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The mailing address for the Rescue Ranch is:
Rescue Ranch
945 McKinney Street, #242
Houston, TX 77002
Yes, Packages are welcome!
All edible products must be sealed from the manufacturer. Pet clothing, collars, supplies must be new or slightly used--and if so, must be washed/clean. We have dogs/pups in foster care from 6 lbs to 160+--and every size in-between.
Yes, Gift Cards to everywhere are welcome!
We specifically need Walgreen's, Petsmart, Petco gift cards. Wal-Mart and Target are most welcome, as well as Krogers, HEB and Whole Foods!...and if you have gift cards laying around that you are not going to use, we sure will find a way to use them to help the animals!
Checks or Money Orders/gifts should be made payable to "Rescue Ranch" for the animals OR to "Project Hope" for The Distemper Project.
Note: The Rescue Ranch is a 100 percent volunteer organizaiton, but not yet a full 501(c)3 although we give everything to help the animals. It is a private organization until we have the funds to file for 501(c)3 status. Until that point, the RR is eligible only for tax-deductible corporate grants, giving, matching gifts, volunteer hour grants, etc. Please email paperwork to:  Thank you.
Thank you for caring! We are extremely grateful.
To Give via Credit Card...Please click on the "Give Now" button below--or anywhere on this site.  We need funds every month for food and medicines (very expensive every single month), special needs animal supplies and lots of things to keep them busy--especially if they can't walk on their own, we try to keep them mentally stimulated.  (All of the overhead is covered separately from your gifts and there are no paid staff.) Thank you kindly!

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