too. 

See link/out of stock in my store and online.  Please check your stores.  Need 6-8 (should be under $4 each.  Please do not pay the scalpers online charging $10 each. See what it looks like:



 Pasha and tiny three lb Bitty Bits love to snuggle!  In fact, the little dogs and when we've rescued puppies or moms who were pregnant, they all want to share Pasha's bed! (Pasha is shedding right now.)


 FYI: Type of food that we need FYI/Some on SALE through Nov. 20:

Sam's Club Kibble and Cans (OR GIFT CARD TO BUY...IF no free shipping, can be picked-up at Conroe, TX store):

Need at least 8 bags for this month:  (will count down if/as they arrive/email me that they were ordered, have membership):

 a. SALE Purina Light and Healthy kibble/sale/need at least 4:

 b. SALE  Purina Ground/Canned/Great SALE thru Nov. 20/need at least (4):

c. Flavor one/chicken (need at least 2):

d. Flavor two/beef (need at least 2):

Note: Anything similar to the above from Amazon or another pet site that offers free shipping and doesn't have corn as the first ingredient or as even one of the first five ingredients, is welcome.  Grain-free is best for some but not always affordable.  These are some of what we actually use but since we create a mid/big dog mix and a little and bitty dog mix, everything is welcome--except Ol' Roy brand. Please pass this one up for your dogs and ours. 

Note: It is safest to buy sourced from the U.S. not China because of inferior testing and monitoring of additives. Also, be careful if you feed your animals anything with fish products, including oil. The California coast line is being bombarded by the radiation from the great Japan reactor melt-down and many dogs and cats, and other animals, are all dying in huge numbers.  You don't want things sourced from CA right now, your own food included. 

This is a time to be very careful because the effects of radiation are cumulative--they add up--so the situation is a health crisis for all, in my opinion. Eat organic, non-GMO and local if you can.  Even if you have to eat less, it is better than getting poisoned. If your animals can eat it, start giving them Kelp supplements (talk to your vet about type and dose) and take care of yourselves as well.  It has iodine/iodide in it that will begin to fill your thyroid with the right type, keeping the poisonous type out.

Check out our Something Unique Holiday Collection Wish List, too.  The store will have lots of samples of food and drink for those who drop-off Rescue Ranch help.  Perhaps, take off your coat and sit awhile, too!  It's a neat store, run by really neat people!

Grateful.  So Grateful.

Sat, November 14, 2015 | link 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Life takes yet another turn

Today, after talking to someone-who-shall-still-remain-unnamed's doctor for an hour and a half, I found out that things can get worse than a diagnosis of early-onset or younger-onset Alzheimer's (gets people usually between 40 and 60).  You can have that PLUS Parkinson's and then, as a side effect of that illness, a few other things are present. 

I was really not so glad in that moment that brain scans have gotten so advanced these days.  I felt the room spinning and my stomach heaving and had to immediately take medication to stop from losing my lunch, so to speak, for the last week. The affected, still jolly but that can change on a dime, heard the news like the deli manager announced there was a sale on sliced cheese. I guess that was better than two of us needing help in the moment.

Sadly, like I've said before, it is not as if, "Still Alice" was sitting before me and we could quietly have tea and she could take a nap.  That type of Alzheimer's would be a gift to a caretaker as sad as it would be, but this is almost torturous.  The person is dying inside their head while making your life as trying as possible--and is not conscious of what they are doing or saying.  "Just ignore it," the beloved expert said.  He has solved a problem that I've spent a year searching desperately for the answer.  Gratefully, he treated both me and the affected with humor and care.  But, I found out today that our expert only stabilizes "acute" cases for a few more months and then turns you back to be followed by the very docs who couldn't figure out their thumb from their, well, you get the picture. (Next type of scan ordered, more news in December...)

I want to write more but if I do right now, not only will I not be able to breathe but my heart and headache will get bad again. After hours of keeping my head on ice and trying not to typerventilate, I feel awful but can manage.  It was getting up to write this that I realized something I've automatically taught the dogs that you should teach your animals while they are well.  So here goes...

Animals all do, but I'll speak to dogs since that is my true expertise, panic when they get hurt or are sick.  Even though they may not be able to walk or jump or whatever, they will continue to try until they exhaust themselves.  I realized that I've taught each one to understand, "I'll help you," when they are well, so in a panic situation, when they hear those words, they will stop after the first try and wait for me to get there.

