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For 2015 Something Unique Rescue Ranch Holiday Collection Special Links/see bottom of page...and our Wish List Letter, too.

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To HELP the Rescue Ranch animals, please go to our Wish List page--and then drop it off at Something Unique--our south of Houston drop-spot (or Click Here to find our North of Houston drop-spot OR our Mailing Address).


Be sure to do some shopping/browsing for yourself, friends & family at this very special store. 

Every week, the merchandise changes, so stop by and visit often! Look how the store is beautifully bedazzled--like your home could be!


 There is lots of gorgeous jewelry, scarves and clothing to choose from as well as beautiful candles and faux plant arrangements--and even personalized gifts for your pets, too!

 Something Unique

 4218 Broadway St, Pearland, TX.

Tel: 281-485-6204


 ...and while you are there dropping off much needed Rescue Ranch items, why not look around at all of the neat things that Something Unique, established in 1984, has to offer--like candles, jewelry, gift items, gourmet foods and even lots of home decor items!


New things come in every week--so be sure to stop by often--and maybe sit a spell!


 You'll find lots of different Gourmet Foods and Drinks, too!

Maybe even a sample or two in the gorgeous "Food Room."


You can even find precious items to make your home "Something Unique."




    Decorate with lots of different colors


glitzy glam--gold and rust!


This is really something for everyone at this incredible store!

Be sure to meet the wonderful and talented Linda Wicker--
the owner, along with her daughter, Michelle.

Thank you for caring. Especially for caring.
Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah!
Tiny.teeny.heart.jpgSending Hugs from the HerdTiny.teeny.heart.jpg

Click Here To Do All of Your Amazon Shopping Through the Rescue Ranch Affiliates' Link. You Can Help Our Animals With Each Purchase--Each Time! Thank you.

2015 Holiday Wish List Links Coming Here Soon!
Check back in a few days...
In the meantime, check out the 2015 Wish List Letter
Be sure to check your coat, do some taste-testing, and look for some unique gifts when you drop-off
your Rescue Ranch gifts!   There are so many neat things to see, even just spend a bit chatting!


2015 Something Unique Rescue Ranch Holiday Collection

Special Links

In addition to "Everything Dog" and the things mentioned in the 2015 Wish List Letter, below are some links to special things that we really need in order of need first:


1. VIP Prison Bed (totally waterproof) for dogs/need (1) size 45 x 35:  (make sure you get at least 10% off)

2. VIP Prison Bed (totally waterproof) Crate pads/need (3) size 48 x 24: (make sure you get at least 10% off)


4. Petco Exercise Pen/play pen for Bitties/need (1) 24 x 30 inch high:  (make sure there is a 20% off sale)

5. Coost Mist Diffuser/need 2 (use for sick animals to breathe in medical-grade oils to get better):  


More coming...Note: IF you send me an email that you've ordered an item or bought it in a store and dropped it off/and where, I will take it off the list so someone else doesn't order it:

Thank you!!!!!!

Food and long-term treats are the major focus this year!!

Thank you.  So Grateful.




Wish List Special Requests Received or Ordered!    Thank you!!!!!!!

3.  Dog crate received!!!


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Please CLICK HERE to GIVE via PayPal. 100% goes to help the animals! Thank you!

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