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Rescue Ranch Dog number three...Kasey is now over 15 years old 
and barely tolerated a hat of Poppy's fur for this cute pic!


HELP the
Rescue Ranch

Please Help the Rescue Ranch Dogs

(Click on any "Give Now" button, on any page--this one included!)

The Rescue Ranch is a farm full of special needs dogs. The number goes up and down a little, depending on who a vet or shelter asks us to help rehabilitate so they can get adopted or be hospiced 'til the end, but our burden--day to day--is great. BUT, We cannot sustain this rescue/sanctuary alone. 

The dogs left behind have nowhere else to go--they either are taken care of here for the rest of their lives or they would be euthanized because their cases are too difficult--and expensive--to care for. Here, they have happy, wonderful lives now--it doesn't matter who can't walk or run or even eat or urinate independently. We have learned, step by step, animal by animal, how to do the things that need to be done.

Your heartfelt gifts of food, treats, funds (or even volunteer to sponsor medication if you don't want to give directly) are all such a blessing. But we are in grave need of help and it is not coming--yet.  Please sponsor the Rescue Ranch in your monthly giving--just a little bit from a lot of people could make such a difference.

We believe that helping others really is blessing our own lives--and maintain that principle in our own lives--if it can't be financially, there are so many ways to help and to bless your life when you help others. Please don't miss this opportunity to help the RR dogs nor to bless your own life. Just scroll down under this text and Click On a "Give Now" secure online button.

Thank you and lots of Hugs from the Rescue Ranch Herd!

Please be a blessing to the RR animals...
 100 percent of all gifts
are used to help the animals. 
IF you prefer to use paypal or to send an amazon e-gift card, please post to:

Thank you!




You can click on any "GIVE NOW" button on any page, a gift that can be used immediately


You can mail a pre-paid credit card, any and all gift cards (we'll find a way to use them)

--or even a "surprise" box to the RR Dogs!

(For e-cards or paypal gifts, please email to:  Thank you!)


The Mailing Address is: Rescue Ranch, 395 Sawdust Road, Unit 2041, The Woodlands, TX  77380

Note: Please enclose your email address. Money orders or checks should be payable to "Rescue Ranch." 

 Thank you for caring! Especially for caring.



Despite their size difference, Maya and James are a "bonded pair" and wait to go out until the other is ready to go out, too!

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Please note:
The Rescue Ranch is a private organization--
whose sole focus is helping foster animals,
especially those with special needs.
It is not yet a 501(c)3--although all gifts
designated to help the animals,
benefit the animals 100 percent.
Please check IRS law regarding giving gifts
should you have any questions. 
Gifts to the Rescue Ranch are not tax-deductible
until we are able to afford to become a 501(c)3.
Thank you kindly.


Effective Nov, 2015, the official mailing address for the Rescue Ranch is:

Rescue Ranch
395 Sawdust Road
Unit 2041
The Woodlands, TX  77380
All packages, letters, etc. mailed to the old address will still be picked up or forwarded through the end of the year.  Please make this change in your contacts and elsewhere.  You can also drop off things for the Rescue Ranch at this address as long as they are in sealed boxes and labeled as above. No postage would then be needed. Thank you for understanding---and for caring.  Especially for caring.

Become a Rescue Ranch Angel... GIVE NOW Please!

Help the RR Animals!

Be proud to call yourself

a Rescue Ranch Angel!

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