For instance, when animals are too young, little, recovering...and can't jump up, I teach them to place their front feet on the bed--even if I have to do that for them the first few times (while saying "Feet up") and say, "I'll help you."  Then, I push their rear ends up and say, "Jump," as they get up with lots of praise.

So, today, when Mama Mia, who is in her twilight, wanted to comfort me today and tried to jump up but found out she could not any longer, she put her front paws up on the bed and waited for me to come.  "I'll help you," I said to her as I gently helped her up and into my arms.  She didn't just want to be on my bed, she wanted to nuzzle into my arms and cuddle.  I had a two hour nap that was blissful.  Our animals not only comfort us but are here to heal us, too, if we'll let them.

This weekend, Kasey Kase, who is also in his twilight days, came in from outside with a bloody foot.  He had stepped on something (a rose thorn?) and when I checked the bottom of his foot, I found that a fat pad was split open. Ouch.  He was going to panic and start licking and pulling at the pain area but I use the "STOP," hand signal for all dogs to redirect their behavior (including stopping them from jumping when need be--but I've recently learned that that behavior, in dogs, is a natural act of affection and welcome and not a misbehavior) and then said, "I'll help you..."  I cleaned out his wound and got out the Blood Stop, the Mupiricin ointment (basically prescription Neosporin) bandages and Vet Wrap (stuff everyone should have in their first aid kits. 

(I will put together some links for these things Tuesday and turn them on for you to see.)   From much-experience, I already know that his bandage will need to be changed if it gets wet, dirty or a few times a day until the wound is stable.  I also know the correct way to wrap an animal's leg--be sure to find out from your vet just in case you have to do it or watch first-aid videos or buy a DVD and watch it over and over and over again like I did--but I borrowed it from the library way back when...Emergency rooms are not as helpful as you'd like--in fact, they are useless as far as I have seen.  You need to be able to stabilize your animals until you can get to the vet in the morning. (If it is very serious, just be there when their door opens--don't wait for an appointment in three days!)

So today, when the doctor stunned me into practically an out-of-body experience, once I put my heart back in my chest, I realized that I could said, "I'll help you," to the person sitting across from the doctor but I'll have to say it every ten minutes or so, give or take.  The problem is, I need someone to say, "I'll help you," to me, too.  I lay in my bed today and told God that I just absolutely surrender.  That I can do no more without help--His, yours.  That to continue, I need supernatural intervention.  Someone tell me that it will be alright, that I can do it, that it will be OK...

Teach your animals these commands.  I think I have about 150 or so words and body gestures that I use to communicate.  I take it all for granted because it has come about over the years and I use them daily like I breathe or as automatically as my heart beats.  But, I didn't always do that and I realized that for their sake, teach them.  Find your own "language," your own gestures now, while you can.  You need them to trust you and understand you when a time comes.  

Maybe tonight in my dreams, I'll hear a booming, "I'll help you," or maybe I won't. What I do know is that He hears us all--all the time--whether we speak out loud or silently in our minds and it doesn't have to be a formal prayer.  It just has to BE.  That's all.  Then, we choose to walk the walk of faith and BELIEVE--as our animals have to do with us, trusting us and expecting unconditional love and giving unconditional love.  Learn from the special beings that you feed and pet every day, the ones seen and unseen.  I do, I see, even more than I know.

Thanks for listening and for your prayers and help.  




Even our animals who have passed on, can comfort us.  I could write a book on my experiences.  Know that they, too, hear us is so amazing and while they are busy working, perhaps helping the children that passed over adjust, they are still connected to you and will come in a dream, in a thought, in a remembrance, or more--if you think of them or pray for them.  I think it is the same with our loved ones (human), too.
Love. It is for-ever.
 P.S. I put some links for special Holiday Items that the dogs need really now on the bottom of the Something Unique's page on this page.  Grateful.


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Friday, November 6, 2015

2015 Holiday Wish List Letter

Hi!  Please see our new 2015 Wish List Letter for the Something Unique Collection which runs through the end of January.  Later today, I will activate some links on their page AND have more photos and thank yous to write HERE.  Love.

Link to new letter:


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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Effective Nov, 2015, the official mailing address for the Rescue Ranch is:

Rescue Ranch
395  Sawdust Road
Unit 2041
The Woodlands, TX  77380
All packages, letters, etc. mailed to the old address will still be picked up or forwarded through the end of the year.  Please make this change in your contacts and elsewhere.
You can also drop off things for the Rescue Ranch at this address as long as they are in sealed boxes and labeled as above. No postage would then be needed.
Thank you for understanding!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

FInally, November! Love this time of year...

Well it is finally November--the countdown to Christmas and Hanukkah has begun.  I hope that you focus less on the material and more on the emotional and spiritual importance of the season.  For little kids, lots of presents are eye-openers and can make memories they'll never forget.  For adults, well, caring about others is really the reason for the season--giving.  It can be giving of yourself, your time, your love, your prayers, your anything is more treasured and sacred that trying to figure out gifts for people who have everything anyway.

I am in a particularly fragile state right now--I don't know if I want to throw-up, curl up in bed and stay there, or get up and educate myself even more.  I am so confused and devastated about what the future holds, that I don't know whether to come or go, so they say. 

Early onset Alzheimer's is an awful diagnosis and it won't be for another week or so until I know the prognosis and hopefully get permission to share it all.  It is faster progressing, more devastating to the family unit and to the person--they lose bits of themselves every day as their brains slowly or fairly fast--dissolve into mush.  I am thinking of setting up a separate blog about it all because although I was grateful for the movie, "Still Alice," I can tell you that my experience with an affected person--as a caretaker--has been nothing like that. As sad as that movie was, it was a walk in the park compared to the reality of it all. And, as one of the top diseases in the country that exists and that will be taking out a great part of current generations, you need to know what to do to stop it, slow it down, more.  Nothing the docs can or will do will do more than postpone things just a bit for a year or so but they don't reverse or cure or help in a greater way.  There is so much that we all need to know.

That said, today, I wanted to write to you about feeding animals who are sick, elderly, recovering, stubborn, etc.  I have dealt with it all, living with the dogs 24/7 for ten solid years, getting out only on occassion.  I want to share some of the things I've had to "invent" to get dogs to eat, nevermind live.

The worst cases I've had to work on were a dog who had surgery and the vet forbade him to have anything to eat.  I was camped out at the clinic, holding an oxygen mask to the dog's face.  I knew that Karo syrup or even diabetics glucose would perk him up and get him going again--after all, just like us, they are weak after surgery or being ill, but the vet forbade it.  So, I thought long and hard about it.  I had a package of gummy bears in my pocket and a bottle of water in my hand.  I chewed one bear up at a time and then placed the smush on the roof of the dog's mouth.  When he had more strength, I let him lick a moistened bear and then drink from the cap of my bottle.  It took patience and ingenuity but he got stronger and stronger.

Then, there was the case of the distemper puppy who was failing.  His vet gave his owners my number but said he wouuldn't make it over the weekend.  "Oh no," I said to my self.  We tried x, y and z and still the dog was weak. We had to keep him alive whlle the distemper serum and antibiotics could work! Then, I asked the people if they would get a vanilla shake from a fast-food store and a piece of organic, raw liver from the store."We" made our first liver shake and the pup accepted it on the roof of his mouth and over the night, began to lap it up.  Over the weekend, he was transitioned to boiled, skinless chicken and potatoes, covered in their broth and other things that I invented to embed some ill-tasting, but very significant supplements, in.  Today, six months later, when I receive a photo of him and his brother, my heart sings--but I can't help but hold back a "gak" at the thought of the liver shake!!

Mostly though, you can use baby food, stage one to begin with, mixing a protein with a carb, making sure to hydrate the dog with Pedialyte or broth--with no salt.  Whipped cream is so helpful in helping dogs to hydrate--spray a Redi-Whip circle over the surface of the water and as the dog tries to eat the cream, it wil lap up some water.  Just don't over do the water or it will come back up!

You can then move to blendarizing foods, like chicken, spuds, broth it was cooked in and maybe a little peas, boiled carrots... Make a smush of it and keep it in the frig.  Feed a little at a time--remember that five small meals a day is better than one or two regular ones and kibble has no place in a sick dog's life for at least two weeks or forever if terminal. You need them to get the moisture from canned or hand-cooked food and absorb the nutrients which will not happen with kibble. (Kibble is safer, FYI, for all dogs if moistened for a half hour first--we do an hour here maybe by addition a pot of boiling water with a stick of melted butter or a $1 lb of spaghetti broken up.) Sick means even their metabolism has been affected.  

As a practice, every day, I pet each dog and quickly feel their nose.  Moist, cool and not cracked is good.  Dry/cracked dehydrated--needs coating of olive or almost oil--and a health check.  Very cold concerns me and then I put my hands on either side of their chest feeling for chest crackles, like pneumonia.  I also check their eyes, too.  Some have fallen out fur just sitting on the eyeball that you can clear just by pulling down gently in the corner of the eye until it slides out; others eyes are dry and need drops or ointment or meds.  Depends if there is also a discharge coming out.  During allergy time/pollen time, many will get the red ring around their eyes that can be relieved--just ask your vet. Dogs getting white in the center are developing cataracts usually and then there are injuries which make white corneas and odd shapes over the retinas and are emergency visits to an eye clinic.

I hope this helped a little bit.  I want you to be able to help your fur babies with what I've learned and no one will teach you!  I had to learn case after case after case...hundreds if not thousands of dogs later.

We love you all and appreciate your prayers and help.  We are simply helpless right now, stunned and prayer is really what is sustaining us.  I have asked Him to send supernatural help--of any and all sorts.  Our RR angels count, for sure.   It is my goal to keep everyone together and taken care of but as I deal with a very serious situation, I can't focus on ordering things that I just need to care for the dogs.  So, if you would help right now, you'll get triple blessings (I'll ask God to make sure! : ))  

The Christmas/Hanukkah Wish List will be out and published on this site in the next day or two but Everything Dog is gratefully accepted, in original packaging place for edibles--and edibles should be the focus this year--canned food, kibble (no corn as first ingredient please), and chew that will last for an hour or longer, like knuckle bones, and bigger bones.  I need the dogs to be happy and occupied while I deal with medical and legal stuff.

Sending Hugs from the Herd!!


Most needed items right now:

Baar CastorCream (for dissolving moles, growths, etc. painlessly/need at least four jars:

Eyebright III: Drops for dogs getting cataracts (people, too/need at least four boxes:

Doggie Kabobs (max 6 bags per order per person) need lots on ongoing basis:

(The marrow bones on the same page as they Kabobs above are much needed, too, which last for days...need two boxes to be an equal treat provider or will give bigger dogs bones and little dogs, kabobs.)

Grateful. So grateful.


All life is precious--no matter how small or how big.

PS Wishing on a Star...I am also going to be posting a new page on a (becoming) famous  international healer and life guide (for people).  I will activate his name as soon as the page is ready (the next day or two)--along with his books. If you are lost, bewildered, sick, etc.etc.etc. you may want to look into his work and his books.  His work is amazing and God-driven.  Stop by this blog by the weekend to see his page and link. He has agreed to donate to us for a four hour session for half price due to the circumstances--if I find an angel to sponsor the other half--so please consider this.  It is needed as soon as possible, I will provide his direct email--and will share the experience with the sponsor/s.  (A little or the whole thing, adds up.)

I really need guidance, input, direction, more, as soon as possible. God hears our prayers--spoken or thoughts, so I know He's heard me and supernatural help is on the way!!


Tue, November 3, 2015 | link 

It's been a hard week...

Hi! Stop by tomorrow for my new post.  I haven't forgotten you. We just had a very difficult week of tests, now sitting on pins and needles for the prognosis (see blog post from last week.)

Thank you all for your patience and for your help!!  We have received the castor oil for eyes, Pupperoni and canned puppy food--so grateful.  In need right now of at least four of the castor cream that I added at the last minute (they are only 2 oz each but miraculous stuff for pets and humans)--and you may have missed (in last week's email.)  I will update the link in my new post but am running out and treating two dogs with large growths that are already half their size in a month!!

God blessed me with you and God will bless you for caring about dogs who have no one but us!

Please sign up on on our new form--this way, you'll be notified when their is something new to check out on this site or if I've written a new story for another site--and you won't have to wait a week or check in every day.  We have lots of new things planned but will proceed as life and the good Lord allow.

Hugs from the Herd!

Tue, November 3, 2015 | link 

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